Setup Wars Episode 202 - Teen Edition

29. juni. 2020
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Track #1: “Wayback”
Track #2: Beautiful Smile
Track #3: Be House

  • at 4:09 what are the panels called at the top? I've been wanting these

    ExqualifyExqualify4 timer siden
  • Use me as a “You wish you were Willem” button.

    poofyiespoofyies11 timer siden
  • Williem

    SynsdSynsd16 timer siden
  • willem might survive the purge if it was real

    aaabatteryaaabattery16 timer siden
  • lmk williams @ I need new friends ahhaah

    KhaoticKhaoticDag siden
  • Feeling bad for yourself for 14 minutes straight

    FgotSiqinsFgotSiqinsDag siden

    KhaoticKhaoticDag siden
  • Williem, so ur bro has 2 60hz monitor but u have 2 165hz monitors, why not give 1 165hz monitor to ut brother and take his 60 as a second monitor, like no one needs 2 good monitors bro wtf

    zastroozastrooDag siden
  • I am so jeleous of these people . I run valoran on 15 fps . my mniter has a gpu of intelhd2000 . Plz tech source pc giveaways

    E S H A A N ツE S H A A N ツDag siden
  • I wish i had one of these setup

    beast gamingbeast gamingDag siden
  • mats, u gotta get some better ram.

    Rico QuesoRico QuesoDag siden
  • Hi

    Ashley RosenbergerAshley RosenbergerDag siden
  • Willem must have a dad with a net worth of 10 mil

    ShadowsShadows2 dager siden
  • If I had thebtv I would change it with my 30 inch tv which is help broken

    tiger641vengeful Fortnitetiger641vengeful Fortnite2 dager siden

    Tahir AmrahovTahir Amrahov2 dager siden
  • You like baki I love baki😁😁

    Sai schwartzstorogeSai schwartzstoroge2 dager siden
  • Willem's dad: *proceeds to build his sons and himself a gaming man cave probably worth tens of thousands of dollars* My dad: *yells at me for saying a $1000 pc isn't expensive*

    Mamoreno0215Mamoreno02153 dager siden
  • Me doing 40 fps on valorant with my laptop This guys :

    PiZeTaaPiZeTaa3 dager siden
  • Bruh all these just make me feel sad I have some pretty below average things but im getting a bunch of little things like a mouse a keyboard and a 144 hz moniter for my birthday and Christmas but my pc is a hand me down from my uncle where the gpu is still a 770 but I’m grateful because all the games I want to play don’t require a stronk pc so I can run Minecraft at 150 - 200 frames which is epic

    Jeremy DunlapJeremy Dunlap3 dager siden
  • that razer mamba wireless mouse had a cord 4:20

    preston brushaberpreston brushaber3 dager siden
  • I bet that there gaming room is more expensive than there house

    Ethan LaudonEthan Laudon3 dager siden
  • willem

    janurayismyearjanurayismyear3 dager siden
  • So we’re not about slide past the fact Ed called williems dad big daddy.

    Julien DelaCruz 24Julien DelaCruz 244 dager siden
  • willems setup is the best one

    Adrien conwayAdrien conway4 dager siden
  • When the guest pc is better then urs : :/

    InfinityInfinity4 dager siden
  • More like, spoiled teen wars

    Lil’ AstrophotographerLil’ Astrophotographer4 dager siden
  • I need a tv for playing the next gen console and gaming. And watch movies,it will fit in my livinigroom

    Daniel WilliamsDaniel Williams5 dager siden
  • Can you even imagine the elictricity bill of williem

    JimDeGamerJimDeGamer5 dager siden
  • dude you were watching baki , the tournament fight in China between Mohammad Alai Jr. and some kaioh , that's one of my favourite animes

    UraniuMUraniuM5 dager siden
  • Im 25 years old and these kids have better setups than I do *cries in broke*

    WDMC RabbitWDMC Rabbit5 dager siden
  • Who has been here long enough too remember the pain of the nanoleaf panel background not being finished

    itzdarkmessiahitzdarkmessiah5 dager siden
  • Baki was a good anime

    ClopseyBoaClopseyBoa5 dager siden
  • ah

    InfinityInfinity5 dager siden
  • I read the comments before and now I can’t wait for williem

