Setup Montage - Episode 26

8. aug.. 2020
180 183 Ganger

Setup Montage is a show just about setups with chill background music, no commentary. So grab your coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy.
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  • I hope i have PC :"(

    BaBoNsBaBoNs3 dager siden
  • 2:20 beat name please

    Immortal FruitImmortal Fruit2 måneder siden
  • Song for the first one?

    ZackismileZackismile2 måneder siden
  • this is my broke setup :-)

    Rancey BancyRancey Bancy2 måneder siden
  • Hello guys if you can help me that would be great . So i have an all black and red / chair / mouse / headset and some other things but my pc case came with the fan itself and they were blue i couldnt afford any better case so could i somehow change the color of them to red without buying new ones i think only the fans have rgb . THANKS !

    Sadik XhekajSadik Xhekaj3 måneder siden
  • Hey bro, I liked & subscribed your channel. Can you tell me the approximate cost of this full setup including table and chair in India?

    Ritam DasRitam Das3 måneder siden
  • I want u to talk

    Zahidul IslamZahidul Islam3 måneder siden
  • if I hopefully win a pc budle giveaway worth 5000 I have a setup plan that I can then buy because right now im broke and I can't buy it. Then im going to go into setup wars and post

    ThatOneKidThatOneKid3 måneder siden
  • People under 18 y old bought their setups without their parents help

    BlueKnightBlueKnight3 måneder siden
  • He’s fake real one is techsource not techsourc

    Shadow_XShadow_X3 måneder siden
  • i like brandon`s setup

    FantusFantus3 måneder siden
  • name of the last song?

    pavlidinhopavlidinho3 måneder siden
  • How to join this?

    Browny the gamerBrowny the gamer3 måneder siden
  • When a 12 year old's setup is much cleaner than yours

    SiphusSiphus3 måneder siden
  • NOworld recommended me, I loved it

    Miss MilyMiss Mily3 måneder siden
  • Firstttt

    Jenya BawaJenya Bawa3 måneder siden
  • HOW MUCH?????

    Evan ButlerEvan Butler3 måneder siden
  • I was laughing like a maniac when I saw that a 21 year old used his setup for *browsing and gaming*

  • Do you select these setups for the montage from the setupwars submissions or do you have a different email people send them to?

    Owen ROwen R3 måneder siden
  • Russ is 12 with a gaming setup like THAT? Either he’s rich or he’s not 12. 2:58

    totallynotwilltotallynotwill3 måneder siden
  • I would really want an upgrade currently I have been playing on a Xbox with a router connecting to my keyboard and mouse I want a pc and a monitor

    Will FreedingWill Freeding3 måneder siden
  • damn a 32 GB of Ram just for "Browsing"

    CH GAMERCH GAMER3 måneder siden
  • Can you make a review on the LG UltraGear 24GL600F-B it's a 144HZ 1MS mointor for $180.

    1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos?1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos?3 måneder siden
  • How can i send my own setup?

    Esketit EzenEsketit Ezen3 måneder siden
  • I’m getting a really good gaming setup this Christmas (i910900k 2080ti founders edition) and finishing it next year. I’m only 12 right now but will be 14 when it’s finished. It comes out to around 7k in total with the most expensive things being the i9, 2080ti, and htc vive

    Snipe _ZSnipe _Z3 måneder siden
    • @Snipe _Z no prob😁

      BensterBenster3 måneder siden
    • Benster ok I’ll probably do that thanks!

      Snipe _ZSnipe _Z3 måneder siden
    • @Snipe _Z i would go for a 3080 becouse its not that expensive and has the same amount/ more power than the Ti

      BensterBenster3 måneder siden
    • Benster true but I’m already stretching my budget for the 2080 ti. If the prices aren’t too bad I might look into it near Christmas (Black Friday/cyber monday)

      Snipe _ZSnipe _Z3 måneder siden
    • @Snipe _Z i know but only a little bit... i would choose performance over low price. I would take the 3080 because its new and will the the newest model for 2 years like the 2080

      BensterBenster3 måneder siden
  • imagine having that good of a setup at the age of 12.

    FranesoFraneso3 måneder siden
  • Good Setup

    Only U CambodiaOnly U Cambodia3 måneder siden
  • did anyone buy the cd key and if so did it work?

    DezMoneyGamingDezMoneyGaming3 måneder siden
    • yeah it works

      BensterBenster3 måneder siden

    Yuvraj Sharma_AizenYuvraj Sharma_Aizen3 måneder siden
  • wow

    Clutchy ClanClutchy Clan3 måneder siden
  • Sound 1:13 pls!

    Thiên Bão DươngThiên Bão Dương3 måneder siden
  • This has given me the inspiration and to build a setup. But instead of buying parts I steal them. Subscribe to my channel for actual film of me committing the crime. Lmao

    Thomas MartinezThomas Martinez3 måneder siden

    Mian FeezanMian Feezan3 måneder siden
  • Ed whens Set Up Wars EDD edition coming out?

