Setup Wars - Seal of Approval Edition #3

16. nov.. 2020
288 911 Ganger

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Make sure to watch episode #1 before this episode!
Seal of Approval #1:

  • Seal of approval Playlist:

    TechSourceTechSource16 dager siden
    • Can you please recomand ME a good microphone, but i don t have a lot of money for IT. Like 100 dollars or lower.

      Victor PartenieVictor Partenie16 dager siden
    • Man I wish I had stuff like that😤

      Slow CakeSlow Cake16 dager siden
    • @TrueSquid he’s a member

      Leo hillLeo hill16 dager siden
    • Would you donate me a 1650 super? 😥

      NG ValleNG Valle16 dager siden
    • @ares 054 oh ok sorry

      carmzcarmz16 dager siden

    ZiphoraxZiphorax20 timer siden
  • loc how are you rich

    Shad SalihShad SalihDag siden
  • can't wait to put together my new setup hopefully I can get a shot at this thing

    Jackson MorganJackson MorganDag siden
  • 7:51 shoutout to K/DA

    Amit AkabariAmit AkabariDag siden
  • Bruno

    Spencer ThompsonSpencer ThompsonDag siden
  • How do you water cool a ps4 😳

    Bailey CoyneBailey CoyneDag siden
  • Imagine playing in Carter’s set up

    MR. RagetvMR. Ragetv2 dager siden
  • Bruh its obvious everyone would love BRUNO'S gaming setup . THAT GUY WAS CRAZY !!!?? HOW DID HE EVEN BUILD THIS ??????

    Anil KumarAnil Kumar3 dager siden
  • Hey Ed I was wondering if you still need a translator and if you do I am fluent in Arabic and am a 17 year old currently in the 12th grade

    Emanuel ShetaEmanuel Sheta3 dager siden
  • I get the feeling Loc likes Asus Rog but im not 100% shure...

    EzraEzra3 dager siden
  • those rooms are really incredible. but who really wants to live in between loads of RGB, armystuff, huge ROG logos etc? wouldn't feel cozy in there.

    Simmens BoardingSimmens Boarding3 dager siden
  • Jonathan #201 love those Klipsch speakers 👌

    Joshua S.Joshua S.3 dager siden
  • ok i was so confused when i hurd water coold ps4 i thought i hurd it wrong

    WKC Zax'sWKC Zax's3 dager siden
  • my favorites was probably Brittanies

    NotSoGodleyNicoNotSoGodleyNico4 dager siden
  • Bruno's setup was my favorite! I absolutely loved his custom work! I'm thinking of doing a mix between his and Sarah's playground setup.

    Jason BussellJason Bussell4 dager siden
  • My favorite was Paschalis' setup. All the other ones have too much going on, and though organized still felt cluttered. Paschalis' is the most simple, clean, and gets the job done.

    Chaz EvansdaleChaz Evansdale4 dager siden
  • How to get seal of approval: have money

    TreeManIsHere hiTreeManIsHere hi4 dager siden
  • Dang , am i the only one that wants Ed to make actuall gaming videos (ps: i love your content)

    Mark KaluzhskiiMark Kaluzhskii4 dager siden
  • These are just “when you have too much money” setups

    Kuw0sKuw0s4 dager siden
  • All of these years I’ve watched Ed with every episode of setup wars and tons of how to build a pc. And now I’m finally building a setup for Christmas. You have no idea what it feels like to be apart of the pc world. Thanks Ed!

    TideTide5 dager siden
  • Me flexing with my 1,5k pc then seeing this kids setup

    Keith悪のKeith悪の5 dager siden
  • Bruno is Bruno

    Zahir AbbasZahir Abbas5 dager siden
  • "i love your beautiful nose hairs"...... hmmmm

    ssyytthh ¿ssyytthh ¿6 dager siden
  • Pls when you gonna do a pc giveaway cus iam want tring to get a pc cus i have bad setup and a bad monitor

    rekt-by-snipezzrekt-by-snipezz6 dager siden
  • you should give us bruno from episode 201 his socials he is out of this world

    oclockoclock6 dager siden
  • 9:18 I’m trying to improve my setup like this one and then be on setup wars but until then I won’t be putting it up

    SoundzySoundzy6 dager siden
  • Bruno by far. His setup was so clean with all the tech and thought put into it. Everyone's setup was great, but Bruno's was absolutely stunning.

