Setup Wars - Episode 208

10. aug.. 2020
431 095 Ganger

►Want to submit your desk setup? Watch this video:
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▶Small Wall shelves:

  • Lets get XIA tech to 1k subs lol

    TechSourceTechSource3 måneder siden
    • still on deck!

      Equan SimmondsEquan SimmondsMåned siden
    • Would be sham that tech source dosnt like my comment

      WirjWirj3 måneder siden
    • hi Ed, I made u a Fan Art, I hope someone could took these to him, >>

      Jphabs ArtJphabs Art3 måneder siden
    • That’s the problem if a famous NOworldr ask people to sub to unknown person. Peoples run to their channel but those who are really working hard. And they don’t have good device or good stuff for at least low quality videos. They don’t get subs that easy. It takes too much time. It’s been very long I’ve subscribed to many famous youtubers but I’ve never won a single giveaway gift. Because i sub to their channel when they had only 10k subs and reached million subs but no use haha how cool is that.

      Khattak SaibKhattak Saib3 måneder siden
    • Needs 400 more to hit 5k!!!! Wow

      Braden KorusBraden Korus3 måneder siden
  • someone give me a good prebuilt thats around 1k

    Hammy Had A SeizureHammy Had A SeizureDag siden
  • i want a pc so bad but idk how to approach my parents

    Eden corpEden corp11 dager siden
  • i thought you had a fake laptop

    AkiruooAkiruoo12 dager siden
  • iam a big fan of your show how abuth a havey metel set up wars epasoide you rock

    crimson wolfcrimson wolf12 dager siden
  • Do a console version

    pNtm cloudxxpNtm cloudxx14 dager siden
  • Man has his IMac on Minecraft guides.

    Hank WilliamsHank Williams19 dager siden
  • maximus has my dream setup

    PlutoPluto21 dag siden
  • tek sorse

    I11uminaI11umina22 dager siden

    AK CryoAK Cryo25 dager siden
  • 6:12 his desktop wallpaper is his setup

    Isaiah NeafusIsaiah NeafusMåned siden
  • I ain’t no soccer player

    Frederico Al MakulFrederico Al MakulMåned siden
  • This motivated me to improve my setup

    Pat RixPat RixMåned siden
  • almost everyone in any setup wars have funkopop and some anime things and i love it =)

    TheReddeadmovieTheReddeadmovieMåned siden
  • 4:50 I saw vegito

    GokuGamingGokuGamingMåned siden
  • This guy comments on setups and gets millions 🤔🤔🤔🤭

    GG GamingGG GamingMåned siden
  • 7:59 you see a dutch song as recommended and fully played , are you also dutch?

    Serhan N.Serhan N.Måned siden
  • Ezekiel could participate in budget addition, teen addition, and minimalist addition

    56 years ago • Edited56 years ago • EditedMåned siden
  • I just understood that there r only 52 SW videos a year

    QuakewrQuakewrMåned siden
  • Whats up guys Ted from Ech source

    Aaron TorresAaron TorresMåned siden
    • *Confused screaming*

      TB HenriTB Henri26 dager siden
  • Bruh what a Apple Andy hate from Canada to xia tech just kidding

    Isa GamingIsa GamingMåned siden
  • Mom (hey son what desk do you want in your new room) son (Ikea lidmond tabletop) mom(but it has no legs) alex drawers enter the chat

    jacob goldshteinjacob goldshteinMåned siden
  • MAXIMUS, Maximus foooo shooo'

    ZFareZFareMåned siden
  • He should do a setup wars console edition

    Jackson HazlettJackson HazlettMåned siden
  • In 2 months I’ll finally have a pc and monitor

    ynw julianynw julian2 måneder siden
    • All I want for Christmas is a gaming PC lol

      TB HenriTB Henri26 dager siden
  • Hey hey Can I join ❤️

    Menghai OfficialMenghai Official2 måneder siden
  • Lol a weeb on the show

    Flow GamingFlow Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Does nobody noticed this genius and amazing wallpaper at 6:48

    DesawDesaw2 måneder siden
  • 7:59 i see a dutch song ;3

    saesae2 måneder siden
  • Ah yes of course give this rich kid shoutout and build him a PC . What a genius idea

    drunk tooth. fgfgdrunk tooth. fgfg2 måneder siden
  • I wonder how amazing that would feel, you check youtube and see the latest setup wars with ur setup in the thumbnail

