Setup Wars Episode 211 - Teen Edition

31. aug.. 2020
952 531 Ganger

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  • Mekurukito's setup video:

    TechSourceTechSource3 måneder siden
    • He deserves the Seal of approval

      AryaArya2 dager siden
    • @pandagins ok gotcha

      anoton15anoton153 dager siden
    • @anoton15 it's not a big deal when we talk bout setup

      pandaginspandagins3 dager siden
    • I got a slow laptop

      anoton15anoton153 dager siden
    • drinking age in the Philippines:18

      ki rkki rk10 dager siden
  • Drinking age in Germany is 16

    BluepieBluepie2 timer siden
  • 8:14 bruh it’s bc his bed is in the way

    Annabelle DennenAnnabelle Dennen2 timer siden
  • damn, imagine if i only had money just for 1 component xD

    SpicySSpicyS3 timer siden
  • this video makes me want to clean my room

    MClucasMClucas3 timer siden
  • aryan

    Ninja 2.0Ninja 2.018 timer siden
  • 8:47 winner 👏👏👏

    Carlitox bCarlitox b20 timer siden
  • I hate / love the way you say Dublin like dooblin

    crazy caption guycrazy caption guy21 time siden
  • 1st kid built it by himself with his parents money lmao

    Ethan PhillipsEthan PhillipsDag siden
  • Me, a twelve year old when i saw 3:46: Lucky bastard

    Felipe Meyer BonifettiFelipe Meyer BonifettiDag siden
  • I have. An amazing set up but I got stuck in Canada cause COVID loL

    Taelo SimoniTaelo SimoniDag siden
  • 6:20 Haha in my country you can drink at 16

    Jeremy WansbroughJeremy WansbroughDag siden
  • Alternate title: virgin wars

    DeqlenDeqlenDag siden
  • Great. Now that I saw that a 12 YEAR old kid that has the dream setup he wants, I am super jealous. I'm stuck over here playing video games on the FAMILY computer. It runs 16FPS. 😭

    Galvis DalvisGalvis DalvisDag siden
  • Dude I lovveeee ur videos

    Deniz -_-Deniz -_-Dag siden
  • Setup Wars: Only child edition

    Garrett RuffinGarrett RuffinDag siden
  • "Schoolwork" i see what you did there ill try that one

    peppypatpeppypatDag siden
  • This is a teen and im over here with my crappy laptop. Haha. I dont need a whole setup though. So i guess its ok.

    peppypatpeppypatDag siden
  • Its 18 in Doooooblin, Ireland

    VexVexDag siden
  • in the eu you cab drink at 16

    onestyonestyDag siden
  • I think you mean setup wars “spoiled teens” edition. In russia to even have any kind of decent pc is a blessing, I worked an entire year to buy my setup, these kids think their allowance or what their parents give them is “their” money.

    ЯрославЯрослав2 dager siden
  • It was at this moment I realized u can run 1080p on my phone

    Cable To LifeCable To Life2 dager siden
  • Bruh the way he pronounces beau 😂 Still Good video

    Samurai -_-Samurai -_-2 dager siden
  • Set up wars Daddy’s money edition

    Fin MBFin MB2 dager siden
  • if u are impressed thet 19 is too young, here in brazil we start legaly drinking alcohol at 18, but in practice we start at 16 or 15 hahahahahahaha

    Guilherme PanesiGuilherme Panesi2 dager siden
  • I live in Germany and we can buy alcohol at the age of 16, my parents allowed me to drink at 15

    Kl_ JonahKl_ Jonah2 dager siden
  • in canada 19 is legal. and il alberta in 18

    Justineplays99Justineplays992 dager siden
  • In switzerland the drinking age for beer and wine is 16 and all other alcohol 18....

    giaenuuugiaenuuu2 dager siden
  • bro. in Austria we can legaly drink at 14, if our parents allow it. with 16 we can drink beer, wine, and with 18 all ather stuf but everybody drinks everything at age 14 huch

    TheReal SurligukTheReal Surliguk2 dager siden
  • What were the stickers around the google echo

    noxynoxy2 dager siden
  • gila keren bat anjir yg asal indonesia

    ALCALC2 dager siden

    Knivez •Knivez •2 dager siden
  • Weeeeebbbb

    EggyEggy2 dager siden
  • ha my name is beau

    zitr0zitr02 dager siden
  • Sees fortnite : [ trash ]

    Ben SchallerBen Schaller2 dager siden
  • TechSource isn't on the graveyard (displaying empty bottles) wave yet but to be fair I haven't seen one outside of college apartments and fraternity houses

    Kaden MiddletonKaden Middleton2 dager siden
  • There is 1 thing i hope, that all those kids/people are super thankful for all of the stuff they have, cause there are way to many people "wishing" of this..

