Setup Wars - Episode 198

1. juni. 2020
640 397 Ganger

►Want to submit your desk setup? Watch this video:
►Corsair Vengeance PC:
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♦Recommended Gear♦
►Aurora Flex Linkers for Nanoleaf Aurora:
►Harley Quinn Canvas - 1:
►Harley Quinn Canvas - 2:
Custom Built Desk
Acer Predator X34 Monitors (×2)
Acer Predator Z35P Monitor
Samsung 50-inch 4K Television
Corsair K70 Keyboard
Razer Naga Mouse
First PC Specifications:
Intel Core i7-6700K CPU
GameMax Onyx Case
ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Forumla Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4 2400 RAM
Second PC Specifications:
Intel Core i9-9900K CPU
Thermaltake Core P5 Case
ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula Motherboard
G.SKILL Trident Z 32GB DDR4 3200 RAM
IKEA ALEX Drawer Units
Apple Magic Mouse 2
Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
CalDigit TS3 Plus Dock
Razer Core X eGPU
ASUS ROG Spatha Mouse
Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Extended Mouse Pad
Bose QC35 II Headphones
Razer Nommo Chroma Speakers
Thermaltake Level 20 GT RGB Keyboard
ASUS VX24AH Monitors (×2)
ASUS ROG Strix Wireless Headset
Apple TV 4K
Samsung MU6103 40-inch 4K Television
MacBook Pro 16-inch
Intel Core i9 CPU (2.3 GHz)
AMD Radeon Pro 5500M GPU
64GB DDR4 2667 RAM
First PC (TESSERACT) Specifications:
Intel Core i7-6800K CPU (3.4 GHz)
ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 GPU
XPG SPECTRIX D41 64GB (8 × 8GB) DDR4 3600 RAM
ASUS X99-DELUXE II Motherboard
INTEL 600p Series 1TB SSD
XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB SSD
Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD
Core P90 Case
TtMod Sleeve Cable Extensions (White/Black)
Pacific Temperature Sensor
Pacific M360 Plus D5 Hard Tube Kit
Toughpower DPS G RGB 850W Gold Power Supply
LUMI Color 256C 3-Pack RGB Magnetic LED Strip
ASUS VG278Q Monitor
ASUS VS248HR Monitors (×2)
ROG Horus GK2000 RGB Keyboard
Corsair M65 Elite Mouse
SteelSeries Arctis 5 Headset
Thermaltake E1 RGB Headset Stand
Divoom Pixoo 16×16 Pixel Art LED Panel
Paladone Game Over Light
Secretlab OMEGA 2020 Chair
PC Specifications:
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU
ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus Motherboard
Thermaltake View 71 Snow Edition Case
EK-Velocity Acetal CPU Block
EK-XRES Revo D5 Res/Pump Combo
Corsair 360mm XL7 Radiator
Mayhems Pastel Pink Coolant
Corsair QL 120mm Fans (×9)
Corsair QL 140mm Fan
Corsair LED Lighting Kit
Corsair RM850x Power Supply
ReaperCable PSU Cables
Raspberry Pi 5”
GTRacing Ergonomic Chair
Blue Yeti Microphone
Dell S2417DG Monitor
Dell S2716DG Monitor
Dell U2717D Monitor
Massdrop × AKG K7XX Headphones
Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones
Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L Keyboard
Logitech G703 Mouse
Polk Audio T15 2-Way Speakers (Black)
Donkey Kong 1981 Original Cabinet
Ms. Pacman 1981 Original Cabinet
KMC 12 Outlet Heavy Duty Power Strip
PC Specifications:
Intel Core i7-9700K CPU (5.0 GHz)
Corsair H150i PRO CPU Cooler
GIGABYTE Z390 GAMING X Motherboard
G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 32GB DDR4 3200 RAM
Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD
Samsung 970 EVO 500GB M.2-2280 SSDs (×2)
EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2 Power Supply
CableMod Cables
Thermaltake Riing 12 LED RGB 120mm Fans
Custom Made Desk / Monitor Riser / Headset Stand / Controller Stand / Shelves
BenQ GW2765HT Monitor
NEC MultiSync EA234WMi Monitors
RAKK Lam-Ang Pro Keyboard
RAKK Kaptan Mouse
Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB
Logitech G933 Headset - Snow
Logitech C930e Webcam
FANTECH MPR800 Mouse Pad - Space Edition
Edifier R1280DB Speakers
PC Specifications:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU
ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 OC GPU
ASRock B450m Steel Legend Motherboard
T-Force Delta RGB 16GB RAM
Seasonic 650W Power Supply
Tecware Alpha M Case
Tecware Fans
Track #1: First Step
Track #2: Lounge Chill Hip-Hop
Track #3: Universe

