Shane Dawson RETURNS with important message, Demi Lovato EXPOSED Frozen Yogurt...

22. april. 2021
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Let's talk about Shane Dawson returning to Instagram with an important message, Jaclyn Hill causing drama, and Demi Lovato getting upset over frozen yogurt...
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  • I left ✋🏼 🚶🏻‍♀️that yogurt store 🍦 and didn’t get 🚫❌ the yogurt 🍦 that I wanted 🤲🏻☹️💔

    alondra silvaalondra silva25 dager siden
    • What miss Demi could have done was walk out the door and walk across the street to Penguins yogurt place it is right across the street however it has Carbolite yogurt and Keto cookies. Both shops have been in Los Angeles in this same spot longer than Miss Thang has been alive, 36 years! I too have an eating disorder and right now sugar free keeps me from binging. Also this side of town is where a lot of famous stars live. She probably thought she was going to be treated special , not on this side of town ! Trust me they do not care! She probably was more offended they did not know who she was lol In one day I saw Tori Spelling and Ed O' Neill at a lunch place nearby. So I think it runs deeper.

      Cindy JuneCindy June19 dager siden
    • Someone please, make this comment a TikTok dance 😂😂

      NovoNovo19 dager siden
    • Why do comments like these get so many likes?There is no creativity.

      Puge HenisPuge Henis21 dag siden
    • GUYS STOP ATTACKING KYLIE! It’s not her fault that she has 284g of hyaluronic acid where her heart should be.

      JJ22 dager siden
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Aries MarieAries Marie22 dager siden
  • Demi Lovato is so boring like that is family bussiness like girl chill out

    Aleksandar M.Aleksandar M.Dag siden
  • To be fair to her, "guilt free" is a part of diet culture

    Aster CooleyAster Cooley2 dager siden
  • Demi... other people are not responsible for your triggers.

    StevieStevie2 dager siden
  • So how does Demi do when she walks through a grocery store then?

    Samantha MartinezSamantha Martinez3 dager siden
  • as a REAL TYPE 1 diabetic, sugar free stuff is a fraud, we do not take insulin for SUGAR but total CARBS

    HennaHenna5 dager siden
  • i love shane ❤️ i’ll always support him

    missy gonzalesmissy gonzales6 dager siden
  • Gurl why does it sound like you’re talking in 1.25x 😭

    U GU G8 dager siden
  • I..kind of got in the middle of something..that I started...for no good reason..other than I'm entitled and think the world should cater to me because I'm rich and famous...- demi

    Ashley RAshley R9 dager siden
  • How old is Demi to not know about these things...

    Plz leave mealonePlz leave mealone9 dager siden
  • Anything Shane Says Isn't Important

    Cloudy KittenCloudy Kitten9 dager siden
  • Ok but, Demi has openly talked about her mental health, and the struggle of living with an eating disorder continuously. The internet may be laughing, and thinking it's a crazy ploy for attention. Although I do believe the way she called out the shop was wrong and inappropriate. I think she was just genuinely triggered, and maybe relapsed because to her it felt like an environment taunting her for just simply wanting something sweet. She was vulnerable, granted she should formally apologize, but the way people are attacking her for this is concerning. The lack of sheer empathy and hypocrisy those tweets reek of.

    Mia MoMia Mo9 dager siden
  • Wait wait wait. Demi got upset because they HAD MULTIPLE DIETARY and HEALTHIER OPTIONS?! _WHAT_

    Clara NadineClara Nadine9 dager siden
  • Bro Demi is fishing for anything to grab attention cause she’s washed out af and no one gives a shit what she does anyone that’s why she’s seeking out anything to put the spot light on her. It’s honestly really sad

    Tiffany McConnellTiffany McConnell10 dager siden
  • Demi Lovato is a fucking joke.

    Lisa McculloughLisa Mccullough11 dager siden
  • One of my loved ones died a painful death from cancer and seeing him in thre hospital was so heartbreaking I don’t like hospitals rooms very much. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to go on a Twitter rant when paramedics find me unresponsive and take me to a hospital!

