Setup Montage - Episode 21

27. juni. 2020
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Setup Montage is a show just about setups with chill background music, no commentary. So grab your coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy.
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  • Welcome to Setup Montage ep. 21: Dad's wallet edition

    Mohammed ShaikMohammed Shaik16 dager siden
  • Baby born with umbilical cord Techsource: Terrible cable management

    YoungTypistYoungTypist3 måneder siden
  • bro im 12 and barley have a setup that gets me by i have an i3 and rx570 and get like $15 a month and this man has like a $1500 dollar setup and hes 12 like what am i missing i have no clue at all i try everything i can to get money and i cant get shit like what am i missing

    Zackery817Zackery8173 måneder siden
  • I don't even have my own room and then there's aiden, a typical spoiled 12 yo kid

    Ferrero RocheFerrero Roche3 måneder siden
  • Aiden is spoiled af lmao

    Ferrero RocheFerrero Roche3 måneder siden
  • Have you quit your fraudulent business?

    ster88ster883 måneder siden
  • You no it’s bad one and 12-year-old has a better setup than me

    Literally NobodyLiterally Nobody4 måneder siden
  • LOOK at the board

    The Shadow RebelThe Shadow Rebel4 måneder siden
  • I:51 LOL

    The Shadow RebelThe Shadow Rebel4 måneder siden
  • why everyone using a small keyboard ???

    Aishwarya P. R.Aishwarya P. R.4 måneder siden
  • Please someone find the first song I'm freaking out for it

    DillonjerDillonjer4 måneder siden
  • Dylan setup is my favorite its clean and minimal and looks good.

    Jon SteelUJon SteelU4 måneder siden

    Aranis SinhaAranis Sinha4 måneder siden
  • What music? Description doesn't help

    SessionsSessions4 måneder siden
  • He writes on google docs. Specs: Dual Intel Xeon CPUs 2tb RAM 4x Nvidia Quadro 9000x 2pb storage (all SSD) 10000w psu Water cooled 5x Alienware 8k 240fps 240hz monitors $1000 custom keyboard & $500 custom mouse Supreme mousepad

    Le Epic Fortnite Funnies XD Funny Montage LOLLe Epic Fortnite Funnies XD Funny Montage LOL4 måneder siden
  • How do they afford this shit were they adopted by linus himself?

    MattMatt4 måneder siden
  • Lmao, so many people moaning about how a kid has a better setup than you. Get a job or a way to make money instead of complaining.

    TheDartNiteTheDartNite4 måneder siden
  • 12 yo having a beast setup? i'm still chewing paper on my class when i was 12.

    RavennRavenn4 måneder siden
  • I will never have a setup I’d do anything for one

    GET__ SLaPPtGET__ SLaPPt4 måneder siden
  • Ed u do a very good job keep up the work u share happiness with people

    Mcds slushieMcds slushie4 måneder siden
  • I have the worst pc it keeps on crashing it’s got a 960 please could you build me a new one

    Ludo YoungLudo Young4 måneder siden
  • I want to build a pc but to bad I only have 2 dollars 😂

    Diamond FeverDiamond Fever4 måneder siden
  • I noticed one of them had three 240hz monitors on a 2080 super, do you think the 2070 super could handle three 240hz monitors too?

    ImRefleexImRefleex4 måneder siden
  • whats up you guys is ed from linus tech tips and we are doing anything ther video of the linus montage yaaaay

    Winara ArigayoWinara Arigayo4 måneder siden
  • crazy how kids that aren't legally old enough to work have all this stuff, I never had a gaming PC until I was old enough to work myself, that's when I started my own gaming setup. I couldn't imagine asking my parents at that age to spend £600-£700 buying 3 monitors, £200 on a desk, upwards of £800-£1500 for a PC. I was fine playing my xbox on my tv, sitting on my bed with the tv on top of my clothes drawer.

    TheOfficialMackaTheOfficialMacka4 måneder siden

    Shahriyar Raheel ChShahriyar Raheel Ch4 måneder siden
  • 12 yr old has a better mom than me

    BFXBFX4 måneder siden
  • Brett

    Yep PersYep Pers4 måneder siden
  • what mousepad does dylan have?

