Setup Wars - Episode 241

12. april. 2021
283 419 Ganger

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▶Recommended Gear◀
GPU Sag Bracket:
GPU RGB SAG Bracket:
White Vinyl:
Side Table:
White Cable Sleeves:
Zipper Cord Tube:
Desk: Ikea Saljan 8 ft
Chair: S-racer (guard series
Monitors: MSI OPTIX MAG272CR 27" Full HD 1920 x 1080 1 ms 165 Hz HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C AMD FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor,
Monitor Mount:VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable fits 2 /Two Screens up to 27"
Keyboard: Razer Ornata Chroma - US
Mouse: Razer Naga Chroma
Mousepad: Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma - Mercury
Speakers: Razer Nommo Chroma
Headphones: Razer Thresher 7.1 and hub
Microphone: NA
▶Gear List
Desk: Linnmon/Alex
Chair: Actually forgot the name because my catto killed it so i cant see the brand n model
Monitors: (Right)AOC I2367FM 23" IPS, (Left)Philips 21,5" 221V8
Monitor Mount: Dark VM14 Monitor desk arm 2x
Keyboard: Motospeed ck108
Mouse: bloody a60
Mousepad: Unknown (Buyed from aliexpress)
Speakers: Logitech Z533 2.1 Speaker
Headphones: -
Microphone: -
Breck Muncy
Desk: Vasagle 55 inch computer desk
Chair: Secret Labs Omega
Monitors: Left Montior: AOC 24G1WG4 24 Inch curved 144hz Right Monitor: Acer S271HL 27 Inch 75hz
Monitor Mount: Vivo Dual monitor mount
Keyboard:Anne Pro 2 with maxkey chocolate SA keycaps (building a gmmk pro with dragon fruits soon)
Mousepad: GutzyAidenn Stormtrooper
Speakers: Creative White speakers (dont know which model)
Headphones: Bernedynamic DT990 Pro
Microphone: Hyperx Quadcast S
▶Gear List
Desk:Ikea Pahl with shelf unit but ive seperated the shelves from the desk
Chair:GT Omega Pro XL
Monitors:LG 21.5" ultrawide, HP S2231a hd monitor, Asus vp228he hd monitor, Blaupunkt 1080p TV
Keyboard:ROG Claymore core with Cherry MX Red switches
Mouse:ROG Pugio
Mousepad:Fromoth rgb mouspad (its not plugged in)
Speakers:N/A (Asus monitor has speakers built in as does TV)
Headphones:Steel series arctis 7
Microphone:N/A (arctis 7 mic used)
Razer Tarturus V2 keypad with optical switches
Desk:Ikea linnamon
Chair:Furmax office chair in black
Monitors:Aoc C24G1, Acer sa230
Monitor Mount: generic amazon mount
Keyboard:Red Dragon K530 60%, black keycaps from old keyboard and spraypainted the space bar and ESC keys red
Mouse:Glorious Model O
Mousepad:Ktrio large gaming pouse pad
Speakers:Logitech Z200
Headphones:Turtle beach recon 200 for gaming and Beats studio 2 for everything else

  • Reacting to Setup Wars Intros:

    TechSourceTechSource24 dager siden
    • Techsource how do I turn in my trash setup if the link works I'm being serious though it doesn't work

      YIMM TaurosYIMM Tauros13 dager siden
    • PLEASE i need an PC that PC that i have is a potato i have hatch you so long and always been an big fan please if you wanna dm me my tik tok is bossman2k please

      TheLightBossTheLightBoss19 dager siden
    • These setups are sooo clean I wish I had something like that because all I have is a monitor with a cable connected to me MacBook :(

      Knightro6Knightro622 dager siden
    • 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 🤌🏻😇

      Batuhan SerinBatuhan Serin22 dager siden
    • Plz could u build it plzzzzzzzz 🥺🥺🥺

      Harsh JainHarsh Jain22 dager siden
  • @techsource remember the brand name is Redragon not Red Dragon...