    Spex.RagzieSpex.Ragzie6 dager siden
  • Dunno bout you but I have a romanticized relationship with my dusty old setup with cables running all over the place. It's grown on me and I've learned to love it in a weird sense. I really don't mind the dried up bits of old pizza here and there either. Nor do I care about the shoe box with a cable hole containing my external backup drives. The improvised bottle candle holder serves as my "ambient light" and I've gotten used to the beer case chair. Would hate to see it all go. There's alot of history to this and it's worth loving.

    BCBC7 dager siden
  • bro i have never felt so poor in my life

    Julian RamirezJulian Ramirez7 dager siden
    • Yeah same 😂😂

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • Whats the average light bill for one os these setups lol?

    Luis AcevedoLuis Acevedo7 dager siden
  • I remember when mekurukito got shown his is definetly one of the best one here

    OwnageOwnage7 dager siden
  • When you're so early there's no people in the comments complaining about how broke they are.

    Schroeder BartosiewiczSchroeder Bartosiewicz7 dager siden
    • You were like a week late

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • 4:12 bottom left You won’t regret it

    3lvin3lvin7 dager siden
  • loc and Johnathan did crazy job

    Zegar safiZegar safi8 dager siden
  • All of them are beautiful

    Son GokuSon Goku8 dager siden
  • It is not about art it is about money

    Trend VerseTrend Verse8 dager siden
  • Setup wars definition: Watch ppl that are richer than you

    zamuel Artszamuel Arts8 dager siden
  • You should do racing setup edition

  • Carters mouse space be hittin hard tho

    Baby Yoda Clickin HeadsBaby Yoda Clickin Heads9 dager siden
  • Where is Sarah wallpaper from?

    Fa31Fa319 dager siden
  • Well... at least I have a pc!...

    Afterworldstudios Youtube Channel 3301Afterworldstudios Youtube Channel 33019 dager siden
  • That one piece theme setup is just so so🥵🥴🙌👏🔥🔥🔥🔥

    TSG_KIRBYTSG_KIRBY9 dager siden
  • Wow, these are truly insane.

    rsmith137rsmith1379 dager siden
  • Now time to rack up some money

    SemiSemi9 dager siden
  • Cartier is the best

    BazzBazz9 dager siden
  • I love all the setup!!!

    Mus SimMus Sim9 dager siden
  • The pink and blue is getting too common

    KixuKixu10 dager siden
  • What type of gaming chair is that 1:21

    Fleas SidekickFleas Sidekick10 dager siden
  • The thumbnail made me lose NNN

    Benny2402Benny240210 dager siden
    • Yeah it's so hot

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • Can i ask how to join the setup wars

    Kayle De guzmanKayle De guzman10 dager siden
    • Check the description bub

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • Wait a minute.... Brittany was in my mind only the first girl ever to take the seal of approval. But is she also the first one to take 2 seals of approval? I’m confused now.

    Laurens GeensLaurens Geens10 dager siden
  • GTA VI

  • 4:20 Sick setup Brittany but her job is probably like only fans or some shit

    ARUNARUN10 dager siden
    • You are literally a fortnite kid, and if you watched the video before I'm pretty sure she said she was a nurse

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • As a Greek my soul was aching every time Ed was butchering Paschalis' name.

    vasw n.vasw n.10 dager siden
    • It isn't exactly easy to pronounce 😅

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • For christmas I'll be getting my first pc. Hopefully, santa is secretive. Ive watched all your videos. I learned how to build a pc just by watching your how to build a pc over and over. I just want to thank you and all the other youtubers, y'all gave me inspiration

    cryptic_kitkatcryptic_kitkat11 dager siden
  • I’m building my first pc soon. I’ve been watching techsource for a while to get some inspiration and boy did I get a ton. Any tips for my first pc?

