Setup Montage - Episode 36

18. okt.. 2020
124 861 Ganger

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Setup Montage is a show just about setups with chill background music, no commentary. So grab your coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy.
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  • juan

    staticstatic13 dager siden

    LazyMeh LazyMehLazyMeh LazyMeh14 dager siden
  • karl

    Luis LopezLuis Lopez18 dager siden
  • Their peripherals cost more than my whole pc

  • 2:17 ehere is this fellar gamin chair

    Juan DjajadiJuan Djajadi20 dager siden
  • hello ed uhm im a Filipino and i already watch your videos, i just wanna ask when will you gonna do the (THE SETUP MAKEOVER AGAIN) cause if you will gonna continue it i will do my best to be chosen ed cause my pc like a cheap one i buy it in a price of: 16,500 php ( in USD it only cost 330 USD here is the specs of my pc: Ryzen 3 3600 gigabyte A320M-H Elite ddr4 8gb 266 (1 STICK ONLY) adata SU650 120 gb ssd no gpu no video card POWER SUPPLY UNIT ATX 700w not modular, not true rated( DOESN'T HAVE A SWITCH JUST PLUG THE CABLE STRAIGHT TO GENERATOR) CASE: CVS ACRYLIC WITH RGB LED STRIP(GENERIC ONLY NOT A HIGH END CHASIS CASE) keyboard and mouse bundle:(i dont know the name the name is written by chinese) and its not a mechanical keyboard and the space bar keep stucking when i click it also its rgb but cant chase the color cause its fake. monitor: nvision 18.5 inches if you want proof here is the link( ) also i am a vlogger and i vlog my unboxing of my pc and i want to stream too but my pc is a low specs and cannot support streaming and high end games AND THATS ALL, thats why i want to join in the setup make over and this pc is like 2 or 3 months old thats all ed please choose me if you want a picture just say it i will picture it anytime you want im not joking or anything i just what to have like close to my dream pc build

    Jayrhel Dela CruzJayrhel Dela Cruz27 dager siden
  • I want Jordan's setup so bad rn

    Moiz ShaikMoiz ShaikMåned siden
  • jordan 100%

    freakfreakMåned siden
  • Damn you telling me I’m 1 year I gotta match this time to hit up grandma

    HxvocSZNHxvocSZNMåned siden
  • Them: FULL SETUPS Me: Doesn’t even have a gaming chair..

    Kaiser Playz RBLXKaiser Playz RBLXMåned siden
  • Nice

    Shane's gaming and vlogsShane's gaming and vlogsMåned siden
  • 4:15 why play on a 60hz monitor with all that nice crap seems like your underselling yourself in the monitor department

  • i want to be in setup wars let me enter bro

    Hydra SquadHydra SquadMåned siden
  • julians is honestly the best

    Rig1dRig1dMåned siden

    Theone WolfTheone WolfMåned siden
  • Just got a new gaming setup I love this sieryes

    TheSWEATYbot5TheSWEATYbot5Måned siden
  • My setup is trash

    Natalie OrdNatalie OrdMåned siden
  • Justin wtf 13 I don’t wanna sound jealous (I am) but WTF blue yeti Logitech kbm 144hz 1440p ALL CONSOLES and a 4K TV

    ExaloExaloMåned siden
    • Oh yeah and a 1500$ pc LMFAO

      ExaloExaloMåned siden
  • You always got good music your videos . anybody know the sources ?

    PACmanDROPACmanDROMåned siden
  • Julian's cables simply do not exist

    Isaiah LandersIsaiah LandersMåned siden
  • Imagine...

    Ryzen FanboiRyzen FanboiMåned siden
  • i love to watch things i can't afford

    Arhaan DesaiArhaan DesaiMåned siden
  • My Parents are Indians and Im so unlucky. I have been longing for a pc for past 5 years, and be a youtuber, but they think it gives nothing and i should study rather playing games, they erased all my games from my crap laptop, and i have a crap ps3 too, i wanted a ps5 but they will buy it but after its price goes down, which is even more crap, ugh, im so unlucky.

    Rian SamRian SamMåned siden
  • Imagine thinking your setup decent and the your not even worthy of setup wars

    firėfirėMåned siden
  • Waitn for the potato edition

    Dragnify MCDragnify MCMåned siden
  • i think jordan has the best setup( i wish i would have such a cool setup caus i dont have one)

    Icecream TrooperIcecream TrooperMåned siden
  • 👁👄👁 me wishing I add setup up like this

    Tree5ninTree5ninMåned siden
  • I compare these amazing PC setups to my setup and then I start wishing I had one of these gaming setups😅

    ZurcYTZurcYTMåned siden
  • Sadly got my appeal application for the discord server declined, I will wait 2 years to join again maybe.

    Skirmish PlayzSkirmish PlayzMåned siden
  • me over here with my gtx 970 and 2600x at 14 while hes out here with triple monitors goxlr and a decked out pc :

    Turtle CubingTurtle CubingMåned siden
  • are the windows keys good? i plan on building a pc and i was wondering if it would have a catch or something

    Renato de LeonRenato de LeonMåned siden
  • do you wont to go in serbia and make my set up???🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

    Aleksa StAleksa StMåned siden
  • Is there a category for budget builds?

