Setup Montage - Episode 17

30. mai. 2020
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Setup Montage is a show just about setups with chill background music, no commentary. So grab your coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy.
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  • the first guy i think won rog rig reboot

    Simply EddieSimply EddieMåned siden
  • rachard is the best, for ever

    Lorenzo ArrostitiLorenzo Arrostiti2 måneder siden
  • Rachad: I would like a colorful setup Razer: what colors would you like? Rachad: Yes

    Jelly RascalJelly Rascal2 måneder siden
  • The 1:26 Setup [RACHAD] are participated in the channel of D7MAS

    OUSSAMA FFOUSSAMA FF2 måneder siden
  • Imaging having a threadripper with an2080 this gives me ocd to the max...

    AwakenAwaken4 måneder siden
  • I like Muhammad's setup. It is very comfortable to play for a long time.

    OogaashOogaash5 måneder siden
  • Like cine e roman :))

    skenyskeny5 måneder siden
  • It's a g920 don't discriminate

    Deiu DominikanuDeiu Dominikanu5 måneder siden
  • Like these short montage videos nice when im making my butties for work to watch...still perfer the full episodes! When my set ups all finished ( probably after covid has done one) ill make my submission 😊

    Leigh Jody FranceLeigh Jody France6 måneder siden
  • Here is a very budget setup Dell g5 15 se(4600h, 8gb, 5600m)(on sale): $700 Any decent gaming mouse: $35-50

    RayquantumRayquantum6 måneder siden
  • First song?

    JordanJordan6 måneder siden
  • Thank God I'm getting a custom built pc soon

    losnzツlosnzツ6 måneder siden
  • Frederick's has to win

    Miguel itoMiguel ito6 måneder siden
  • Rachad. I love how all the different rgb striplight colors came together on the wall.

    Von StrohiemVon Strohiem6 måneder siden
  • Use Ed intro that won is fire

    Jessica CardielJessica Cardiel6 måneder siden
  • can you pls put the pices from the products in the video

    wessel van ierselwessel van iersel6 måneder siden
  • rachad setup are best(:

    miltsubuster 234miltsubuster 2346 måneder siden
  • 0:10 I m from Romania and my name is Alexandru too

    TheReaperr_911TheReaperr_9116 måneder siden
  • I think the first guy is a fan of ROG

    Jackson ShawJackson Shaw6 måneder siden
  • What are you fellow nerds smoking? Gfuel😂? Numer 4 was obviously better than 3, even though 3 had Slicker animations. Oh and Ed if you’re seeing this: could you make the soundtrack APK from season 3 available before season 5? Would make our jobs easier, would make it a fair competition if you edit all of then with that base track to begin with, and i might participate if you’re lucky😎 Edit! ( i meant edit all of them whit the exact same APK for the shootout, then reliase an uncut version After season 5 is public] I didn’t mean that you HAVE to use the season 3 music for season four or five.

    Kristian LarsenKristian Larsen6 måneder siden
  • Pz sir can you give me ps 4 sir

    BhAvEsH KrBhAvEsH Kr6 måneder siden
  • I hate watching these vids because it makes me sad

    D1rtJunk1eD1rtJunk1e6 måneder siden
  • rich boys 18 years old xD

    Juan lopez martinJuan lopez martin6 måneder siden
  • eyyy , first one is romanian

    RazvanRexRazvanRex6 måneder siden
  • Song name? It’s actually pretty good lol

    WAstatePyro 121WAstatePyro 1216 måneder siden
  • Anyone laughing at the name pinhas 🤣 no hate no hate

    phsyc fnphsyc fn6 måneder siden
  • Yass

    kingstarkingstar6 måneder siden
  • Not much interested if compared with past episode

    Singh RSLSingh RSL6 måneder siden
  • My fav. is Frederick

    Vivaan ChopraVivaan Chopra6 måneder siden
  • alexandru's is the best i think

    Boldizsár FiserBoldizsár Fiser6 måneder siden
  • i am still trying to figure out how people get the money for this stuff. seems like playing gta for 8 hours a day pays off

    zingibiwazingibiwa6 måneder siden
  • 2:12 Please tell me its pronounced how I think its pronounced

    maki fletchermaki fletcher6 måneder siden
  • The edit is fire. Nice video!

    DinezDinez6 måneder siden
  • i need an upgrade :(

    RL ClipsRL Clips6 måneder siden
  • I like

    Sumptin DripSumptin Drip6 måneder siden
  • Can someone tell me a good and cheap 240hz monitor

    xM1keyxM1key6 måneder siden
  • I built a pc but dont have a table so i used a cardbox as a table STONKSSSS

    K4oticZzK4oticZz6 måneder siden
  • Pinhas Setup should be SETUP WARS I didn't understand why he was here He is on a different level than others here btw good vid!

    malka cullenmalka cullen6 måneder siden
  • You can see the Pinhas Setup Full video staple here: Ultimate GAMING Room Setup Dragon Ball Super Goku Master Ultra instinct Edition

    SeT Thet UpSeT Thet Up6 måneder siden
    • amazing setup!

