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Despite your best efforts, sometimes things just don't go as planned.
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3. Believe in You and Me - The New Fools
4. Deadlines - Dylan Sitts
5. Permanent Record - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
6. Baseball Card - Justnormal
7. Shoes Off - Guustavv
8. Detergent - Dylan Sitts
9. The Ingenious - Arthur Benson
10. Magnet Groove - John Runefelt
11. Hidden Identity 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
12. Hoover Dam - Bonnie Grace
13. Hold Up - Fasion
14. It's Time - Ealot
15. A Classic Noir - Mary Riddle
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19. Maiden Voyage - Duke Herrington
20. Rammadam - Daniel Fridell
21. I'm On A Roll - DJ DENZ The Rooster
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  • is simple: YOU ARE THE BEST

    Big BaLzZBig BaLzZ3 timer siden
  • sorry man but bloo i gotta do it #Grubnation

    vastfpsvastfps4 timer siden
  • Is that thumbnail supposed to be from the movie “Nobody” 🔥

    Ian MorseIan Morse6 timer siden
  • Cannot be as bad as my whole groups wipe. Corrected it is worse

    King BingKing Bing8 timer siden
  • Wow bloopring was a complete toxic asshole who door camped noobs then raided them. But he still thinks he's in the good. And after getting lucky with the counter raiders he goes toxic mode...

    SecretcodrinSecretcodrin10 timer siden
  • Lol at 30:17 you run past a stone base with twig foundations...

    Johan BadenhorstJohan Badenhorst11 timer siden
  • Hearing the sound of a sar is a pleasure in my ear

    raisukeraisuke14 timer siden
  • You finally upload

    raisukeraisuke14 timer siden
  • Please make more Blootorials

    KarmicalKarmical18 timer siden
  • blooprint heal first before loot so no grub kills ya XD

    Jamer MarceloJamer Marcelo19 timer siden
  • One of the most painful to watch rust vids of ALL time... so sorry mate.

    tyraelpltyraelpl22 timer siden
  • I loved the intro to this video...very funny.

    1997ToyotaCorolla1997ToyotaCorollaDag siden
  • bloo: its soo hard to survive as a solo player hjune: izi clap

    happy boy29happy boy29Dag siden
  • I love how this is called the unlucky life but within the first 3 minutes he goes “I hope I can find a better gun” and first box rev and then for that naked in the compound to be loaded with frags lmao

    AquaAquaDag siden
  • The funny part was that 3v1 clutch then got bow at with that fart sound lol

    __ XxsniperlonewolfxX ____ XxsniperlonewolfxX __Dag siden
  • 29:28 maybe play on a solo/duo only server? :')

    クリストファーJimmyクリストファーJimmyDag siden
  • The moment you have been waiting for 26:30

    Ashura † 61Ashura † 61Dag siden
  • Ohh I love these vids

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  • Nice nobody reference in the thumbnail, such a good movie

    XLenBoiX27690XLenBoiX27690Dag siden
  • bloo i think u just are meant to be with wally because your luck sucks don't gamble!

    lucid playslucid plays2 dager siden
  • What’s the outro music?

    Justice -_PickyJustice -_Picky2 dager siden
  • I wish my laptop could run rust, Ive had it for like a year now but my specs are too bad so i can't play it :(

    toms Zvejniekstoms Zvejnieks2 dager siden
  • Has anyone ever told u, u sound like the bird Blu the bird from Rio

    VersatileVersatile2 dager siden
  • This is 45:46 seconds of blooprint being shit

    Grant AlcoserGrant Alcoser2 dager siden
  • I’m convinced that blooprint is secretly leafyishere but talking without the attitude in his voice

    ThriveThrive2 dager siden
  • Man huge fan now new sub

    Light BearerLight Bearer2 dager siden
  • What are your thoughts on rust coming to Xbox?

    Dexter ShilsonDexter Shilson3 dager siden
  • So when is the next db Sato video?

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  • getting bowed after taking them 3 down was so rough

    TheOriginalJohnTheOriginalJohn3 dager siden
  • nice video man fire

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  • Why do I remember when bloo print yelled “YO CLOSE THE DOOR MAN”

    zexシzexシ3 dager siden
  • Bro I watch blooprint while I’m eating,laying down,playing rust,chillin outside,in the car, and any other time I can watch NOworld

    zexシzexシ3 dager siden
  • Atleast im not the only one having wipes like that

    MonkeMonke3 dager siden
  • Pov: stepsis is in the washing machine

    AyatoAyato3 dager siden
  • Bro i cant play rust bc i cant afford it but if i watch you i actually get happy and it looks like i play

    Diard PMDiard PM3 dager siden
  • You should try to survive on large oil rig

    Landin OdellshreeveLandin Odellshreeve3 dager siden
  • You should try to only survive

    Landin OdellshreeveLandin Odellshreeve3 dager siden
  • The fact that you 1magg three of them w the mp5 LOL

    RyRy3 dager siden
  • 26:00 OH MY GOD

    RyRy3 dager siden

    RyRy3 dager siden
  • When will you be releasing more mearch?

    Sy7RSy7R3 dager siden
  • 32:04 LMAOO

    RickRick3 dager siden
  • That intro 🙌💥

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  • hey.... its been awhile..... and im finally starting rust today!!!

