See Thru Rotary Engine in Slow Motion - (Wankel Engine) 4K

14. mars. 2018
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I Run a See-through Rotary (Wankel) engine and Film it in Slow Motion so we can see how the combustion process works, aka Wankel Rotary engine.
here you can also see what is inside of a rotary engine (Wankel), while it's running in full view to see just visually witness how a combustion process differs from the piston engine counterpart.
First ever See Through Rotary Engine Series on NOworld or anywhere in the world.
Have you ever wondered how a Wankel engine works differently from a conventional piston engine then you're watching The Right video, because with my see-through angle engine you can see inside the combustion chamber as the engine is running while I film it with high speed cameras to show you how the Wankel combustion process works.
This is the first episode of the see-through rotary engine series and the second season of The see-through engine series.
So make sure to go to the playlist tag and check out the entire series of see-through Engine videos, the second season starts soon.
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Watch this in 4k whether you have a 4k tv or not, it looks incredibly insane, in a good way. its awesome !

Directed By: Matt Mikka

Carbon 12
Matt Mikka

  • Great job!

    Shoomapa DooShoomapa Doo2 timer siden
  • Looking at those 2 missing fingers makes me think you should move into clerical work.

    Arcage ButtonsArcage Buttons13 timer siden
  • Nice

    Munther Al WahhashMunther Al WahhashDag siden
  • Fascinating, thanks for the effort

    Dagg M.Dagg M.3 dager siden
  • Wow!so initutive

    YOLO TaylorYOLO Taylor4 dager siden
  • Great to watch, maybe try wrapping the string around a stick to take the strain off your hands with the pull start. I appreciate the time and effort put in to make this excellent video 👍

    Rob PRob P5 dager siden
  • What they don't tell you is this type of engine does not last very long because of the high friction on the seals. You might get 60 or 70 thousand miles out of one. So not so great if you expect to drive your car 200 thousand miles or so

    Judy MichaudJudy Michaud6 dager siden
  • Bro this is got to be one of the best videos I've ever seen! I don't just mean on the rotary engine I don't just mean Ann engines i a mean one of the best videos I've ever seen about anything! Really cool!! Great idea

    Brandon sBrandon s7 dager siden
  • In about 3 years looking to buy myself an rx8 and This is really interesting to know about the rotary

  • I was indulged in the beauty after acetylene pulls on

    Jaswanth NaiduJaswanth Naidu11 dager siden
  • 7:56

    carlos maximiliano prezas perezcarlos maximiliano prezas perez11 dager siden
  • Brabo demais esse motor. se loko

    Cocovaldo GigantroscoCocovaldo Gigantrosco12 dager siden
  • Genial motor pero desperdicio de combustible

    fabricio Hernándezfabricio Hernández13 dager siden
  • Awesome job bro finally kbow exactlt

    SOSツT3RaByT3'sGaming channelSOSツT3RaByT3'sGaming channel13 dager siden
  • Omg I'm just speeches 🤯🤯🤯

    Kevin PhilipKevin Philip13 dager siden
  • Felix Wankel Rocks

    Mike TangoMike Tango13 dager siden
  • Why was it not a success for cars? And this is why I love youtube. Straight to the meat, no silliness. Where can you find interesting stuff like this on TV?

    Terrell CFTerrell CF14 dager siden
  • I have had 3 and the engine's just don't last go out after 60.000 miles.

    James McKeeJames McKee14 dager siden
  • Gg

    Pereira IDPereira ID15 dager siden
  • Now I see how rotary can waste fuel

    Jun JeromeJun Jerome16 dager siden
  • It's a shame these haven't been adopted much. Hopefully Mazda starts up R&D again and production.

    In Out DoorIn Out Door16 dager siden
  • cool

    Lude BoukemaLude Boukema17 dager siden
  • Wow this is epic. There were a few misfiring shots here and there 😂 but a really well done satisfying video

    Fouad The MasterFouad The Master17 dager siden
  • How old is this video ?is that Jerry?