    Carlos Andres Zapata CuervoCarlos Andres Zapata Cuervo13 timer siden
  • It would be wicked cool if you did a series with awful set ups or decent ones, where you give advice on how to fix it up or what you would do to upgrade

    Andrew HunterAndrew HunterDag siden
  • Is that CarterPC's?

    Overlord PotatoOverlord Potato4 dager siden
  • Whats that little digital alarm thing they have on their desk? (The screens)

    WastedWasted8 dager siden
  • Disagree with the wallpaper. Looks tacky if you cover the whole wall.

    adam Businessadam Business9 dager siden
  • I really wand a better setup but i live in belgium

    Jos Van de VeldeJos Van de Velde10 dager siden
  • It was a nice built sucks the cpu was not working

    Marvin NicolasMarvin Nicolas12 dager siden
  • set up wars the anti my cat scratches and destroy's shit edition haha honestly made me laugh i can relate to Berk

    matt sallowsmatt sallows12 dager siden
  • In the intro he has the same shirt as me

    Albino monkeyAlbino monkey13 dager siden
  • @ 11:.01 this guys a Mass Effect fan. no doubt with that colour scheme.

    Lorens OstiLorens Osti13 dager siden
  • I want to buy a gaming pc but don't have money 💲💲😓😓☹️☹️

    ParsPars14 dager siden
  • 4:06 It's not gpu sag, the gpu is screwed in the bottom pci-e cover

    FeroxZFeroxZ14 dager siden
  • anaa ilk defa türk gördüm lo

    Imagine LeviathanImagine Leviathan15 dager siden
  • 2:23 :D

    Str8LthlStr8Lthl15 dager siden
  • in the first setup between the table top and the shelf what is the name of the round parts?

    ArticArtic15 dager siden
    • i just found them on amazon or ikea they are table risers try amazon

      ITSCABRAL25ITSCABRAL2515 dager siden
  • 3:55 thats not gpu sag by the gpu itself but the dude screwed the gpu in to low on the left side , dude freaking screwed the gpu in a lower slot xD

    DephsideDephside16 dager siden
  • Day 19 of asking for a new pc

    LuciferLucifer16 dager siden
  • You understand thats a 3080 in your hand and on the webbside its an 3070

    Inca-gamerInca-gamer17 dager siden
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    Laura BrownLaura Brown17 dager siden
  • s

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  • Me sitting here with a 4 year old slim ps4 wishing i would ever get the money to buy the pc i have been wanting for 6 years and then this guy literally makes a pc every month lul

    OG Tini MGOG Tini MG17 dager siden
    • Sorry i dont know how to do it lol

      OG Tini MGOG Tini MG15 dager siden
    • Why

      OG Tini MGOG Tini MG15 dager siden
  • i want a setup too please

    muhib walimuhib wali17 dager siden
  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    Arslan MalikArslan Malik17 dager siden
  • The best set up wore in the world and i was about to sleep but this seemed important love you I see you voids very day

  • I just watch setup wars even tho i dont have a setup/gaming setup, so it pains me more that i couldnt buy a gaming setup/streaming/youtube. 🥲

    StretzApathStretzApath18 dager siden
  • I love watching things I can’t afford 🤣🤣

    TstormthegreatTstormthegreat18 dager siden
  • The second setup was nice Deep culture

    Leeon ShyamLeeon Shyam18 dager siden
  • Like i was watching yout videos for first time and im subscribed and evrething i just love your videoosss

    TheRoŽa KingTheRoŽa King18 dager siden
  • can you recommend some of the budget pre-builts? I would build my own but the prices are way too much rn, and i can't find any graphics cards.

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  • Setup Wars- drawing edition

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    • @Alibaba .comBuyer Central yes I got it

      Jayden 1234Jayden 123416 dager siden
    • @Alibaba .comBuyer Central ?