    Reign XIReign XI4 dager siden
  • Nice too see you again bloo

    Elver TVElver TV4 dager siden
  • The thumbnail made me think this was a rough rule 34 rust video

    baby squirrelbaby squirrel4 dager siden
  • Watchtower Gaming

    Blaze10523Blaze105234 dager siden
  • everyone who played rust for 1k hours knows your pain very well 😂

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  • Try rust console it’s even hard solo

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  • nice landing bro

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  • Dead, dead, dead, dead, dea dea dea dea dsd ed ed d dde de de d ed d e d dead.... one dead. Bruh

    Jason cartwroughtJason cartwrought4 dager siden
  • bloo could you please make a au server for all us Australians that watch your channel we all support you and would love it (ps i don't know if there is one xD)

    KayozzKayozz4 dager siden
  • We need another collab vid with stevie pls

    FabyanFabyan4 dager siden
  • Kid: “I hAvE 500+ hRs Ur ScReWeD” Blooprint should have said: “I have over 5k hrs BITCH”

    LantraLantra4 dager siden
  • Lool

    Jonathan JozefJonathan Jozef4 dager siden
  • I hate this vid the so much

    Jonathan JozefJonathan Jozef4 dager siden
  • i know what server that is i was on that last wipe

    Scorp TrooperScorp Trooper4 dager siden
  • Blooprint best youtuber of this year

    Devon villaDevon villa4 dager siden
  • He literally went from a based chad to a crybaby..

    CrylessCryless4 dager siden
  • Хорошие видео.

    КиллаКилла5 dager siden
  • That's painful bro. I feel you. When I pay solo and actually have a good start a clan raids me. A fucking clan raiding a solo player. I don't even bother them.

    Kabir ArnobKabir Arnob5 dager siden
  • Hahahaha... Lucky man

    Ruri BoyRuri Boy5 dager siden
  • Not gonna lie his rust name fits so well

    Unofficial Jack YTUnofficial Jack YT5 dager siden
  • you are the best bro

  • Solo is always unlucky

    IrishThiefIrishThief5 dager siden
  • 26:10 damn...

    Repo dlxRepo dlx5 dager siden
  • Hey bloo when rust is released on console are u gonna make a server for it? That would be great

    Noobway StudiosNoobway Studios5 dager siden
  • i was watching you back in 2019 and 2020 but then they pushed rust back so i kinda got away from it but now that i have it i’m so hype you have so much good content try Consol sometime we could run a server they are so bad

    Gabriel FrancoGabriel Franco5 dager siden
  • Blooprint what do you think about rust on Xbox? it’s released

    Skyler_ rrayySkyler_ rrayy5 dager siden
  • Man RIP to the old graphics they will be missed

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  • Крутые видосы)

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  • When we gonna get official Blooprint rage comp?

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  • That thumbnail looks really like the thumbnail of the nobody movie.

    Elarouqnoscoperïnô MwoanElarouqnoscoperïnô Mwoan5 dager siden
  • am i the only one who watches bloo and does not own rust

    Snicky GamingSnicky Gaming5 dager siden
  • Bro I always love these intros

    Jackson CogginsJackson Coggins5 dager siden
  • 44:46 insant flashbacks from the beggining of the video LUL

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  • Couldn’t stop laughing at 32:05 😂😂😂

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  • Dude your already 1/5 of the way to 2 mill your killin it!!!!

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  • Cracked up when you died at oil

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  • Bloo after taking regular breaks to ensure your wellbeing please upload some more lengthy ones even once in a while like 1hr45mins, it's not boring and quite frankly enjoyable.

    Sad lifeSad life6 dager siden
  • good recommended host for a rust server?????

    Chris FyfeChris Fyfe6 dager siden
  • bloo we all need that rage inducing day it's part of being a human

    SeasonSeason6 dager siden
  • I’m doing a essay project on rust wish me luck bois

    just vibinjust vibin6 dager siden
  • *rages about grubs* *steals sar* and *cuts someone off that just fighted* literally is a grub the first 30 seconds of his run

    WobukoWobuko6 dager siden
  • 4:50 imma load this SAR with pistol bullets😂😂

    Unknown 4257Unknown 42576 dager siden
  • The Virgin Grub VS The Chad Blooprint - 2 hours on rust - epic gamer - roofcamps - has self respect - never risks stuff - big gamer plays - average DB fan - average SAR enjoyer

    BananaManBananaMan6 dager siden
  • you should play with posty

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  • Gotta love that secret 3rd teammate called bear

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  • Me wait for the new video for a month and upload me be like let me.just down load it and watch it over and over

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  • GG..

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  • That spineless sneak : GG bro i respect ... few seconds later fuck him he is an asshole. LOL

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  • *starts the video with a sad preview about grubs ruining everything* *immediately grubs a raid*

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  • GG

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  • Bloo big fannn pls answer me how can i buy rust game?

    Masrur hasan ShaanMasrur hasan Shaan6 dager siden
    • on steam

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    • Pls answer me

      Masrur hasan ShaanMasrur hasan Shaan6 dager siden
  • The thumbnail is like the poster for the movie Nobody. 😂

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  • Idea get all ur subscribers on the server and tell all opf them just to throw rocks at them :D

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  • So is it hard to break into someone's shelter if it's upgraded to stone? Obviously I'm a noob

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