Setup Montage - Episode 18

6. juni. 2020
107 771 Ganger

Setup Montage is a show just about setups with chill background music, no commentary. So grab your coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy.
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Be House
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  • I don't get it... This man has a pc built in a desk and he is not o setup wars...

    Alexandre PopaAlexandre Popa5 måneder siden
  • Welcome to tech source where you can't afford setups so you watch them

    Nadia IbraheemNadia Ibraheem5 måneder siden
  • 😢😢😢😢😢

    1k subs without any videos challenge1k subs without any videos challenge5 måneder siden
  • hope 1day i got this build for my gaming rules of survival pc watching from phillipines sir,.

    anjothangaminganjothangaming5 måneder siden
  • woww.....this are all awesome setups.....but if ill vote....ill vote for Bastian

    Reddish !Reddish !5 måneder siden
  • David's cupboard looks cool, he can put someone there, freeze him or her and then he can do some experiments

    Pasha DefragzorPasha Defragzor5 måneder siden
  • I like Collin's Setup best

    YannickYannick5 måneder siden
  • I wish I could have a set up for gaming 😭

    Jesus CoronelJesus Coronel5 måneder siden
  • Can you make a console setup episode that would be fun and why not you barely see them on the episodes you only see pcs I have I clean,nice one

    Denver GuanceDenver Guance5 måneder siden
  • If I must guess, my setup was 305 dollars

    Editz ClanEditz Clan5 måneder siden
  • I also stream on it if I must guess my whole setup was

    Editz ClanEditz Clan5 måneder siden
  • Yeah me too I am from South Africa and I only have a ps4 pro with a 24 inch monitor 60hz I wish I could have that setup it looks so juicy

    Editz ClanEditz Clan5 måneder siden
  • I started watching this channel last month and now i have my beutiful setup ! Wait for my submition !🥰

    kuban PrettyGirlkuban PrettyGirl5 måneder siden
  • Bastian Is my favorite

    civil buffalocivil buffalo5 måneder siden
  • Collin's setup was my favorite.

    HammyMotosHammyMotos5 måneder siden
  • Who’s ready for the hide yo cables intro

    15kSubsChallenge15kSubsChallenge5 måneder siden
  • I wish to have one of the setups

    ytbladi_ proytbladi_ pro5 måneder siden
  • Your watching future setup but can't afford.

    Franziz MonaresFranziz Monares5 måneder siden
  • 0:40 Ram sticks are most likely in the wrong slots.

    Radim ZieglerRadim Ziegler5 måneder siden
  • Sana pag may work na ako makabili ako na ganoyan ayon wala pa ako pera pero libre sa pangarap pangako ko sa sarili hindi ako susuko sa pangarap ko

    Michael BGTMichael BGT5 måneder siden
  • 2:51 nice censor :)))

    RobycaツRobycaツ5 måneder siden
  • I wish I can get a set up

    Pbow_5Pbow_55 måneder siden
    • I have a tv and a ps4 no one knows

      Pbow_5Pbow_55 måneder siden
  • M.2 Sata(non nvme) Or 2.5 Sata Ssd, which would be a better choice?

    Enjoy GamingEnjoy Gaming5 måneder siden
  • I love the channel btw

    1 sense1 sense5 måneder siden
  • I left a dislike not because I don't like the channel but bc I'm not a fan of the montage aspect of it

    1 sense1 sense5 måneder siden
  • The first setup should be on setup wars

    Orbit LizzOrbit Lizz5 måneder siden
  • Men I wish i have gaming pc

    jazon gamingjazon gaming5 måneder siden
  • Why do you look like a mixture of g easy and T Bag from Prison Break

    Nico NicoNico Nico5 måneder siden
  • Plz hlep me own a slow pc and cant enjoy gaming plz make a buget build plz it will agree. 🙂

    Patangrao BhosalePatangrao Bhosale5 måneder siden
  • If u want more setupwars potato edition hit the like button

    אוריה שמעון יוסףאוריה שמעון יוסף5 måneder siden
  • Im from the philipines and i just watching ur vids and dreaming to have a gaming pc :(

