Setup Montage - Episode 22

4. juli. 2020
207 997 Ganger

Setup Montage is a show just about setups with chill background music, no commentary. So grab your coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy.
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  • What's the music called

    Tae _Tae _2 måneder siden
  • Damn Frittz that’s one dusty, gross ass computer (2:47)

    bossboy killlabossboy killla3 måneder siden
  • Have you quit your fraudulent business?

    ster88ster884 måneder siden
  • What are those white ikea desks everyone uses?

    RaluskcsRaluskcs4 måneder siden
  • Cornell got the cleanest and best setup in my opinion

    KonradinKonradin4 måneder siden
  • whats the point of having 3 computer next to each other if your a kid just buy 1 big computer

    Artam GhotbiArtam Ghotbi4 måneder siden
  • I wish im the lucky one and i wish techsource pick me when he's overmaking other gaming pc,,because my setup is not that good for gaming😥

    ZNpATh GamingZNpATh Gaming4 måneder siden
  • In my opinion I think this is even better it's more calming, easy to make, and still shows off cool stuff and ideas for my setup as well 😄 great job Ed

    TheRealPhantom 677TheRealPhantom 6774 måneder siden
  • Keep up the good work man these montages are awesome.

  • Wassup tech I live in England after moving in with my dad and I’ve always wanted to have a good set up and be able to have the best of stuff because I want to go pro in FORTNITE but as recently my PS4 broke which I was using to practise, edit and and play on a daily so I have nothing to practise on now so I can’t really do much now I would really appreciate it if you took a look into my comment maybe had a conversation with me about it and I can send you some photos or somthing I hope you see this and have a good day everyone

    A1TeeA1Tee4 måneder siden
  • Cornell

    L1L N4H1RL1L N4H1R4 måneder siden
  • Who else watches this and setup wars for inspiration for there own setup?

    Leo hillLeo hill4 måneder siden
  • Can you unban me from the discord

    nathannathan4 måneder siden
  • What is the music being played during this video?

    James LewisJames Lewis4 måneder siden
  • Are you going to do a giveaway anytime soon and what do you do with the pc after you build them

    Connor plays gamesConnor plays games4 måneder siden
  • To get a seal of approval award you need to spend almost 5000 USD dollars for 120$ award weird flex but okay 😂

    DHEER DANGIDHEER DANGI4 måneder siden
  • Who else got disappointed about 2:45

    Mouse GamingMCMouse GamingMC4 måneder siden
  • Who else gets frustrated seeing the alex style desk in every setup but your trying to buy one and there all sold out because of this corona bullshit!

    freshlyunrealfreshlyunreal4 måneder siden
  • can you make me a setup

    ColtronColtron4 måneder siden
  • if you like RGB

    RGB StorageRGB Storage4 måneder siden
  • Dan s set up is my favourite

    anonymanonym4 måneder siden
  • My father will buy me a PC but only for roblox

    ExploitingcommandExploitingcommand4 måneder siden
  • Hey Ed did you get the name of the track from youna from the season 4 intro video? Please I really liked that and I want to know te name.

    Mayur GowdaMayur Gowda4 måneder siden
  • rip

    carmzcarmz4 måneder siden
  • The monitors are so misplaced for each setup. Not even leveled properly or aligned straight. I want to see a setup where it’s clean and every measurement is on point.the first one has his monitors all fucked up. The left one is sagging to the left so badly and it’s not even straighten aligned with the desk. I like the monitor placement though, way better than having a bezel in the middle of your Crosshair for FPS games

    Somting WongSomting Wong4 måneder siden
  • Hey can u help me with 100$ or something like this because I'm 16 i recently moved to another country (Italy) and my parents don't have enough money to give me to buy a pc , i usually don't like to ask for money but i really would like to have a new pc because I don't have many friends and the only way that i can interact with my old friends from Moldova is online LIKE TO MAKE TechSource see this comment pls.

    RecimRecim4 måneder siden
  • Hey, i’d like to know why i was banned from the discord server, i dont think i did anything wrong, but if i did, it would be appreciated if you told me what i did

    ReDevReDev4 måneder siden
  • Could you make another cable management tutorial. I looked down and my cables look like the snake scene from Indiana Jones

    Ian MillerIan Miller4 måneder siden
  • silas hat zu viel hardweardealz geschaut

    Mika DeusterMika Deuster4 måneder siden
  • i cant have my pc on my desk bc i will look at it all day

    hours of musichours of music4 måneder siden
  • Man I wish I could afford a gaming PC. I have always wanted one but I never have enough money. I was hoping you could give me a list of parts that I could ask for my birthday because I dont know a lot about computer. Please and Thank you!

