Setup Wars 206 - Gaming Den & NanoCell TV edition

27. juli. 2020
342 461 Ganger

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#LGNanoCell #LargeTV #TrueColors

  • Vote on who takes home the TV here! noworld.infocommunity?view_as=subscriber

    TechSourceTechSource4 måneder siden
    • What’s ur insta

      Sixer clanSixer clan4 måneder siden
    • @bubble gumpa @ only works on yt livestreams

      Fbi AgentFbi Agent4 måneder siden
    • @TechSource how do I qualify for setup wars

      bubble gumpabubble gumpa4 måneder siden
    • Me jk

      Fbi AgentFbi Agent4 måneder siden
    • Meee plsss i don't have a gaming pc but my father dont bey me one i only have my phone plss me

      ToxɪcToxɪc4 måneder siden
  • Plot twist there to actually works but they just took the battery’s out

    Gianni ReyesGianni ReyesTime siden
  • 4 months late but I would have voted for Tristan because of the gravitated equations and parkour stickers on the wall

    NirtflipurtNirtflipurt8 timer siden
  • 9:50 whats the name of his gaming chair please!!!!

    Octavia AlyiahOctavia Alyiah2 dager siden
  • how do i get the backround from john s monitor i cant find it

    PulsevarePulsevare2 dager siden
  • I think shaz should get it

    HawkzツHawkzツ14 dager siden
  • Roman: "won a ultralight monitor in 2017" Roman: "Hey ed look at my setup thanks to you" Edgar: "return of the legend!" Edgar: (sees a video that he won and havent like) Edgar: depression

    Immortal BananaImmortal Banana17 dager siden
  • An All of a sudden everyone’s tv is broken

    Ranger_FNM ツRanger_FNM ツ18 dager siden
  • i hate my laptop it sucks so much it just stops working randomly it juust sucks!

    ItzRainbowItzRainbow22 dager siden
  • hello discord moderators, please take me the ban out (diegoo.m_ # 2680)

    Diego MolinaDiego Molina23 dager siden
  • Dude i just got a really giod news i have a ultimate setup with my predetor thronos and studio , airplane setup , racing setup , music setup , online school setup , gaming setup , console setup , main setup and fiinally the best is a Frikining HiDDen rOmM o mah gahd dude thats where my custom main setup where my second throno and by the way i forgot my bed is hidden and i call it the gaming bed i personaly like playing games on my bed cause its very comfortable and a weapon room thats it yeah my project is in Philippines but i also have one in australlia

    Mercedita EndozoMercedita Endozo26 dager siden
  • So no one's gonna talk about "Edgar *Organesyan* " at the beginning"?

    yeeticeyeetice27 dager siden
  • how do people convince there parents to get these set ups can someone help me out

    BNBROSBNBROS29 dager siden
  • its the twins sorry ))

    good guy?good guy?29 dager siden
  • My mom and i are going to get a ps5 sooo i need it but i dont have a gameing dean

    Gabriel FriasGabriel FriasMåned siden
  • I wish my parents would allow me to play atleast a game 😢

    Hyper BLAZEHyper BLAZEMåned siden
  • Once my bro leaves for college ima have a bedroom for my self and ima get a lit setup im so excited

    Funny AkaFunny AkaMåned siden
  • Of course they won't like ... they are already loaded man😑

    Mighty SirazMighty SirazMåned siden
  • We need a consle edition

    GlixxyGlixxyMåned siden
  • I am making a setup

    rachel greenoffrachel greenoffMåned siden
  • I found out that in 5:01 the mouse isn’t G502

    Boring BoscoBoring BoscoMåned siden
  • pilihp got roasted

    ELMatatan 15ELMatatan 15Måned siden
  • I just watched all of this setup wars, makeover, what in the box, all the thing and now i have a clear picture of how i wanna do my setup. The problem is, this pandemic really hits me and cutting all my source of income....

