Setup Wars Episode 205 - Budget Edition

20. juli. 2020
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  • Sorry about the flag mixup for nabeel. He is actually living in France but he is from Syria.

    TechSourceTechSource4 måneder siden
    • Techsource. Does it have to be all the langueges or can you have the job if you know 1 of them?

      ArcheryyZzArcheryyZz22 dager siden
    • Tech source if you see this I have a question How do u start a tech channel with a budget.

      Farris WheelFarris Wheel29 dager siden
    • hey can i buy setup pls i am canada

      Douglas Davies-SimDouglas Davies-SimMåned siden
    • Arez deutsche leute mag ich ;)

      AlienMuffin9463AlienMuffin94632 måneder siden
    • I can do for Hindi

      Shaikh MinhazShaikh Minhaz2 måneder siden
  • How a about art soruce

    Sandy MerchantsSandy Merchants12 timer siden
  • Damn I wish I could voice over but my Spanish is not 100% 😥

    JibbsTries PCJibbsTries PC19 timer siden
  • i can translate in swedish :)

  • I can speak RUSIAN

  • Oh we have slightly different definition of budget but that’s okay 😢

    vashtifyvashtifyDag siden
  • Hey I’m fluent in German

    ööööööDag siden
  • I know Spanish is my first language

    iTzKeviin TTViTzKeviin TTVDag siden
  • 5:17 is it just me or he said i5 not and ryzen 5?

    13JIUM13JIUMDag siden
  • 5:20 doesn't look like a Ryzen 5 2600 unit bruz

    JuparkwastakenJuparkwastaken2 dager siden
  • If you are on a budget you are never going to buy hexagon panels or led strips or just anything that isn't going to help you get these extra frames. You save that money for better components and peripherals.

    ActionBrotherActionBrother2 dager siden
  • Hey i am Spanish, I know English exactly the same science I live in Gibraltar, maybe interested?? Pleasure

    TxT0 XDTxT0 XD2 dager siden
  • My definition of budget: Laptop | i3 | Small tv for 2nd monitor | No cord management | 4gb ram TechSource definition of budget: Nvidia graphics | 16gb+ ram | Beats headphones | mechanical/gaming keyboard/mice

    Josef MuellerJosef Mueller2 dager siden
  • I don't normally vote but after seeing Tyler's setup I have to

    ExtoBowExtoBow3 dager siden
  • he got te five star for claping cheeks

    Davo NDavo N3 dager siden
  • Tyler

    MioMio3 dager siden
  • ᴍʏ ᴍᴏᴍ ɪ sᴘᴀɴɪsʜ

    Myles RobinsonMyles Robinson3 dager siden
  • That map ain't boring

    Splendid TruthSplendid Truth3 dager siden
  • He says 5:28 Nabeel From France But he is from Syria

    RyryJBRyryJB3 dager siden
  • does the thumbnail look like a budget setup to you? 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ReapsReaperReapsReaper4 dager siden
  • Keyboard on the last setup wasn’t ornata chroma, but cynosa chroma👍

    Jakub ŠachlJakub Šachl4 dager siden
  • I'm still very broke

    Muhammad Arhum KhokharMuhammad Arhum Khokhar4 dager siden

    Gahahaha kiGahahaha ki5 dager siden
  • tyler

    Chance DetoneChance Detone5 dager siden
  • Does the dog come with the setup

    KamKam5 dager siden
  • Lol, he spelled scepter specter

    thebigman 06thebigman 066 dager siden
  • I can’t be the only one who watches these cus I don’t have a setup so I just watch them for satisfaction

    Virgin BlurrVirgin Blurr6 dager siden
  • if I should show my setup all of them will be like little kids. Even my PC will be overkilled if they are combined..

    AK47-GamingAK47-Gaming6 dager siden
  • this makes me sad cuz i do not have a pc or monitor i only have ps4 and a broken controler

    Shad SalihShad Salih6 dager siden
  • Caleb his floating desk is so cool

    Trent FahleTrent Fahle7 dager siden
  • يا جماعه اسم السلسله حرب الست اب مقلد دحماس

    خالد -K21خالد -K217 dager siden
  • I thought this video was clickbait but holy.....

    LennyLenny7 dager siden
  • Are you Armenian

    Ashot YesayanAshot Yesayan7 dager siden
  • You called the Caleb’s processor an i5-3470 when it says a Ryzen 5 2600...