    Emily PatrickEmily Patrick11 dager siden
  • Demi Lovato = CELEBRITY KAREN

    Gloating GoatGloating Goat12 dager siden
  • As someone with Celiac’s disease, I’m glad when things aren’t labeled specifically for people who. Can’t have certain things because idk it’s just sometimes not fun to address that you have something that isn’t “regular” to others

    hazyxclipsehazyxclipse13 dager siden
  • I know Demi was bulimic but girl you need to big chill

    Madyson ReedMadyson Reed13 dager siden
  • Not Shane gaslighting the internet

    Madyson ReedMadyson Reed13 dager siden
  • Who tf cares about hill. Its about her and no one else. Shes proud of herself and she has a right to come out and say it. Like yall are way to problematic.

    sheddinglovesheddinglove13 dager siden
  • Demi.... “People are *dying* .”

    MY name is MooMooMidzyMixer Blink once and foreverMY name is MooMooMidzyMixer Blink once and forever13 dager siden
  • The fact demi is upset about the healthy options is just....

    Carmen GoravCarmen Gorav13 dager siden
  • I've had dietary restrictions my entire life. Honestly, it sucks to go somewhere with your friends and always have to leave watching them eat and talk about how good things are. I'd love to visit this place.

    Zora Duquette-HoffmanZora Duquette-Hoffman14 dager siden
  • Demi is literally always playing the victim like sis......ITS LITERALLY YOGURT WTF--😐😐😐🧍🏽‍♀️

    FGGFGG14 dager siden
  • Demi really said "unleash your inner Karen"

    【J】кнυѕн ƒαηƒιɕтισηѕ【J】кнυѕн ƒαηƒιɕтισηѕ15 dager siden
  • the customer is not always right

    adosnomeladosnomel15 dager siden
  • what's next? labelling crack as "not sugar"?

    your uncleyour uncle15 dager siden
  • Shane Dawnson's whole speech is a bit.... out of touch.... the way he talks like his giving an advice while saying "there are people who will bring you down in life." Like please just talk more about your faults not talk about "PEOplE WhO wIlL briNG yOu dOwN." That kind of talk is like Gabbie Hanna talk, trying to be the victim. Address your faults, address your goals for the future, address your promises to be better. Why is that so hard?! Why is it hard for influencers to do that without trying to be the victim... there are people who addressed their faults better than this... Just say "I was a racist back then, growing up i became more toxic and i noticed how its destroying my life. My goal is that I want to be better than what i was back then, for myself and for others." There simple. Sure it lacks some more things but there its simple and to the point...

    RexAceJRexAceJ15 dager siden
  • I love frozen yogurt but I’m lactose intolerant

    Cooking with AmeliaCooking with Amelia16 dager siden
    • I mean, good frozen yogurt is worth a stomach ache 🤷‍♀️

      Plz leave mealonePlz leave mealone9 dager siden
  • Demi demi demi..- oof.. smh.. no girl, just no...if u have a hard time in a froyo shop.. then dont go.. ur problem isnt everyone else's problem.. the girl that when asked what her fav dish is- responded MUGS.. wants ppl to be more clear.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 even if they were she prolly wouldnt get it

    siix siixsiix siix16 dager siden
  • Demi is on crack still huh 😂😂😂

    Momoko RuiMomoko Rui16 dager siden
  • People that have health issues and are diabetic and different diets watching this whole thing w Demi and the fro yo place: 👀

    Wal-Mart drug cartelWal-Mart drug cartel16 dager siden
  • If anyone needs to chill bigtime, it has to be demi.

    Jocef JoseJocef Jose16 dager siden
  • omg demi looks different-

    gigigigi16 dager siden
  • Holy shit, when is Shane going to get a break from the Internet? People are still shitting on him!

    soulless_memestersoulless_memester16 dager siden
  • So demi doesn't believe in diabetic people, ok

    Maria RildaranzonMaria Rildaranzon17 dager siden
  • Remember when we used to feel bad for Demi

    tiktok aestheticstiktok aesthetics17 dager siden
  • Who TF is Shane Dawson? What's wrong with his face?