    Kyle CerffKyle CerffMåned siden
  • TBH Kaidan cheaped out on the monitors considering he has such a powerful pc. Get a smaller high refresh rate monitor rather than such a large 60hz one

    anonymous 69.420anonymous 69.420Måned siden
  • That’s what i call Daddy’s money

    Elias BaseviElias BaseviMåned siden
  • He should use s more hype music the first song almoet made me fall asleeep during class

    Guy BuddyGuy BuddyMåned siden
  • Jordan

    jassim althanijassim althaniMåned siden
  • i am 23 years old but I only have i3 8100 bro

    Muh.Arief PrabowoMuh.Arief PrabowoMåned siden
  • meanwhile i am 20 years old and my 13 year old laptop died last week and the only gaming machine i have is a ps2 and my 3 year old xiaomi redmi note 4 smartphone

    padelis tsavalospadelis tsavalosMåned siden
  • u have chosen to look at the comments very unpleasant and many cry child that are crying and also lying ab their age

    CyberneticCyberneticMåned siden
  • I love the mousepad of karl

    Der Youtube nutzende BossDer Youtube nutzende BossMåned siden
  • Still can’t believe a 13 year old has a crazy PC setup, an Xbox and a PS4... smh I’m 14 and I have a TV, PS4, and controller... and I had to work and save up for everything... while these kids are getting everything handed to them

    RhenRhenMåned siden
  • Karl setup osm 🔥🔥

    Vaja RakeshVaja RakeshMåned siden
  • Thanks for the upload.

    TechWolf CaveTechWolf CaveMåned siden
  • Why do i get a feeling kids in USA are super spoilt xD

    STRSTRMåned siden
  • How can these kids have setups that most grownups don't even have (or can't afford to)? PD: It's funny too, how every single teenager in these videos does either, editing, streaming, or something more professional.

    Manu FraucaManu FraucaMåned siden
  • hey ed what songs do u use in these, id like to know their names

    Isaac KlingerIsaac KlingerMåned siden
  • On your fucking discord you hired editors but still 2 videos a week.

    Rion ScottRion ScottMåned siden
  • I'm saving up for my own Dual Monitor Setup. It's gonna be used for Coding, Streaming, Schoolwork, Video Editing, Running a minecraft server and Gaming. I hope I can get a Ryzen 5600x and a RTX 3070 in around a year. As for accessories, I already have headphones, and it will use a full steel series accessories. Apex pro TKL, Sensei 10, and a rgb mousemat

    Ender Craft7393Ender Craft7393Måned siden
    • @Ender Craft7393 i am so sorry no I don’t

      no oneno oneMåned siden
    • @no one Thanks. Do you have any suggestions for a motherboard

      Ender Craft7393Ender Craft7393Måned siden
    • It’s good that you have what you want in your mind! Good luck with your build! 😃

      no oneno oneMåned siden
  • ur telling me that the kid who is 13 have that setup while I'm 13 and only have a normal desktop

    yahyayahyaMåned siden
  • Mi favorita ser up os jordan

  • love from pakistan

    NIGHT mareNIGHT mareMåned siden
  • When the kids audio setup alone would pay your rent for half the year

    Paddy GunPaddy GunMåned siden
  • I feel poor

    Sub to me Or I will take your cookiesSub to me Or I will take your cookiesMåned siden
  • Man I can't wait to get my room all painted and my custom desk built. Right now it's the same color etc I had when I moved in there like 11 years ago from sharing a room with my brother. Past due time to change it since I'm now 21 lol. Modernize it some too And my current desk is a teacher style that my great grandfather built for my mom when she was younger. It's a bit to cramped with my new PC on it now.

    Ryley WRyley WMåned siden
  • When a 14 years old kid have a better setup than me a 28 years old dude lol

    SeireiARTSeireiARTMåned siden
  • Jordan, 14 bruh this dude has a $700 Microphone?

    AlantczzAlantczzMåned siden
  • My setup is a desk from staples and a chrome book my school gave me. It’s not much but it’s mine 🙂(😔)

    RHYNO13RHYNO13Måned siden
  • An alle Deutschen: Moin Leude Trymacs hier

    SyroxSyroxMåned siden
  • Kaidan

    Spyrostats 17Spyrostats 17Måned siden
  • I love Karl's „Moin Leude Trymacs hier“ mousepad

    LeonautenTVLeonautenTVMåned siden
  • That setups cost more than my house :(

    MithiczzzMithiczzzMåned siden
  • Been watching all the setup episodes and I keep getting inspired more and more to build my own pc and set it up as soon as I save enough money from working.

    Salim LimSalim LimMåned siden
  • please stop doing setup montaging, they are bad, I get excited that you posted, but then see its just a lame montage.

  • I think including the age is unnecessary. Hate for no reason

    d0vvNd0vvNMåned siden
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 can't even see Justin's setup he has 100 times better pc than me in his 13 but me in 17☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

    MutTonStiCks #1MutTonStiCks #1Måned siden
  • can you do a video based on the best 1,000 dollar prebuilt pc? Please and thank you

    Rafael ZoraRafael ZoraMåned siden
  • just remowed my like. its boring when you dont talk man.