    Mike HuntMike Hunt18 dager siden
  • seems like theres a lot of unburnt fuel coming out exhaust...

    Cory Day WCory Day W19 dager siden
  • Basically an eccentric jet engine

    Surferant666Surferant66619 dager siden
  • So this is a diesel wankel ? What compression ratio?

    Surferant666Surferant66619 dager siden
  • And you didnt even have to "re-ring" it after ever start lol!

    Tech_ 49FPVTech_ 49FPV19 dager siden
  • Well done my friend. Thank you very much for sharing.

    Grovesie35Grovesie3519 dager siden
  • fuel wasting engine would be better name for it.

    gedeyom gıyamete hamıneyagedeyom gıyamete hamıneya20 dager siden
  • There is no rotary in the rx8

    Skylar WhitneySkylar Whitney21 dag siden
  • What's that blue thing ? sorry for being noob please explain, amazing video and 226 takes my my you, this was an educational video on perseverance too.

    Noufal TariqNoufal Tariq21 dag siden
    • a glow plug

      Fouad The MasterFouad The Master17 dager siden
  • Rotary R & D supported by Freedom Motors too.

    Mike HerbstMike Herbst21 dag siden
  • Great Job here! Can tell you it was worth the efforts 💯

    Juddy ScienceJuddy Science23 dager siden
  • Мощно...чё... Спасибо. Очень наглядно получилось

    Сергей АлександровичСергей Александрович23 dager siden
  • Bought an rx7 in 79, had it about 8 years , liked it a lot. Great video.

    Robert RehbockRobert Rehbock24 dager siden
  • That was so cool.

    Michael SasserMichael Sasser24 dager siden
  • I had an RX-7 back in the day with a bridge port and large turbo. Car was a monster but that engine was more sensitive that a Social-Liberal. I ended up selling my RX-7 for an STI and MR-2S.

    Kim ChiKim Chi24 dager siden
  • also if you pretend when he's off screen that he's Norm Macdonald these videos are very fantastic

    King MasterlordKing Masterlord25 dager siden
    • Lol

      Warped PerceptionWarped Perception25 dager siden
  • I want it on a skateboard so bad

    King MasterlordKing Masterlord25 dager siden
  • Would the high-speed efficiency of a small rotary engine be better for charging a hybrid car?

    Sanford FahySanford Fahy25 dager siden
  • I thought it was going to be like the rotating engine on the Fokker DR-1 but this is still a pretty neat designed

    The DecaffectThe Decaffect26 dager siden
  • I miss my rx3

    Joe AJoe A26 dager siden
  • Omg I have been WAITING FOR THIS

    JJadeJJade26 dager siden
  • that was beautiful

    Vaughan D'souzaVaughan D'souza27 dager siden
  • Now i see why rotaries have emission issues....

    aditya shawaditya shaw28 dager siden
  • Pretty Wild!!!! I’ve always loved this concept!!!!

    Tim ParkerTim Parker28 dager siden
  • deserve broken rotary machines

    Among SuSAmong SuS28 dager siden
  • Great Job Dude! Best in Class

    إضاءات / Lightingsإضاءات / Lightings28 dager siden
  • Nice job. These type of engines tend to wear faster. Have you thought of putting rollers on the 3 corners to let it roll around with less friction?

    Spoiler AlertSpoiler Alert29 dager siden
  • Good video man, but this engine design is as stupid as fuck. Thanks for your demonstration.

    Hu JiamingHu JiamingMåned siden
    • Thank you,

      Warped PerceptionWarped PerceptionMåned siden
  • 2:32 Just from the density distribution of the air-cooling fins, you can tell which way it spins.

    Lawrence D’OliveiroLawrence D’OliveiroMåned siden
  • 1:44 There is some controversy over how you count the capacity of a Wankel Rotary. Some feel you should double Mazda’s capacity rating. So that’s not a 1.3 litre, it’s more like a 2.6 litre.

