Setup Wars - Episode 217

14. okt.. 2020
361 153 Ganger

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  • Baz has the set up i want to have one day but Logan has the color scheme i want

    Zerø-シZerø-シ17 timer siden
  • Baz for sure!

    valle412 Mortenvalle412 MortenDag siden
  • Baz man omg lol

    Fredster GamingFredster GamingDag siden
  • Imagine finally making it to setup wars only to be in the same episode as Baz

    Gh FGh F2 dager siden
  • As a left handed, I’ve been used to gaming with a keyboard and mouse the way right handed people do. If there’s benefits of relearning keyboard and mouse, should I learn to use it left handed?

    DatMemeKidDatMemeKid2 dager siden
  • 2:00 I have 1 of those monitors and they cost 250 usd not worth it

    HATED Slayer-WolfHATED Slayer-Wolf3 dager siden
  • Last guy really setup a tv behind his couch lmao

    BackwardsCombatableBackwardsCombatable3 dager siden
  • Super smash bro’s Ed

    Tommy BanasTommy Banas3 dager siden
  • 0:06 I don't have any eyebrows

    MrMizterMrMizter4 dager siden
  • 11 yr olds love money heist or is it just me

    TQ mattrTQ mattr5 dager siden
  • Me watching this video be like: wait?! This aint ultimate edition!

    CutieCutie5 dager siden
  • Now how would 1 go about getting a shelf for my computer like Daniels?

    TayTay5 dager siden
  • It says smash at the bottom left of the poster, don't blame you though it's pretty hard to notice.

    ChuizuiChuizui5 dager siden
  • It's specific Nintendo i think

    Cusion ZaighamCusion Zaigham6 dager siden
  • when he complimented my eyebrows after I fixed them: 😏

    valerievalerie6 dager siden
  • can someone tell me the music from 11:49 ?

    Player8hunPlayer8hun6 dager siden
  • Baz

    MR timmyMR timmy7 dager siden
  • :)

    BOT. FortyfourBOT. Fortyfour7 dager siden
  • tiny but mighty that’s what my wife tells me every nighty😂😂😂

    Kameron ThomasKameron Thomas7 dager siden
  • Don't compliment my catapillar brows...

    Zekori LairZekori Lair8 dager siden
  • I’d have Daniels, it looks really clean and he has a triple 240hz monitor setup with like an i9 and 2080ti build

    Harry TownsendHarry Townsend9 dager siden
  • Omg daniels setup 😍🇩🇪

    crownitfnbrcrownitfnbr10 dager siden
  • "Tiny but mighty, thats what my wife says every night." - techsource 2020

    GG Shay07GG Shay0711 dager siden
  • guys show your arab parents baz and you will get a whole setup

    AceD12AceD1212 dager siden
  • Tiny but mighty 😂🤣 that was a good one 🤣

    Blessed3Blessed312 dager siden
  • l hoped daniel the funeral director would get the seal of approval because of his ultimate setup

    Abubaker JnrAbubaker Jnr13 dager siden
  • Him trying to come up with something he likes about us: I like ur eyebrows

    Mason DominguezMason Dominguez14 dager siden
  • can I just ask how Baz's setup wasn't in ultimate edition

    Josh’s TechJosh’s Tech14 dager siden
  • I vote for logan boi that setup is on fire

    Dark KanEkiDark KanEki14 dager siden
  • .1% of people with unibrows watching this...

    Aaron MarkAaron Mark14 dager siden
  • Those kirk hammett signiture esp guitars got me hyped tho

    CheezyCheezy15 dager siden
  • "It's tiny, but might" Maybe Im just dirty minded but ok.

    ArroWArroW15 dager siden
  • " Tiny, but mighty that's what my wife tells me every night." IM DEAD!!!

    Simply SapoSimply Sapo15 dager siden
  • Anyone know how he covered that Scarlett interface with a different skin?