    Hilmi NiagaHilmi NiagaMåned siden
  • 9:14 😂😂

    subashini chellamuthusubashini chellamuthuMåned siden
  • anyone know the dudes wallpaper at 11:36 ??

    avavMåned siden
  • Never say the word filip, like who even is filip more like, FLIP

    DxvidProjectZDxvidProjectZ2 måneder siden
  • 7:19 Does anyone know what that desk is called?

    Jay ArrJay Arr2 måneder siden
  • 5:47 Why do i feel kinda like hes trying to use his baby for votes

    LucasLeHumanLucasLeHuman2 måneder siden
  • I would love to see another Gaming Den edition!!

    JoeysWorldLiveJoeysWorldLive2 måneder siden
  • anyone know the keycaps at 4:06?

    FishfoodFishfood2 måneder siden
  • i think roman

    HjalmarHjalmar2 måneder siden
  • BRUH the razer tron mouse is 300 euros TF

    RixnDZNRixnDZN2 måneder siden
  • Recently bought a new top tier gaming PC, and now its already outdated lol

    Jonas DahleJonas Dahle2 måneder siden
  • When’s submission date !!

    Ahmad HAhmad H2 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know what mouse pad carlene is using?

    Antrum-Antrum-2 måneder siden
  • I hope you appreciate all the “work” i did if you can call it that! Thank you for this series its the best

    David GoDavid Go2 måneder siden
  • I-di-64 gigs of RAM?!?!?!

    Glyn RamkowskyGlyn Ramkowsky2 måneder siden
  • For a moment I thought he had RGB shirt

    N krpt krN krpt kr2 måneder siden
  • Who else heard the angel sound effect in Romans setup when Ed said the GTX 1060?

    XvereXvere3 måneder siden
  • Damn, people with budget or potato builds get 100-200 dollars, while people with awesome, decked out builds get a 4k tv. Just something to think about

    Saggy AiSaggy Ai3 måneder siden
  • Gsync works below refresh rate not above though.

    kboomkboom3 måneder siden
  • Im gonna send mine in once i get everything up i still need a desk😭 i have everything else ready

    Xd_ ReaperXd_ Reaper3 måneder siden
  • Its not 2 O 6 its 2 zero 6

    Adarsh GuptaAdarsh Gupta3 måneder siden
  • Shaz should win

    PØLÖPØLÖ3 måneder siden
  • plot twist tristans setup is all 3d rendered

    KraZ ScooterKraZ Scooter3 måneder siden
  • Greetings from Chile

    Martín RiquelmeMartín Riquelme3 måneder siden

    F1EXF1EX3 måneder siden
  • shaz

    Tristan ChoiTristan Choi3 måneder siden
  • My setup is gonna take 3 years and I'm 11 on my 14th birthday I'm gonna enter on teen edition if setup wars is still a thing in 3 years

    Gavin RushinGavin Rushin3 måneder siden
  • All that shit you have and you need a free TV? Those twins will be fine without to free prize, fuck that lol

    DJ VendettaDJ Vendetta3 måneder siden
  • I love your beautiful armpits -ed

    Reza ReyesReza Reyes3 måneder siden
  • Can i have the tv please

    Minecraft_glitches_hacksMinecraft_glitches_hacks3 måneder siden
  • Roman is my clear winner

    Flac tyFlac ty3 måneder siden
  • 7:23 I did

    Filip PokornýFilip Pokorný3 måneder siden
  • 2:30 What is the name of that mouse pad?

    Pengu IIIPengu III3 måneder siden
  • I just ordered all my pc parts! I’m going to get a room divider and turn the gaming section into a dark blue and white theme. I got LED cables and a dope desk. Can’t wait!!!

    Solson PearsonSolson Pearson3 måneder siden
  • Can you make a review on the LG UltraGear 24GL600F-B it's a 144HZ 1MS mointor for $180.

