Setup Montage - Episode 19

13. juni. 2020
137 605 Ganger

Setup Montage is a show just about setups with chill background music, no commentary. So grab your coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy.
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Melancholy Ambient Electronic
Be House
Electronic Chill Future

  • Max good

    MONTA blukeMONTA bluke11 dager siden
  • Uhhhh... Y is Matthew setup setup not in ultimate edition ?!???

    Garda TubeGarda TubeMåned siden
  • I don't get why some of these setups didn't make it into setup wars. Especially Max' setup should have been there. Sure it's not as symetrical as some of the other setups on there but cable management was on point and it screams personality imo.

    Michael PottMichael Pott3 måneder siden
  • 4:50, buddy,i think thats a snowball.

    PyxlPyxl4 måneder siden
  • Holy crap that first one though.

    GibboGibbo4 måneder siden
  • Where can you get these usb-c cables for the keyboard

    VertragVertrag4 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know the name of the first song??

    Nícolas Petrauskas RodriguesNícolas Petrauskas Rodrigues5 måneder siden
  • Gary

    Ahmad alyAhmad aly5 måneder siden
  • Whats the first song?? pls

    OneWordEssayOneWordEssay5 måneder siden
  • How can I submit my lego pc setup?

    TheScuffedGamerTheScuffedGamer5 måneder siden
  • first

    100k subs no vids Challenge please subscribe100k subs no vids Challenge please subscribe5 måneder siden
  • what are the desk in these im looking for a good desk

    Jonas BaileyJonas Bailey5 måneder siden
  • I wish I could have lot of money to buy computer's and setup's like that 💔😅

    muhammad hamidmuhammad hamid5 måneder siden
  • The series to show you how poor you actually are. No you're not alone because almost everyone that has a normal setup will feel poor because of the richer part of humanity that spend around 20k + on gaming ❤️❤️

    ScriptedCodeScriptedCode5 måneder siden
  • Can you hook up your laptop to your gaming pc to run a stream

    MirageMirage5 måneder siden
  • Me:woooow😲😍

    Carlo AmistadCarlo Amistad5 måneder siden
  • I kinda wish i had one of these but i live in cyprus and am poor so

    J IoaJ Ioa5 måneder siden
  • you should cancel setup montage

    GalvxyGalvxy5 måneder siden
  • 3:18 the flag of switzerland should be blike a square big

    HACKSTARHACKSTAR5 måneder siden
  • Love your videos 👍

    Ttv_ goatTtv_ goat5 måneder siden
  • 4:48 it blue snowball.

    QueesZQueesZ5 måneder siden
  • First montage music link anyone???

    Harsh WadhwaHarsh Wadhwa5 måneder siden
  • helo

    Morgan .Morgan .5 måneder siden
  • I started hating my life💔😢

    Ahmed SaeedAhmed Saeed5 måneder siden
  • Hey Ed i think that u shld comment in the video that why these steps in setup montage series didn't make it to setup wars

    Bharathi RBharathi R5 måneder siden
  • le waterccoling il a une scoliose ou quoi .????

  • Anyone think an msi z390-a pro and a intel i5-9400 is a good combination?

    AmarokAmarok5 måneder siden
  • The music made me left this vid

    eurica_omgeurica_omg5 måneder siden
  • Hii can u give some money ☹ to build a editing setup M good at editing videos and photos ☹ now I edit in mobile ☹I need a setup like u have big fan ❤

    Avish SuvarnaAvish Suvarna5 måneder siden
  • Conclusion from all the comments: we need more setup wars, you could make 5 a day and I’d watch them all

    KeplerKepler5 måneder siden
  • So when are you guys gonna buy me my pc

    Neon PlayzNeon Playz5 måneder siden
  • My favorite settup was Gary’s

    xXRubsvanioSXxxXRubsvanioSXx5 måneder siden
  • 1st guy: Keyboard enthusiast 2nd guy and 3rd guy: headphone enthusiasts 4th guy: Razer Enthusiast

    ZApocalypse 911ZApocalypse 9115 måneder siden
  • yall should donate money so i can buy a gaming pc💙 thanks in advance $YoshiRules

    Yoshi on 60fpsYoshi on 60fps5 måneder siden
  • 700th comment

    NotJinxNotJinx5 måneder siden
  • Gary

    AristosAristos5 måneder siden
  • how 1080ti and 2080ti sli is possible ?