    Lucas D San AntonioLucas D San Antonio5 måneder siden
  • I want to get a rx 570 right now I have a prebuilt with an Athlon 200ge, however I don’t know how much wattage my power supply is but after research I have noticed that I hardly need any wattage and most modern power supplies are good enough but idk if My power supply has the gpu wire or if I have to get it from somewhere I don’t know where to get one from

    DrillStarDrillStar5 måneder siden
  • in my brithday i got my 30 dollars what can i get with it

    Jcpurex 7Jcpurex 75 måneder siden
  • Y do they al have trash prosesers

    EinarEinar5 måneder siden
  • I need help with my setup

    Elephant GamingElephant Gaming5 måneder siden
  • Mr.edgar pls can you do a new setup makeover video it so cool and fun

    CyvorsッCyvorsッ5 måneder siden
  • Mr.edgar pls can you do a new setup makeover video it so cool and fun

    CyvorsッCyvorsッ5 måneder siden
  • Mr.edgar pls can you do a new setup makeover video it so cool and fun

    CyvorsッCyvorsッ5 måneder siden
  • Mr.edgar pls can you do a new setup makeover video it so cool and fun

    CyvorsッCyvorsッ5 måneder siden
  • Mr.edgar pls can you do a new setup makeover video it so cool and fun

    CyvorsッCyvorsッ5 måneder siden
  • Mr.edgar pls can you do a new setup makeover video it so cool and fun

    CyvorsッCyvorsッ5 måneder siden
  • For some reason WeTransfer wont let me verify so now i cant submit is there another way i can transfer my setup

    CashykeeCashykee5 måneder siden
  • Where do I submit mine??

    Custom PC Build and SetupCustom PC Build and Setup5 måneder siden
  • I still even dont have a pc for online classes 😢

    Luis BeatoLuis Beato5 måneder siden
  • Setup makeover philippines?

    Kiervz BernarteKiervz Bernarte5 måneder siden
  • Pls can you do my setup it’s that bad I wouldn’t even call it a setup

    pxp Elitepxp Elite5 måneder siden
  • U outdid yourself on this one

    DenvyDenvy5 måneder siden
  • In this past month I have gained a pc, two monitors, a gaming keyboard and mouse, a blue snowball mic, and webcam, and I got the graphics card yesterday! I’m hopefully gonna get up there soon!

    DECIDECI5 måneder siden
  • Jorge wins i think his was the best

    MayotheeMayothee5 måneder siden
  • after I watched this video, I plan to study hard to have a better job and to buy my dream PC!! :D

    Lake ShowLake Show5 måneder siden
  • Hey Ed I wanted to ask you a question , about where i can buy a pc from. Can you recommend a specific pc for me maybe less than 1500$. it can be pre-built. I'm asking you since your the pc pro

    FarisFaris5 måneder siden
  • nice all setups

    Only U CambodiaOnly U Cambodia5 måneder siden
  • Mann i don't even have a setup😔 I wish i had a small setup atleast😩💔 I can't even afford a monitor💔

    DxmageDxmage5 måneder siden
  • Man make a giveaway

    Valsala KumariValsala Kumari5 måneder siden
  • Hey Ed, check ur email

    shlok joshishlok joshi5 måneder siden
  • Love the music and montages.

    Tyler MartinTyler Martin5 måneder siden
  • what is the best 300hz gaming laptop I can get right now please let me know im sooo stuck and I don't want the rtf 2080 max bs

    Firooz RanaFirooz Rana5 måneder siden
  • You should do a series where you compare a prebuilt pc againts a custom pc or a pc you did on your channel like the 650 dollar one

    FinoFino5 måneder siden
  • I found a $400 prebuilt pc it has 8 gb ram and a RX560 4G graphics card should I save up for it

    LanchPlayzLanchPlayz5 måneder siden
  • i can barely afford that and im playing on an imac using geforce now with bad wifi and no matter how hard i try my parents wouldnt get me anything

    Lam TranLam Tran5 måneder siden
  • I need some help with my setup, can you plz give me some tips. Love your vids btw

    PAULS2THEWALL4 BeastPAULS2THEWALL4 Beast5 måneder siden
  • This hurts me

    Mr_ GreenbeanMr_ Greenbean5 måneder siden
  • Hung had some fine pieces hung up in his pc

    Jean ET ToineJean ET Toine5 måneder siden
  • collin

    DefaultYT_OGDefaultYT_OG5 måneder siden
  • Why do people have nice setups but choose terrible mice and keyboards

    D.AD.A5 måneder siden
  • Collin because he custom built his desk and the setup overall just looks clean.