    1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos?1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos?3 måneder siden
  • Damn u hit Philip with that

  • roman

    AdrahAdrah3 måneder siden
  • I can't wait till I'm 14 so I can get a job and get a pc

    Logan HeagyLogan Heagy3 måneder siden
  • Shaz

    Custom GCustom G3 måneder siden
  • Where do they get the monitor

    Shaun -_-Shaun -_-3 måneder siden
  • I’m voting for that dude with the clay hand for da memes

    The Peanut DudeThe Peanut Dude3 måneder siden
  • When you can afford a 450 Dva status but can’t afford a tv

    The Peanut DudeThe Peanut Dude3 måneder siden
  • Shaz should win the monitor

    Ninja GamingNinja Gaming3 måneder siden
  • oof, that jab at Filip tho lmao

    ExcessExcess3 måneder siden
  • Wheres all the editing!! It makes this look much nicer. (Not to hurt ur feelings) love form asia

    shaek Hossainshaek Hossain3 måneder siden
  • Hahaha I’m broke

    Yo HomieYo Homie3 måneder siden
  • I vote for Roman!!

    Mikkel Sylvester JørgensenMikkel Sylvester Jørgensen3 måneder siden
  • Super

    unboxingpandaunboxingpanda3 måneder siden
  • Hey ed I was just wondering how you enter for a make over my setup isn’t good at all I’m running off of a Xbox and I would love to meet you you seem like a cool guy I’ve been watching you since the filip video and I think that was not right if him to do that and I feel like me and other people deserve a makeover more than he does but anyway I just wanted to know how you do that and I would love to enter to meet you love you ed

    Skiff on YtSkiff on Yt3 måneder siden
  • Why dose it say 5th of July on the tv for the first contestant even know this video was posted a week ago?

    Nicky ThomasNicky Thomas3 måneder siden
  • Sucks Shaz didn't win

    SquirrelbanditSquirrelbanditm oSquirrelbanditSquirrelbanditm o3 måneder siden
  • I bet on the first one they took the batteries out so it don’t turn on lmao 😂

    opticz FNopticz FN3 måneder siden
  • John

    u madu mad3 måneder siden

    Gamer SpideGamer Spide4 måneder siden
  • Is my gaming setup good?👀

    trixrytrixry4 måneder siden
  • Please come to south Africa for a set upgrade

    Gundo MushweuGundo Mushweu4 måneder siden
  • where do you all get the money for that kind of stuff ?

    TimboTimbo4 måneder siden
  • 6:45 did nvidia launch new graphics Card ?? Jk

    Sai SharanSai Sharan4 måneder siden
  • Hi ed my name is andra and i am 11 years old i have bean watching you back 2017 this is my list what i want for my gaming pc -AMD Ryzen 5 3500 3.6Ghz Up To 4.1Ghz Cache 16MB 65W AM4 [Box] - 6 Core -MSI MAINBOARD MAG Z390 A PRO -RAM KINGSTON HYPER X GAMING DDR4 8GB LONGDIMM BUY 2 -GALAX Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB DDR5 - (1-Click OC) - DUAL FAN -Seagate PC Barracuda 2TB 3.5" HDD/ HD/ Hardisk/ Harddisk Internal -Samsung SSD 970 EVO PLUS M.2 250GB MZ-V7S250BW - Grs 5th -Armaggeddon Nimitz TR7000 ATX Gaming PC Case - Black Fan -Processor rgb Alseye TBF100 / Fan Processor Intel AMD RGB -PSU EVGA 750 GQ GOLD modular certified 80+ GOLD -Armaggeddon Nimitz Ring III RGB KIT Fan For Gaming PC Case (120mm) 3 FAN WITH REMOTE BELI 2 -Armaggeddon Nimitz Ring III RGB Fan For Gaming PC Case (120mm) buy 3 -Monitor LED Samsung C24F390FHEX 24 inch Curved VGA+buy 3 -Armaggeddon RGB Mechanical Keyboard MKA-3C -Starship III RGB 9 Buttons Gaming Mouse (10000 CPI) By Armageddon -MOUSEPAD GAMING FANTECH FIREFLY MPR800s RGB -Fantech FUSION HG22 RGB 7.1 Surround Sound - HG22 HG-22 Gaming Headset -Fantech TOWER AC3001s Headset Stand Gaming RGB - Black -ONEX GX3 Premium Quality Gaming Chair Black -Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit | Rhythm Edition (15 Panels) -Power Supply / PSU Imperion P600 600W LED VGA 8 Pin RGB -Led strip 5050smd (RGB) hilios high quality / rope lights - note:total amost 1209,02 i can't chose the mic and the web cam BTW i from indonesia