    TopLane A.L.TopLane A.L.Måned siden
  • Karl and Julian have the only reasonable setups, all of these other kids definitely had daddys money on hand. There is no way a 13 year old can afford a a r7 3700x and an RTX 2070, a 4k tv, and an 1440p ultrawide.

    Stale SteakStale SteakMåned siden
  • I wish I have new pc

    Lewis yk7Lewis yk7Måned siden
  • I don’t really have a good setup, I mean I have a good computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse etc But the way it’s on my desk doesn’t look as good with all my schoolwork there

    MrPoggsRobloxMrPoggsRobloxMåned siden
  • imagine getting windows. could be me

    TurntTurntMåned siden
  • Im 14 and i cant even afford those stuff wtf

    Immortal BananaImmortal BananaMåned siden
  • When is the seal of approval edition coming you have send a lot of seal of approvals

    moreorless promoreorless proMåned siden
  • Discord ping is always behind like 30 minutes

    FootballmanFootballmanMåned siden
  • Woah, I did not not know TechSource was in the video above. Guys check that link out.

    Radhika PRadhika PMåned siden
  • Imagine using gtx1080 in 2020😂😂😂👍👍

    RKadeRKadeMåned siden
  • Karl for sure. It's super minimalistic and budget and that alone deserves recognition.

    codfish gamingcodfish gamingMåned siden
  • Jealous

    SniXツSniXツMåned siden
  • 3:20 „Moin Leude Trymacs hier“ Wo sind die Deutschen? 🇩🇪

    KonradinKonradinMåned siden
  • Heya @TechSource! Just wondering, where is episode 35? can't find it in the playlist, or is this one the acctuall 35?

    Olle JohanssonOlle JohanssonMåned siden
    • ​@TechSource Super! Yes i found it earlier, just that i couldn't find it within the playlist for 'setup montage'. -Great content! Keep the great work up :)

      Olle JohanssonOlle JohanssonMåned siden
    • It's still up:

      TechSourceTechSourceMåned siden
  • *logitech*

    _ INFXNITE__ INFXNITE_Måned siden
  • Hi I am fan of your from philippines I hope you can my brother with sciatica disease ( spinal chord problem😔 #HELPME #TECHSOURCE

    Strygwayr PlaysStrygwayr PlaysMåned siden
  • I know i can't afford so rich setup but wacthing setup give me satisfaction 🙂

    Iftekhar GamingIftekhar GamingMåned siden
  • why are some worst setup vids deleted someone plz tell me

    Rift ElectroRift ElectroMåned siden
  • hey ed love ur content I have a question I have the b550m steel legend, corsair vengeance pro RGB, r7 3700x, t force delta max SSD, and nzxt h400i and I would like to ask u about is there any way to RGB sync them all I will appreciate your response

    7r-q7r-qMåned siden
  • This dude 13 and he got a whole office

    mj61 mjmj61 mjMåned siden
  • I liked the old style where everything was explained not just showed. This way its too boring.

    Umair JailaniUmair JailaniMåned siden
    • Hey bud, you got it mixed up. There are two different shows. Setup Wars (commentary) and Setup Montage (No commentary)... Hereby the Setup Wars playlist:

      TechSourceTechSourceMåned siden
  • The second setup deserves to be on setup wars

    Unkwn DragonFireUnkwn DragonFireMåned siden
  • Damn which i get a set up makeover but love your content keep it up

    Hyper CrusysHyper CrusysMåned siden
  • Jordan

    YokuomsYokuomsMåned siden
  • When your 11 and have better setup than these kids😂

    DragonBallZguy 6969DragonBallZguy 6969Måned siden
    • ShureSM7B? Peasant

      DragonBallZguy 6969DragonBallZguy 6969Måned siden
  • Julian's is a nice clean setup, easy win!

    Chaz EvansdaleChaz EvansdaleMåned siden
  • The first setup's music was so chill and it was perfect for me to relax in warm cloth in winter

    TahmidTameem TalukderTahmidTameem TalukderMåned siden
  • Julians was really cool and clean

    N0Sm1te OwN0Sm1te OwMåned siden
  • Julian

    zerofinityzerofinityMåned siden
  • With age comes cable management skill 😂 hence proved having setup won't make you a better player 😜

    Anukul BhatraAnukul BhatraMåned siden
  • 13 year old with a setup like that 🤣 rich ass parents and yes... I'm jealous as hell. I didnt even have wifi or a working flip phone at that time :/

    lab galaxylab galaxyMåned siden
    • They might have really rich parents but I’m 12 I’m poor as hell and I’m doing lawn work and babysitting for what I want ps: I’m jealous to

      SpixkenSpixkenMåned siden
  • I feel like selling my kidneys and buying a set up for my self when watching these montages F

    WHAT TO DOWHAT TO DOMåned siden
    • Same

      AkkoAkkoMåned siden
    • sameee

      xoifxoifMåned siden