Setup Montage - Episode 32

19. sep.. 2020
125 252 Ganger

Setup Montage is a show just about setups with chill background music, no commentary. So grab your coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy.
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  • is urcdkey fake??

    Live with JDLive with JDMåned siden
  • Cooper for me,its kinda cozy and pc build looks nice

    Axtrem1sAxtrem1sMåned siden
  • Has anyone bought that cheap windows does it real or nah

    Brennan •Brennan •Måned siden
  • Not to sound dumb but what is a Microsoft Windows 10 pro OEM CD KEY GLOBAL and where do you buy it 😂😅😅

    Tbh idkTbh idkMåned siden
  • Some of those setups cost more then my house lol

    wolfgamer4399wolfgamer4399Måned siden
  • 0:21 name of the song please ?

    wojciech kanclerzwojciech kanclerz2 måneder siden
  • Like this vibe.

    Zeh ZahlZeh Zahl2 måneder siden
  • I just got banned for saying drugs on discord lol

    Hello HelloHello Hello2 måneder siden
  • Are keys from the link in the desc real/safe?

    Connor BurbineConnor Burbine2 måneder siden

    Conner FlemingConner Fleming2 måneder siden
  • Ultimate flex

    GeoxleGeoxle2 måneder siden
  • Definetely cooper imo. this guy is awesome thanks Tech Source

    Jacob DunfordJacob Dunford2 måneder siden
  • Wait so you’re saying I can get windows 10 for $14 instead of 100??

    MirakALMirakAL2 måneder siden
  • Spooky scary

    Tomf5700Tomf57002 måneder siden
  • Hello. @TechSource I want to share my Poor Stream Setup. How to send photo to you??????

    SezN YTSezN YT2 måneder siden
  • 556th triggered

    edge gamezedge gamez2 måneder siden
  • My setup : Pc 10900k Rtx 2080 ti (saving money for rtx 3080) 64gb ram 2×32 6tb hdd Mini itx motherboard z490 asus 750w psu Lian li mini itx case Lg ultragear 38 inch Ducky one 2 mini Glorius model d Senheisser hd600 Blue yeti mic Razer glothius extended Edifier speakers Imac 2013 Im more of a multitasker

    Dub StepDub Step2 måneder siden
  • I'm the 100k view🙃

    AshrafAshraf2 måneder siden
  • around 2 gs to let this man show your desk setup to 98,00 people lol gotta love the future

    prepareforflightprepareforflight2 måneder siden
  • only two person has different mouse other than Logitech G502

    its AnAtHoN STARits AnAtHoN STAR2 måneder siden
  • Is the $15 windows key legit?

    Your areYour are2 måneder siden
  • no

    _L0R3__L0R3_2 måneder siden
  • You should make other videos but making the best pc build for the specific price

    Chuyy ѰChuyy Ѱ2 måneder siden
  • "Only people who didn't come from tiktok are worthy of liking this"

    HotBistroGamingHotBistroGaming2 måneder siden

    NicsontopNicsontop2 måneder siden
  • Nice video you have a new subscriber

    Elvis OfosuElvis Ofosu2 måneder siden
  • Claim your here before 600 subscribers ticket

    Mijn hoofd is een drolMijn hoofd is een drol2 måneder siden
    • Sorry i mean reacties

      Mijn hoofd is een drolMijn hoofd is een drol2 måneder siden
  • 1:52 That headset stand is made out of legos, and actually looks quite nice

    MetallicMetallic2 måneder siden
  • Bro what specs are best gaming and streaming pc for $1340 By the love your pc builds and setup wars

    I_AM_BOTI_AM_BOT2 måneder siden
  • hey, so im 13 and i want to get a gaming pc. i dunno if i should get a prebuilt but pls can u give me some ideas for a good beginner pc and also an alright monitor under £100 pls. just wanna get a gaming pc but i dont wanna go full out in my first one. thanks

    Hooked_ storiesHooked_ stories2 måneder siden
  • Shout out to #nedkelly82

    nedkelly82nedkelly822 måneder siden
  • Lol there's 69 disliks

    nedkelly82nedkelly822 måneder siden
  • If i had the money, this would be easy ngl

    Franz Joshua AmandeFranz Joshua Amande2 måneder siden
  • Plz help me

    Anand dhankharAnand dhankhar2 måneder siden
  • i need help, im getting an intel cpu and an rtx 3000 series card but there isn't any motherboards for intel gen 9 that supports pcie gen 4, and i dont know if intel motherboards need that.

