Setup Wars - Seal of Approval Edition #2

18. mai. 2020
868 023 Ganger

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  • Make sure to watch episode #1 before this episode! Seal of Approval #1:

    TechSourceTechSource6 måneder siden
    • @Fortune Gaming hy

      Niceboy NoNiceboy No22 dager siden
    • Thank you for finally not being a youtuber who loves there own comment

      ThatOneKidThatOneKidMåned siden
    • No

      WheresTheChapstickWheresTheChapstick3 måneder siden
    • I listened and watched the first Woodside and then this one

      Definitely Not GentryDefinitely Not Gentry4 måneder siden

      nixnix4 måneder siden
  • These are some sweats 😂

    Christian EarleChristian Earle6 dager siden
  • "it even made thanos inbalanced"

    Angel RomanaAngel Romana7 dager siden
  • im sorry where is william from episode 202?

    CraxelllCraxelll10 dager siden
  • you need to do a video of best budget seal of approvals

    secretwatch1 whatsecretwatch1 what11 dager siden
  • "U dont need money to get Seal of Approval" Me cry's in 15 years old setup

    ghale steelghale steel14 dager siden
  • When will seal approval part 3 will be out

    MikohimselfMikohimself15 dager siden
  • I want Nanoleaf panels so so so so bad

    Paige CarrPaige Carr15 dager siden
  • Where do they find these sick high quality wallpapers?

    PulkitPulkit15 dager siden
  • im sorry man filmora 9 isnt "that easy to learn"

    DeathWiishDeathWiish16 dager siden
  • What do they win, the seal of seal of approval?

    Soviet EggSoviet Egg16 dager siden
  • make a seal of dissaproval now

    shxdows RBLXshxdows RBLX20 dager siden
  • That is not dbz, its dbs

    Teodor SpasovskiTeodor Spasovski23 dager siden
  • Get filmora for 69:99 hmmm

    SolarSolar24 dager siden
  • I looks sick but who needs all this? 4 ultrawide monitors, a TV and a projector to top it off? I'm not jelaous or something, just trying to think straight.

    MatthewMatthew25 dager siden
  • Who was waiting for Bruno’s setup, as I’m writing this we probably didn’t see it bc it was after this or it wasn’t top twenty idk.

    Im TortoroIm Tortoro25 dager siden
  • 3monitors is no points to much screen there 2 monitoirs perfect

    BenMcCarthyBenMcCarthy27 dager siden
  • Thanks you so much TechSource and guys! you help me so much with setups ideas!

    VickJBXPlayzVickJBXPlayz27 dager siden
  • It's only 69.99 that's practically nothing Me. That's my she life

    Yousuf FazalYousuf Fazal29 dager siden
  • I have flimora editor before u recommended it

    SuperJeffyAlexSuperJeffyAlexMåned siden
  • $69.99 nice 😏😏😏😏

    Mystical vvnMystical vvnMåned siden
  • My setup costs 1,506😂

    Jesse SportsJesse SportsMåned siden
  • “Ultra white theme setup” Black: Am I Joke To U

    FaulicyFaulicyMåned siden
  • 69.99 expensive

    Slection SecondsSlection SecondsMåned siden
  • “He’s into dragon ball z like I am” Shows ultra instinct Goku in dragon ball super

    Tyler HauTyler HauMåned siden
  • They all are epic, but PLEASE !!! Don't put styrofoam all over your electronics filled room. That sh*t is a MAJOR fire hazard !

    TheDudeInTheRedHotHatchTheDudeInTheRedHotHatchMåned siden
    • @Yudho Saputro You won't have the time to get your extinguisher. Don't take it from me. I'm just a gamer who happens to have a dayjob as a fire engineer. I don't know where you live, but in many places it's illegal to use styrofoam as insulation in buildings...and for good reason.

