Setup Wars Episode 214 - Girl Edition

21. sep.. 2020
625 634 Ganger

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    TechSourceTechSource2 måneder siden
    • You read my mind exactly I am a girl whos looking for ideas for a setup but I wouldnt really be one of those anime/girly/kawaii girls id say im more on the tomboy side

    • im sure the chair would count as furniture too- pretty sure sarah didnt make that

      XvereXvere17 dager siden
    • I love Tech from Edsource. He’s my favorite!

      Abdul AwanAbdul Awan23 dager siden
    • i aint no simp

      assassinfaceoff6assassinfaceoff6Måned siden
    • The boys plug their discord and twitch The girls plug their in lol

      LazerLazerMåned siden
  • This video should be called : Edgar Simping Over Brittany For 6 minutes straight.

    adamadam14 timer siden
  • *me trying to get my 6 year old MacBook to be able to scroll thru google without freezing*

    RaineRaine16 timer siden
  • the thng that you showed us in the beginning is for a pc I'm sorry if I sound dumb but idk anything about gaming pc

    Miranda ResendezMiranda ResendezDag siden

    Rhamuud Tech SupportRhamuud Tech SupportDag siden

    Rhamuud Tech SupportRhamuud Tech SupportDag siden

    Rhamuud Tech SupportRhamuud Tech SupportDag siden
  • Guys i have a question so how is the Long Monitor in the Pink Setup Cold ???

    volektrovolektroDag siden
  • girls have better setups periodt

    kennethlikesoofingkennethlikesoofingDag siden
  • Is it just me or do girls push the money too much

    ParanoidParanoidDag siden
  • I’m not simping over the girls I’m simping for the setups

    IsakkIsakkDag siden
  • Damn, these girl are freaking awesome!!

    J DJ DDag siden
  • am i the only one who dosent like this kind of setup? 3:31 i mean I just really cant imagine using 4 monitors

    Zenitsu AgatsumaZenitsu AgatsumaDag siden
  • I’m late but did y’all hear him say I’m tech from Ed source?

    Carson MillerCarson MillerDag siden
  • i simp only for the setups ty for the ideas

    lilbeez354lilbeez3542 dager siden
  • Where in Texas does Jamie live at? Nah im joking but great job on the setup and supporting our State. Oh great job to everyone else who submitted their setups.

    Rapture King06Rapture King062 dager siden
  • NOworld:wanna see how poor you are Me:\:

    Hunter MeekHunter Meek2 dager siden
  • Can we agree that the girls on setup wars have like the best setups ever

    muTe BeasTmuTe BeasT2 dager siden
    • Nooooo

      J DJ DDag siden
  • Hey guys! We are small business that sell setup accessories 🥰 check us out here

    Nazmeen SulemanNazmeen Suleman2 dager siden
  • The main "weason" 0:22

    Valmir RushaniValmir Rushani2 dager siden
  • did he say tech from edsource

    Kenneth GomezKenneth Gomez2 dager siden
  • The first one has a TikTok account

    Killa KaziKilla Kazi2 dager siden
  • That first girl must love alienware ngl

    I_love_rec_roomI_love_rec_room2 dager siden
  • Hi Tech from Ed Sauce

    nicoleskeynicoleskey3 dager siden
  • I really really want you to do my setup I will pay you I want you to do mine so bad

    Matt ChahalisMatt Chahalis3 dager siden
  • I'm a girl, but I don't give a **** about what gener a setup comes from

    Sunny / SlashSunny / Slash3 dager siden
  • female gamer here! This would be my dream to have a setup like any of these! I'm in a small flat at the moment, so no can do. But dang these setups were good. Can't wait for my new PC with the 3080 to come. I have quite expensive components, but my setup looks as basic as anything :( Also, I have an Ikea desk with an Alex drawer xD - they are soooo popular lol.

    Lydia ThomasLydia Thomas4 dager siden
  • I can agree with what he is saying, because when I saw these videos it inspired me to clean my setup and arrange the wires.

    TheFrostyBombTheFrostyBomb4 dager siden
  • sarah of corse

    SpazzyMurganSpazzyMurgan4 dager siden
  • These are the types of setups you see on pintrest..

    Summer ArenasSummer Arenas4 dager siden
  • The reason i think those setups are looking that amazing and creative is because Most of the Girls are just amazingly creative and they have really nice and decorative ideas to come with.

    Pèter MixtaiPèter Mixtai5 dager siden
  • imagine having the money...