    Von StrohiemVon Strohiem5 måneder siden
  • Every setups must to have a superhero figure

    I’m a coneI’m a cone5 måneder siden
  • Yo

    BLxNKz.FN_BLxNKz.FN_5 måneder siden
  • Only real ones remember the blavod vodka

    PoptropPoptrop5 måneder siden
  • can u do a cable managing vid for glass desks

    BRO BRO JELLYBRO BRO JELLY5 måneder siden
  • Wow didn’t even put the links to parts of the pc. WOW

    gamernet234 jgamernet234 j5 måneder siden
  • Man this is the best ylutuve channel ever you deserve way more followers for ypur hard work and determination to help others Ed

    Beulah QueenBeulah Queen5 måneder siden
  • so we're finally back.

    K9K95 måneder siden
  • Liked and subbed

    Oskar EliasOskar Elias5 måneder siden
  • Can you do a top 5 webcams video?

    DamaDama5 måneder siden
  • Im going to start my one piece theme setup because its my favorito serire

    Fuller 1267Fuller 12675 måneder siden
  • collin

    Conor TemmeConor Temme5 måneder siden
  • Don't know what Jorge is playing in order to have a 48" monitor. Panoramic simulator?

    LuaEULuaEU5 måneder siden
  • Hi I am new to PC and wanted to see if I can get some help this is my first time building a pc I have a nzxt h710 case but I dont know what parts to buy I have a budget of 1000 dollars and I am going for a matte black look any recommendations

    Lilish _479Lilish _4795 måneder siden
  • Darn😍first one though LOVE!

    MissTimeLord97MissTimeLord975 måneder siden
  • Live from India

    Laddu BudduLaddu Buddu5 måneder siden
  • Me and that jorge have the same mouse matt lmao

    AshTGTAshTGT5 måneder siden
  • Bastian's setup has a great vibe

    Greg TechnoGreg Techno5 måneder siden
  • Bro I don’t have a setup I would never be able to afford one I’m goin to pray for one for my b day

    1v1.LOLspit:90 111v1.LOLspit:90 115 måneder siden
  • First btw could you shoutout my NOworld :)

    AzochbchbplayzAzochbchbplayz5 måneder siden
  • 2:53 This is not a MSI Core Frozr S GPU! (the Frozr S is a CPU air cooler) ;-)

    NormannCfCNormannCfC5 måneder siden
  • 2:52 GPU is Asus DUAL GTX1060, not MSI Core Frozr 5...

    nΛronΛro5 måneder siden
  • 2:53 I haven't heard of this GPU (also I think it says Asus on the card)🤣

    Kristian HristakievKristian Hristakiev5 måneder siden
    • the MSI Core Frozr S is the CPU cooler the guy had installed, but yeh idk what the GPU would've been other than it's Asus

      Rhydian RRhydian R5 måneder siden
  • Bastian for Suuuurrreeee

    vSlash LeevSlash Lee5 måneder siden
  • Bastian for sure

    The xDThe xD5 måneder siden
  • puts my setup to shame $100 2014 laptop

    Namenotimportant2233Namenotimportant22335 måneder siden
  • wow

    SurfdaySurfday5 måneder siden
  • please do another female setup wars ,

    idkpoisonidkpoison5 måneder siden
  • intro sucks.

    MaRsHaL DXMaRsHaL DX5 måneder siden
  • I want to have a gaming and streaming setup

    S JS J5 måneder siden
  • Defenatly Anthony

    Markey_DarkeyMarkey_Darkey5 måneder siden
  • i’m probably not gonna get these things, but with the effort i will put in on my channel i will.

    FrazixFrazix5 måneder siden
  • I just farted.

    PillowsPillows5 måneder siden
  • Where will the winners from the msi giveaway be announced

    Teo PrisTeo Pris5 måneder siden
  • Anyone noticed the wii in the arcade

    SiebjeSiebje5 måneder siden