    Get Like MeGet Like Me3 måneder siden
  • I like Harry’s

    ScoobacajScoobacaj3 måneder siden
  • Just got positive for COVID-19 and i live in a country where we are handleing it the best ggs man

    DeadManTMDeadManTM3 måneder siden
  • imagine actually stealing that

    CookieGaming395CookieGaming3953 måneder siden
  • What a shame that all these kids at 12 and 14 have so much better PC than me at 21. Spoiled kids who will never know what hard work is. SMH. *Cries in R3 1200 and GTX 680.

    Fabio AlexFabio Alex3 måneder siden
  • When I see people you build brand new setups I'm happy for them but makes me realize how much mine is a

    ScissrsesScissrses3 måneder siden
  • So is no one gonna talk about that one build with a ryzen 7 and a 1050ti? He literally could of bought a ryzen 5 2600 and a better gpu. I get that you need a good cpu for photo editing but most ryzen 5+ cpu are good enough for those kinds of tasks.

    ObstoneObstone3 måneder siden
  • i dont even have a gaming setup :( i cant afford one

    AxdElfxAxdElfx3 måneder siden
  • Me taking my baseline laptop to school knowing damn well a 12yo has a gaming setup that costs more than my bedroom: 🤡

    Taro KamaraTaro Kamara3 måneder siden
  • /roast my setup edition

    slazerz endzslazerz endz3 måneder siden
  • Now ive got 1000€ to buy a PC and monitor! Is anybody even reading my comments?

    Eelis KokkonenEelis Kokkonen3 måneder siden
    • i would wait until you have more money for a better pc

      BensterBenster3 måneder siden
  • i wish i had a gaming pc😔

    FakeFake3 måneder siden
  • I need a setup but ofc they had to ruin tithe season so I can’t have a chance of gettin a pc and I’ve been entering for so long and not bein able to win BUT there’s probably more people out there who want it more than me

    Fn. JacksonFn. Jackson3 måneder siden
  • I wish I could get a free pc for my setup because I can't afford it😣

    Mr SaltyMr Salty3 måneder siden
    • how old are you?

      Assaf Cohen GoodesAssaf Cohen Goodes3 måneder siden
  • Another episode of I can't afford

    WHOISRYANWHOISRYAN3 måneder siden
  • Why is his homework setup better than my gaming setup?

    SamsNotSansSamsNotSans3 måneder siden
  • When is part 2 of the tiny water cooled pc?

    MatologMatolog3 måneder siden
  • I wish I had a good set up

    welxs交welxs交3 måneder siden
  • i would like to submit my setup when i get my new gears

    MGC PlayzMGC Playz3 måneder siden
  • I hope you can read this

  • tech sourece ako po ay supporter niyo kasi po ang ganda nang pc set up montage sana po matulungan nyo ako kahit po budget gaming pc for streaming and online classes from philiphines Godbless and more power

  • Hello i just started to wach you and soon i will have a nice seup and i would like to join setup wars and yea peace

    Mark MoorheadMark Moorhead3 måneder siden
  • How do we send in our setup to be featured?

    Jayy IJayy I3 måneder siden
  • Benster is better than others.

    JinerykalJinerykal3 måneder siden
    • Thank you

      BensterBenster3 måneder siden
  • wtf? only 3 setups..

    Odor BeliomOdor Beliom3 måneder siden
    • @Odor Beliom no he is showing everyone. JUST OPEN YOUR EYES

      BensterBenster3 måneder siden
    • @Benster your right boy. but only 3 shown at the sumary in the end. whats up with that?

      Odor BeliomOdor Beliom3 måneder siden
    • thats 5 but ok... i would go to a Doctor to check on your Vision

      BensterBenster3 måneder siden
  • Please we want a build

    Om singh 10 cOm singh 10 c3 måneder siden
  • r 3300x Msi GTX 1650 gaming x Msi b550 moter WiFi

    Om singh 10 cOm singh 10 c3 måneder siden
  • like srlsy :(

    tysonprrylovesmariotysonprrylovesmario3 måneder siden
  • somone banned me from the discord server for saying that "im 11" when im litterly 13 :(

    tysonprrylovesmariotysonprrylovesmario3 måneder siden
    • @kaan. sure buddy

      tysonprrylovesmariotysonprrylovesmario3 måneder siden
    • Its obvious you aren't

      kaan.kaan.3 måneder siden
  • Hey love the video. Can anyone tell me if I can clock my ram to 3600mhz? My build b450 fatality. Ryzen 3600. Gtx 1660.

    superfanaticfulsuperfanaticful3 måneder siden
  • I have a new pc but when I play my pc make some loud noise how can I fix it pls tel me

    Aleksey popovAleksey popov3 måneder siden
  • Can you build me a setup

    SpinksSpinks3 måneder siden
  • How many likes on tik tok for you to build me my first pc

