Setup Wars Episode 220 - Roast Edition

9. nov.. 2020
315 685 Ganger

Roasting some of the worst setups I have seen!
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  • Vote on the worst setup: noworld.infocommunity

    TechSourceTechSource26 dager siden
    • TechSource : God cant help ur setup. Ur poor pc is suffocating

      TECHY GeorgeTECHY George13 dager siden
    • @Fade OO7 STI I think u can use a build tutorial for a budget one.

      Manthan GuptaManthan Gupta15 dager siden
    • Hey on the 10’000 dollar pc can you make a full make video because I want to build it

      Fade OO7 STIFade OO7 STI15 dager siden
    • Could u do a $1500 Watercooled build??

      Manthan GuptaManthan Gupta17 dager siden
    • the quiz for the ipad and amazon cars is broken. i converted the code from ascii to text and it keeps saying wrong answer

      Prince MPrince M17 dager siden
  • wow i bet this trash setups r from the dumpsters

    RGxGamerZRGxGamerZ12 timer siden
  • :( I got banned from your server with out a reason

    LetuserhackLetuserhack13 timer siden
  • Ed source from tech

    sob1rsob1r15 timer siden
  • :08 “Hey what’s up its Ed source from tech”

    Zville BallinZville Ballin19 timer siden
  • kes siin veel eestlane on või olen ma ainuke

    Sander PlaysSander PlaysDag siden
  • Imagine getting girls cause if a gameing setup

    last thingslast thingsDag siden
  • For all those fellow Christians out there (I am one) does it ever annoy you too when he says,”God can’t save you or your setup.” I still love Tech Source but that kinda annoys me!

    8S PUREGOLD_308S PUREGOLD_30Dag siden
  • Hey Ed ever think about the fact that there is no side panel because they want to show you the inside of their pc

    Duckl1ngDuckl1ngDag siden
  • I spent 3. Hours to hide my kabels i did it because this guy haha i did make a setuptour vid thouch

    BaTaiLLEBaTaiLLEDag siden

    Damian Smoke A JointDamian Smoke A JointDag siden
  • 5:10 I unsubscribed

    Alex MartinezAlex Martinez2 dager siden
  • 7:50 tf is that and y is that on his desk? 😂😅🤣

    STASISTASI2 dager siden
  • Ed's hardest roast your not gunna get a girl friend

    AhegaoManAhegaoMan2 dager siden
  • nobody: ed: WhAts GoInG On GuYs WeLcOMe baCK ToOooO sEtUp MonTaGe

    zestyzesty3 dager siden
  • Having a bad setup doesn’t mean it has to be that dirty ._.

    anghellhammeranghellhammer3 dager siden
  • hey ed i just want to say thank you cause yo conviced my dad to buying me a intel core i7

    Vrbzii__Vrbzii__3 dager siden
  • Me: Watches Video to feel better about my setup Me after watching the Video: Doesnt feel better about my setup but nearly threw up

    Sebastian EiseltSebastian Eiselt3 dager siden
  • nigga funny guy nigga

    Kobededlol BryantdiedlmaoKobededlol Bryantdiedlmao3 dager siden
  • Jerrys Closet setup LMAO

    Niko WilliamsNiko Williams4 dager siden
  • bro this looks like my setup rn. But im getting a pc and a 144 hz montior. I already know which parts im getting for the pc but if techsource or anyone else can give me reccomendations, ill appreciate it

    Veer TomarVeer Tomar4 dager siden
  • Ed:Maybe these setups will make you feel better about your setup Me: makes me feel worse since mine is 700times worse

    BananaPlanetBananaPlanet5 dager siden
  • dont judge people by his outside look......... pls dont judge😞😞😞

    neziarneziar5 dager siden
  • I have a bad set up

    Jessiepinkman 12Jessiepinkman 125 dager siden
  • Sometimes I can’t tell when he’s being sarcastic 😂

    Hudson VitaleHudson Vitale5 dager siden
  • Is this "Roast Ed's Grandmother" edition?

    Dave CourtemancheDave Courtemanche5 dager siden
  • I vote for the disgusting anime sex dungeon

    OdaiOdai5 dager siden
  • Daniel gives me OCD

    I Think That !I Think That !6 dager siden
  • Gotta admit, that I love this guy when he's reviewing the worst setup.