    TushyMomoTushyMomo5 dager siden
  • simp

    RSYN ARSYN A5 dager siden
  • Sarah won her fav game is cs shes mine now heeheheheh

    precia plays csgoprecia plays csgo5 dager siden
  • This girls with full on gaming system Me playing on a folding chair in my basement 👁👄👁 😶😐😑

    Mindy GottdienerMindy Gottdiener6 dager siden
  • These girls with full on dream gaming setups My parents not wanting me to spend my money on a PlayStation because they think I game to much 🤔🤨🤨

    Mindy GottdienerMindy Gottdiener6 dager siden
  • Guys talking about how all girls just want pink pcs no matter the specs Me: 👁👄👁 - 👄- 👁👄👁

    Mindy GottdienerMindy Gottdiener6 dager siden
    • The most false thing ever lmao

      Piney_ StudiosPiney_ Studios4 dager siden
  • Hoping to watch this for inspiration Ends up just feeling real broke 😂

    Mindy GottdienerMindy Gottdiener6 dager siden
  • Can u do another worst setup? Mine is really bad and I think I might be able to be featured.

    Hannah SmithHannah Smith6 dager siden
  • Thxs I trying to turn my friend in to gamer girl lol

    GreenpippinGreenpippin6 dager siden
  • i have setups similar to these but i can only play like 4 hours a day because my work drains the fuck out of me, adulting sucks bros

    krazer grankrazer gran6 dager siden
  • Dude I would literally pay you to do my room like this

    A'mya GabrielleA'mya Gabrielle6 dager siden
  • oh god no my set up is shit wait that would be funny to see lol

    deaddead7 dager siden
  • yeah, im poor

    vomitanzvomitanz8 dager siden
  • HOLY ROLLIE POLLIE OLIE Sarah's setup wins

    Hurricane the #20Hurricane the #208 dager siden

    HEM DEMHEM DEM8 dager siden
  • we're still gendering inanimate objects.,.,.,.,

    aubrey coulteraubrey coulter8 dager siden
  • they are rich! 😮i did not know people can be that rich lol. my set up in my bed haha

    Jaelynn Game’sJaelynn Game’s8 dager siden
  • Plean can you do Pansexual setups

    4k3el4k3el9 dager siden
  • 13:16 holy moly riger boly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Who Am I??Who Am I??9 dager siden
  • I can't be the only one who thought girls edition ok its going to be all pink

    Kurt KuppertKurt Kuppert9 dager siden
  • 👀 🤯😶

    Satyabrat MohapatraSatyabrat Mohapatra10 dager siden
  • *Wh-What a-about her e-electricity...?*

    Tendou’s HairTendou’s Hair10 dager siden
  • “What’s up guys it’s tech from EdSource” lol 😂

    MoMo10 dager siden
  • I challenge you to fly here to the Philippines and build me a setup.

    Caspe, Leighton M.Caspe, Leighton M.10 dager siden
  • Is it just me or did everyone notice he said tech from edsource 🤣🤣

    Moe's vlogging channelMoe's vlogging channel11 dager siden
  • I don’t like the girls but dang I like the setups

    HerksHerks11 dager siden
  • wow I saw brittany’s old setup on pinterest just a few days ago!

    Maju SilveiraMaju Silveira11 dager siden
  • What do they mean money can't buy happiness??!

    Sam NizamSam Nizam11 dager siden
  • lmao that SEO explanation was the biggest bag of bs I've ever heard... not like a guy would look up "boy setups"???? This is low key sexist. "If you are a guy with a girly setup, no judgement here", you just judged pal, by saying that statement. There is no such thing as a girly or manly setup, its computers and rgb lighting for everyone, the only thing that changes are maybe the colours to fit the individual's style...

    Emily SchmitzEmily Schmitz11 dager siden
  • Just because I’m interested in this I’m actually sub

    C R E A T I V E A E S T H T I CC R E A T I V E A E S T H T I C11 dager siden
  • Me: looking at any gaming setups. Bank account: you’re broke stop looking Me again: crying on my bed

    Mark InesMark Ines12 dager siden

    Michiko owoMichiko owo12 dager siden
  • hello gamer girls, not flexin or anythin but my KDA is 0.3 so ye like hit me up or somethin u kno.