    PaataPaata4 måneder siden
  • I’m sad because of it

    Mary BaileyMary Bailey4 måneder siden
  • I love ur vids I want to try and enter but I can’t because 1 I’m not allowed and 2 because I have no room in my bedroom or anywhere in the house

    Mary BaileyMary Bailey4 måneder siden
  • My did I get a noti for this video like 2 days late

    DepyWasHereDepyWasHere4 måneder siden
  • Dylan has the cleanest setup

    Lexik_Lexik_4 måneder siden
  • setup wars: what mommy and daddy bought me edition

    Darcy forbesboxDarcy forbesbox4 måneder siden
  • carson 100%

    El JESUSEl JESUS4 måneder siden
  • Dear people who think that the kids featured here are 'spoiled', Just because a kid has something that you don't have doesn't mean that he's spoiled. He could have worked for it, like what you could be doing instead of sitting here trash-talking him.

    SilverStoneStreamSilverStoneStream4 måneder siden
  • Dylan

    NalveXNalveX4 måneder siden
  • Lmao there has to be age confirming no way in hell that kids 12 with that setup

    KohirentsKohirents4 måneder siden
  • Nice, i’m comment 1 thousand!

    SightSeekerSightSeeker4 måneder siden
  • lol one of those setups looks exactly like my friend's

    lol.niyahlol.niyah4 måneder siden
  • Der Typ heißt einfach Brett

    Jeremias ArmbrustJeremias Armbrust4 måneder siden
  • you cant possibly justify having more than 1 240hz monitor for just gaming+video editing, thats just to show it off and i hate it

    DarkCeptor44DarkCeptor444 måneder siden
  • U come in France for my setup?😂

    Timothée PiateckiTimothée Piatecki4 måneder siden
  • imagine having 3 240hz moniters

    100K subs with NO videos100K subs with NO videos4 måneder siden
  • That 12 year old should be thankful he has a mother that generous

    HukkleBrryHukkleBrry4 måneder siden
  • Can someone recomment me a gaming chair

    Flyingwhale _Flyingwhale _4 måneder siden
  • 3 240hz monitor is a waste of money

    freesh.freesh.4 måneder siden
  • Can u make me a setup makeover

    albert phyoalbert phyo4 måneder siden
  • Bro i need help

    Akif Ahmed AnsariAkif Ahmed Ansari4 måneder siden
  • This 12 year old with a setup that will last him years while i have a stupid 6 year old imac that barely works

    BloxinDoeZBloxinDoeZ4 måneder siden
  • I swear I have to beg my dad to get the FAMILY desktop fixed so I can play minecraft at 30 fps

    mysupperiscoldmysupperiscold4 måneder siden
  • Men where is my setup (issac)

    tgeb life tipstgeb life tips4 måneder siden
  • 2:00 ,what's the name of the song?

    TjockaTjocka4 måneder siden
  • 0:50 The cooler is the stock amd wraith prism and cooler ^^

    XTerminateHDXTerminateHD4 måneder siden
  • have been waiting so long for another setup war video and finally

    Tien ツTien ツ4 måneder siden
  • Ur admins banned me for no reason in discord....

    MeglaDawnYTMeglaDawnYT4 måneder siden
  • Yow my guy how do i join these? I wanna try out the potato setup!

    NubiPlayzNubiPlayz4 måneder siden
  • I am a big fan of you.I am from india i am not having pc can you please help me.

    bharti sinhabharti sinha4 måneder siden
  • i need help on my setup my desk is two chairs n play on a ps4 trying to make a good channel on youtube, i need help

    Dre YTDre YT4 måneder siden
  • A 12y/o has that good of a setup... that’s just bad parenting

    AbdullahAbdullah4 måneder siden
  • Quick question who tf rocks 3 240 hz monitors

    MelonyMelony4 måneder siden
  • Carson's parents are rich as fuk

    António MartinsAntónio Martins4 måneder siden
  • Welcome to another episode to shpw how poor we are

    ScarzfnScarzfn4 måneder siden
  • I love your videos, good job keep it up.