      HeRo Style IsraelHeRo Style Israel6 måneder siden
  • I cant lie I actually cry when i see godly pc setups since i dont even have a pc only a 2014 windows 8 pavillion laptop smh #badsetupgang

    KJNKJN6 måneder siden
  • this makes me feel poor

    T KT K6 måneder siden
  • dang bro u did so good editing this man

    Nicholas BakkeNicholas Bakke6 måneder siden
  • Define happiness? Me: When Ed uploads video almost everyday. TechSource🔥

    Alfred EscorealAlfred Escoreal6 måneder siden
  • It feels like the production of these videos are getting better great work TechSource

    ProdColdFlakeProdColdFlake6 måneder siden
  • Were the link

    Demz unkownDemz unkown6 måneder siden
  • Is it ok if u could maybe build me a cool pc im 12 and want to start a channel soon but I don't have a good pc thank I love your channel

    Zeke VillagomezZeke Villagomez6 måneder siden
  • bro these kids with rich parents are surprising me more and more every day... That's not something I would have as a setup when I was 14, LMAO.

    JonnyNizzleJonnyNizzle6 måneder siden
  • I know many people have problems with their setup and I know it's just not me but I don't only have a problem with my setup I got a huge problem with my internet. I got CenturyLink that gives me 200+ ping on average and when I'm lucky I get 100. My download speed is literally 1 mbps and 0.5 or 1 max upload speed. I really want to send out content on my NOworld channel but my speeds hold me back from creating them. I also want to stream but my pc only has an integrated graphics card and a corei3. My best part of my setup is my keyboard and mouse I got for christmas which is a razer chroma and a razer deathadder essential. Basically what I'm trying to say is watching all of these setups is the only thing I can do on my pc.

    Josh AJosh A6 måneder siden
  • rachad

    Erekle jakhveladzeErekle jakhveladze6 måneder siden
  • what work is he doing at 14??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    14_Sourabh Yadav14_Sourabh Yadav6 måneder siden
  • not gonna lie setup montage is kinda bad, half the reason i watch ur videos is cuz ur soothing voice (no homo) and i like commentary not to just look at montages of setups

    absurdabsurd6 måneder siden
  • i really need a setup rn all i have is a Laptop (not gaming laptop) a gaming membrane keyboard and a gaming mouse please like this so he can see it i always dreamed of having a gaming setup

    DensedDensed6 måneder siden
  • I love every episode of every series😁😂💪👌

    Ben WorrallBen Worrall6 måneder siden
  • at this point i feel like ed is just milking techsource for money, just not what it used to be :/

    musicguy1799musicguy17996 måneder siden
    • @TechSource well shit, sometimes high me doesn't really have a good point

      musicguy1799musicguy17996 måneder siden
    • Lol that’s now how Adsense works. These videos get $100-200, and that money goes towards the editor which spends 2-3 days on the video. If you don’t like montages you can skip the video like I mentioned in the last episode. No need to be ungrateful that we are putting out free content for you to watch.

      TechSourceTechSource6 måneder siden
    • like no talking, and im sure the editor just put this compilation together in maybe a few hours. the video already has 100k views, even if he got 1 cent per view, that right there is at least $10k for doing nothing. must be nice.

      musicguy1799musicguy17996 måneder siden
  • Mohammed knows how to enjoy. 😀

    Aleksa JovanovićAleksa Jovanović6 måneder siden
  • 2:50 link or name product? 😍

    Sergio BarrazaSergio Barraza6 måneder siden
  • Most of these are kids, spoiled kids.

    Edward G.Edward G.6 måneder siden
  • Who buys their kid an expensive ass pc?

    XxSkitKidXxSkitKid6 måneder siden
  • Build a best i9 gaming rig

    baalaji sakthivelbaalaji sakthivel6 måneder siden
  • What is his instagram

    Skeen _Skeen _6 måneder siden
  • why did I had to get banned from your discord? why always me? why?

    heppyboiheppyboi6 måneder siden
  • Hi techsquare so I uninstalled my fan off my pc and applied thermal past but this was my first time and it did not screw back in. So the pc was saying cpu fan error and now after a few seconds of turning on it shuts down.