    Warren RobertsWarren Roberts15 dager siden
  • it’s small but mighty that’s what my wife says every night if you don’t know what that means we’ll it’s funny

    funniest tiktoksfunniest tiktoks16 dager siden
  • The poster on the wall is a poster for super smash bros ultimate

    Broco8Broco816 dager siden
  • I sent you my laptop setup on ig my ig is Daminep___ would hop if you could look at it. And I don’t have a monitor or a good laptop, if you could help me that would be really nice

    DamienDamien16 dager siden
  • BAZ

    RhyanSZNRhyanSZN16 dager siden
  • Tech Source:It literally blew my panties right off Me:hol up no one talking bout that 9:13

    PepperPepper16 dager siden
  • Things we all want 1.Baz paypal/cashapp/venmo 2.Baz to be our dad and give us allowance 3.Baz to be our best friend so we can head to his house and ifykyk😏

    PepperPepper16 dager siden
  • "it took him almost an entire year to complete this mancave" me: *cries in console*

    4E Icy4E Icy17 dager siden
  • Ed: I just love the way your eyebrows look today, they just look so immaculate... Me: Draws eyebrows on my head with a blue sharpie

    Charlie CathcartCharlie Cathcart17 dager siden
  • Who’s watching and seeing the comments

    GlxシGlxシ17 dager siden
  • Rip to anyone that doesn’t have eyebrows

    Eddie SanchezEddie Sanchez17 dager siden
  • 2:22

    unhinged theyrtrynakmeunhinged theyrtrynakme18 dager siden
  • The first one doesn't feel cozy am I the only one ?

    ONYX YTONYX YT19 dager siden
  • At first I thought those breaking bad figures were bigger but it wasn’t

    INQ PIECEINQ PIECE19 dager siden
  • 7:33, guys, smoking isn't nice, smoking is gay

    Rubén AltubeRubén Altube19 dager siden
  • Just a reminder 😅 tiNy BuT mIGhTy ..that's what everyone's wife says BRUH

    CPLetsPlayCPLetsPlay19 dager siden
  • 10:55 it's tiny but mighty something my wife tells me at night lol

    Pooman -Pooman -19 dager siden
  • My man is stalking me cuz no one before said my brows were good 😢

    xbl_BloodyTiger700xbl_BloodyTiger70021 dag siden
  • I am also from Dubai

    Sudais KhanSudais Khan21 dag siden
  • *People without eyebrows* : *Sad Noises*

    MrJoochMrJooch22 dager siden
  • its UAE not Dubai

    RE SuckedRE Sucked22 dager siden
  • My Eyebrows have markers and makeup

    Colby WeberColby Weber22 dager siden
  • Holy baz

    hemant naiduhemant naidu22 dager siden
  • Baz deserves seal

    Ibby GamingIbby Gaming22 dager siden
  • 10:56 lmaooo

    J.O.S.H ._.J.O.S.H ._.23 dager siden
  • ‘Tiny but mighty just like what my wife tells me every night”😂

    Its VANOIts VANO23 dager siden
  • 11:00 😂😂

    jer13nl kol3jer13nl kol323 dager siden
  • What monitor is the one built into the deso

  • SEAL OF APPROVAL! I always celebrate these things lol

    Leonardo RodriguesLeonardo Rodrigues23 dager siden
  • i need it i want to play roboxs

    gavin tuttlegavin tuttle23 dager siden
  • i wold like a pc for uuummm any time

    gavin tuttlegavin tuttle23 dager siden
  • can i have one

    gavin tuttlegavin tuttle23 dager siden
  • hes a mind reader he knew i was skipping the intro lol

    nOtYeEtBoI GamingnOtYeEtBoI Gaming23 dager siden
  • My eyebrows were shaved off to prevent the naruto and Kyle runners from storming Area 51

    Matt GamerMatt Gamer23 dager siden
  • Baz is rich

    Vorce FNVorce FN24 dager siden
  • Hide yo cables, Hide yo wife because Edgar Oganesyan is here