    Derek HuDerek Hu7 dager siden
  • clapping cheeks with beating your self asteem to the ground

    ThursdayAndTuesdayAreACoffeeDay!ThursdayAndTuesdayAreACoffeeDay!7 dager siden
  • title budget edition Me: my setup is like 400 and 300 of it is my xbox

    Jay GamJay Gam8 dager siden
  • türkiyeee

    Sinan AydemirSinan Aydemir8 dager siden
  • Never like this comment

    NathanNathan8 dager siden
  • Caleb

    Mohammed Huzaifa. RMohammed Huzaifa. R9 dager siden
  • Beginning was so good my little brother thought it was a ad.

    It’s SpheralyIt’s Spheraly9 dager siden
  • Why the video is not available. I am fluent in German, 和中文。So u could hire me for two languages. ;)

    Aurelion SolAurelion Sol10 dager siden
  • “Budget”

    Pranom kawaPranom kawa10 dager siden
  • what about viet ?

    Julia NguyenJulia Nguyen11 dager siden
  • hey does anyone know what monitor that is at 7:19

    BroiAmBroiAm11 dager siden
  • What are those monitors on Tyler’s setup. I want ghem

    Ray YRay Y12 dager siden
  • In the console addition I have to have a monitor or tv just like a regular one by the console runs the gaming and ect

    Jay-_-Jay-_-13 dager siden
  • Can u do a console addition

    Jay-_-Jay-_-13 dager siden
  • 1:19 I already have spare time to clap my homies cheek in person 😉

    Juan MoncivaisJuan Moncivais13 dager siden
  • Triple monitor is hardly budget cmon

    Multiple F-15s inbound I thinkMultiple F-15s inbound I think14 dager siden
  • Bruh a budget of 2k rly. Mine is 400

    WhatTheTrends - PLATINUMWhatTheTrends - PLATINUM14 dager siden
  • 5:28 never knew a person can be from 2 countries at once

    CODM AidenCODM Aiden15 dager siden
  • How about Hindi translation!?

    kingslayer Gamingkingslayer Gaming15 dager siden
  • Tyler

    Corrupted GamerCorrupted Gamer15 dager siden
  • Ay edgar i can translate greek?

    J IoaJ Ioa16 dager siden

    Hiruni savindyaHiruni savindya17 dager siden
  • I can do german

    indigo ツindigo ツ17 dager siden
  • How do people find stuff this cheap

    E579 GamingE579 Gaming17 dager siden
  • can you give me

    king whonking whon17 dager siden
  • Me wondering how these are budget

    InfiniteInfinite17 dager siden
  • My definition of budget : Junker Sedan from 1993 with 2 headlights ripped off TechSource Definition : Ferrari

    SpraySpray17 dager siden
  • Fuuuck why did I miss the translator job thing :(

    MattiaMattia18 dager siden
  • i am fluent in spanish but i dont have a mic

    YougindraPlayzYougindraPlayz18 dager siden
  • I’m fluent in Spanish

    shxllz0_shxllz0_18 dager siden
  • i got banned from your discord because someone wanted to know how old I was so I said I'm 9 because I didn't want to reveal my age to random people . I'm literally 13. I got banned from your discord. Now i'm sad.

    CadenCaden19 dager siden
  • e

    3nder_3nder_19 dager siden
  • I'm pretty sure Tyler is using a cynosa chroma, not an ornata chroma

    BenThuGeekBenThuGeek19 dager siden
  • Dude i think u should look forward to translate ur episodes in portuguese because its the 7th more speaked language in the world... just giving the idea.. and also i could do some work ... xD

    Z1K4 ISHEREZ1K4 ISHERE20 dager siden
  • Where the hell did the last guy get the monitors for $60.

    Frame by Frame GamingFrame by Frame Gaming20 dager siden
  • That's not a BUDGET EDITION lmao

    ShikatozeShikatoze20 dager siden
  • My aunt is both fluent in all German she also lives in hamburg ill let her know

    Seamus YT1396Seamus YT139621 dag siden
  • “Budget” Three monitors

    DarkPotato657DarkPotato65721 dag siden
    • Budget doesnt mean cheap, budget is the max amount of money you will use, like low as 500 or high up to 5k

      IttzFlashIttzFlash17 dager siden
  • It’s „deutsch“ and not „deutsche“, but anyways great video! 😂👍🏻👍🏻

    BongocatBongocat21 dag siden
  • Everyone else: 2000 is budget setup Me with whole setup budget 140

    Joni AlaniemiJoni Alaniemi21 dag siden
  • i'm getting a ibuypower pc

    Tammy RamirezTammy Ramirez22 dager siden
  • Me, studying in a school with chinese as a main subject for 11 years. Finally, I still don’t understand the language.