    Xd TictacXd Tictac2 måneder siden
  • I love Red and black

    JD playzJD playz2 måneder siden
  • My favourite was definitely connor

    JD playzJD playz2 måneder siden
  • When the big red v4 video is out

    Dafder DDafder D2 måneder siden
  • Feels weird not hearing Ed's voice

    ApostolizeApostolize2 måneder siden
  • Can I have one of ur 1000000 pcs please i want to start gaming on pc but can’t afford life’s on edge right now

    Orikle Kiwi097Orikle Kiwi0972 måneder siden
  • Edgar, I sent two emails to you with addresses I was able to find online. I desperately need your assistance, your help, your guidance....can you please get back to me. I'm looking to explore and create a game set up for my son and don't know how to go about it.

    jai phillipsjai phillips2 måneder siden
  • Cuh lean setups bro keep it up!

    s1m_css1m_cs2 måneder siden
  • Dan

    a p e xa p e x2 måneder siden
  • guys look its like the verges little brother

    KlyitoKlyito2 måneder siden
    • its not rick roll trust me

      KlyitoKlyito2 måneder siden

    liezliez2 måneder siden
  • So, my headset broke(Logitech g432), so what should I buy next?

    SxkhSxkh2 måneder siden
  • Ed please make more worst setup videos please

    Oscar BricenoOscar Briceno2 måneder siden

    xSwiftyxSwifty2 måneder siden
  • I like Cooper's setup, the color combination on the keyboard looks nice too

    Ryley WRyley W2 måneder siden
  • what case fans are those clayton using?

    A ChannelA Channel2 måneder siden
  • I play on kbm in console and I’m not aloud to buy a pc is there any chance u could give me one if u answer u will probably say no but I’m just hoping for the best

    Claire WilkinsonClaire Wilkinson2 måneder siden
  • this man has an x570 buy not at least a 1060 come on man thats just sad 2:04

    WJRWJR2 måneder siden
  • Milk is Gay. Like if you agree.

    Default SkinDefault Skin2 måneder siden
  • The thing is about these setups is that most of these aren’t really meant for gaming. More of like an antique in your house or smth

    Ben RiegelBen Riegel2 måneder siden
  • All these g502 users, you love to see it.

    Stefan CzyżewskiStefan Czyżewski2 måneder siden
  • I’ve been wanting a pc for 2 years thats 800 or less what do you recommend?

    PithiPithi2 måneder siden
  • Cpmtemts

    Ahmer AkhlaqueAhmer Akhlaque2 måneder siden
  • Yikes that first guy was daisy-chaining extension leads to power a space heater, not a good idea...

    EnmattEnmatt2 måneder siden
  • I think Cooper's is the best this time. I would have picked Connor, but they disqualified themselves by using their desktop as a file folder. smh.

    Chaz EvansdaleChaz Evansdale2 måneder siden
  • When I do click on your videos, I have this feeling that I am going to watch something wonderful. Thanks

    Paschim Bhaskar Nagar DispurPaschim Bhaskar Nagar Dispur2 måneder siden
  • Dan wins

    Sam WorkmanSam Workman2 måneder siden
  • 2:05 a ryzen 5 3600 with a gtx 960? Really? Poor ryzen

    Elias EisenrsuchElias Eisenrsuch2 måneder siden
  • Jbl charge 3, no 4

    ChreňoChreňo2 måneder siden
  • 20% of ppl watching these have no Gaming Pc including me

    Kent Froilan JandocKent Froilan Jandoc2 måneder siden
  • Welcome to another episode of me seeing rich folks show off their setups.

    Joshua PintoJoshua Pinto2 måneder siden
  • Damn if I only have a beautiful pc like that HAHAHAHA I would be the most happiest and grateful person in dis world hahaha

    Sean RayvenSean Rayven2 måneder siden
  • Pleas give me a gaming PC 😥😥😥😥😥😥😓😥😥😓😓😥😥😥😥

  • Dan

    Delcio DienDelcio Dien2 måneder siden
  • Hey Techsource I love your videos! I am in desperate need of a new setup. I have been asking for a pc for years but never got one. I can show u pictures of my setup to show I’m not a filip. you can come interview me too. Make sure u keep uploading . From your biggest fan Coen

    Ishie is bad FNIshie is bad FN2 måneder siden
    • Boredkiddy RL cause I like all his videos

      Ishie is bad FNIshie is bad FN2 måneder siden
    • How do you know ur his biggest fan

      Boredkiddy RLBoredkiddy RL2 måneder siden
  • Ed, please check your instagram dm's from Yakuza_moosh, it's is regarding a problem within your discord.