    ValkyrieValkyrie17 dager siden
  • Imagine enjoying your day and all you see is Demi getting upset over frozen yogurt in the store.

    KeiiDollKeiiDoll17 dager siden
  • Did anyone notice that Jeffree said the same exact thing about Shane when his hair was blonde and longer... like it’s scripted

    Jazmine DellaJazmine Della17 dager siden
  • I used to like demi but hearing about someone who has worked at both fast food restaurants and grocery stores, i’m fucking furious. She can fuck right off for saying that.

    Lunar EclipseLunar Eclipse17 dager siden
  • how do u not understand walking into a shop w sugar free and vegan options that they're for people with medical dietary restrictions......

    Angie DavilaAngie Davila17 dager siden
  • she’s like “it would’ve made more sense if the sugar free yogurt and health yogurts were labeled for specific issues like diabetes” girl how do you not understand that those yogurts are meant for people like that, use your context clues.

    Cameron KirbyCameron Kirby18 dager siden
  • i love shane he is extremely funny, but what he did was wrong and i don’t want to say that everyone makes mistakes but he should’ve known better.

    Call me ur babe OkCall me ur babe Ok18 dager siden
  • girl she should just own up and say that it was a trigger for her and apologize. I have my own triggers for anxiety and they aren't always like right. I understand that sometimes that my triggers make me blame others or things when really it's just my responsibility. just apologize and take responsibility instead of trying to defend urself, make it worse when ur in the wrong

    Kaydl165Kaydl16518 dager siden
  • Demi Lovato is a terrible person overall.

    Monica PMonica P18 dager siden
  • Lol I told my boyfriend about this and he said "Gosh, Demi Lovato is on one" 😂😂

    Wednesday HurseyWednesday Hursey18 dager siden
  • my girl needs a sign to know why free sugar products exist

    miau mkaumiau mkau18 dager siden
  • Demi lovato really needs to get over herself.....stick to your music boo x

    Mannie ChellappaMannie Chellappa18 dager siden
  • I doubt the froyo is even celiac safe bc it prolly still have big cross contamination risks being close to the other foods, so prolly cant be labelled that either, demi. either way is great to see so much variety!

    Mikey Del WeyMikey Del Wey18 dager siden
  • Demi became the karen of frozen yogurt

    Cecilia roblesCecilia robles18 dager siden
  • Also can everybody stop being so butthurt over a few distasteful jokes that Shane Dawson made, like I had a friend growing up who made an entire Instagram called Lloyd the Jew he's not Jewish and all of his posts were racist and sexist and xenophobic and transphobic and homophobic and everything but he's still an amazing person and he's still funny as fuck, I am one of the least prejudiced people that I've ever met in my life. I make distasteful joke sometimes but that doesn't mean that I'm racist or homophobic or transphobic or a pedophile or a groomer or anything like that... These jokes are supposed to make light a very terrible situations, so that people don't feel so terrible in those situations. Y'all all bring this cancel culture to these celebrities just because they don't act the way you want them to. They are their own people, they have their own personalities they have their own jokes, and y'all are getting mad because he made jokes years and years and years ago. Everybody has bad days everybody's a douchebag sometimes everybody's privilege sometimes but at the end of the day Shane Dawson isn't a bad person, and I will continue to support him and Jeffree Star. Also, anybody who supports James Charles is supporting a pedophile, supporting a groomer, and supporting a disgusting human being... That's not my opinion that's society's opinion since y'all all care more about what other people think than what you yourself think... But on the James Charles situation, I do agree he is a shitty person and always has been with his little silver spoon and his million dollar home and his privilege to be able to groom 16 year old boys because he can't get dick himself because he's a fucking shitty person... That's my opinion LOL.