    J DJ D6 dager siden
  • Poggers

  • it hurts watching this

    ekieki6 dager siden
  • That’s my favorite intro by far

    AquaAqua6 dager siden
  • My name is Daniel...

    Lil 0ofer - Brawl StarsLil 0ofer - Brawl Stars6 dager siden
  • Dude I literally posted my setup with all requirements and my setup wasn't fetured in any setup wars since I posted it 5 months ago wth

    cuda 74 - gaming videoscuda 74 - gaming videos6 dager siden
  • Jerry actually did have a fire extinguisher on standby

    Jesse ThrasherJesse Thrasher6 dager siden
  • Justin

    conner smithconner smith6 dager siden
  • You should build a set up but you have to build every single part of everything

    Myles RobinsonMyles Robinson6 dager siden
  • Greatest line: "WhAt In BaTmAns CrOcH

    Hannah SmithHannah Smith6 dager siden
  • Half of these setups are from the philippines

    BlancTroopersBlancTroopers7 dager siden
  • My guy really said “hey guys! Ed Source from tech.”

    GG StudiosGG Studios7 dager siden
  • This guy has the best roasts lmao 😂

    GG StudiosGG Studios7 dager siden
  • how do i submit pics of mine for roast edition?

    Hannah SmithHannah Smith7 dager siden
  • Daniel bro, instead of buying expensive headphones buy a desk and please for the love of god throw away junk and clean your room it’s free

    Wipper SnapperWipper Snapper7 dager siden
  • Setup wars: no side panel edition

    XeanethXeaneth7 dager siden
  • Ed source on tech hahah

    RiiRii7 dager siden
  • Your grandma got violated

    khaiSKkhaiSK7 dager siden
  • holy crap i have the same book that daniel 2 uses on the top of his monitor stand from 6th grade either science or ela

    Enmanuel RodriguezEnmanuel Rodriguez7 dager siden
  • I had to go watch ultimate after this

    ?uest?uest7 dager siden
  • You will still find pentium 4 and sempron 145 PCs in INDIA 😅😅😅😅 BTW no offence , ed plz don't roast them as getting a new PC in INDIA is a pretty challenging task 😂😂😂

    Payel MukherjeePayel Mukherjee8 dager siden
  • i could of won i play cod on a fridge with 10 fps

    DarkDark8 dager siden
  • Lol only the one on the bookshelf is the only one that is about even to me cuz I have a good desk but I don’t have anything good

    Stone OwlStone Owl9 dager siden
  • Hey potato that’s me!

    potato Manpotato Man9 dager siden
  • Justin’s is so bad it’s honestly sad, the others stand no chance

    Ava PlaysAva Plays9 dager siden
  • Also Ed 2020 “ Btw, your daycare called, they want their kids table back.” 😂

    SpectacleSpectacle10 dager siden
  • Ed 2020 “Maybe you can roll it straight to the trash can, where it belongs.” 😂

    SpectacleSpectacle10 dager siden
  • When all the set ups here are better then yours...

    Pikitonix 18Pikitonix 1810 dager siden
    • bs

      Payme500Payme5009 dager siden
  • Finally some equal setup with mine

    BOT. FortyfourBOT. Fortyfour10 dager siden
  • *Meet the Gordon Ramsay version of setups*

    LuisTDLuisTD10 dager siden
  • ‘Haven’t seen a mess like this since I shaved my pubes.’ Looooool

    Miss GamealotMiss Gamealot11 dager siden
  • Potato edition is my fav setup wars ngl

    CuffiCuffi11 dager siden
  • Brot the roasts are ok, but are they to the standard of an entire video. You got to go harder.

    Pretz KidPretz Kid11 dager siden
  • this video made me realize that my setup isn’t that bad and I don’t even have a pc

    valerievalerie11 dager siden
  • For the kid who was 16 get a job and get a pc and a desk bruh come on

    Oofer GangOofer Gang11 dager siden
    • So many of these people just need to get a desk and there setups will be a lot better

      Oofer GangOofer Gang11 dager siden
  • 7:57 💀💀💀

    CaptainkrisCaptainkris11 dager siden
  • i didn't even notice the "ed source from tech"

    wravenwraven11 dager siden
  • who else wants ed to make a video of console setups

    Ro LopezRo Lopez12 dager siden
  • He keeps just roasting himself

    PuLsArPuLsAr12 dager siden
  • How do I send my setup

    hexy wrldhexy wrld12 dager siden
  • Ooh my after watching this my setup is the best 😙

    Top10Top1012 dager siden
  • please add Spanish subtitles

    27 D100 Ronaldo Ruano COM27 D100 Ronaldo Ruano COM12 dager siden
  • can you bild me a gaming pc i love retro

    Anders ProvickAnders Provick12 dager siden
  • I’m from latvia and also so embarrassed about that setup..