    Andrew ReeceAndrew Reece2 måneder siden
  • Quien habla español

    maikol 1246maikol 12462 måneder siden
  • Family guys is awesome in the netherlands its just in netflix 🤣😂

    rob hulrob hul2 måneder siden
  • Wowh maximus setup is so cool

    BuddyBuddy2 måneder siden
  • I would win laptop budget edition

    KmariKmari2 måneder siden
  • I think this guy is the most genorse guy on NOworld

    Avlos DestroyerAvlos Destroyer2 måneder siden
  • Wait I get confused, when people have 2 monitors and only one keyboard and mouse, how do they operate the other monitor? or do they just it console wise or it has a built in computer? i just didn’t understand when he said that someone uses it for school and the other for gaming 😃👍🏼

    aviarj05aviarj052 måneder siden
    • Hi, you can set it up were you use the same pc for both monitors

      First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name2 måneder siden
  • hi tech source can i ask you something pleaase,can you send me triple monitor and gaming keyboardand mouse and mousepad and gaming chair,i am big fan of you please idont have gaming pc keyboard and even a phone please send me gaming setup with triple monitor and ps4 if you say yes contact me on eyobephraimboaz@@t

    eyob ephraimeyob ephraim2 måneder siden
  • this is my broke setup :-)

    Rancey BancyRancey Bancy2 måneder siden
  • Rip Maximus this mans has to legally change his name or harisson

    ExlVioletsExlViolets2 måneder siden
  • What was that boom arm that Harrison used?

    CecCec2 måneder siden
  • Going on and finishing all the comments/likes so that you can get even bigger! You deserve it!

    David GoDavid Go3 måneder siden
  • nice razer !!!!

    TinaPPL歐歐TinaPPL歐歐3 måneder siden
  • bro that intro is so long and then an add lol nice

    Danny GDanny G3 måneder siden
  • Its sad if you put anime/manga in your setup cause that just goes to show you are a normie weeb

    SilenctKSilenctK3 måneder siden
  • Make sure u hide ur cables

    Kunal PoptaniKunal Poptani3 måneder siden
  • Hello guys if you can help me that would be great . So i have an all black and red / chair / mouse / headset and some other things but my pc case came with the fan itself and they were blue i couldnt afford any better case so could i somehow change the color of them to red without buying new ones i think only the fans have rgb . THANKS !

    Sadik XhekajSadik Xhekaj3 måneder siden
  • Xia teck now has 5k subs

    ClaspClasp3 måneder siden
  • Make my comment blow up please

    Brogon btwBrogon btw3 måneder siden
  • "Media consumption" Yeah I think you mean hentai The weeb themed one btw

    Frogger StudioFrogger Studio3 måneder siden
  • Zak is the best

    NFE_BananaNFE_Banana3 måneder siden
  • nezuko in the pc case

    Vikram SupremacyVikram Supremacy3 måneder siden
  • Hello sir i am a hug fan yours pls i need gaming pc set for online class in my school then i will going to make my live streaming videos pls hel me

    Alejandro Tapic jr.Alejandro Tapic jr.3 måneder siden
  • 7:22 for saying that, you deserve a death penalty

    Khristian James CalderonKhristian James Calderon3 måneder siden
  • Ed be like: you didn't route your cables inside your wall and directly to a power plant so -100 points for cable management

    JV _JV _3 måneder siden
  • Zak Plsss Team Zak

    tnt. protnt. pro3 måneder siden
  • Went for 150 to 5k subs. Amazing what one big channel can bring to the channel. Wasn’t expecting that since he said Microsoft sucks 😂

    Half_Bloodx3Half_Bloodx33 måneder siden
  • HAYHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that kid though...

    donkeradondonkeradon3 måneder siden
  • Freedom and protection online *slightly looks at tor browser app*

    WorthlessBearWorthlessBear3 måneder siden
  • i hope i can get my own sick gaming setup when im older

    Samuel de BoerSamuel de Boer3 måneder siden
  • Ed can u get me to 1k lol😂

    GodzRebornGodzReborn3 måneder siden
  • Bro I have bought a gaming dest to make a setup but it’s way harder than I thought cause I wanna be a hammer and a NOworld content creator

    Angel GalvezAngel Galvez3 måneder siden
  • Maximus

    dysnndysnn3 måneder siden
  • Hi

    Mega SkorpionMega Skorpion3 måneder siden
  • Do all-in-one edition so us all-in-one gamers can introduce you to hell

    The Robloxian Army - MoviesThe Robloxian Army - Movies3 måneder siden
  • 8:50 shouldnt be HyperX?