      TheDudeInTheRedHotHatchTheDudeInTheRedHotHatchMåned siden
    • Thank you for advice, sir... I'll buy a fire extiguisher soon

      Yudho SaputroYudho SaputroMåned siden
  • Pirate gamers set up was the best

    Emez渦巻Emez渦巻Måned siden
  • My setup is a 7 year dell optiplex 9010 all-in-one which my father brought from his office and generic dell mouse and keyboard(whose half of the keys don't work) and a 15 year old table and a second hand office chair. SPECS:- -i5 3470 -Intel (r) 620 HD graphics -4gb ram -1 TB hdd

    Bhumisuta PandaBhumisuta PandaMåned siden
  • Lol

    DrxppyDrxppyMåned siden
  • if you want to skip straight to the vid it is at 2:04

    Qake GamesQake GamesMåned siden
  • what is the wallpaper at 9:11

    Dr CoolDr CoolMåned siden
  • this video was uploaded on my birthday (:

    LukeSidsLukeSidsMåned siden
  • The best part about the seal of approval is that he doesn't give it out every episode.

    BravoBravoMåned siden
  • Im a dragon ball z nerd

    clean_ scopedclean_ scopedMåned siden
  • Tech source knows when he makes seal of approval videos he will get over 500k views

    EvectisEvectisMåned siden
  • 1/40 chance of getting seal

    ThatOneKidThatOneKidMåned siden
  • ok but Johns setup is pretty sick lol

    Kahn IVKahn IVMåned siden
  • Do you know when you use filmoa 9 do you have to pay to move the watermark

    Muhammad Ali VlogsMuhammad Ali VlogsMåned siden
  • some of the first 10 are kind of wack. nothing of mine is anywhere near as good but they arent as good as some of the stuff on like budget edition

    Kbstickgobrr LMAOKbstickgobrr LMAOMåned siden
  • On the first one. (Nathans setup) What keyboard is he using?

    Joseph RobertsJoseph RobertsMåned siden
  • Can’t wait to do my setup

    Nacho LopezNacho LopezMåned siden
  • Ah yes, I Am now considered poor after i've seen this.

    DisleafDisleafMåned siden
  • a lot of these are hideous

    Aij EarthkeeperAij Earthkeeper2 måneder siden
  • 2:00 1st setup

    Ayush SharmaAyush Sharma2 måneder siden
  • I got at least 7 ads in this video💀

    JokerJoker2 måneder siden
  • fillmore got it

    Az3rrAz3rr2 måneder siden
  • That laptop is going to explode

    J RJ R2 måneder siden
  • "money definitely helps, but is not needed" this guy who spent most of money on table and RGB: *looks away*

    ZEN CLANZEN CLAN2 måneder siden
  • I wish I could build a set up I don’t have enough money

    Remrem81Remrem812 måneder siden
  • Wow I just got to be a admin in you discord server and i get the seal

    supergungamer 7supergungamer 72 måneder siden
  • Nice

    Simeon PeterSimeon Peter2 måneder siden
  • Can we just take into appreciation that he spend over 100 dollars for a reward

    Leonard HamelitzLeonard Hamelitz2 måneder siden
  • Edgar: You don’t need money to get a seal of approval. Me, a guy who has a Acer Predator Heliod 300 2019 edition with an i8 840Q or whatever and a GTX1060, and also, hides his cables in the case of his bunk bed, which he has to share with his annoying brother: Uh

    vs424vs4242 måneder siden
  • the reason zac framed his acoustic panels was for cemetery if he would of just left it with no fram it would of look odd cause it was sticking out jus saying

    FliXFliX2 måneder siden
  • Hi

    IWA WinzzzIWA Winzzz2 måneder siden
  • I am actually surprised to see there are lot of people with lot of money

  • What do you need to have for the seal of approval?

    LlamaPowerLlamaPower2 måneder siden
  • I would have added mikki her setup was amazing

    BoomseyBoomsey3 måneder siden
  • if you use filmora for your videos, my mom is a virgin

    Plastik NinjaPlastik Ninja3 måneder siden
  • he should make the seal of potato which for the worst setups ever

    LostlamLostlam3 måneder siden
  • all his funko pops be looking like a hot topic

    NotxOddNotxOdd3 måneder siden
  • 8:48

    WassaBeastWassaBeast3 måneder siden
  • Most of them use the crack version of filmora

  • Money doesn’t matter Me: sad having a dell case But I do have pretty op stuff in the case

    Ace VilotAce Vilot3 måneder siden
  • Just say you don’t like black and red lmao

    Alex -182Alex -1823 måneder siden
  • I'm surprised Christian with the 150k+ setup didn't win the seal of approval.