      Jayden 1234Jayden 123417 dager siden
    • How do I do that

      Jayden 1234Jayden 123417 dager siden
  • I need a set up make over looking at these makes me want one so bad

    Kurvz ΨKurvz Ψ18 dager siden
  • Hey @TechSource For my own setup (Razer setup) do you think I should get the Basilisk ultimate or Viper ultimate

    WHM William Hadrian MichaelWHM William Hadrian Michael18 dager siden
    • @Alibaba .comBuyer Central wdym

      WHM William Hadrian MichaelWHM William Hadrian Michael17 dager siden
  • Yo built me a pc bro mine is not good enough

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  • can you download windows 10 (flash drive) on a Chromebook?

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  • Congrats on 3 Million!

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    • I know your fake bro

      OpticalOptical17 dager siden
    • I’ve never actully gotten the chance to say something to you: your videos are awesome

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  • Hi there i just subscribed but i dont really think you can com and upgrade my setup so i have a normal pc and a normal monitor i wish i coud have a real gaming setup like i wana stream upload videos like you but about gaming videos let me know if you whant to do it or not i wish for it but idk so good bye god bles you

    EpicLoL _ GamingEpicLoL _ Gaming18 dager siden
  • Damn, went to the site you linked to get a discount key for xbox live and the key is already been redeemed. wtf

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  • Petition for tech source to do next generation console setup wars only

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  • Karma vs honey

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  • if i had 1k in cash from a part time job , what prebuilt should i get since i dont have a clue how to build a pc

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  • I can’t wait to get a setup like that because i run -10 FPS on games

    Baruch MendozaBaruch Mendoza18 dager siden
  • I built his $650 gaming pc build if I bought a 3080 would that work just fine or would I have to buy other parts

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  • can u build me a pc im on console and i wanna siwitch

    NG watzzy'NG watzzy'19 dager siden
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    Laura BrownLaura Brown19 dager siden
  • Iwas also going to sleep but i have a notification of your viedo it seems important to me well when isee yiu your video i 😭

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    WolfWolf19 dager siden
  • Just wait 4 damn years I will save up for a pc

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  • man carters setup was dope

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  • can i have that 3080 plz i dont have a graphics card?

    Mr.MountainbikeMr.Mountainbike19 dager siden
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  • Can you make a console edition

    XryptizXryptiz19 dager siden
  • Great video I love your show 🤙🏻 can you do a build with the Darkflash Phantom case that comes with fans pre-installed, I'm having trouble finding what I need for my case (first time building)

    honeymilk1974honeymilk197419 dager siden
  • rich kid 16gig ;< me -4gig ;)

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  • im okay with these kinds of setups , but they are not my cup of tea , my favs are the ones with retro vibes

    pumpkin spice lattepumpkin spice latte20 dager siden
  • Sir can i also participate in this where u go to people's house and make setup make over basically i am a gamer i play games on my laptop which has basic configuration i use my old burnt tv as my secondary screen would u help me with this basically i am from india so i wanted to participate and i have seen your lot of vedios where you go to people's house and build them a pc so to be honest i also wanted a new pc so can you sir.....

    Bhargav HathwarBhargav Hathwar20 dager siden
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  • I can get some help, I remember months ago when you promoted an app or a website that helped you check the permissions you gave to apps into your gmail acct but I cant remember the name. Any help, idea???

    Breiner PinoBreiner Pino20 dager siden
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    ToknnToknn20 dager siden
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    FG AVINFG AVIN20 dager siden
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    Clinton ShepherdClinton Shepherd20 dager siden
  • Pray for my mother, she is in hospital as tested positive for covid. Although she was very calm at that moment but I am not able to control my anxiety 😭. I don't even have anyone to talk to.

    Harsh VardhanHarsh Vardhan20 dager siden
    • Not tryna be mean but why are you commenting this in a gaming video

      Yxng editzYxng editz12 dager siden
    • Damn man, sorry to hear that. I hope she gets better soon.

      ActuallyAC0RNActuallyAC0RN16 dager siden
  • techsource when are you going to do a new season of stetup makeover?

    Alan Be Unboxings and NewsAlan Be Unboxings and News20 dager siden
  • Can’t wait until you build me a pc 😅😅 parts are very hard to find unless you trying to overpay! Love your videos bro. My setup doesn’t compare to these.

    Jakobe_300Jakobe_30020 dager siden
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