    DARCDARC5 måneder siden
    • not sli just two seperate graphics interfaces

      BadgerRaccoonBadgerRaccoon4 måneder siden
  • Did no one notice that on the last setup the mic was a blue snowball and not a blue yeti

    Omer MohammedOmer Mohammed5 måneder siden
  • He have better setups than me

    YuseiProYuseiPro5 måneder siden
  • I really enjot watching these even tho i have really bad setup, but i hope i can achive my dream room and setup lol.

    JonBarxJonBarx5 måneder siden
  • i stopped watching you after all those controversies about you faking your house getting robbed and i can tell your content has changed a lot..

    mrk1mrk15 måneder siden
    • mrk1 how did he fake it

      Norman PangNorman Pang5 måneder siden
  • Hi, i just wanted to ask if your still doing setup makeover because me and my family are struggling with money at the moment and we are super lucky to be living in this house we are living in i live in England and if you can continue setup makeover i would absolutely love to be featured and also i'm really struggling to earn money as i have a small youtube channel and no job, thanks so much and cheers if you see this you are one of the kindest youtuber i've ever met and when i watch setup makeover you remind me of mr beast but cheers -olly

    Laser Leopard GamingLaser Leopard Gaming5 måneder siden
  • just curious if u could idk make a setup for gaming streaming and digital drawing with only one screen and the drawing tablet must not have a display.

    dreed lorddreed lord5 måneder siden
  • Hi tech source I’m new too pc gaming and stuff I live in the uk and all I want to do is buy a pc and start gaming my budget is £800 so in USA is about $850 and I don’t want to buy a pre built so I was wondering if you would be willing to build me a decent budget gaming pc you know that can run good games on decent settings I can transfer you the money if you would be willing to ship me the pc ? Add me on Instagram if your interested @S1_trappie Thank you if you decline I completely understand I’m just new to pc gaming and jus wanted some help THANKYOU dm me if ur interested

    One.Way. jwOne.Way. jw5 måneder siden
  • guy from begining has this watercool pc with i7 7700K on 4.5ghz (stock mode)

    RodżoRodżo5 måneder siden
  • Dude setup wars episode 200 please

    Nayan RBLXNayan RBLX5 måneder siden
  • me chilling with my 89p set up

    naefinnaefin5 måneder siden
  • Can I be in a setup makeover

    Terrin BennettTerrin Bennett5 måneder siden
  • TechSource can you build me a gaming set up, and my brother to, we don’t have a gaming set up.

    NOHPlayssNOHPlayss5 måneder siden
  • This should be renamed setups you cant afford

    errrageerrrage5 måneder siden
  • Me watching this video in my 480p 4:3 monitor felling great that my wallet is happy

    C0BYC0BY5 måneder siden
  • He bro, jou make awesome content i have seen all your setup wars video's I have not a good setup only my samsung s8 but you make so good content

    Ties HekTies Hek5 måneder siden
  • Matthew deserved to be in setup wars

    Conor TemmeConor Temme5 måneder siden
  • 4:50 that a blue snowball tho

    KyeKye5 måneder siden
  • I wish I had a good setup :(

    NEONEO5 måneder siden
  • this series is boring asf man

    kfir ezerkfir ezer5 måneder siden
  • I wish I could afford a setup like those

    CKasapCKasap5 måneder siden
  • I’m new to the pc world I have $700-$1000 to spend on a pc (prebuilt). Wanna be able run gta and fortnite games like that at high settings. Any recommendations out there? Would greatly appreciate it:)

    Roberto MurilloRoberto Murillo5 måneder siden
  • he really put blue yeti when it was a blue snowball

    PerkPerk5 måneder siden
  • Max his pc looks awesome! why not in setup wars ? :(

    Rinooh/HighSkilledRinooh/HighSkilled5 måneder siden
  • I love looking at setups that are 90% of the time better than the ones in setup wars

  • i have a i7 9700k and at idle it runs at 45-50 degrees Celsius. while playing modern warfare it goes to 80 degrees. i use a thermaltake 3.0 water. i dont know if these temps are alright. someone pls help

    MrSaladGuyMrSaladGuy5 måneder siden
  • Can I use Athlon 200ge for lite video editing and for playing casual games like GTA 5,CSGO and Minecraft and for web browsing? Will it be a good choice?