    AndraAndra4 måneder siden
  • The sisters couldn’t buy a new t.v. but can afford two setups.

    DAFUSERDAFUSER4 måneder siden
  • So I currently have a Xbox one that I bought on release so it’s 7 years old and it’s so bad, I’m looking to upgrade but I’m wondering if I should wait for a Series X or buy a Pre-Built because I don’t know how to build PC’s so what PC’s do y’all recommend (Budget $800)

    Ghost9-0Ghost9-04 måneder siden
  • If I had a baby, I would put my pc background as something scary to prevent a kid from going on kt

    bossboy killlabossboy killla4 måneder siden
  • I like the Santa Cruz shit!

    Juicy fruit PunchJuicy fruit Punch4 måneder siden
  • Hey man I’m having so much trouble with my pc would you care to do a FaceTime I just want to play magic on my computer and I can’t even download 10 MB. I bought this computer from my friend he said it would work. We’re on fortnight but I can’t even get it to run roblox properly. He doesn’t even talk to me anymore and I know I got scared.

    Aaron WestAaron West4 måneder siden
  • i got banned for no reason i didnt even know what i did

    Tstorm104Tstorm1044 måneder siden
  • I’m sorry but I can’t go back to mechanical keyboards. They were so clicky and for recording videos that doesn’t sound good at all. I use the more jell-like ones because they are way quieter and can’t be picked up by the microphone unless you’re literally smashing the keyboard.

    HeyItsVinesHeyItsVines4 måneder siden
  • What stand is Tristan using???

    Twig AlienTwig Alien4 måneder siden
  • link to john's wallpaper?

    brokenbroken4 måneder siden
  • Wait there is in the setuo of 32 yo is writen 80w power su0ply

    Romik gamingRomik gaming4 måneder siden
  • Carine, Carleen & Armond should win the TV (:

    Rhykoo _Rhykoo _4 måneder siden
  • hey techsource when is the next budget edition

    BuarcBuarc4 måneder siden

    Tristan SmithTristan Smith4 måneder siden
  • Why always their tissues on the picture :/

    Natan The 6thNatan The 6th4 måneder siden
  • He see the low end gaming pc he doesn't want to show on setup wars wtf ed

    tgeb life tipstgeb life tips4 måneder siden
  • Thank you everyone who voted.. just being featured on Setup Wars is awesome!! Thank you to Ed for selecting my setup, makes my life alil more exciting and hopefully to improve and share future setups. Congratulations to John and family, can't wait to see the beast in your gaming room!

    Thisisshaz YessirThisisshaz Yessir4 måneder siden
  • I have a cool/trash setup anyone else the same?

    Not NovusNot Novus4 måneder siden
  • hi im andru hobbs and i neeeeed a setup superbad ill send you pics of my current setup, my computer got rebuilt 2 times i cant play any games because it dosnt suport it i woud do it myself but my mom has no money not even 20 dollars to spent please reply to me and our whole house is super clean

    Andru HobbsAndru Hobbs4 måneder siden
  • Do an console edition!

    bruhyeet69bruhyeet694 måneder siden