    CodeLineCodeLine6 måneder siden
  • היידה פנחס

    Amir Ben BassatAmir Ben Bassat6 måneder siden
  • When I was 14 I used to play in the gaming cafe! ₹5/10 per Hour. CS 1.6! I Love those Days! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Swapnil AmritkarSwapnil Amritkar6 måneder siden
  • Instead of doing setup motage why don't you do 2 setup wars which is practically the same thing but better (in my oppinion) and like get it done faster cause I saw in one vid you have a looot of submissions

    Yash BuxaniYash Buxani6 måneder siden
  • Is setup wars still going

    Max MihalskiMax Mihalski6 måneder siden
  • Dude I really wanna know where the first dude got that footrest

    IdiotIdiot6 måneder siden
    • Hy I get it from Ikea maybe $10 or $15

      Alexandru DanielAlexandru Daniel6 måneder siden
  • Bro i opened my 5 year old pc for the first time, had a huge metal chasis in it and i lost two screws in it, put it back together so i dont lose anything else, its been on the logging in screen for 10 min xD, i found out i have a gtx 745 and somesort of i5 so yeahhhhhh. Lol

    ConCave AnimsConCave Anims6 måneder siden
  • Mohammeds playing in a movie theater seat. Respect

    Rari coupeRari coupe6 måneder siden
  • Nice setup . Well done 👏🙃

    Leonard O1ILeonard O1I6 måneder siden

    rsn2rsn26 måneder siden
  • speak in these videos too

    Anish Vavilala 302Anish Vavilala 3026 måneder siden
  • Ppl are getting more better at organizing setups

    Ariunzam JargalsaikhanAriunzam Jargalsaikhan6 måneder siden
  • 1:43 g920 not g29 :)

    rauno kruusrauno kruus6 måneder siden
  • I got banned on the discord for no readonn

    FlexFlex6 måneder siden
  • My setup sucks

    oil gameży 123oil gameży 1236 måneder siden
  • Can someone unban me from the tech source discord plz... Sythe.QL#5474

    Aaron ChongAaron Chong6 måneder siden
  • Techsource in 2029: hello guys welcome back to wardrobe wars and here we have jack with a minimalistic wardrobe and an rgb t shirt and a watercooled hoodie. He also has an RGB backpack with a custom air cooler. The clothes management is great. Jack congrats on winning wardrobe seal of approval!

    blah blahblah blah6 måneder siden
  • I want that hexagon monitor ( 1:34 ). Because it's cool... maybe... maybe it's the future

    DjEvilEyezDjEvilEyez6 måneder siden
  • just got banned from the techsource discord for advertising cos i had a rick roll link in my bio lmao

    AfraidFire48887AfraidFire488876 måneder siden
  • These 14 year olds have their own pcs and here i am not even having a phone.I am 16 year old😑😑😑😑 Fuck my life

    Jayesh SethiJayesh Sethi6 måneder siden
  • These are great quality photos!! I'm beginning to think that entering Setup Wars is just as illusive as getting a Seal of Approval.

    Eternal Saber GamingEternal Saber Gaming6 måneder siden
  • Hey man I love your videos ❤️ do you think you could help me find a good pc for a not such a high price

    Mike DavidsonMike Davidson6 måneder siden
  • Fredericks setup is so clean

    AT_THE PRO !!AT_THE PRO !!6 måneder siden
  • techsource ive been watching you vids for so long i was wonder if you could help me out with a pc im am 13 years old i live in tracy ca my specs are hp stream 14 4gb of ram 1.50ghz and a raedon r3 graphics i hope to see you one day much luv keep u the grind

    twitchdirectionstwitchdirections6 måneder siden
  • FREDERICK has great setup !!!

    GAMER DIASEGAMER DIASE6 måneder siden
  • I have to buy a monitor, the benq xl2411p is worth ? Ik it’s tn but i heard it has decent color

    FapponeFappone6 måneder siden
  • To be honest setup montage is much better than setup wars Its my opinion...

    DanieL ManLyDanieL ManLy6 måneder siden
  • No. 1

    Mehr ali KhawajaMehr ali Khawaja6 måneder siden
  • I want to build a pc budget being 1,200 to 1,500 most I want to be able to game but also do photo/video editing on it can anyone help me

    Brian DiazBrian Diaz6 måneder siden
  • Fredrick. Missed your voice Ed :(

    Josef Christoffer RizarriJosef Christoffer Rizarri6 måneder siden
  • hi edgar can u please do a cheap gaming pc build please?

    Abu SithickAbu Sithick6 måneder siden
  • o m g we have a romanian there 😀

    Galvin.Galvin.6 måneder siden
  • 0:51 wait... Gaming & Work he's 14 and he working whatt

    TheDepressedTitanTheDepressedTitan6 måneder siden
    • Yes whatt

      Vivaan ChopraVivaan Chopra6 måneder siden
    • Yeah he totally needs a 10k dollar setup for McDonald's dude!

      GSTGST6 måneder siden
    • He could work at McDonald's or something like that

      Galaxy MJ PlayzGalaxy MJ Playz6 måneder siden
  • Me watching these videos and knowing I’m so poor 👁👄👁

    ZopenZopen6 måneder siden
  • hey which pc do you use now ?? plz reply

    sambit rajbanshisambit rajbanshi6 måneder siden

    Burpposauras GamingBurpposauras Gaming6 måneder siden
  • these r so good. gives me so many ideas for improving my setup.

    George LyndleyGeorge Lyndley6 måneder siden
  • pinhas... say it outloud

    James FlemingJames Fleming6 måneder siden
  • Alex!!!!!

    Ryker villinesRyker villines6 måneder siden