    DooM clapzzDooM clapzz4 måneder siden
  • Sorry I didn’t see the montage part🤭

    WeetbixBoyWeetbixBoy4 måneder siden
  • In my opinion I don’t like how TechSource doesn’t speak in some Setup War videos like this so TechSource can see it

    WeetbixBoyWeetbixBoy4 måneder siden
  • man i wish i had a setup like that....

    BedwarsNoobBedwarsNoob4 måneder siden
  • Yeah but how do these people afford there setups? Any reccomendations???

    something Gamingsomething Gaming4 måneder siden
  • Zz

    stop pls okstop pls ok4 måneder siden
  • Zz

    stop pls okstop pls ok4 måneder siden
  • Zzz

    stop pls okstop pls ok4 måneder siden
  • Zzzzz

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    stop pls okstop pls ok4 måneder siden
  • When are u doing a setup make over in england

    Mr FishyyyMr Fishyyy4 måneder siden
  • Set up wars makes me interested even though i have no money to even afford cheap ones😅

    Dillian Kai FrammilaDillian Kai Frammila4 måneder siden
  • I’m about to start doing drugs if you don’t upload LEGO setup wars

    LunarDreamsLunarDreams4 måneder siden
  • Dan fosho

    Jake LenserJake Lenser4 måneder siden
  • Cornell

    LauruksasLauruksas4 måneder siden
  • Its tuesday Where's setup wars

    Shivansh RaghuvanshiShivansh Raghuvanshi4 måneder siden
  • Tbh I don’t like where you don’t commentate

    SPECSPEC4 måneder siden
  • I was wondering if you use Computer Voltage Regulator. I'm having a hard time choosing if I should buy or nah..

    EarlEarl4 måneder siden
  • Its crazy too me that over 3 years ago watching ed's and ltt videos got me into computers and here I am about 4 months away from my dream setup custom desk and pc that fit with the entire theme of my room that I have been building up and that I will be submitting to setup wars, just a little thing that feels so crazy to me

    WillisC TVWillisC TV4 måneder siden
  • Love ur vids, not sure why I watch them tho cause I don’t have a pc lol!

    T o r r e n t.T o r r e n t.4 måneder siden
  • You should do a Consol addition

    J.savi42J.savi424 måneder siden
  • How much did the pc spec cost in total without the mouse, keyboard,mic, ect?

    Gilbert GrapeGilbert Grape4 måneder siden
  • our lego episode is coming soon

    NYkerNYker4 måneder siden
  • Ed can you make another setup makeover video but help my setup it is so trash Ed please also love your vids and really wish I can meet you

    EgRo FNWZEgRo FNWZ4 måneder siden
  • my man i was banned from your discord server for simply entering a vice channel anmd it ket me i dunnio why but it let me in a i waas banned by some guy really annoying man soi plz unban me i beg of you i know you read comments so i fu dont read tis i will not have acces to server my name was Rayz so plz i dunno what happended so unfair not even in rules

    Heinrich RensburgHeinrich Rensburg4 måneder siden
  • Can we have a laptop edition please next time. Anyway, great video

    Andre LowAndre Low4 måneder siden
  • I hope the random person who likes this will have an amazing setup

    vapixvapix4 måneder siden
  • Do you have any pc you don't need? I can't afford one right now so I am just asking

    Aahish ParathanAahish Parathan4 måneder siden
  • I like the second Dans setup he did also with the purple adding notes :)

    Chuck MartinezChuck Martinez4 måneder siden
  • Anyone who could give me a link to the ASUS monitor at 3:56 please? Greatly appreciate it if you do

    SerpentSerpent4 måneder siden

    Malen AdreMalen Adre4 måneder siden
  • why no doing setup wars anymore?

    THEbanNOOBTHEbanNOOB4 måneder siden
  • Dan has the best one :)

    Noah JNoah J4 måneder siden
  • These are like things that I would dream of then wake up to an old ps4

    YoAngzllo -YoAngzllo -4 måneder siden
  • i HaVe A pS4

    PlasmaXGamingPlasmaXGaming4 måneder siden
  • Same as mine

    Jorge CorellaJorge Corella4 måneder siden
  • The chill music tho

    XX_YTXX_YT4 måneder siden
  • Fritts

    splooferixsplooferix4 måneder siden
  • I wish i have a setup.

