See Through Engine on TURBO NITRO & EFI (E.7)

23. nov.. 2019
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In this Episode, I take the see-through engine, Adapt the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system made by Amp-EFI. I see if it can make boost first on Regular pump gas. Then see how much horsepower this small engine can actually make on Pump gas EFI and turbo, then Dyno it on Nitro EFI and Turbo, see what kind of power and boost I can squeeze out of it.
The first test I run is with gasoline alone to see if it could have made boost in the previous episode. The second test is with Gasoline on the EFI system that I adapted to this engine.
I think you will be very surprised with the results as I use a dyno that I built to measure the horsepower output of this engine with a setup that everyone wants to see in a very extreme and unconventional way.
LINK TO THE EFI SYSTEM I USED: I used: it worked beyond amazing and the software was so easy to use.
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If you want to watch any of the previous see-through engine episodes they are in the series playlist.
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Heres a Program guide
00:00 Intro.
00:45 First boost test on gas.
01:50 Addressing fire hazard concern.
03:38 Adapting the EFI System.
04:47 going over components hardware Bay.
05:35 going over engine sensors.
06:20 building see-through throttle body.
07:10 gasoline-run setup.
08:35 gasoline run.
10:24 anti-lag run setup.
11:15 Anti-lag run.
12:58 Dyno Run on Gasoline
15:16 Dyno Run on Nitromethane
17:21 Inspection of head after Nitro Dyno run.
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Carbon 12
Produced By: Carbon 12
Directed By: Matt Mikka

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    • You next modified of this engine should be aluminium crank shaft, cam shaft, rods, valves, piston, conrod, and conrod pin.

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    TheManLab7TheManLab721 dag siden
  • I was building small engines and doubling the HP with just a little machining work , you got a turbo charger and nitromethane , My secret ? I took auto- mechanics and small engine repair in school , And I watched Don ( The Snake ) Prudhomme and (Big Daddy ) Don Garlits

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  • Try florine gas or some florine based oxidizer for max efficiency

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