    Noobot YTNoobot YT4 måneder siden
  • 12 yo: insane setup Me: using a pc from 2006 with all original parts Also known as trash radiator

    Yourboi MoreMoreYourboi MoreMore4 måneder siden
  • I’m here gaming with a 800 dollar pc and that 12 year old has that setup

    Vetguyop _Vetguyop _4 måneder siden
  • Dylan

    Clayr6sClayr6s4 måneder siden
  • How kids gots that amount of money

    Iksa59Iksa594 måneder siden
  • I watch this in envy

    mortonmorton4 måneder siden
  • Carson easy

    1tzm3gabb31tzm3gabb34 måneder siden
  • Plz come to india hydrabad. I dont have any pc help me out

    qawi khanqawi khan4 måneder siden
  • the amount of people crying about these people having money lmao... if your that upset get a job...

    t shirt man!t shirt man!4 måneder siden
  • Honestly Karlo has the most affordable and best budget parts and it looks proper for streaming! Karlo and Brett for me!

    HaleshotHaleshot4 måneder siden
  • I'm 25 and these young ass kids have a better setup than me.

    King J-PerezKing J-Perez4 måneder siden
  • I wish I could afford a setup liek this to persue my streaming dream

    eelimzzeelimzz4 måneder siden
  • Nobody talking about the 15 year old having a setup that most streamers/youtubers cant even afford

    ShadmanShadman4 måneder siden
  • Ed I'm trying to build a PC but I cant get a graphics card can you please help me

    Hobo in CvsHobo in Cvs4 måneder siden
  • this is a flex

    AspectorzAspectorz4 måneder siden
  • that 15 year old kid at 1:55 does not need 3 monitors that are 240 Hz that's such overkill

    Brandon BeanBrandon Bean4 måneder siden
  • U don’t know how bad I want a gaming set up, it’s like my dream

  • I am 17 and Still I don't have a GPU and Using Pentium G620 .... Either these guys are very lucky or I m unlucky 😅

    Arnab DeArnab De4 måneder siden
  • Sees 12 year old with an stunning gaming setup 23 yrs old me - I want to die

    Franco FragalaFranco Fragala4 måneder siden
  • I will vote for Carson

    Ikusei NagaiIkusei Nagai4 måneder siden
  • Carson definitely

    Ikusei NagaiIkusei Nagai4 måneder siden
  • I wish I had money for a pc it would be the best thing in the world

    Moses PannellMoses Pannell4 måneder siden
  • What i want to see is Edgar make a western digital build and not all have to be from western digital but I want to see him use thing from them.

    Kevin RodarteKevin Rodarte4 måneder siden
  • dylan

    Prizon MikePrizon Mike4 måneder siden
  • Hi techsource can I have a pic because we have a online class but i don't have one because we cannot afford I am from Philippines please like this noticed this my comment please sir I already subscribe to you heart this please this is my email

    Nick GamingNick Gaming4 måneder siden
  • Ed, I dont know if you would do this but I am just starting out in the pc gaming. I have been using console for years to play my favorite video games. Would you help me to build a pc with a 600-700 dollar budget? Or something else? I already have a pc but i cant play my favorite games because my graphics card doesnt allow me to.

    Team EntryTeam Entry4 måneder siden
  • Hey man I really wish I could play fortnite but I only have a ps3 I was wondering if you could gift me a really cheap gaming pc so I an play fortnite that would be my dream and it has been ever since I had leukaemia and I just wish I had a pc 😔

    LILNIK0LILNIK04 måneder siden
  • I prefer to listen to your commentary than Ed pls no more setup montage

    Danny the llamaDanny the llama4 måneder siden
  • Those Logitech speakers are Z 200 not G 200

    Burzzz300Burzzz3004 måneder siden
  • this video just makes me feel poor

    _Ben__Ben_4 måneder siden
  • Hi we I sent you a dm on instagram asking about my setup please can you answer I need some ideas thank you🙌🏻

    PhoenixPhoenix4 måneder siden
  • Dylan watches carter pcs

    Niko TheoNiko Theo4 måneder siden
  • i don’t even have a setup and i just turned 12

    TheReal Sonic8TheReal Sonic84 måneder siden
  • i got banned from your server for nothing like non of the bots told me that i even got banned so if i did something plz et me know i rlly want to know bcz i started crying

    CYBORGCYBORG4 måneder siden
  • I love ur videos man I want to enter in set up wars but I’m in the military and my setup is junk and I constantly move so it’s kind of impossible rn. I can’t wait to get out and build my own setup and show u but u get me through hard days man I always feel better when I watch one of ur videos

    xKALEIKINIxxKALEIKINIx4 måneder siden
  • Man I need a PC

    apple pieapple pie4 måneder siden
  • Cabel menigmentai

    eckoecko4 måneder siden