    Lawrence D’OliveiroLawrence D’OliveiroMåned siden
  • Hi 2021

    7sson-hasson -حسون ハッソン7sson-hasson -حسون ハッソンMåned siden
  • Incomplete combustion, excess fuel blowing out the exhaust. It seriously needs a spark plug instead of a glow plug.

    Wayne FlaniganWayne FlaniganMåned siden
  • amazing video

    AbilonAbilonMåned siden
  • I got a dorito ad before watching this 😂😂

    subie11subie11Måned siden
  • A drunk German guy came up with the Wankel in prison 🤣

    Quit Seven SixQuit Seven SixMåned siden
  • It sounds like a powered-fart

    Izzuddin FakarudinIzzuddin FakarudinMåned siden
  • Это завораживает! Если бы мой учитель труда в школе показал мне это, я бы стал механиком. Спасибо большое за контент!!!

    Александр ЛюбимовАлександр ЛюбимовMåned siden
  • why did some much fuel leak out

    wow epicwow epicMåned siden
  • ths is seirously so god

    MelankolyaMelankolyaMåned siden
  • Still waiting on the next episode 3 years later

    ischwhitischwhitMåned siden
    • This video popped up in my recommended. I figured it was popular because there was a next episode. Cue my disappointment.

      Kineth1Kineth128 dager siden
  • Basically it sounds like a rotary engine if a rat got stuck in it

    red panda personred panda personMåned siden
  • Alex is awesome! Great channel. Plus, he’s a Chicagoan! Woot woot!

    B KoppB KoppMåned siden
  • Awesome Content on this channel. Cant wait show my boss who drives an RX8. Hes always trying to explain how unique the engine is in it. Now I can show him that I get it.

    Steve EdelenSteve EdelenMåned siden
  • i think it spit out more fuel than it burnt. lol. not very efficient.

    Phillip CraggsPhillip CraggsMåned siden
  • One would have expected Wankel to have developed a piston engine rather than a rotary.

    Mark GoddardMark GoddardMåned siden
    • Actually Felix Wankel developed the idea intially as a supercharger for a 50cc reciprocating motorcycle. The little Graupner 49PI engine in this video is not Wankel's engine... the KKM engine was designed by Hanns Paschke and Walter Freode without knowledge or assistance from Felix Wankel. Wankel hated the KKM engine.

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenMåned siden
  • Cool very cool. Can it made manually?

    Ahmed HelmiAhmed HelmiMåned siden

    WildanWildanMåned siden
  • I Love Rotary Engine ~ my best.

    kang junsukang junsuMåned siden
    • The Graupner 49PI is a WANKEL engine... not a Rotary.

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenMåned siden
  • Awesome! Thank, you!

    Wald KrauseWald KrauseMåned siden
  • You even can not pronounce "Wankel" properly.

    K HK HMåned siden
  • That's so cool!

    John ConnellJohn ConnellMåned siden
  • I'm pretty sure this video is the reason I keep visualizing my engine spinning the wrong way. I've definitely seen it too many times😅

    Veejay S.Veejay S.Måned siden
  • تلك الشفرات في راس المثلث الدوار الا تحتاج الى تزييت

    saidi belabbassaidi belabbasMåned siden
  • Wow. Great Job.

    Adam DmowskiAdam DmowskiMåned siden
  • I had a 1984 RX7 (the bigger engine - 13B?) and a 1994 RX7. Wankel winds like crazy! Loved both of those cars!!!!!!

    Donna MiciDonna MiciMåned siden
  • The tasteless physician greely soothe because mandolin hisologically trouble but a flippant hyacinth. cooing, nervous scene

    Chase evansChase evansMåned siden
  • Cool video bro

    misael puentemisael puenteMåned siden
  • That was cool.