    Aryon FisherAryon Fisher3 måneder siden
  • I got banned a few days ago from the discord bc I sent a pinching hand emoji, can I get unbanned my discord is *nerk**#7840*

    nerqqsnerqqs3 måneder siden
  • Im still mad about that guy that sold his pc that tech source gave him lowky ungrateful , it annoys me that console players would have done anything for a pc like that and he just sold it like it was nothing

    RaanqzRaanqz3 måneder siden
  • Ed The Type Of Person To Cable Manage The Wires In His House And Overclock His Air Conditioning

    Shadow VRXShadow VRX3 måneder siden
    • Fr tho😂😂😂

      Fat lizzard trickshotsFat lizzard trickshots3 måneder siden
  • hey can u make a new $1000 pc guide or would u still recommen the parts you used in the last one?

    ClapAUClapAU3 måneder siden
  • Why don’t you speak anymore

    Emily AspenEmily Aspen3 måneder siden
  • damn it bro, I want a pc, I'm a fortnite youtuber who plays on a phone but connects a playstation controller to it

    rysky _rysky _3 måneder siden
  • Just recently built my pc however my case did not come with the 2.0 port to connect to my motherboard can this effect the hdmi port display ?

    Brandon_kayBrandon_kay3 måneder siden
  • hi like ur content keep up the good work mate ❤❤❤❤❤❤💚💚💚💚💚💚❤❤❤❤

    NickAzza1NickAzza13 måneder siden
  • Is that windows 10 key real?

    Allen25NguyenAllen25Nguyen3 måneder siden
  • Are those windows 10 keys legit? Cuz I actually need one

    Nautical HelixNautical Helix3 måneder siden
    • Yup

      RaanqzRaanqz3 måneder siden
  • When are u making ur own keyboard

    Luke YunnLuke Yunn3 måneder siden
  • My dream is to upgrade my setup. I Can Almost not play fortnite its so laggy and the sound is terrible i hope one day My dream come true. Live in norway 🇳🇴❤️

    SnacSnac3 måneder siden
  • ok am i missing something im 12 i have a good enough setup i have an i3 9100f rx 570 and like a 250 gb ssd with 1tb hdd how the hell does a 12 year old have an i5 and a 1660 like who is so rich they payin him that much for his photo editing when hes 12 i get like 15 dollars a month like what the actual fuck

    Zackery817Zackery8173 måneder siden
  • Wait am I the only one that realizes that half of these would’ve been perfect for setup wars budget edition?

    Homer SimpsonHomer Simpson3 måneder siden
  • I was doing commentary on the video in my mind

    Abo RMAAbo RMA3 måneder siden
  • why do i watch things i cant afford

    Aydin VahdatAydin Vahdat3 måneder siden
  • Gaming setup for ‘homework’

    SynamoSynamo3 måneder siden
  • Brandon has my EXACT same build 😳

    Travis StoiaTravis Stoia3 måneder siden
  • The first ones mccreamy

    JusticeJustice3 måneder siden
  • I really liked Brandon’s

    Greenosaurus 1181Greenosaurus 11813 måneder siden
  • You should do a series based on console setups for a while that would be quite sick cant lie

    Klimax kmKlimax km3 måneder siden

    treyson turnertreyson turner3 måneder siden
  • 1:51 "Cooler unspecified" Yep. Definitely not the AMD stock cooler.

    Eldrin Covers 2k16Eldrin Covers 2k163 måneder siden
  • hey tech i would like to some day have a setup makeover done to my setup because i have a nintendo switch, i play on a tv on my dresser and i have a dining room chair as my "gaming chair" and i want to give my nintendo switch to my little brother because he always wants to play mario kart and fortnite so i want to give i to him. I also want to start doing my school work on computer.

    treyson turnertreyson turner3 måneder siden
  • 4:01 could someone please tell me what keycaps are they?

    AdzioooAdziooo3 måneder siden
  • I play on a laptop that’s I’ve been using for 9 years

    PRO_GGRAM2DPRO_GGRAM2D3 måneder siden
  • Russ

    filippo baldifilippo baldi3 måneder siden
  • When’s the Minecraft setup coming out

    HoppsHopps3 måneder siden
  • Very very happy that someone is from NZ. My country

    FIreYFIreY3 måneder siden
  • Do you think you can make me a green pc under 900$? I'm not too good with tech but I really like to game. If you send me all the parts I could pay you if you want

    Jacob WildeJacob Wilde3 måneder siden
  • I'm tired of seeing your face, he makes videos like before assembling and you can speak at the same time, it is annoying to see your face and already see the computer assembled

    Manuel Benjamín ParedesManuel Benjamín Paredes3 måneder siden

    danish khan dkdanish khan dk3 måneder siden
  • When even the crooked and badly managed monitors (2:09) are worth more than your setup :C

    Noah JNoah J3 måneder siden
  • ow the music hurts so much in 2x

    goblingoblin3 måneder siden