    Nate ElnasNate Elnas4 måneder siden
  • So ur telling Frits a 13 years old has something more expensive than my house?

    ItsMingyuItsMingyu4 måneder siden
  • Eh why didn't you talk?

    mouse discordmouse discord4 måneder siden
  • Do a blender edition

    mouse discordmouse discord4 måneder siden
  • I sent my setup in hopes of getting it into setupwars but it aint even gonna get in the setup montage 😔

    Stavros KoutsoyannisStavros Koutsoyannis4 måneder siden
  • But I'm having a poor setup

    Masters of FutureMasters of Future4 måneder siden
  • Bro I really love you're

    Masters of FutureMasters of Future4 måneder siden
  • Ed if u see this can u plz unban me from ur discord server it said i got timed out for only sending 3 emojis. After when im timed in it says im banned from this server. SO ED PLZZ SEEE THIS :(

    Elias LeiteElias Leite4 måneder siden
  • I think Fritts should have gone with a single monitor and with the extra money got a gpu

    Axpll0Axpll04 måneder siden
  • What would you recommend for a cheap but great performance gaming setup cause I’m running on a very small budget😂, I’m trying to get a job cause my parents don’t really like how much time I spend gaming and twitch streaming so I have to build my setup. I don’t have that great of knowledge on pc gaming setups cause I only have a ps4 so that’s why I’m asking the king of setups👑

    XDchaossXDchaoss4 måneder siden
  • Ed is the type of guy to cable manage a rat nest

    GoldenTrashCanGoldenTrashCan4 måneder siden
  • Ralf SimpsonRalf Simpson4 måneder siden
  • Does anybody know how people attach the limnom table to the Alex drawers?

    Ryan HRyan H4 måneder siden
    • You just place the table top onto the drawers nothing else needed

      CornellCornell4 måneder siden
  • 1st one is my dream setup😫😫

    Hi AmHereHi AmHere4 måneder siden
    • You’ll get one like mine one time I am sure, just seek for some small jobs after school and you’ll get there

      CornellCornell4 måneder siden
  • Btw, I give u 10/10 for every video u make, lov u bro

    Shafiee 1308Shafiee 13084 måneder siden
  • Hey bro, did u still playing clash royale? And if u did, y dont u create a clan? I want to join ur clan bruh

    Shafiee 1308Shafiee 13084 måneder siden
  • Do you think u can make me a pc i dont have a clue how to make one and you are good at it and i dont know if you do this kind of thigs but it would be awesome my birthday is coming in August 12 and my dad dosent eant to get me one so i was asking as a loyal sub if you could maby make me a pc

    random memesrandom memes4 måneder siden
  • What happened to u where r u? Where r u 🧐

    K.F. .BK.F. .B4 måneder siden
  • techsource i got banned from your discord server idk why i joined 2 days ago. can i join back?

    LilzakboyLilzakboy4 måneder siden
  • Cornell’s was fire

    SETH RICKSSETH RICKS4 måneder siden
  • When you want us to vote for the different setups make a comment and pin it and then write five reply’s to the comments and pin those five for us to vote. The five comments should have the names on them

    John BetteyJohn Bettey4 måneder siden
  • Dang i wish that PC

    Sumerly GamingSumerly Gaming4 måneder siden
  • can you do a list of "best desks" for 2020 I need help finding a good desk to hold my computer and the rest of my stuff

    Mine_PodsMine_Pods4 måneder siden
  • Bro help me get my first pc plsssss I can’t afford one I don’t have monitor but I have a tv I think that works

    Yadriel DuranYadriel Duran4 måneder siden
  • cornell has good pc steup and in the age of 16 and also my age is 16 but i dont have even smartphone....

    Abu SithickAbu Sithick4 måneder siden
  • 2:02 that's quality liquor

    PanickyKPanickyK4 måneder siden
  • Can you tell me which app you used to edit the setup wars intro a fan made for you of do a vid about it please

    Poke ManPoke Man4 måneder siden
  • I personally think Cornell won by a long shot

    MisrokMisrok4 måneder siden
    • Thank you man ! :)

      CornellCornell4 måneder siden
  • me please 😭😭

    Romarie YTRomarie YT4 måneder siden