    K. KayK. Kay2 dager siden

    Murray FrostMurray Frost3 dager siden
  • "isnt 19 years a little young to start drinking alcohol?" Uk kids like :ooo

    Lukey D ❶Lukey D ❶3 dager siden
  • In sweden the drinking age is only 18

    KingzweKingzwe3 dager siden
  • skate board seriously its a long board

    jignesh pateljignesh patel3 dager siden
  • “Dooblin” I’m fkn dying 😂

    Sheos ManicSheos Manic3 dager siden
  • Did he just say doooblin ireland 💀

    NotMaxNotMax3 dager siden
  • displaying your bottles is a cool thing. shows what you've tried/ like and most are to weak to drink whiskey so respect to him for not being basic and drinking white claws...

    James TeeleJames Teele3 dager siden
  • Wait you said that you are concerned that one of them drinks at 19? In my country you are allowed to drink when you are 16 years old

    Thomas FriedlThomas Friedl3 dager siden
  • The drinking age in Ireland is 18

    AX_DynamicAX_Dynamic3 dager siden
  • It annoys me how he says Dublin as I am Irish no hate tho

    AX_DynamicAX_Dynamic3 dager siden
  • I'm from Quebec, Canada and the drinking age is 18, myself and all my friends started drinking at 15 so I am always shocked when people say that 18-20 years old is too young to drink haha

    Christopher LombartChristopher Lombart3 dager siden
  • idk why i think the last dude plays osu bc he has the 2 switch keyboard thing

    Christian LiaoChristian Liao3 dager siden
  • we can drink at 18 in canada lmaoo

    Sandy CheeksSandy Cheeks3 dager siden
  • This isn't a normal "Teen" setup, it's a rich "Teen" setup

    Roei DayanRoei Dayan3 dager siden
  • All these kids just have rich parents lol, I work a 9-5 and have a setup almost half as good as the worst one in all of these

    NithNith3 dager siden
  • If I offered you my whole setup for 80 bucks would you take the deal

    colton focolton fo3 dager siden
    • Plot twist.. you'd be giving me a free 80 bucks😂😅

      colton focolton fo3 dager siden
  • When he disrespected the kid for having fort nite my respect went 📈📈📈

    NevnantNevnant3 dager siden
  • 5th time today i was flexed on for my $10 keyboard and mouse, hand-me-down monitor, and laptop with no gpu and an i5 processor lol

    ZaipixZaipix3 dager siden
  • Yes... " *STUDY* "

    KubeKube3 dager siden
  • Beau makes me very self conscious and sad

    ReynReyn3 dager siden
  • where do i get the lockscrenn of 9:09?

    Jo K.OJo K.O3 dager siden
  • In Germany we are allowed to Drink at the age of 18

    dji nicedji nice4 dager siden
  • in Germany WE are allowed to Drink Beer and wine with the age of 16 and whyski, Bacardi... with the age of 18

    GodDublixGodDublix4 dager siden
  • my respect for deleting the fortnite kid setup immages is immesurable

    PiZeTaaPiZeTaa4 dager siden
  • Germany drinking 16J

    SimonSimon4 dager siden
  • I'm a Canadian and we can drink at 18.....

    Hi I'm KalibHi I'm Kalib4 dager siden
  • In Germany you can Drink with 14 with Patents and with 16 alone😂

    Felix_BFCFelix_BFC4 dager siden

    BLU SHOTBLU SHOT4 dager siden
  • im too poor to aford a setup

    BlindXotiicBlindXotiic4 dager siden
  • I can afford half a nanoleaf and a potato

    Carnatu MovCarnatu Mov4 dager siden
  • A 12 year old had a better setup than me.