    C-FU gamingC-FU gaming12 dager siden
    • no

      DisbadeDisbade11 dager siden
  • How do you say it? Is in Peeink or Pink? 😉

    Steve StormSteve Storm12 dager siden
  • I’m thankful for Brittany, it has some natural/slight boho vibes which I really needed. Most PC setups are really neon and futuristic, and as much as I love those they don’t match the natural theme I’m going for in my room (I do not have a separate office), so seeing her setup was amazing! She still incorporated some LEDs without making it look to invasive and I love the pull-down wallpaper over the window. This really relieves me and helps me figure out where to start for my own. Honestly, I thought it wasn’t possible. 13:40 Sarah has a kinda boho vibe too!!! I haven’t watched this series before but I’m thankful I did, it’s really helpful.

    SoggycerealSoggycereal12 dager siden
  • Did no one realise he said “Hi tech from Ed source” Instead of hi it’s Ed from tech source

    TAKETHESHOT007 -TAKETHESHOT007 -13 dager siden
    • Tf you mean did no one realize literally 80% of the comments are about that

      DisbadeDisbade11 dager siden
  • Sarah

    Játrový KnedlíčekJátrový Knedlíček13 dager siden
  • Whenever I was setup videos, I feel insanely broke.

    MLC The Mobile GodMLC The Mobile God13 dager siden
  • The girls been ballin

    Collin SawyerCollin Sawyer13 dager siden
  • What’s up guy tech from eddsorce 😂😂😭😂😂😂

    Abdul SidatAbdul Sidat14 dager siden
  • Daddy’s money 😂

    RaZe _JXKERaZe _JXKE14 dager siden
  • i want the purple one

    T CoombsT Coombs14 dager siden
  • Time for the Queerz & NB set up episode

    NatNat14 dager siden
  • tech from ed source?????

    poteten_tordpoteten_tord15 dager siden
  • 13:51 You have to be fucking kidding me She doesn’t have a lot of money right -_-

    Stxxx vvyyStxxx vvyy15 dager siden
    • Ok?

      smileysmiley14 dager siden
  • I'm hoping once I build my pc I'm planning, I can apply here confidently and be featured

    xox Cracklingxox Crackling16 dager siden
  • Heheheh girls need to search girls edition while me and the boys can search ultimate editions

    LemonadetvLemonadetv16 dager siden
  • Thx for the video 👍🙂 I actually wanted ideas for my own setup (imma girl btw) and I wanted to say that this is one of the best ideas I’ve seen on NOworld so far

    Justfoxii 9Justfoxii 916 dager siden
  • Best setups are always from Germany.

    Nii AmartNii Amart16 dager siden
  • 15:51 enerdy drinks?

    Not ValhyrNot Valhyr16 dager siden
  • All these mfs rich af while im stuck with a mfkin 1050ti and no rgb

    Just Your Evereday SenpaiJust Your Evereday Senpai17 dager siden
  • What's up guys tech from ed sauce 😂😂😂

    josh bubbledjosh bubbled17 dager siden
  • God my set up sucks

    SyrupGoblinSyrupGoblin17 dager siden
  • I literally JUST got old enough to get a job I have no money wtf am I doing here..?

    lemon limelemon lime17 dager siden
  • What are the light up tiles in the background in almost every setup?

    Avy RomanAvy Roman17 dager siden
  • I am a simp now . . . . . . . Becus I have a crush on all of the setup

    B a k AB a k A17 dager siden
  • What is Brittany’s main monitor wallpapers pls let me know.

    JMARTINIJMARTINI17 dager siden
  • i thought i heard tech from edsource 0:01

    MxmbaMxmba18 dager siden
  • ahh this is so kool

    LauraLaura18 dager siden
  • On SEO, well sir. You did a GREAT job. LOL. Hay! Researching for my setup right now. hehe

    Narsha NjoyaNarsha Njoya18 dager siden
  • here in finland we dont have home depot we have gigantti were you can byo gaming stuff and jysk and ikea for your house

    JAAKKO LohtanderJAAKKO Lohtander18 dager siden
  • I never thought I would see the day a girl had the best gaming set up.

    Strictly Assassin GamingStrictly Assassin Gaming18 dager siden
  • We can all agree these girls have better setups then 85% of us watching this video.

    ArextileArextile19 dager siden
  • Teed is a simp

    HypeRHypeR19 dager siden

    Jacky ValenciaJacky Valencia19 dager siden
  • I knew I saw kaitlyn’s looked Familiar!! I rly love her room when I first saw on her yt channel :))

    nora노라nora노라19 dager siden

    SunnyBunnySunnyBunny19 dager siden
  • Sarah Killed it

    Kemo2kKemo2k19 dager siden
  • damn thats a lot of alienware

    Turbo StewTurbo Stew19 dager siden