Saying GOODBYE To My BOYFRIEND Forever **Going Back to DANCE MOMS** 😢💔 | Elliana Walmsley

25. feb.. 2021
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Hi it's Elliana Walmsley! Today i have a very serious video to share with you. Basically i have to say goodbye to my boyfriend forever, because im going back to dance moms. Basically in todays video Aby Lee Miller called me and stated that they want to do another season of dance moms, so after some long though, i agreed to do this. However i now have to say goodbye to Jentzen, Piper Rockelle and the squad! Stay tuned to see how piper rockelle reacts, and my boyfriend Jentzen. If you guys LOVED this challenge and wanna see more videos make sure you leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more!!♡♡♡
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Hi its Elliana Walmsley! You guys might know me from dance moms, dwts juniors, radio city Christmas spectacular, chicken girls, and more!! Come along with me and watch my crazy life as I do a variety of different videos I hope you guys enjoy! ♡♡♡

  • Did anyone else see the robux notification? No? Just me?

    Lily GreeneLily Greene5 timer siden
  • I literally cried 😭😭😭this was very sad for me .. and finding out afterwards it was a prank😂😂 Anyways I love jelliana there's my favorite couples 😍❤️

  • At the end I could see the pain in his eyes it made me so sad


    Elloise lawleyElloise lawley6 timer siden
  • So are you choosing to not go and stay in the squad??

    Lizzette ReynosoLizzette Reynoso7 timer siden
  • I am literally crying right now 😭😭😔

    Kendra WilsonKendra Wilson8 timer siden
  • Why!!!

    Ifeyinwa ekwempuIfeyinwa ekwempu9 timer siden
  • I was listening crying because you have the squad

    Jordyn DerryJordyn Derry12 timer siden
  • Omg her friends were crying what a prank

    Camilla AnisimovaCamilla Anisimova12 timer siden
  • So sad you must miss the squad😥💔

    Camilla AnisimovaCamilla Anisimova13 timer siden
    • That was a really good prank acting

      Camilla AnisimovaCamilla Anisimova13 timer siden
    • Omg I wrote this comment before I finished the video are you serious a prank?! wtf

      Camilla AnisimovaCamilla Anisimova13 timer siden
  • I was really crying

    Manda SlaterManda Slater16 timer siden
  • I am going to miss Jensen and u

    Liliana SilvaLiliana Silva17 timer siden
  • its.......... a pRAnk

    avaniavani19 timer siden
  • No no no no no no

    Gaming BruceGaming Bruce20 timer siden
  • Wen I watched dis video I were crying ☹😭

    Chanri BothaChanri Botha21 time siden
  • Wait so she said no to Abby or was she in with the prank

    Sophie RoweSophie Rowe23 timer siden
  • Wow its prank😱😱

    Gabriela arresGabriela arresDag siden
  • This is sad l just cry wow this sad😍😭😭

    Gabriela arresGabriela arresDag siden
  • I cried because I could see that Jentzen did not want to leave Elliana and I feel that they are the cutest couple

    Anushka ShivalkarAnushka ShivalkarDag siden
  • Omg I started crying and it was all a prank

    Candace SantiagoCandace SantiagoDag siden
  • I started crying because it so sad like tear were running down my face

    Candace SantiagoCandace SantiagoDag siden
  • Sooooo sad

    Panda CrewPanda CrewDag siden
  • Okkk this is cool n I’m a biggg fan

    Anajha CummingsAnajha CummingsDag siden
  • i cried, i got tears on my keyboard

    Alison ThomasAlison ThomasDag siden
  • i cried lol

    Rehana DanishRehana DanishDag siden
  • Hi

    Harriet SandersHarriet SandersDag siden
  • I was crying over their breakup

    Maddie StewartMaddie StewartDag siden
  • Prove that I watching yuo

    Dianne PangilinamDianne PangilinamDag siden
    • Your in youtube You have gadjet Your watching elliana vlog

      Dianne PangilinamDianne PangilinamDag siden
  • I thought it was real

    Carloline BundaCarloline BundaDag siden
  • Elliana you mom is sososososososo sweet and I think you should do what you and you mom want

    Carloline BundaCarloline BundaDag siden
  • Practice for me to do it today or Tuesday or Wednesday or Tuesday and Wednesday for my class at work so I’ll have them to make a reservation at my place at seven so we could get them out there in a couple hours :)

    Rayan AliRayan AliDag siden
  • oh m'y it was à prank

    Helene MetivierHelene MetivierDag siden
  • 😧😧😧😳

    Helene MetivierHelene MetivierDag siden
  • i was crying 😢

    Helene MetivierHelene MetivierDag siden
  • i am so sad

    Helene MetivierHelene MetivierDag siden
  • no do you bave To go ):

    Helene MetivierHelene MetivierDag siden
  • I was LITERALLY going to cry because I love Jelliana but then she said that it was a prank

    Ruby Santa CruzRuby Santa CruzDag siden
  • omg i read the first comment and i was like omg its gonna be a prank!! Lol

    Kim DewaardKim DewaardDag siden
  • #emotinal

    Kim DewaardKim DewaardDag siden
  • I cried so much

    Ruby BryantRuby BryantDag siden
  • I am so sad

    Julye LizanoJulye LizanoDag siden
  • that was kinda a prank on us to

    Avni DesaiAvni DesaiDag siden
  • I was crying

    Mery ApMery ApDag siden
  • How u can know there Lieng when they start a video and then suddenly get a a call and when there lieng they always put there hair back

  • Eliana just quit the dance mom just be with us addy doesn’t tell you what to do it’s your life and we want you to be with us please don’t leave

