Setup Wars - Episode 203

7. juli. 2020
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  • Save over 50% on the Intego Mac internet security: Mac PC

    TechSourceTechSource5 måneder siden
    • intego: for mac users ad: dell pc mk

      zahxrazahxra21 dag siden
    • It’s pronounced “Win a peg” Winnipeg

      ElMann 04ElMann 042 måneder siden
    • Guess I’m the 58th reply

      cclutchercclutcher3 måneder siden
    • 5

      FaZe BASELFaZe BASEL4 måneder siden
    • the black box under the desk of the last guy was was a wifi router

      Juan Angel YanezJuan Angel Yanez4 måneder siden
  • The broad sociology ignificantly replace because dolphin ostensibly mix at a foamy trapezoid. roasted, reminiscent payment

    Nicholas CisnerosNicholas Cisneros12 timer siden
  • I really love ur content!!

    Daniel PatayDaniel Patay12 timer siden
  • Why do they spend so much on other parts of the setup but all have shitty PCs🤔

    戀•ᴀssᴀsɪɴ•戀Phaniac戀•ᴀssᴀsɪɴ•戀PhaniacDag siden
  • that box on the last one is wifi

    Abdul Ahad MalikAbdul Ahad Malik2 dager siden
  • 8:30 You're not gonna bring up the fact he has his PC sitting on carpet but you recommend him get a cable box.... PRIORITIES!!!!!

    Jesse CollierJesse Collier3 dager siden
  • WOOAH im from brandon its crazy seeing someone from winnipeg

    LOGAN LovegroveLOGAN Lovegrove3 dager siden
  • فلسطين وليست اسرائيل بني صهيون فلسطين حرة مسلمة عربية

  • 5:33 don't forget the frame/Bessel thing is bigger on the right

    poo butt hoepoo butt hoe4 dager siden
  • At 10:46, thats a xfi router

    Luke RohrerLuke Rohrer5 dager siden
  • 5:42 i don't how it's not centered it's very uncomfortable he could have either put the pc over the monitor hanging or under the desk and centered everything

    John-Austin ParrJohn-Austin Parr7 dager siden
  • Who else thinks they might have ocd after seeing Manuel’s setup?

    Gh FGh F8 dager siden
  • lets be honest, the assault rifle was the best part of Matt's setup.

    aenostaenost9 dager siden
  • Gg guys finnaly israel

    ShallemShallem10 dager siden
  • Number 1 it's dog

    Shreaf AhmedShreaf Ahmed10 dager siden
  • 3:01 *Logitech g502

    LightLumidLightLumid13 dager siden
  • That black box looked like his xfinity wifi i just got some

    YoungSMYoungSM14 dager siden
  • Did anyone else catch that he said he had the Logitech G503 in the first setup, i know it was an accident lol.

    Voided 0Voided 014 dager siden
  • The off center panels make me want to claw my eyes out

    XvnyXvny16 dager siden
  • The fact that Manuel's setup isn't centered triggers me sooooo much

    Leo 501Leo 50120 dager siden
  • 3:00 you said g503 but it says g502

    TsogjiTsogji22 dager siden
  • 10:06 what kind of fans are these, Their fire

    BjarneBjarne22 dager siden
  • i have been banned from discord server and i dont now why

    ScuimpusScuimpus24 dager siden
  • Everybody Is speaking about matt And his ar and soviet flag but nobody Is talking about the giant czech flag 😔😔

    Vojtěch StodolaVojtěch Stodola25 dager siden
  • 9:45 does anyone know what that mousepad is he doesn’t say😭

    LohfiLohfi25 dager siden
    • Search up RGB Mousepad on amazon

      VursuhVursuh19 dager siden
  • love how he is using a dell for mac

    Lost OnOnlyFansLost OnOnlyFans25 dager siden
  • “Matt’s setup has everything from gaming, productivity, and schoolwork. Me: * looking at the gun nervously *

    General KenobiGeneral Kenobi27 dager siden
  • "Mag Safe"

    HappyKrecikHappyKrecik27 dager siden
  • Black Box at 10:23 is the internet

    SwirlySwirly27 dager siden
  • Eden represents my country.