    Just DaiyaanJust Daiyaan24 dager siden
  • i was so offended by that intro. I dont have eyebrows and he assumed had a pair and he even commented on that. what kid of shaming is this? # stopnoeyebrowshaming

    Rohan AbrahamRohan Abraham24 dager siden
  • 0:00 just look at eds face

    Bakir JusicBakir Jusic24 dager siden
  • What the hell for the intro I was actually looking fresh church clothes on and straight eyebrows I guess 😂

    KrystNZKrystNZ24 dager siden
  • 00:00 SuS?

    BlackReaperBlackReaper25 dager siden
  • my eyebrows are thick and hairy af....

    Project RandomProject Random26 dager siden
  • Definitely Baz but it was super close between him and Utsav for me for first 😬

    Rudy2TrillRudy2Trill26 dager siden
  • Ed : Just like what my wife tell me every night, TINY BUT MIGHTY Me : Wait, hold on.......

    Mohamad Faris ShaharMohamad Faris Shahar26 dager siden
  • Me:Minding my business and watching TS Ed:Ur eyebrows are beatifull Me:nah this dude finna rape me

    Felix SantaFelix Santa27 dager siden
  • Baz went all out on his set up

    Carter DouganCarter Dougan27 dager siden
  • Bru he's a arfores veteran chill

    Charles John MclaganCharles John Mclagan27 dager siden
  • Baking skills: 1 out of 5 Imposter skills: 5 out of 5 (on and offline) I said hold on wait a minute, somthing aint right

    Mateo LüscherMateo Lüscher27 dager siden
  • Bro why you complaining cause all the stuff isn’t white?

    Gio GamezGio Gamez27 dager siden
  • ha gay

    Archer DavenportArcher Davenport28 dager siden
  • im pretty sure the poster is smash

    rhampeigerhampeige28 dager siden
  • Baz's setup does have way too much rgb in my opinion but either way its fuckin sick as.

    Youtube FanboyYoutube Fanboy28 dager siden
  • People in Dubai usually are rich as you know no taxes so cheap prices .....👍

    Pratyush PatilPratyush PatilMåned siden
  • Baz easily

    NojeepersNojeepersMåned siden
  • Would love some cable management tips, done the best I could with my dual monitor setup but I’m still not satisfied

    Jordan ThomasJordan ThomasMåned siden
  • Thank you for your service first guy

    peepo peopeepo peoMåned siden
  • I don't have eyebrows Ed

    Felixbricks 12Felixbricks 12Måned siden
  • Criminal investigators make that much? Doesn’t add up

    JumboJumboMåned siden
  • Ed, you should do Set Up Wars Console Edition. Please make it happen.😃😃

    Amkrocks Ps4Amkrocks Ps4Måned siden
  • "Its tiny but might" Edgars wife

    GlideGlideMåned siden
  • 11:28 this is specifically a poster for Smash Ultimate! :) edit: typo

    Pocket PaxtonPocket PaxtonMåned siden
  • This is so inspiring I’m going to begin my own pc setup soon.

    NuckleNuckleMåned siden
  • my b day was the day this was posted plz like or heart to send a happy b day to me love ur vids give me sooo much insparation

    Camryn O'KellyCamryn O'KellyMåned siden
  • Too critical on people’s setups I gotta hate....... This isn’t the right channel for me

    EPIC JTEPIC JTMåned siden
  • When I saw Baz I knew I was going with him but I watched all the video and still liked more baz😂

    Epicardísimo YTEpicardísimo YTMåned siden
  • Thank you

    Astro SplinterAstro SplinterMåned siden
  • That smash poster is so freaking dope!

    RisingBluePhoenixRisingBluePhoenixMåned siden
  • Can we get an f in the chat for people who don't have eyebrows..

    Noah LiddellNoah LiddellMåned siden