  • Came here for one piece ❤️

    DaBigDaddyDaBigDaddy4 timer siden
  • Give Kobe the seal

    lilbeez354lilbeez354Dag siden
  • corn snake

    cereal__cereal__6 dager siden
  • It's a corn snake, and you need a license to own a venomous snake in most places and he wouldn't be able to keep it there even if he did have the license, a Corn Snake is probably the most normal and common snake as a pet.

    Bobby LateSauceBobby LateSauce8 dager siden
  • if we can im 12 and i have 1800 dollers to but a pc i live in canada and if we could get in contact and you make me the best for that price or just tell me what are the best parts

    vizion YTvizion YT9 dager siden
  • Bleach set up at the end??? That’s was One piece..

    mac mulamac mula15 dager siden
  • I’m unsubbing he called one piece bleach lol It was a joke I’m not unsubbing

    Justz GhostyJustz Ghosty15 dager siden
  • Wait did u say bleach not one piece

    Lagger1313 Dolphanfan13Lagger1313 Dolphanfan1315 dager siden
  • He did not just say bleach, when I heard that my jaw dropped I was so sad, THE. Inspiration IS ONE PIECE. I know I spelled inspiration

    OG AMCKevinOG AMCKevin16 dager siden
  • The snake is a desert rattlesnake

    AADEN KIMAADEN KIM18 dager siden
  • looks like a corn snake

    Theo De BeckkerTheo De Beckker19 dager siden

    MistyMisty19 dager siden
  • its a corn snake

    Braden McClintockBraden McClintock20 dager siden
  • That was a good video

    Philip MalanPhilip Malan20 dager siden
  • bLeAcH inSiPEreD sEtUp

    Chey HChey H20 dager siden
  • 6:18 can we just admire that transition there, like damn. Perfect editing

    Swrve™Swrve™21 dag siden
  • i have a question so i have a Motospeed ck61 mechanical keyboard that i bought from ali express with blue switches and i was wonderin if there compatible with other switches

    brahim Al Aomrbrahim Al Aomr23 dager siden
  • It's so insane to think in June he was only getting 250k views. Now he is getting practically a few million views per video and has 3 million subscribers.

    parkour brosparkour bros25 dager siden
  • nice snake ssssssssssss

    CloudCloud26 dager siden
  • Ayo Kobe is my friend idk why he did not tell me he was here but that doesnt matter

    Kovi MitchellKovi Mitchell28 dager siden
  • Python or boa

    KingzϞKingzϞ29 dager siden
  • This is ultamite edition

    Cheese flavored BaguetteCheese flavored BaguetteMåned siden
  • Ed, you should do Set Up Wars Console Edition. Please make it happen.😃😃

    Amkrocks Ps4Amkrocks Ps4Måned siden
  • "bleach inspired setup"

    SillqeSillqeMåned siden
  • Deserves a seal definatley

    klaoklaoMåned siden
  • I don't know what type of snake Anders has but I can guarantee that it isn't poisonous as snakes that are sold as pets have their venom extracted

    Gryfon _GameZGryfon _GameZMåned siden
  • 5:32 ahh I see we have a sombra main

    OystaOystaMåned siden
  • corn snake .