    SnowSolSnowSol28 dager siden
  • you are the dog of pewdiepie.

    SnowSolSnowSol28 dager siden
  • the last one you said whatb is that black box the was the router

    GG_sway _2GG_sway _229 dager siden
  • did anyone notice the soviet union flag

    Big boy GamingBig boy GamingMåned siden
  • This dude said assault rifle so calmly didn’t even question it

    King S.O.SKing S.O.SMåned siden
  • Me: doesn’t have a water cooled pc Manuel: uses milk to cool his pc 😎

    Brody DiyorioBrody DiyorioMåned siden
  • matt

    Frantz FiefieFrantz FiefieMåned siden
  • עידן יאח

    V gaming !V gaming !Måned siden
  • ישראל פעם ראשונה!!!!!!!!

    רועי פלדמןרועי פלדמןMåned siden
  • Man i want to start my own setup I’ve been watching these setups all day and I’m so jealous I want my own cool setup.. Maybe one day I’ll mak it on the show first step is actually building a setup lol

    NuckleNuckleMåned siden
  • where can you customize a gaming pc online????

    Charlie ParkerCharlie ParkerMåned siden
  • שלום

    blue shacharblue shacharMåned siden
  • the black box is a wifi router

    Sacred Ra1nbowSacred Ra1nbowMåned siden
  • The box at 10:24 is xfinity wifi.

    MooseyMooseyMåned siden
  • 9:26

    HydroHydroMåned siden
  • שלום

    Rom maimonRom maimonMåned siden
  • Matt al day

    Aidan KirkAidan KirkMåned siden
  • whats edens instagram. the coding guy

    Pap BPap BMåned siden
  • He also had a g5o3 puts g5o2

    chase premischookchase premischookMåned siden
  • 2:19 There is no such thing as Israel

  • Finally a set up I can actually build LEGO

    Mason LavalleeMason LavalleeMåned siden
  • matt

    Candy caneCandy caneMåned siden
  • I want to update my setup video :)

  • Hey Edger can you tell me a good $1500 pc for apex legends war zone and among us and fall guys

    Daniel SullivanDaniel SullivanMåned siden
  • The black box under the last desk is a Shaw BlueCurve router !

    Keelan VerklandKeelan VerklandMåned siden
  • I am from Israel nice setup

    davdav medavdevdavdav medavdevMåned siden
  • Last one man's has a whole wifi box strapped to his leg on desk

    Christina PerezChristina PerezMåned siden
  • Black thing at the bottom is a router

    Org QuakeOrg QuakeMåned siden
  • Teach Source : Logitech g503 3:00 Text : G502 (ಠᗝಠ)

    CAMORCAMOR2 måneder siden
  • 8:08 is that a gun in the corner???

    TheMusicMakerTheMusicMaker2 måneder siden
  • lol he is showing a mac software on a dell computer

    AbidahAbidah2 måneder siden
  • It’s called Palestine

    The Cosmic LifeThe Cosmic Life2 måneder siden
  • يفصح عرضكن شو معكم مصاري

    mostafa mohamad hamoodmostafa mohamad hamood2 måneder siden
    • LMAOOO

      The Cosmic LifeThe Cosmic Life2 måneder siden
  • Love the vids

    Ashtoon NieveesAshtoon Nievees2 måneder siden
  • No one: Literally no one: Me: omg cool ussr poster on the wall

    ProaksorProaksor2 måneder siden
  • my specs an i8 10100k from wish a case from wish a RTX 1090 from wish 69gb of ram from wish 600tb flash drive from wish for storage and a EG 10inch monitor from wish

    Not HazzNot Hazz2 måneder siden
  • IL?