    Sankari RoySankari Roy5 måneder siden
  • the '+ work' on the end of most of the setups is cap

    Omar MoharamOmar Moharam5 måneder siden
  • i have quistion how do u hook up 3 monitors with 1 1660 super gpu

    slays a godslays a god5 måneder siden
  • Functionality - Gary Aesthetics - Matthew

    Zack DavisZack Davis5 måneder siden
  • This is basically a montage of making all of us in the comments jealous, no hate to TechSource I love this man, Keep up the good work!

    FloppyBlobFloppyBlob5 måneder siden
  • Will say that the mic at the near end of the video is not a blue yeti that is a blue snowball but other than that great video!

    Oddly EvanOddly Evan5 måneder siden
  • Can u plz do a 2020 pc build guild

    FordplaysFordplays5 måneder siden
  • noice

    CluelessClueless5 måneder siden
  • Can you please do a budget PC with PS5 specs

    Kunj AminKunj Amin5 måneder siden
  • I think u should do a video of you trying to build the cheapest pc that can handle 240fps on game like fortnite

    Thomas McCarthyThomas McCarthy5 måneder siden
  • Max has the best colour matching setup

    KazonKazon5 måneder siden
  • All I saw is Razer Razer Razer x)

    Mehdi 4killMehdi 4kill5 måneder siden
  • so no-one's gonna mention, why did one guy have a gtx 1070 & an rtx 2070 in the same pc.

    KalMan10001KalMan100015 måneder siden
  • Max should have been in a full episode

    Anthony EspositoAnthony Esposito5 måneder siden
  • I think these people and many people who have 🔥 set ups should be really grateful and blessed for what they have I would dream to have any of these I’m arguing with my mum just to get desk and literally trying to edge my mum for Christmas a cheap pc which had intergrated graphics (vega 3) like I’m not completely poor or rich I just have a Xbox and tv and I think these people who are so privileged have such nice things should really appreciate what they have and have a good day and black lives matter and everyone does ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿 thanks,

    Logicz_Logicz_5 måneder siden
  • My birthday is next week and i would love to have a pc 😕

    TheReal Sonic8TheReal Sonic85 måneder siden
  • Plz talk this is so boring

    СтефанСтефан5 måneder siden
  • everyone is also begging for a set up. i wish i would be lucky to be chosen. Solid Supporter from philippines.🇵🇭🇵🇭💖💖💖

    Caleb CastilloCaleb Castillo5 måneder siden
  • U should do setup wars console edition

    fLrxcha •fLrxcha •5 måneder siden
  • Name of the Wallpaper from the Alienware screen? (Also seen on the thumbnail)

    JuicyJuicy5 måneder siden
  • Hey, I got banned on the discord for no reason. Is there a way to appeal?

    ImLuctorImLuctor5 måneder siden
  • can you fly out to New Jersey and build me a new gaming setup, currently my setup is in my dining room becayse i dont have a desk to put in the basement the reason it has to be in the basement is because if my XBOX is in my room the connection is terrible

    Gage GalloGage Gallo5 måneder siden
  • Someone want to give feedback to my setup? My setup:

    R-GamesR-Games5 måneder siden
  • welcome to the next episode of my parent have more money than yours

    marco kestermarco kester5 måneder siden
  • Nice Video

    Nokia 45Nokia 455 måneder siden
  • I miss Edgars soothing voice

    WubWubWubWub5 måneder siden
  • How many likes on tiktok so you can give me a pc ?

    Ardit AzemiArdit Azemi5 måneder siden
  • this sad song makes me wanna cry on the first pc cooling

    Sero KXSero KX5 måneder siden
  • Ed should do a live stream build. That would be awesome

    Ferno.XFerno.X5 måneder siden
  • Well i missed Ed’s voice

    Abhik ChoudharyAbhik Choudhary5 måneder siden
  • 200?

    T R A S H B O A TTT R A S H B O A TT5 måneder siden
  • Its blue snowball in the last setup not blue yeti

    juhopjuhop5 måneder siden
  • hi

    Electron gamezElectron gamez5 måneder siden
  • *me thinking this was episode 200 of SW*

    Marcus839Marcus8395 måneder siden
  • I need to know how max did that viper ultimate in white

    owennowenn5 måneder siden
  • i loved the first one it gave me a good vibe about the view and decoration nice editing:)

    CrinkeliCrinkeli5 måneder siden
  • var is yo voice hmm VAR IS YOUR VOICE!!!!!!!!!

    HYPXRHYPXR5 måneder siden
  • 4:48 that's not a blue yeti, it's a blue snowball

    Rodrigo SantosRodrigo Santos5 måneder siden