    Keano GalinhoKeano GalinhoMåned siden
  • Something tells me that Kobe likes bleach. I don't know though 🤔

    ipromiseimwill -ipromiseimwill -Måned siden
  • It’s not a poisonous snake I forgot what type of snake but it’s not poisonous but it hurts a hell of a lot when it bites you

    GrEEnBlade LGrEEnBlade LMåned siden
  • Kobe’s setup is the best setup I’ve ever seen before

    Arturo CaballeroArturo CaballeroMåned siden
  • consul edition

    Ethan BallardEthan BallardMåned siden
  • Corn snake but it is not venomous

    Nicole OvertonNicole OvertonMåned siden
  • why tho

    Exo on 10pingExo on 10pingMåned siden
  • Welcome to another episode of "I can't afford it"

    WmSyahirWmSyahirMåned siden
  • I’m tryna get some nanoleaf panels, anyone have suggestions?

    OjeyOjeyMåned siden
  • The Harley setup was from ages go

    KrispyKrispyMåned siden
  • you are ossam bro

    Koustub VishnooKoustub VishnooMåned siden
  • That is a corn snake btw there not poisonous

    chase premischookchase premischookMåned siden
  • Omg me need nano leaf ya psh no thanks

    HahauravirginHahauravirginMåned siden
  • This makes me feel poor

    ψ r b o w z e y ψψ r b o w z e y ψMåned siden
  • Its a cornsnake

    Miro ArponenMiro ArponenMåned siden
  • It anaconda just joking it's just a normal jungle snake

  • Kobes setup is the best I've ever seen I love one piece as u can see by my profile pic

    NehemoNehemoMåned siden
  • lolololololololololl bleach setup hahah

  • the snake is the Razer Viper Ultimate

    HaloHaloMåned siden
  • The snake is a corn snake.

    Isaac BeroskeIsaac BeroskeMåned siden
  • The snake is a boua

    FaZe BeastBTWFaZe BeastBTWMåned siden
  • Philippines numba one

    Zeidy Nanz DazoZeidy Nanz DazoMåned siden
  • The snake is a python which sadly, is not venomous. But they kill their prey by literally squeezing the life out of them. So still, pretty badass ;)

    Samuel RazbashSamuel RazbashMåned siden
  • Kobe deserves the seal of approval

    Kimberly ArroyoKimberly ArroyoMåned siden

    Frantz FiefieFrantz FiefieMåned siden
  • he said bleach

    tenseitenseiMåned siden
  • cobe deserves

    Lakpa 10G SherpaLakpa 10G SherpaMåned siden
  • the snake is a hognose

    JonixivaJonixiva2 måneder siden
  • Who else heard him say bleach instead of one piece when he first started showing Kobe’s setup

    Rocco AkinsRocco Akins2 måneder siden
  • The one peice setup🥺😍😍

    HawkEye ClipzHawkEye Clipz2 måneder siden
  • Corn snake

    Carter ChapmanCarter Chapman2 måneder siden
  • e

    LUX ClanLUX Clan2 måneder siden

    Renz Marlo OchoaRenz Marlo Ochoa2 måneder siden
  • 🔱🔱🔱🔱

    KM ClanKM Clan2 måneder siden
  • I only sort of know who Harley Quinn is but I mean, that setup is feckin' amazin'

    Daniel DoelDaniel Doel2 måneder siden
  • I am pretty sure the snake is a corn snake but it looks to long but I do think its a corn snake. It’s not venomous it’s actually the best snake to own. That’s if it’s actually a corn snake

    Mr.ToastedMr.Toasted2 måneder siden
  • thats a corn snake they are not danger est

    Drum701Drum7012 måneder siden
  • He rly called one piece bleach tho 😫😫

    Mauro TanMauro Tan2 måneder siden
  • the 2nd setup is soooo sick like damn thats my dream!!!!