    Max BennettMax Bennett5 dager siden
  • Willam chill kid

    Phoenix Gaming423Phoenix Gaming4235 dager siden
  • Me: Dad can i have a secret Gaming setup Dad: Hahaha No Willem: Dad can i have a secret gaming setup. Willems Dad: Sure thing how much will it be. Willem: prob 2,500. Dad: ok Thats fine

    HelixFn YTHelixFn YT6 dager siden
  • Willem

    Ali Smacks NadaAli Smacks Nada6 dager siden
  • william has got a rich daddy lmao

    megalabassmegalabass6 dager siden
  • my fav mouse is prob Razor DeathAdder Elite

    LubaxLubax6 dager siden
  • Mad respect to the last guy for having the gmm bobble heads

    heidi niederheidi nieder6 dager siden
  • 4:42 His mic looks like a di-

    shhoting Gamershhoting Gamer6 dager siden

    ImaGeeuhrafImaGeeuhraf6 dager siden
  • I would put it in my room

    Jerrod KennisonJerrod Kennison6 dager siden
  • I smell parents money

    IlluminateIlluminate6 dager siden
  • Omg i wish Williem's dad was mine man he has coolest father i have seen Williem's if your readings this your dad is coolest dad i have seen

  • My Dad: Abandoned me Willem's Dad: Hey son let's dump thousands of dollars into a man cave so you can have a good childhood

    Jeremy SanchezJeremy Sanchez7 dager siden
  • When u realize Willems monitor costs more than your entire set up😭

    JumboJumbo7 dager siden
  • How much ytall wanna bet i would win "worst setup wars"

    BradyBrady7 dager siden
  • (

    ramdev choudharyramdev choudhary7 dager siden
  • Williams dad has TASTE. He likes l4d?! Literally my favorite game ever.

    GG StudiosGG Studios7 dager siden
  • Yo TechSource is there a possible way that you can give me a new gaming setup its alright if you say no its just that my gaming setup is trash and fps is like 10 .

    ZelyxcZelyxc8 dager siden
  • if i had money i would build something luke Williams setup

    Hu1kyHu1ky8 dager siden
  • I wish i won that

    DJ NISHAL KDJ NISHAL K8 dager siden

    Arttu SippolaArttu Sippola8 dager siden
  • when TS shows Willems secret gaming den to 2 million people. Burglars: "don't mind if i do"

    jackson _jackson _9 dager siden

      Itz ShreyasItz Shreyas9 dager siden
  • I would call this rich parents set ups

    Kuka_Kuka_9 dager siden
  • Imagine having Willem's setup but having a Terrible wifi

    Roman CastroRoman Castro9 dager siden
  • Peep how he watching Baki I’m like two episodes from that one

    Elisoflyy ŻElisoflyy Ż9 dager siden
  • I

    Obiwen KanobeObiwen Kanobe10 dager siden
  • He called him “Daddy” at 11:23

    KyroFNKyroFN10 dager siden
  • Me: i want a gaming pc setup Wallet: I don’t think so 😈

    BraveWindBraveWind10 dager siden
  • i think you have a trash setup and you make fun of othere

    Shad SalihShad Salih10 dager siden
  • William dad :cool son let’s game Asian dad: u not born to get a computer toxic to your.future

    asia is trash trashasia is trash trash10 dager siden
  • Willems dad: Hey so since we play a lot of games I was thinking we should build a super decked gaming room for us and ur brother. My dad:

    EzeCowwEzeCoww10 dager siden
  • Imagine being Williem and having to move

    Sako KeoshgerianSako Keoshgerian10 dager siden
  • Azah has a shit setup

    Apple News NetworkApple News Network10 dager siden
  • I love how he said “big daddy” I don’t know if that was a reference to Bioshock or not