    Elena MitchellElena Mitchell18 dager siden
  • I would rather not let everyone in the shop no that I'm lactose Intolerant and have a hard time digesting sugar. No thanks. I just want to order and leave. Love you Demi, but uh... Come on girl, you're smarter than to assume that's diet culture. 😕

    Elena MitchellElena Mitchell18 dager siden
  • demi went full karen lmao

    LucipurrLucipurr18 dager siden
  • He got into trouble because of what he did in the past he has changed ya he makes not nice jokes but he give me hope when I had no friends . He has drama but him and Rob are my favorites youtu.bers I found shane thread banger.

    Lisa SloatLisa Sloat18 dager siden
  • I low key feel like this is what a karen would do..

    BeckyBecky18 dager siden
  • Sounds more like she still has issues with dealing with her eating still so rather than face the issue its easier to blame others.

    ShandiiShandii18 dager siden
  • im sorry but did Demi really make a small owned yogurt shop all about her... it's not their fault you can't deal with sugar free options- god that made me so madd oml

    anastasiaanastasia18 dager siden
  • i understand where she was going with the ED bit, i get that things like “dieting words” can get people to think back on their old habits and maybe even relapse, but stores are not responsible for triggers, i can’t just get pissed off at every store that sells diet foods because it triggers me

    nicolenicole18 dager siden
  • Shane could just stay away 🤨he’s a complete dramatic

    BayaWolfBlazeVuBayaWolfBlazeVu19 dager siden
  • Why do you kinda sound like Dixie

    Glitter GhostGlitter Ghost19 dager siden
  • “Can I have the irritable bowel syndrome froyo?”😂 💀

    sway hype jerseytrio more fannsway hype jerseytrio more fann19 dager siden
  • Influencers can be annoying AF!! Reminds me of that funny coloring book “Follow Me, I’m Crazy!” So many laughs 😂

    Fletcher MaloneFletcher Malone19 dager siden
  • Just goes to show how much of a bubble Demi Levato lives in. First of all, if she doesn't want to be highly triggered, she should just move out of Los Angeles. L.A. is full of ED triggers everywhere because there is so much pressure to look a certain way since it's where most big celebrities live. That being said, her triggers are her issue, and not everyone else's. Also, she should be grateful that there are that many vegan options in the first place where she lives! Los Angeles grocery stores, restaurants, shops, etc. cater to the extreme "diet culture" and health fads issue - and not necessarily because these businesses care about health, but because it's a marketing strategy. You slap the words "vegan" on something and people are drawn to it thinking it's healthier, which is not true, but labeling is key and brings in the money.

    TrishwishTrishwish19 dager siden
  • As a diabetic I appreciate the sugar free options. It's hard to find places to eat out. She is just trying to be relevant.

    Katie RussoKatie Russo19 dager siden
  • it wasn’t clear to her because she was only thinking about herself :-)

    dasha myer crossdasha myer cross19 dager siden
  • some people have diabetes and can’t eat full sugar fro yo demi????

    dasha myer crossdasha myer cross19 dager siden
  • I tHiNk ThEy ThEy ShOuLd Be LaBeLeD wItH tHe DiSeAsE What kind of ableist bullshit is that?

    katasoarus rexkatasoarus rex19 dager siden
  • Triggered by a froyo 😆🤣😂

    Pure APure A19 dager siden
  • Tbh you can’t expect someone to just disappear because people don’t like them

    demon kittenndemon kittenn19 dager siden
  • I swear everyone on Twitter gets mad about everything 🙄

    Jarrett WestJarrett West19 dager siden
  • i see both ends on demis side

    aliciaalicia19 dager siden
  • Demi lovato is a triggered 14 year old white girl. 👺

    FersienFersien19 dager siden
  • lol and what if someone wants to go on a diet and cut back on sugar to live healthier?? like that's totally legit as well and nobody's business. these delulu celebrities really think the world revolves around them

    ennienni19 dager siden
  • As someone with an ed trying to get in recovery I can say she’s just being dumb and trying to start stuff

    Ren AnimationsRen Animations19 dager siden
  • Shane is trying so hard to play victim so hard

    Daniel VillanuevaDaniel Villanueva19 dager siden
  • Poot was very bold with the yogurt comments

    Sky DotsSky Dots19 dager siden
  • Not Demi being a Karen 😩😂

    Jax KnyxJax Knyx19 dager siden
  • Demi’s privilege is really showing here. I have diabetes and have to inject constantly. I don’t really wanna be reminded so blatantly in public about my disease that is already a 24/7 battle physically and mentally. Jheeeezusss.