    אלון לביבאלון לביב2 måneder siden
  • G5O3

    Anthony JacksonAnthony Jackson2 måneder siden
  • Matt out here with the Soviet flag and Czech flag LOL 9:27

    jack sparrowjack sparrow2 måneder siden
  • He said lego edition soon and took 2 months

    Clxdz-szxツClxdz-szxツ2 måneder siden
  • Hey Edgar. At 10:23 that is is router, I have the Same one, its an Xfinity router

    Clxsure.Clxsure.2 måneder siden
  • Your too negative on them dude chill

    WubbaDumbaWubbaDumba2 måneder siden
  • @TechSource that black box is a router from our really bad internet here

    siggysiggy2 måneder siden
  • Where do u get that led plant?

    Clan BRGClan BRG2 måneder siden
  • No one: Ed: g503

    JamusLabJamusLab2 måneder siden

    Mariam BuisirMariam Buisir2 måneder siden
  • tas loco de panama

    Oliver WangOliver Wang2 måneder siden
  • black box is a router from cox cable

    Lumberjack HvshLumberjack Hvsh2 måneder siden
  • I got banned from the discord for no reason

    KineticXKKineticXK2 måneder siden
  • 2:33

    OM AROM AR2 måneder siden
  • lmao the second one marcos's one... is terrible

    Royal HiraRoyal Hira2 måneder siden
    • Royal Hira really is tho

      WubbaDumbaWubbaDumba2 måneder siden
    • Wubba Dumba it’s not tho

      Royal HiraRoyal Hira2 måneder siden
    • Toxic

      WubbaDumbaWubbaDumba2 måneder siden
  • 9:27 15 year old casually has an Assault rifle next to his desk

    Dhawal PandeyDhawal Pandey2 måneder siden
  • 10:25 I think thats an xfinity Xfi. One of those routers. Dont know why he put it there.

    ToadToad2 måneder siden
  • The guns not an assault rifle it’s the 15th version of an armalight rifle

    Your music By great artistYour music By great artist2 måneder siden
  • i really like Praise his is Nice

    FCR EkualFCR Ekual2 måneder siden
  • Can I tell you what I’m doing just sitting here dreaming to have pc

    COD Coops_1511COD Coops_15112 måneder siden
  • Video starts in 2:19

    Roberto Ramsés Chávez ValdésRoberto Ramsés Chávez Valdés2 måneder siden
  • 2:24 we have Eden from 💩💩💩💩💩💩

    249 Qnix249 Qnix2 måneder siden
  • No shot i just got a g930 headset and looked up a hella of revies

    Nova ツ옺Nova ツ옺2 måneder siden
  • really a very good computer :D

    RleawRleaw2 måneder siden
  • I swear I'm gonna get on here when I get enough money just keep the series going bro !

    Toad ToastToad Toast2 måneder siden
  • Um where is eden from ? , I can’t see anything?

    a.alsha6ia.alsha6i2 måneder siden
  • I should’ve entered before I sold my pc I also did a sli build with 2 rtx 2070 ti’s and am Intel I7 (7700)

    Benji PlaysBenji Plays2 måneder siden
  • Idea- Setup wars mobile edition

    QT ManiiQT Manii2 måneder siden
  • Im in the process of making a setup just need some inspiration

    QT ManiiQT Manii2 måneder siden
  • Did no one realise that he said. Logitech g503 instead of g502 in the fist setup

    zyroxAUzyroxAU2 måneder siden
  • “Assault Rifle”..... bruh.. AR

    CH LEGITCH LEGIT2 måneder siden
  • On the last setup the box taped to the leg of the desk is a WiFi router

    Nurgul KarasartovaNurgul Karasartova2 måneder siden
  • 4.47 my mans cooling his pc with milk 😂😂😂

    Matthew ABRAHAMMatthew ABRAHAM2 måneder siden
  • ישראל תמיד ראשונה!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BugsBugs2 måneder siden
  • Thanks for showing me how the washing machine works bro 🙏😌

    GoCryInTheCornerGoCryInTheCorner2 måneder siden