    MooshMoosh2 måneder siden
  • It is good

    Mohib Rashael07Mohib Rashael072 måneder siden
  • If I make a setup montage it's will be like it's my laptop and my mouse and my table finish

    AlegnorAlegnor2 måneder siden
  • I’m surprised nobody uses custom keyboards

    KieranKieran2 måneder siden
  • 5:17 this guys not subbed I see the red button

    67’ C1067’ C102 måneder siden
    • 67’ C10 that’s twitch dumbass

      Boredkiddy RLBoredkiddy RL2 måneder siden
  • 2:08 I didnt know that Ryzen R5 3600 was a thing... lol hahahaha

    Pavle MišićPavle Mišić2 måneder siden
  • And i like your all Videos everyday

    zqmouzqmou2 måneder siden
  • if so this is my address i live in mainz germany josefstraße 42 please give you a pc i will do everything for it

    zqmouzqmou2 måneder siden
  • Can you please gift to me a pc my ps4 is broken and my mom dasent will buy for my are neu ps4

    zqmouzqmou2 måneder siden
  • HEY!!!!!! im buliding a pc for the first time, and my qled for boot stays on with no display. ive looked up fourms stilll cant figurte it out, i would apperciate any help any one could give.

    Joseph RuizJoseph Ruiz2 måneder siden
  • Techsource can you make me a gaming pc because i might stream and i really need a gaming pc for streaming.

    gusto Italian Restaurantgusto Italian Restaurant2 måneder siden
  • This channel is im not gonna say it

    RaZe JayRaZe Jay2 måneder siden
  • Setupwars

    RaZe JayRaZe Jay2 måneder siden
  • This is basically setup wars but with music

    AGC KidAGC Kid2 måneder siden
  • Cpu gaming free please me

    Tin tinTin tin2 måneder siden
  • cooper

    Brian PirasBrian Piras2 måneder siden
  • dan you have some odd preferences fps players (when they saw that cooper has more space on left of is keyboard than right): *TRIGGERED* no offence

    ARNAV 29ARNAV 292 måneder siden
  • Man i wish i could build a pc i live in egypt if i try to get any pc parts i will have to pay a fortune man its kinda sad😂

    thegaintnoob brothegaintnoob bro2 måneder siden
  • Crazy how I got banned from the discord over a simple argument. I have been helping people for so many months in that discord.. Michael can't handle this

    GemxBeatzGemxBeatz2 måneder siden
  • Keep doing this awesome work 👍

    Py_ThrustPy_Thrust2 måneder siden
  • What is Charlie’s case can someone tell me I am needing a new one Badly and that case look sick

    MirageMirage2 måneder siden
  • Insane setup but MacBook from 2011?????!!!!!!!

    Z BoyZ Boy2 måneder siden
  • This is some expensive birth control

    BaxterBaxter2 måneder siden
  • Hi ed love your vids and the setup wars

    MatthiasMatthias2 måneder siden
  • Hey ed can you hook me up with a pc for my birthday i font even have a settup monitor or anything to play video games on since we got robbed last month and they whiped us out

    Breh if i comment your unfunny Very mutchBreh if i comment your unfunny Very mutch2 måneder siden
  • connor

    Aditya Chouhan VI-DAditya Chouhan VI-D2 måneder siden
  • Why no setup wars 😞

    MCMC2 måneder siden
  • Am here if you want an Arabic translater 🙂

    FaisalFaisal2 måneder siden
  • These videos are so awesome, and so are these setups, a lot of time is put into both. And it’s so cool to be able to come and watch such high quality videos, such as these, when I’m bored or stressed

    Caleb GreenfieldCaleb Greenfield2 måneder siden
  • instant gaming, 8$ windows key, do not pay more than that

    Chuck NorrisChuck Norris2 måneder siden
  • Cooper just cuz he's rockin' the Spyderco PM3 knife (~_~)_\Yeet~Yeet

    TONY.3KTONY.3K2 måneder siden