Scottish Girl Ruins Anime

10. feb.. 2021
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Drumsy makes Scottish girl Illy live in an anime.
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  • Thank god none of them went to the jojo universe if they did this video would be a lot weirder and a bit more hilarious lol thank god no one went to the jojo universe lol

    D4C is SufferingD4C is Suffering8 timer siden
  • So if kirishima turns he's quirk on does that mean alll he's body is hard and he's PRIVATE PARTS!?!!??!

    Theyo Janerick G. TACLIADTheyo Janerick G. TACLIAD8 timer siden
  • Naruto just went from 1-100 REAL FAST

    Dream SMP Edits & MemesDream SMP Edits & Memes9 timer siden
  • Og its Vezypoo

    Dr1p g6meDr1p g6me11 timer siden
  • i-

    Armin ArlertArmin Arlert12 timer siden
  • Why would he get 416 thumbsdown this a funny video

    Susan LiraSusan Lira12 timer siden
  • Tack on Titans

    Teddi BeeversTeddi Beevers13 timer siden

    Kore LoweKore Lowe15 timer siden

    Malorie LauverMalorie Lauver16 timer siden
  • Subscribe to drumsee

    Mary LeeMary Lee16 timer siden
  • Japanese are already destroyed by Fukushima

    Mary LeeMary Lee16 timer siden
  • :/ idn 👍

    Mary LeeMary Lee16 timer siden
  • She got to ruin your channel

    Sound WaveSound Wave16 timer siden
  • Ok Illi can ruin everything but that

    Sound WaveSound Wave17 timer siden
  • Hol up, is that Vevipoo?!?!?!

  • Im wheezing and about to have a heart attack

    IHasBunnyIHasBunny19 timer siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    IHasBunnyIHasBunny19 timer siden
  • This is a great first video that I’ve seen from this channel.

    Mr. Mega mincrafterMr. Mega mincrafter19 timer siden
  • "did someone say barbacue?" 🤣 Best part of this episode loved it!

    WolfKnightGamingWolfKnightGaming22 timer siden
  • If u look down here u can see why they call ma the beast titan 😂😂😂😂😂

    viper bite369viper bite36923 timer siden

    thedot 100000thedot 100000Dag siden
  • Oh I would like to see that 2:11

    thedot 100000thedot 100000Dag siden
  • im just sad black butler was not here

    Jade skylerJade skylerDag siden
  • The last of us 2 the ending is garbage

    London HarperLondon HarperDag siden
  • Some nicknames for the hero’s Deku=broccoli Baku= angry Pomeranian Kiri=rock or shark Urarka= *g o d* Todo= soba king u-u Momo=easy bake oven 👁👅👁 Dabi=da bee :> I forget the rest but one more Toga= blood queen

    Zariah foxxZariah foxxDag siden
  • 8:18 hilarious 😂😂😂.

    Sid sidSid sidDag siden
  • Because my ex girlfriend dump ME FOR REPLACE ME FOR BOY.

    greenfire hellswoodgreenfire hellswoodDag siden
  • Deku why do you look like you had a stroke when you threw the ball?

    Tina QuilitanoTina QuilitanoDag siden
  • Levi: We are safe- Nobody: Titans: Yo, yall having a BBQ

    Diandra diandraDiandra diandra2 dager siden
  • ah scottish women or how i like to call them: scottish men

    JavabugJavabug2 dager siden
  • I like the new illy model

    BlindBearBlindBear2 dager siden
  • I will say Deku is gay

    Wonder SMPWonder SMP2 dager siden
  • Why u disrisectin mah bai deku Ike that 😂

    Giada GiorlandoGiada Giorlando2 dager siden

    baka benten tobaka benten to2 dager siden
  • I couldnt stop laughing at deku

    bananasodapopbananasodapop2 dager siden
  • You should get Scottish girl to sing the Scotland jump rope song

    Juan FigueroaJuan Figueroa2 dager siden
  • *They totally captured Deku.*

    •MiszAyako••MiszAyako•2 dager siden
  • 💥Boom boom boy💥

    Keyonna GainesKeyonna Gaines2 dager siden
  • Naruto more pls

    game peakgame peak2 dager siden
  • Kirishima and Bakugo and Deku

    Brae ReccBrae Recc2 dager siden
  • the most hilarious part LMAO 8:20

    아너드Arnerd아너드Arnerd2 dager siden
  • Why has illy got jiggle physics?????😭😭😭😭😭

    nubsnubs2 dager siden
  • AnD sHoVe It Up YoUr FaWkInG aRse

    L e v I A c k e r m a nL e v I A c k e r m a n3 dager siden
  • I watched attack on Titan bc of this vid

    Just moon -w-Just moon -w-3 dager siden
  • i like how the naruto VR gang is in it that's just cool

    Darrell MaxwellDarrell Maxwell3 dager siden
  • (When he go to mha) me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    Dogeofwar41Dogeofwar413 dager siden
  • Naruto always has the upper hand

    F.B.IF.B.I3 dager siden
  • This video has taught me that naruto is a pervert.

    Stacy ZavischStacy Zavisch3 dager siden
  • Where the fu*k is dragon ball z

    Liam CobillLiam Cobill3 dager siden
  • 69k likes, noice.