    LighterSoulsGamingLighterSoulsGaming4 dager siden
  • Dont get salty they have a better setup than you, it'll just be inspiration for when you make yours!

    KahumbaKahumba4 dager siden
  • A lot of set up But I don't have one. Not even pc

    It MisumiIt Misumi4 dager siden
  • the fact that he said "dooblin" will piss me off for the rest of my life

    Mars MenaceMars Menace4 dager siden
  • 6:22 Here it even is 16 for alcohol

    Emile LootensEmile Lootens4 dager siden
  • ayo wtf yall drink from 14??? in bulgaria we start from newborns

    Kesha nad KurviteKesha nad Kurvite4 dager siden
  • drinking age in germany: we are the best

    Ein RalleEin Ralle4 dager siden
  • when someone ur age has a setup that you can only dream of and some how worked for it

    Ark VenomArk Venom4 dager siden
  • Me: Nothing NOworld: Wanna see how poor you are?

    John LaceyJohn Lacey4 dager siden
  • He’s 12 and has all that??

    Hekji__Hekji__4 dager siden
  • 8:40 don’t worry this is for me so just ignore it

    shqyshqy4 dager siden
  • Imagine hating on a twelve year old lmfao.

    • hes not, hes judging his setup

      Flqmez.Flqmez.3 dager siden
  • Hey germany: Alkohol allowed at age of 16

    Daniel Carl Rudolf SchoppeDaniel Carl Rudolf Schoppe4 dager siden
  • germans watching this video, starting to drink alcohol at the age of 12

    nivednived4 dager siden
  • bruh you better have the most perfect setup in the world.

    ChrisGoKrazyChrisGoKrazy5 dager siden
  • Dutch drinking age is 18 like so he sees

    TorstenTorsten5 dager siden
  • My fav was Beau’s

    Albin AntonssonAlbin Antonsson5 dager siden
  • BRUH there's no drinking age in Denmark

    HopZyHopZy5 dager siden
  • Why does “girl edition” have to be a thing lol...

    deathmitt 5deathmitt 55 dager siden
    • Cuz he wants to

      TinyTinCanTinyTinCan21 time siden
  • look closely the kid renamed fortnite on his desktop to "fortshite" lmao 5:12

    Asher WilsonAsher Wilson5 dager siden
  • In germany you can drink Alcohol up to 16% with the age of 16 😜😂

    Dichter_NebelDichter_Nebel5 dager siden
  • in belgium the age is 16 for beer and others under 15%

    Yarne Van den brouckYarne Van den brouck5 dager siden
  • In Denmark there isnt a drinking age but you can first buy alcohol when you are 16

    Silas BirkSilas Birk5 dager siden
  • Ahh yes pointing out a fortnite launcher, but I think he missed the name of it being Fortshite

    ArkodaArkoda5 dager siden
  • bruh my dads salary is 300usd so yeah i am kinda poor af

  • him: 19! don't you think that's a little bit young for drinking?? Canadians: make that 18

    Goldcat GamingGoldcat Gaming5 dager siden
  • Damn they got TV support? I got my two walls supporting my TV by being in the corner

    ClutchClutch5 dager siden
  • Alternate title: Setup Wars rich kid edition

    Vince CarpoVince Carpo5 dager siden
  • US: starts drinking at 21 netherlands: starts at 19 belgium and germany: starts drinking at 16 russia: allow me to introduce myself.

    NoVm OculisNoVm Oculis5 dager siden
    • @Sir Space yes qwq

      lixzzlixzz2 dager siden
    • I said this because it's easy as hell to get beer in Mexico, not because its legal

      Sir SpaceSir Space4 dager siden
    • Mexico: hold my Corona

      Sir SpaceSir Space4 dager siden
    • Russians are BORN with 2 vodkas in their hands

      uwuuwu4 dager siden
  • dooblin

    ProX -KennedyProX -Kennedy6 dager siden
  • in norway you has to be 18 to drink alcohol

    Noah TveitNoah Tveit6 dager siden
  • What’s holding up the counter top on the Alex drawers in the first setup? Looking to do something similar

    Tilly GoldblumTilly Goldblum6 dager siden
  • 6:35 age of 14 that's a bit old init

    Stagg IndustriesStagg Industries6 dager siden