    Justy KrustyJusty Krusty12 dager siden
  • Dang you roasted you first grade teacher harder than the setups 😂

    MoMo12 dager siden
  • 12:04 what windows is that!? 64? XP?

    Blackfist RFBlackfist RF13 dager siden
  • Can I use this intro song for a school project? We have to make s trailer for a school play

    ScxrDoomScxrDoom13 dager siden
  • the part where he said god cant save you or your setup was kinda too much im not tryna get super religious but im just saying that might have offended some people

    Ahmed AloufiAhmed Aloufi13 dager siden
  • Which z1 gaming fan made the intro????? 🤔 hmm

    Nick SchaeferNick Schaefer13 dager siden
  • all of them sucks

    Kevin JohnKevin John13 dager siden
  • 8:17 I’m dead😂 best roast in history

    XpoZed YeWXpoZed YeW13 dager siden
  • Every setup wars video i watch Ed says something about his grandma Ed: And that is on my Grandma..

    SatireSatire13 dager siden
  • In the next one can you do console pls

    GCKdestroyerGCKdestroyer13 dager siden
  • 2:20 is when the video starts.

    zayzay13 dager siden
  • Why are there too many Filipino entries in every Setup Wars Roast Edition. It makes me proud and happy at the same time.

    Huckle JokoHuckle Joko13 dager siden
  • 10:16 It's the Führerbunker!

    Wilkin's CoffeeWilkin's Coffee13 dager siden
  • You thought it was a good setup, but it was ME Dionard!

    Wilkin's CoffeeWilkin's Coffee13 dager siden
  • Roast me harder, Daddy! UwU

    Wilkin's CoffeeWilkin's Coffee13 dager siden
  • I need a 1080p 144 hz monitor that’s not bad. Any ideas?

    I love you a lotI love you a lot14 dager siden
  • After watching normal setup wars and you need to feel better about your own setup!

    BlueSkyysBlueSkyys14 dager siden
  • Im hoing to make sire i get on this when i get my pc

    ZlxcksFN ΨZlxcksFN Ψ14 dager siden
  • How about 2years

    muhamed jamamuhamed jama14 dager siden
  • thats miku from quintuplets

    Joel VinluanJoel Vinluan14 dager siden
  • 2:12 start of the video

    Rusz YTCRusz YTC14 dager siden
  • Where's the discord link

    Sharif BalajoSharif Balajo14 dager siden
  • i need a new set up for my two sons if its ok

    noni garcianoni garcia14 dager siden
  • I want this man to make over my set up so bad but I’m in the uk like this mans cable management makes you drop dead And yes I do know his name in this instance I refer to Edgar as man

    Pokey The CollectorPokey The Collector14 dager siden
  • "It's Kinda Like A Couch Gaming Setup... Without The Couch... And The Setup," Chill Ed

    Yellow AppleYellow Apple14 dager siden

    ChromifyFNChromifyFN14 dager siden
    • I see your new here...

      Yellow AppleYellow Apple14 dager siden
  • I want to put some RGB on my setup but I don’t know what RGB strips to get, I want something that is able to be managed from my pc, preferably on iCUE but I am on a budget. Please anything that can guide me in the right direction. Any advices are greatly appreciated! Also Thank You Ed!! Your content is great! Keep up the good work!

    Blessed3Blessed314 dager siden
  • how do we join these

    oxfilzoxfilz15 dager siden
  • My name is Cameron but I live in Florida I have an Xbox One setup but I have been saving up for a PC set-up and I'd like to send you a picture of my setup to see what you think about it I'm not really big into PCS yet but I've been really saving up for one cuz I really been wanting one

    Cameron BottaCameron Botta15 dager siden