    ShadowGamer04ShadowGamer043 måneder siden
  • Lol why do i feel homeless now 😐

    RoboRobo3 måneder siden
  • 5:50 "It even made Thanos look unbalanced." NGL He aint wrong tho XD

    CentiSZNCentiSZN3 måneder siden
  • I use adobe premire rush when I used to use premire pro

    Parker The Garage Door GuyParker The Garage Door Guy3 måneder siden
  • Is should change the title to: calling your poor for 10 min #200

    Figo Van SoestFigo Van Soest3 måneder siden
  • im so jealous its irritating

    Cameron GainesCameron Gaines3 måneder siden
  • what is the criteria

    SimpySimpy3 måneder siden
  • Omfg Pirate Gamer has Sasuke Susanoo statue, don't tell me its the original resin version

    DUE ALIANDUE ALIAN3 måneder siden
  • 7:53 he was buy a new house so he need to make the new setup on his new house

    ArzaHelkilporoArzaHelkilporo3 måneder siden
  • hello boiss, i know its a bit weird, but I would really appreciate it if you could check out my last montage for a second. I try hard to do it well. Thanks

    Said El JacksonSaid El Jackson3 måneder siden
  • Need that White boom arm please reply

    SYED ZAINSYED ZAIN3 måneder siden
  • I have been using movavi and filmora

    KRISHKRISH3 måneder siden
  • I use videopad filmora is a bit too easy

    YO1TZYO1TZ3 måneder siden
  • My super professional ultimate gaming setup: A laptop with an i5 inside that can run Minecraft on low settings...

    RientieRientie3 måneder siden
  • So do these “winners” win anything?

    User nameUser name3 måneder siden
  • 8:55 Atleast he made it to the S4 intro

    DAventador44DAventador443 måneder siden
  • episode 166 should have gone to john hands down 8:56

    DDonuts06DDonuts063 måneder siden
  • Damn 70 bucks. Im sold man!!!

    JT TronJT Tron3 måneder siden
  • ah yes, the “lmfao you’re broke” edition!

    riffertylmaoriffertylmao3 måneder siden
  • Electric Bills Has Left Thr Chat

    BlueeHDBlueeHD3 måneder siden
  • He stole the idea from someone called “ D7MAS “

    ECHO / ايكوECHO / ايكو3 måneder siden
  • These must be the guys on the enemy team.

    Alex MAlex M3 måneder siden
  • The cheap setup I have actually looks pretty cool By the way it’s opposite day

    Demon Slayer64Demon Slayer643 måneder siden
  • ONLY 69.99 I feel broke

    YesYes4 måneder siden
  • How so i put my setup in

    H2o_Hyp3rH2o_Hyp3r4 måneder siden
  • I love all the videos.. but dude why they put Big monitors so close to their eyes? I mean its a little Big better have some space away from monitors..

    Ivan Fitch AbreuIvan Fitch Abreu4 måneder siden
  • Dose he have the companion cube from terraria

    Danny GamingDanny Gaming4 måneder siden
  • Hi

    STAIN. KUSHSTAIN. KUSH4 måneder siden
  • Man did budget setup with Herman Miller chair

    Wass 690Wass 6904 måneder siden
  • how could you say the anime one was bad just quit at this point

    ShogiiShogii4 måneder siden
  • Come sub I’ve been grinding and a new type of montage is coming out on a week or so you will be surprised on how good I am

    BanditBandit4 måneder siden
  • Trash.

    Titian HangTitian Hang4 måneder siden
  • I use filmora sometimes

    AssasinxAssasinx4 måneder siden
  • this video just called me broke in 25 different languages.

    Ahasan KabirAhasan Kabir4 måneder siden
  • 3:30 what if the sound was sideways too

    lurpedlurped4 måneder siden