    SK3PPY_BTWSK3PPY_BTW3 måneder siden

    jazzmanjazzman3 måneder siden
  • imagine being so small brained thinking apple is better then windows

    Daniel MejiaDaniel Mejia3 måneder siden
  • I have a big blank wall any suggestions of what i could put there would be appreciated. Already getting nanoleafs, will have around 160cm left of wall :)

    TyphwompTyphwomp3 måneder siden
  • These kids are lucky I can’t get enough money to even get a pc or a gaming chair

    Rxsist.Rxsist.3 måneder siden
  • I think Maximus could get the Seal of Approval if he tidied up his cables. His setup looks very fun and unique!

    ShoxkShoxk3 måneder siden
  • Me with a 10 year old TV and an xbox: 👁️👄👁️

    ieatbabiesieatbabies3 måneder siden
  • If Maximus had cabelmanegement he would get the sellofaprovel

    Emil KlavenesEmil Klavenes3 måneder siden
  • William looks like Artemis Fowl

    The_GamerThe_Gamer3 måneder siden
  • ZAKS!!!!! (im from slovenia btw)

    Venom ZRVenom ZR3 måneder siden
  • Petition for ps4 only setup wars

    JANAK DESAIJANAK DESAI3 måneder siden
  • the kids channle is xia tech

    NoVa RxiidzzNoVa Rxiidzz3 måneder siden
  • Bro he’s at 5k like u blew up his channel

    Honestly Ima grapeHonestly Ima grape3 måneder siden
  • I might actually enter soon. I’m currently building my setup right now. :)

    Haden FelkerHaden Felker3 måneder siden
  • hi Ed, I made u a Fan Art, I hope someone could took these to him, >>

    Jphabs ArtJphabs Art3 måneder siden
  • xia tech has over 5k subscribers now. WOW

    Don jules MuzikDon jules Muzik3 måneder siden
  • Look at my gaming setup can't really think I can improve anything else except the cable management... 😶🤔🤔

    NoBleNoBle3 måneder siden
  • Where can I buy that glowing banana (or other objects like that) from the 25 year old guy?

    Wild SockWild Sock3 måneder siden
  • Why would I subscribe to a kid who said windows sucks

    MaskMask3 måneder siden
  • umm back in 2018 i used to play with harrison and me and him both live in north carolina

    Preston GunterPreston Gunter3 måneder siden
  • does anyone else reckon ed should do a console setup wars?

    Brodsta GamingBrodsta Gaming3 måneder siden
  • So two remotes on a table is Clutter? Yeah let spend him more money on something he doesn't need just for TWO REMOTES. This guy is an major asshole.

    AlesanaFan4AlesanaFan43 måneder siden
  • Love watching this but literally i don't have one like literally no one since birth😂😭

    Khen RelacionKhen Relacion3 måneder siden
  • Drinking game, 1 shot everytime he says ikea.

    4Below4Below3 måneder siden
  • Is aorus b450 pro a good motherboard for my ryzen 3 3100?

    Monika SzosteckaMonika Szostecka3 måneder siden
  • I don’t know if there’s been a skull candy theme setup but I’d like to see one

    HuweHuwe3 måneder siden
  • Wow my desk isn’t even big enough for two monitors geze

    Bootyslay3erBootyslay3er3 måneder siden
  • I wish I could have a twitch set up but my family can’t afford it

    Aiden CourtneyAiden Courtney3 måneder siden
  • Techsource Im trying to buy a pc but I am short on money any thing will help

    QuantumΩQuantumΩ3 måneder siden
  • I use a ball mouse try me in the poor set up wars

    antiorangerainbowerantiorangerainbower3 måneder siden
  • Ihope he gave me some gaming pc because its my dream and iwant to use it for businesses or anything

    ZaneProYT PlaysZaneProYT Plays3 måneder siden
  • man i beg pls i need a new setup i play on a laptop

    II DrippyII Drippy3 måneder siden
  • I love watching things. That I can’t afford😅 I wish i had one😄

    Niezl GolesNiezl Goles3 måneder siden
  • When you have no pc a ps4 and a tv

    Osama bin BallinOsama bin Ballin3 måneder siden
  • Can i join even if im 12 yrs old??

    Karl CargulloKarl Cargullo3 måneder siden