    tombradyandthepats5 RBLXtombradyandthepats5 RBLX11 dager siden
    • What are your specs going to be? I could help you out based on what sort of games your going to be playing and your budget

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • Brittany......,👌👌👌

    Sai Ganesh KolluriSai Ganesh Kolluri11 dager siden
  • when you wonder when willem is going to be in the vid

    fshhnfshhn11 dager siden
    • Shut up fortnite kid

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • Does anybody know what's the desk in "Jonathan #201" setup?

    Marco GarofaloMarco Garofalo11 dager siden
    • It's a custom made desk I believe, show it to a "desk maker?" and I'm sure they could wip up something similar

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • Today it’s November 21st and it’s my birthday today

    Jonathan galangJonathan galang11 dager siden
    • Happy late birthday dude

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • What is that material that spreads the light from the ledstrips to give it that clean look

    Magnus MolvikMagnus Molvik11 dager siden
  • I have a laptop setup should i enter

    Lanc3r NerdLanc3r Nerd11 dager siden
  • idk why tf i watch this it just makes me jealous because of my pc which gives me 40fps

    RyanRyan11 dager siden
    • Yeah same here 😅

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • Mekurukito definitely the best out of all of these setups

    Youtube FanboyYoutube Fanboy11 dager siden
  • Are setup makeovers still a thing ?

    Gulnaz YunusGulnaz Yunus11 dager siden
  • yooo tech from edsourceee!!!

    Clark PloegClark Ploeg11 dager siden

    BYE BOTBYE BOT11 dager siden
  • Hey i need help i wanna get a desk but i want one that will hide my cables and has some storage ( for books) thats white or pink

    Peppa PigPeppa Pig11 dager siden
    • It might be easier to custom make the desk, speak to a "desk maker?" and I'm sure they could help you out

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • Hey TechSource, i am from Indonesia, and one day i found a joke "Who is your name in Japanese?" and MEKURUKITO was arranged KEVIN. I have too i'm ZIKAKITO :)

    cudzsccudzsc11 dager siden
  • Sarah

    Brady MTBBrady MTB11 dager siden
  • Where is epsytech setup?

    Mars sound environmentMars sound environment11 dager siden
  • I am a weeb but i dont have confidence

    PoorvikPoorvik11 dager siden
  • Hey TechSource can you cheak my PC build and dm me on discord my discord is XxSuprxmeXx#6059 the link is Thank you.

    XxSuprxmeXxXxSuprxmeXx11 dager siden
  • I dream of having set ups like these, mine is just average

    Foot LettuceFoot Lettuce11 dager siden
    • I hear ya!

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • Please use the old sw theme song more often, I loved it as the background song of last season

    baloTVbaloTV11 dager siden
  • no

    locuiestlocuiest11 dager siden
  • 4:09 That dog does not look happy

    ScorpioWaysScorpioWays11 dager siden
  • anyone know the name of the chair in setup 1?

    PhoenixthegayPhoenixthegay12 dager siden
  • Welcome to Vietnam 🇻🇳

    Jack WhitneyJack Whitney12 dager siden
  • i have been saving money for 3 whole years watching these vids gives me inspiration at the same time im getting teased

    huey-guyhuey-guy12 dager siden
  • Ed it’s these not “deez”

    Jayden RathsackJayden Rathsack12 dager siden
    • @BossManAngry goddamn EVERYONE ON FUCKING NOworld IS SO ANGRY

      Jayden RathsackJayden Rathsack5 dager siden
    • @Jayden Rathsack if it was a joke it wasn't funny

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
    • @snak1ty Issa joke chill

      Jayden RathsackJayden Rathsack10 dager siden
    • ever heard of accents

      snak1tysnak1ty11 dager siden
  • Damn what a cable manegement (´´

    Instantgamer 003Instantgamer 00312 dager siden
  • Can you do another budget edition I have a budget setup

    nylixxisbadnylixxisbad12 dager siden
  • hey Ed i know most probable chances are you are not going to see this comment but since i submitted my setup i wanted to ask which months submission are you going through?