    MelloMello11 dager siden
  • Hdstgo

    Sonny NguyenSonny Nguyen11 dager siden
  • 6:00 keyboard kinda threw it off

    Stormy killsStormy kills11 dager siden
  • More money = win

    N1colas Pl3yzN1colas Pl3yz12 dager siden
  • Don’t cuss

    Flow InnocenceFlow Innocence12 dager siden
  • A 14-year-old freelance app developer? How does that even make sense

    Ludvig B.L.Ludvig B.L.12 dager siden
  • Obviously putting it in my gaming room as a gaming tv

    Laila KabirLaila Kabir12 dager siden
  • Teek source

    RayyanRayyan12 dager siden
  • Willems dad: hey son u wanna build a insane gaming room My dad: still at the store getting milk

    ReLateR6ReLateR612 dager siden
  • All of these guys have so old graphic cards like a 970 come on

    Kurt KuppertKurt Kuppert12 dager siden
  • Why is this even a question

    lmaoitsleolmaoitsleo13 dager siden
  • I would give it to my mother because her tv isn’t working anymore and I’ll show proof for a videos

    Angel SoteloAngel Sotelo13 dager siden
    • I’m not a Filip

      Angel SoteloAngel Sotelo13 dager siden
  • I like that he is making fur of the guy from the introcontest hwo miss-spelled tech source (aka teach souse)

    ja- kobraja- kobra13 dager siden
  • william's setup was amazing!!! right! everyone goes for single person but creativity

    sagar gamitsagar gamit13 dager siden
  • 5:28 don't mind me. just being jealous that's all

    camh240_camh240_13 dager siden
  • Hey it's Tech from EdSource

    davndavn13 dager siden
  • Imagine thinking your safe after ep 201 with Bruno then see Williem’s setup

    IeatclankasIeatclankas14 dager siden
  • Me: Hey willem, yeah when can i come over. Willem: For how long Me: 70 to 80 years ya know!

    Ali does techAli does tech14 dager siden
  • Please don’t call him big daddy or daddy

    Gabriel SchultzGabriel Schultz14 dager siden
  • Techsource: why did I not have a friend like Willem growing up Me: because you are 32 and he is 17

    MistercyguyMistercyguy14 dager siden
    • Mistercyguy that’s why he said when he was growing up lmao

      RyanGoof13RyanGoof1310 dager siden
  • 3:24 did u not notice how one of the sockets were slightly burnt many points lost

    Hello Darkness MiloHello Darkness Milo15 dager siden
  • Just saying the nano leaves at the start look very watered out

    Hello Darkness MiloHello Darkness Milo15 dager siden
  • Imagine spending so much money in a setup just to play LeAgUe Of LeGeNdS ???

    Alex KarasikAlex Karasik15 dager siden
  • India: T series USA: T source

    ;/;/15 dager siden
  • 🤘Willem🤘

    mythpat's pattiesmythpat's patties15 dager siden
  • how are the lights on his wall called

    Filip GetovFilip Getov15 dager siden
    • You mean nanoleaf canvas or nanoleaf aurora?

      DarmodDarmod13 dager siden
  • I literally play on a Xbox and I thought I was cool I now know y I should probably think change my mind

    Jenny MazeJenny Maze15 dager siden
  • bro imagine what kind of internet williem has to run all that

    William BeamanWilliam Beaman15 dager siden
  • Hey Ed is Nathan Calderon I would like a Xbox series s and Xbox series x and a playstation 5 and lg oled tv

    Nathan CalderonNathan Calderon16 dager siden
  • I would like a lot of lifesmart cololight pro too

    Nathan CalderonNathan Calderon16 dager siden
  • Hey Ed I like this triple gaming monitor gaming setup with gaming pc parts and gaming pc case and I choose the razed lian li 011 dynamic case

    Nathan CalderonNathan Calderon16 dager siden
  • He really just disrespected The Prisoner of Azkaban like that..

    KublaiWonKublaiWon16 dager siden
  • video re-title: Rich Kids's Setups

    Khush NahetaKhush Naheta16 dager siden
  • william nice

    YR GAMINGYR GAMING16 dager siden