    Jose BarbosaJose BarbosaMåned siden
  • 6:40 the torch said no

    Holo PilotHolo PilotMåned siden
  • 5:43

    Adriano GAdriano GMåned siden
  • Nasabog brad?! Petmalordi

    YeysBaws!YeysBaws!Måned siden
  • This deserves an award.

    Oc MoOc MoMåned siden
  • You are missing part of your finger.

    Siege CatsSiege CatsMåned siden
  • Adamlar ne güzel konuşuyorlar . Bir kere aaa , eee , hiii , heee , Mööö demiyorlar . Aynı bizim Fatih Altaylı . Sadece o degil ki , hepsi öyle kardeşim , haber sunanları , yorum programlarında ki konuşmacıları , allah aşkına bir bu gözle izleyin , ben onları izlerken , inanın kulak kirim geliyor . Ama bir köylü vatandaşımız böyle değil , kendi şubesinde makinalı tüfek gibi heceleri , kelimeleri , cümleleri saydiriyor vallaha . Biraz yavaş konusta anlayalım demek durumunda kalıyorsun . halkla ilişkileri bitirip bir eşşek yükü diplomasi olanlara birşey oluyor , kimseyle ilişki kuramıyorlar . Kisacasi beyler , siz bizi okutmayin . Biz , kendimizi okutacak birini buluruz .

    Sincapli EvSincapli EvMåned siden
  • 7:56 awesome beyond words...

    aj growsaj growsMåned siden
  • This seems a lot easier then a piston engine

    Jhon SmithsonJhon SmithsonMåned siden
    • Looks can be deceiving.

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenMåned siden
  • I’m glad to see ShoeNice is doing well for himself

    SeanRedfieldIsntMeSeanRedfieldIsntMeMåned siden
  • Great! Thank you for the interesting video. The same two-stroke engine, only rotary. And how long do the seals work on the rotor?

    Сергей ПлотниковСергей ПлотниковMåned siden
    • Not 2-stroke, not Rotary... The Graupner 49PI engine shown in this video is a Wankel KKM type engine and uses the 4-stroke operating principle. Any questions?

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenMåned siden
  • So many dislikes. Wankel wankers.........

    Sour KrautSour KrautMåned siden
  • I'll take a rotary over a kia Hyundai Geo any day

    Anthony KingAnthony KingMåned siden
  • Can you give a link to buy the rotary engine.

    OwenOwenMåned siden
    • The Graupner 49PI is a WANKEL engine... not a Rotary

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenMåned siden
    • The *Graupner 49PI* was discontinued many years ago.

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenMåned siden
  • The animated battle posteriorly annoy because reason clearly stain an a crabby relation. probable, curious draw

    Anthony CrognaleAnthony CrognaleMåned siden
  • It's a shame Mr Wankel wasn't able to see this for himself. Amazing video... as always!!!

    Daniel LawsonDaniel LawsonMåned siden
    • Felix Wankel did not design this type of engine, in fact Felix Wankel hated the KKM engine.

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenMåned siden
  • 4 stroke: 1 bang per 2 revolutions 2 stroke: 1 bang per revolution wankel: 3 bangs per revolution, and that's why no car company use a wankel because they drink too much.

    3DPeter3DPeterMåned siden
    • @Sander Van der Kammen Je hebt gelijk

      3DPeter3DPeterMåned siden
    • The Wankel engine only has one combustion cycle per crankshaft revolution, it requires 3 revolutions to complete its firing order instead of 2 in the 4-stroke Otto type engine.

      Sander Van der KammenSander Van der KammenMåned siden
  • I love your passion for finding out how things work and then for sharing that with others. Setup and filming both masterful and flawless. I wish you had been one of my schoolteachers and communicated that passion for learning to me when I was younger. It's not too late, I guess. Thankyou.

    Matt LMatt LMåned siden
  • Cool, but just a reminder of such a poor engine design lol

    locklear308locklear308Måned siden
  • I can't believe NOworld lets you show an uncensored, see-through Wankel on here.

    Matthew BrownMatthew BrownMåned siden