    MostlyGamingMostlyGaming12 dager siden
  • that tone, the tone where after he reviews the setup there is a tone then it shows the setup one last time i think that tone came from the metal gear series?

    NicoNico12 dager siden
  • Mekurukito💞

    AlvinAlvin12 dager siden
  • U don't care about budget setups for the seal of approval

    Ali AhmedAli Ahmed12 dager siden
  • best ones for me are either brittany, sarah, or mekurikito

    Prince ShadowPrince Shadow12 dager siden
  • yo i’m making a gaming setup next month and i’m wondering if you can make a video describing the best thing to do when making a pc gaming setup keep in mind i’m on a budget of $1400

    ShadowDemon7915ShadowDemon791512 dager siden
    • I don't think he will make a video just for you

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • doggo vibin 4:10

    jacob Cisjacob Cis12 dager siden
    • Yep

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • Paschalis. Thanks for the great episode (Y)

    wHysOsRs20wHysOsRs2012 dager siden
  • Yo sup g. Is a gtx 1650, i5 9400f and 16 gigs of ram a good combo, or can there be anything else better for the same price

    Lxg3nDLxg3nD12 dager siden
    • @BossManAngry oh ok, I’ll look into those

      Lxg3nDLxg3nD5 dager siden
    • I'd upgrade to a Ryzen 5 3600 and a 1650 super

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
  • yo ed you should make a new series for christmas were you show your dad/mums setup and there childs setup

    rcn WѰllrcn WѰll12 dager siden
  • Plz make a gaming channel

    Holden NezHolden Nez12 dager siden
  • I love Jonathan's setup for the black and blue theme

    Shreyansh DeyShreyansh Dey12 dager siden
  • I feel bad for Bruno. How’s he gonna get the ps5 in that desk now lol

    wet toasterwet toaster12 dager siden
  • still waiting for laptop edtion..

    Aayush ManandharAayush Manandhar12 dager siden
  • Come one, Come all! Wellcome back to "feeling jealous for ten minutes straight" caution side effects include: hating life, unexplainable desire to beg for money, and building fake setups out of cardboard. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

    TechWhizKidTechWhizKid12 dager siden
  • I am getting a gaming setup for Christmas and I have all the parts in a cart if you guys can see if my PC is good. The budget is around $1200 for the PC itself MSI - B450 TOMAHAWK MAX (Socket AM4) USB-C Gen2 AMD Motherboard CORSAIR - Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM SE 240mm Radiator CPU Liquid Cooling System - White AMD - Ryzen 5 3600 3rd Generation 6-Core - 12-Thread - 3.6 GHz (4.2 GHz Max Boost) Socket AM4 CORSAIR - Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (2PK 16GB) 3.2GHz PC4-25600 DDR4 DIMM Unbuffered Non-ECC Desktop Memory Kit with RGB Lighting MSI - GAMING X NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 6GB GDDR6 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card - Black/Gray Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Halo White Edition Duo-Ring Addressable RGB 120mm Fan Cougar VTE600 80+ Bronze 600 Watt ATX Power Supply Thermaltake Core P3 ATX Seagate Barracuda Compute 2TB If you have any suggestions please let me know

    Team LFTeam LF12 dager siden
    • @BossManAngry I swapped out the HDD for an SSD and I downgraded into less ram

      Team LFTeam LF3 dager siden
    • You don't really need 32gb ram unless you are doing heavy editing and/or streaming. Maybe downgrade to 16gb ram. Also get an SSD too, they are a lot faster

      BossManAngryBossManAngry5 dager siden
    • @Sufyan Mohd thank you

      Team LFTeam LF11 dager siden
    • That's between average and high end in terms of a pc, I'd personally recommend the i5 10400f if I were in your budget

      Sufyan MohdSufyan Mohd11 dager siden