    Natalie AguirreNatalie AguirreDag siden

    DBV2oo8DBV2oo8Dag siden
  • I i am still crying and i now it is a prank

    Johanna AfeworkJohanna AfeworkDag siden
  • I literly just cry not funny at all dislike

    Pranita DasPranita DasDag siden
  • Stay with Jetson and maybe you guys will become famous famous NOworldrs and maybe you’ll become one of the top famous celebrity one day if you just stay on NOworld and do your thing you will become famous don’t listen to miss Abi

    Aj SharkAj SharkDag siden
  • I thought it was real I was crying

    Brianna HardyBrianna Hardy2 dager siden
  • No don't go

    Brianna HardyBrianna Hardy2 dager siden
  • Enater you are from dhar mann

    Katerina BlessyKaterina Blessy2 dager siden
  • This made me cry but I need it was a prank wtfffff

    Chelsey YassChelsey Yass2 dager siden
  • Dude she actually got me when she said it was a prank I cried and then after a minute I had the same luck jenna haf

    Saniyia RogersSaniyia Rogers2 dager siden
  • I knew it was a prank

    Hang AvaHang Ava2 dager siden
  • I knew that was coming

    Hang AvaHang Ava2 dager siden
  • You made me so sad I cried:(

    Childrens :VChildrens :V2 dager siden
  • Please don't I know dancing is what you love and all but please don't ♡

    Childrens :VChildrens :V2 dager siden
  • I knew it from the beginning lmao she would never

    Gillian NataleGillian Natale2 dager siden
  • Awwww that was sad saying bye 😢

    Mel MedinaMel Medina2 dager siden
  • Have a nice day

  • I hate that lev over reacts

    lil wolflil wolf2 dager siden
  • Hi i am a fan of the scwad so can SOMEONE try to VIST Lebanon because I live there and i am a biggg fan

    Rafka IbrahimRafka Ibrahim2 dager siden
  • WHAT! When Ellie Said it was a prank I was so surprised that it was a prank😲😀

    Manola DeleonManola Deleon2 dager siden
  • Ok why is abby so cranky

    Anaya Diyanah KhanAnaya Diyanah Khan2 dager siden
  • I knew that it was a prank

    Nuha AlrawiNuha Alrawi2 dager siden

    Queenie Z WangQueenie Z Wang2 dager siden
  • It least if it's not a prank it least you,ll be happy

    Charlie SmithCharlie Smith2 dager siden
  • Oh mu godnest is q prank i almost cries

    Poupe PoupePoupe Poupe2 dager siden
  • Lucia

    Dolores MuscariDolores Muscari2 dager siden
  • from the begging i was like it have to begging prank i was crying in all my mom like you dont evan know her

    Lakeya DurandLakeya Durand2 dager siden
  • why leave to go to a show if ypu have a show on youtube

    bro drobro dro2 dager siden
  • Plz someone reply

    Clement musyokaClement musyoka2 dager siden
  • What did eliana say is her name in roblox again I can't remember

    Clement musyokaClement musyoka2 dager siden
  • Eliana is brunete in the show but now she is blonde

    Radhika PulicherlaRadhika Pulicherla2 dager siden
  • I was so sad for jentzen because before also it had happened with him BEFORE!!i was sobbing for him and Lev is a true friend,but then it's a prank,like literally🤣🤣

    Arshiya KalraArshiya Kalra2 dager siden
  • Jelliana is SOO CUTE

    UgriNyusziUgriNyuszi2 dager siden
  • Elliana: ITS A PRANK everyone: 😐😑😐

    Arika HinduArika Hindu3 dager siden
  • i got prank too🤣

  • that's prank right?

    just aldcjust aldc3 dager siden
  • Who noticed the notification that sed Elly Bought robux 😂

    Brianna Miley SolomonBrianna Miley Solomon3 dager siden
  • just do it

    reese stinsonreese stinson3 dager siden
  • Good morning elliana

    Rob JacksonRob Jackson3 dager siden
  • I didn't even get through watching the whole entire video but Abby could shut up and leave

    Rosandra PinalesRosandra Pinales3 dager siden
  • elianaaaaaaa what are you doing it is prank amm

    Khalid AhmedKhalid Ahmed3 dager siden
  • l am so sad about that sorry hh

    Khalid AhmedKhalid Ahmed3 dager siden
  • sorry elliena

    Khalid AhmedKhalid Ahmed3 dager siden
  • Hey really love ur videos!! ❤ I had a question does ayden works for dharmaan's videos right

  • Omg you lost my heart with you you are a great person and I was crying

    Tanawan FlanaganTanawan Flanagan3 dager siden

    SimplexLunaSimplexLuna3 dager siden
  • Omg ellie what are you doing i was crying 😂😂😂

    Sølvi Dragvik HedemannSølvi Dragvik Hedemann3 dager siden
  • Ellie why are you still posting then im shoct

    Sølvi Dragvik HedemannSølvi Dragvik Hedemann3 dager siden
  • No ellie im crying right now and i know you love dance and you lave NOworld but🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Sølvi Dragvik HedemannSølvi Dragvik Hedemann3 dager siden
  • Wait why are you doing that no it’s nice I want you to be back

    lana abusalehlana abusaleh3 dager siden
  • I knew this was a prank. She would never leave the squad. She Is a good friend

    Daniella AndreDaniella Andre3 dager siden
  • No do not do it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    megan Georgemegan George4 dager siden
  • Don’t leave

    Cheese ECheese E4 dager siden
  • Fact that you see on her phone when she is calling with Abby that she buyed robux

    Janine RomboutsJanine Rombouts4 dager siden
  • i cried and then it was a prank

    Celestie BaileyCelestie Bailey4 dager siden
  • No why did this have to happen to jellyana

    Chloe HorsleyChloe Horsley4 dager siden