    Siomai EthanSiomai Ethan22 dager siden
    • lmao. You need to speak it and take a trip to china after the pandemie. u'll learn it pretty fast ;)

      Aurelion SolAurelion Sol10 dager siden
  • Everyone: My budget is (they put their budget). Me: Where tf did Tyler get those monitors for 60 Dollars

    #765_ Fer#765_ Fer23 dager siden
    • I thinks Its second used monitor

      BaBoNsBaBoNsDag siden
    • I’ve been looking for those monitors for a half hour now

      Vip PVip P3 dager siden
  • im confused. "bland setup" and then you advice him to use crap everyone else is using and remove what unique item he has "to make it more personal" ....

    Benny JensenBenny Jensen24 dager siden
    • @ABN SAMURAI im sorry but is that supposed to mean something?

      i hate humanityi hate humanity14 dager siden
    • @i hate humanity If I rEcAlL yOuR nAmE iS dUmB aNd DuMbEr

      ABN SAMURAIABN SAMURAI14 dager siden
    • what?

      i hate humanityi hate humanity14 dager siden
  • Video: "Budget Edition!" Thumb: *Triple Monitor*

    _Into Darkness__Into Darkness_24 dager siden
  • hold up

    slimeylemon OGslimeylemon OG24 dager siden
  • i Speak Russian and i like all your shows

    My PersonalMy Personal24 dager siden
  • At 5:28 is it syria or france 😂😂😂

    InstinctOnGTAInstinctOnGTA24 dager siden
  • I speak all languages im a language teacher

    ITS HARISITS HARIS24 dager siden
  • Bir Türk'ü görmek çok güzel heleki en başta. Güzel bir derleme Alper tebrik ederim :)

    Murat AkbaşMurat Akbaş25 dager siden
  • alper for the win

    IQ CubicIQ Cubic25 dager siden
  • My favourite is caleb its pretty clean and pretty good and looks good for me

    arbata77 nezinauarbata77 nezinau26 dager siden
  • I wish I could afford one of these😔😅

    Lambo EditsLambo Edits27 dager siden
  • Do you need polish translator tho?

    angelicangelic27 dager siden
  • i can do german, i am from austria but its pretty much the same language

    adrianadrian27 dager siden
  • Im german but im late and to young

    N SteckelN Steckel28 dager siden
  • I could do it for german and I need some money also so pls take me 😁

    RezaLPRezaLP28 dager siden
  • This isnt budget at all. This is budget: 400 for pc 150 for desk 200 for headset, mouse and keyboard 150 for others...

    WoahWoah28 dager siden
    • @Woah it is budget. Most people like you think budget means cheap but in reality, it means how much money you are willing to spend. For example, If I were to have 1,300 for a setup, that would be my budget. Another person can have 7000 and that would be their budget.

      OneSandManOneSandMan24 dager siden
  • I know 4 languages: Italian, Dutch, English, and Hebrew. Hebrew is the Israeli language. I would love to do something like this. PLZ Hire me!

    Jonathan PavesiJonathan Pavesi28 dager siden
    • Yo that’s sick I’ve never heard Hebrew that’s so cool u speak it. I speak Welsh and french sorta but only fluently English

      CoolBevanBoyCoolBevanBoy22 dager siden
  • Can you ask for arabic translator??

    A.A.A.A.29 dager siden
  • you can’t tell me he picked up a 144 hz monitor for 60 bucks

    dudedude29 dager siden
  • Im a German so i might can translate for you, im interested

    Sash DeeSash Dee29 dager siden
  • If you would like I can easily translate to Hebrew

    Ilay RohanIlay RohanMåned siden
  • Soo I’m from Ecuador and I’m fluent in English but Spanish is my first language but I’m 12 lmao

    Miranda BowenMiranda BowenMåned siden
  • These aren’t budget anymore, these are just setups

    Bo JibbidyBo JibbidyMåned siden

    Pedro Miguel SanchezPedro Miguel SanchezMåned siden
  • Everyone: *has* *a* *budget* *of* *2k* My dream monitors: *has* *a* *combined* *total* *of* *3k* *😭*

    stuffstuffMåned siden