    LegixnLegixn2 måneder siden
  • Tech from ed source

    2eeet2eeet2 måneder siden
  • Oli from London......oli from London... AH OLI LONDON :D

    Psycho PringlePsycho Pringle2 måneder siden
  • I really like the third one at 3:20 but the fourth one is also great at 6:00. The last one definitely takes the cake though.

    Jakobi SharpJakobi Sharp2 måneder siden
  • "another sick console setup with another custom PC" Me : hmmmm pc you say

    DARK repeatDARK repeat2 måneder siden
  • W

    diszy got coaldiszy got coal2 måneder siden
  • Do setup wars NOworldr edition

    ErRoR 001ErRoR 0012 måneder siden
  • Man i didnt like and comment so many of these. Don’t worry I’m going back and making sure i do!

    David GoDavid Go2 måneder siden
  • The snake is a python

    Darks GamingDarks Gaming2 måneder siden
  • i think its a corn snake, non venomous

    _Monsterix__Monsterix_3 måneder siden
  • you should do a setup wars quarantine edition

    Illuzions MediaIlluzions Media3 måneder siden
  • that would be a corn snake

  • I know I might not be the first one to say it but... BEN IS A SIMP

    GroguGrogu3 måneder siden
  • Its a corn snake native to India and introduced to florida

    FruetFruet3 måneder siden
  • I'm a big fan of setup wars specially budget edition ultimate Edition and potato edition

    Jonathan RamzyJonathan Ramzy3 måneder siden
  • Kobe has a insane setup. I always wanted a one piece theme setup.

    Fabiola MedinaFabiola Medina3 måneder siden
  • anders probably has billions in his bank account

    Lord CrowlayLord Crowlay3 måneder siden
  • me sitting here with a core 2 duo cpu laptop.

    melonpwnmelonpwn3 måneder siden

    Abduholiq AAbduholiq A3 måneder siden
  • Its a ball python

    wlcm2thjnglwlcm2thjngl3 måneder siden
  • I hope the pc s is fine after kobe died i can feel he is sad =(((

    fabi gugufabi gugu3 måneder siden
  • bruh that guy has 2 high end pc s and i dont have a single f***ing one I HAVE A F***ING XBOX 360

    fabi gugufabi gugu3 måneder siden
  • 9:40 This is One Piece theme not Bleach. ARE YOU TROLLING? This Pinoy MUST RECEIVE YOUR SEAL OF APPROVAL! I can see that the speaker shelves are longer than the rest. Why will you not give him your seal of approval because of that small thing? Give it to him, he has every right to receive your seal of approval. Give me tons of likes!

    World Events JudgementWorld Events Judgement3 måneder siden
  • Nobody gonna say anything about how Kobe is obsessed with Luffy

    Myles JohnsonMyles Johnson3 måneder siden
  • Thats a cornsnake there super freindly like the most freindly snake there not venomnous and are very nice3 also that snake has no heating or humidity and it has a tiny cage , they also have not the best snake setup oof

    Cozey AlienCozey Alien3 måneder siden
  • Its probably a milk snake

    Luke HBLuke HB3 måneder siden
  • To my knowledge, that’s a common cornsnake.

    Cykeee GrifCykeee Grif3 måneder siden
  • "Tesseract" I understood that reference. *points*

    Andre JohnAndre John3 måneder siden
  • I dont see any bleach references or am I just bling

    Rooty TootyRooty Tooty3 måneder siden
    • Blind jesus

      Rooty TootyRooty Tooty3 måneder siden
  • did he just call one piece bleach??

    VV VVV V3 måneder siden
  • This dude really said BLEACH? ITS ONE PIECE OMGOD

    DuckeyDuckey3 måneder siden
  • It’s a corn snake...not venomous...👍

    Colton DawsonColton Dawson3 måneder siden
  • The snake is some sort of corn snake.

    JoeysWorldLiveJoeysWorldLive3 måneder siden
  • cooooooollll

    ACE_GAMES_FYTACE_GAMES_FYT3 måneder siden
  • That was a pit viper

    xXvibesXxxXvibesXx3 måneder siden