    Mini laggMini lagg3 dager siden
  • I’m 😂 crying lol

    VoidifiVoidifi3 dager siden
  • ..I sound Scottish I just realized.

    Wolfy The Renamon.Wolfy The Renamon.3 dager siden
  • "it doesn't madder what your quirk is it doesnt even matter if you have a quirk it matters on the inside" "i have menangitis" deku-2021

  • I want more aot

    Smurf StanfordSmurf Stanford3 dager siden
  • It’s kinda awkward when Japanese speaks to American,but worse with Scottish.

    Winter SteveWinter Steve3 dager siden
  • Drumsy: *looks closer to Illy's shirt* Me: I-I don't consent to this-

    SplixzardSplixzard4 dager siden

    { Baby Angel } Afton{ Baby Angel } Afton4 dager siden
  • 69k likes my dude

    Moses LausaMoses Lausa4 dager siden
  • Anime is temporary but DOOM is ETERNAL

    rodrigo martinsrodrigo martins4 dager siden
  • He just burned him in vr

    Christopher HarrisChristopher Harris4 dager siden
  • "Hoe Kage"

    Your Waifu is ShitYour Waifu is Shit4 dager siden
  • Zeke: If you look down here, you can see why they call me the beast titan. Me: The fbi would like to know your location

    GamecrasherGamecrasher4 dager siden
  • My friends trying to hype me up to take a score in basket ball: me : 6:19

    yourpurplesista aftons,fnafyourpurplesista aftons,fnaf4 dager siden
  • Hey it’s me!

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya4 dager siden
  • Illy: I don't know what my quirk is. [sweater puppy bouncing intensifies]

    whiterabbit75whiterabbit754 dager siden
  • Why Naruto sound like Pinocchio from shrek?

    ZayZay4 dager siden
  • Hey I’m Scottish and I can say that she absolutely represents how most Scottish people act which is swearing a lot and insulting people

    Sebastian SmithSebastian Smith4 dager siden
  • sup to malachichi and vezypoo

    Aaron VasquezAaron Vasquez4 dager siden
  • I like attack on titan more.

    i use this account toi use this account to4 dager siden
  • Can you wear it at a funeral? Well I’m going to a funeral tomorrow so I should wear it

    Midway LlamaMidway Llama4 dager siden

    Clueless baconClueless bacon4 dager siden
  • E

    Clueless baconClueless bacon4 dager siden
  • E

    Clueless baconClueless bacon4 dager siden

    leilany Munozleilany Munoz4 dager siden
  • Euro-Peein' My mom heard the joke and she died of laughter

    Maddison PerkinsMaddison Perkins4 dager siden
  • she has a nice voice

    Ziiquan McleodZiiquan Mcleod4 dager siden
  • illy got a new avatar 😳😳

    boardanteboardante4 dager siden
  • "my doctor says my quirk is that my bones don't work that good :{"

    Laurynn GreenLaurynn Green4 dager siden
  • When you guys go to aot I laugh at BBQ

    Oliver YbanezOliver Ybanez4 dager siden
  • Naruto ruins anime

    Tracey CroninTracey Cronin4 dager siden
  • All the mha ppl i know Bakugou Deku/midoriya Jiro Mina Mineta Kirishima Todorki Mr. Aiswa

    xin sunxin sun4 dager siden
  • that naruto made me cry

    Ice SkullsIce Skulls4 dager siden
  • 4:53 most funniest moment to me

    The BoisThe Bois4 dager siden
  • 1:06 sasukes reaction

    The BoisThe Bois4 dager siden
  • *Euro-peeing XD*

    Melanie Van der BeekMelanie Van der Beek5 dager siden
  • Ah yes the best Scottish anime I've seen by far

    Drew BennDrew Benn5 dager siden
  • Drumsy more like funsy

    Roblox king 101 AzizRoblox king 101 Aziz5 dager siden
  • when you laugh so loud you wake your fucking dad up

    Pure bloodmoonPure bloodmoon5 dager siden
  • The naruto sounds like Pinocchio from shrek

    Cj PCj P5 dager siden
  • i think i found my new motto thanks mom

    Daveon RimmerDaveon Rimmer5 dager siden
  • Naruto killed me with his voice

    Soupy_53 GamingSoupy_53 Gaming5 dager siden
  • Am I the only one thinking that the paper people are the voice actors of Spoodly Poofs

    Sleepy SoulSleepy Soul5 dager siden
  • “You smell like blueberries” I L o v e B l u e b e r r i e s

    CastleBloxFilmsCastleBloxFilms5 dager siden
  • The last one they just want some barbeques 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Eunice amber alexis ArciagaEunice amber alexis Arciaga5 dager siden
  • ok the attack on titan part of the video just got me laughing

    preston affleckpreston affleck5 dager siden
  • Naruto sounds like a muppet marge simpson.

    njokumannjokuman5 dager siden
  • I watched ur tiktoks and somehow ur on my page on yt

    { Jaelynn Lãche Gacha }{ Jaelynn Lãche Gacha }5 dager siden
  • I love anime

    Goku AlzeabaqGoku Alzeabaq5 dager siden
  • No JoJO

    Blue TopazBlue Topaz5 dager siden

    Jacob SmithJacob Smith5 dager siden