    Jemma HurstJemma Hurst19 dager siden
  • Demi mind your business challenge

    softusoftu20 dager siden
  • What has happened to Demi??This is not the Demi I know

    Depresso ExpressoDepresso Expresso20 dager siden
  • I don't really take Demi seriously ever since a reporter asked her what's her favorite dish and she answered "a mug". Sorry...

    Cristina AngelCristina Angel20 dager siden
  • people these days have no sense of self accountability. They want everyone else to bend to their problems. like miss Demi, you're in recovery form a lot of things, but that is YOUR recovery, your journey, and your issues you need to over come. Everyone wishes you well in recovery, but do not harass a business because you believe that your recovery is everyone else's issue. Leave this poor little froyo shop alone. the entitlement is crazy.

    Cathryn JonesCathryn Jones20 dager siden
  • Shane Dawson looks like he smells really bad ...🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

    Vero NikaVero Nika20 dager siden
  • you dont know half the stuff youre saying. youre ruiing peoples lives.

    Oliveya EstesOliveya Estes20 dager siden
  • i was wondering why i wasn’t catching myself up this the tea like what am i doing with my life

    bobbob20 dager siden
  • So basically Demi forgot people have special diet needs? Okay hunny

    Timmy BeeTimmy Bee20 dager siden
  • Demi is clearly living in a privileged world of her own, so much so that she gave no second thought about the fact that shop provides a livelihood for the owners and workers. Just picture Demi at some 'fancy' restaurant like "Yes I would like to order your diabetes platter with a side of lactose sauce please. Wow I am so glad this restaurant is diet culture vulture free! " GIRL. S t o p.

    katrinalolkatrinalol20 dager siden
  • I got secondhand embarrassment watching Demi😂👀

    sunshinebitessunshinebites20 dager siden
  • Oh Demi 🤦🏻‍♀️ This is what happens when substances toast your brain. Stay clean.

    KatscapadeKatscapade20 dager siden
  • Imagine waking up one morning and getting pissed because you were triggered by sugar free or vegan froyo. The only thing Demi exposed was herself, for being a moron.

    SaraSara20 dager siden
  • lol demi that sounds like a you-problem

    sara wadersara wader20 dager siden
  • Seriously just think Demi is trying to be relevant again. People are just doing these silly things to get attention and it’s embarrassing and terribly disheartening to know someone you look up to act like a complete selfish nut.

    Symmetrically IdenticalSymmetrically Identical20 dager siden
  • Oeff Demi needs to get serious help. As someone who struggles with an eating disorder I sadly have the same trigger but that’s why I go to therapy. Her not trying to talk to someone about it first is such a big no no an immature.

    Priscilla YeboahPriscilla Yeboah20 dager siden
  • Who cares about Shane, we need Jenna Marbles back 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    ossiferfunkossiferfunk20 dager siden
  • So she apparently wants her froyo choice to be labeled ‘I can’t cope’, ‘my affliction is best’, or ‘only my needs matter’.

    Gretchen ClausenGretchen Clausen20 dager siden
  • Shane Dawson or not, people are never happy with anything. Even if someone is sharing a mental health message they’re not happy

  • It’s fucking Froyo it’s not that serious as a person who has high sugar I would be grateful for that because where I live there’s a lot of things that they don’t have the diet version of

    Lee PeeLee Pee20 dager siden
  • It’s scary thinking sugar free options will disappear because of cancel culture, my mom has had diabetes her whole life and sugar free options are a huge deal for us, it allows us to eat out together as a family and it’s always been hard finding places that have options for her (also love they have vegan options for me ❤️)

    Franny Tapia ThenouxFranny Tapia Thenoux20 dager siden