27. april. 2021
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Follow my life on farms in south west Scotland, working not as a veterinarian, but as a professional hoof trimmer.
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  • Hey folks, I've gone down a slightly different route with this video - there's less music ... so that we can focus on the trim itself - normal service shall resume with the next upload :)

    The Hoof GPThe Hoof GP9 dager siden
    • Helped me to help my family, we are poor and I want to change our life, fund my transport project in my country please😢😥 or give me alms😞 don't take me for a scammer I just need to be helped

      Gami GamGami GamTime siden
    • Stay with this style. I like it. Bit ASMR

      Samson LiSamson LiDag siden
    • I prefer the lack of music! Thank you!

      bobwinslowbobwinslow2 dager siden
    • I prefer it. I’m really here for the trim- I don’t want all the other bells and whistles

      Ren GuacamayaRen Guacamaya2 dager siden
    • Have any of the cows ever told you that the grinder tickles Lol

      Bill PreziosoBill Prezioso3 dager siden
  • poveri animali questi allevamenti intensivi sono orribili :(

    Antonio RegaAntonio Rega24 minutter siden
  • Why was this so much like one of those soap cutting videos

    Trevor EllisTrevor EllisTime siden
  • How long is that cow been suffering and why wasn’t she called earlier or was she had purchased cow because that seems awful cruel to let it go that long and if they’ve seen her running in the field why didn’t they try to catch her and get it taken care of

    Barbara PerdueBarbara PerdueTime siden
  • Just curious, is the cow feels hurt?

    Risal HidayatRisal HidayatTime siden
  • I think its too deep

    Mamahe JohnMamahe JohnTime siden
  • I have no idea why this on my feed, I don’t no agriculture or lives on a farm but I been watching his videos 😋

    King freezeKing freeze2 timer siden
  • its like the texture of a giant almond

    H.R. HufnStufH.R. HufnStuf2 timer siden
  • Do cows feel the pain when u r doing this....???

    jatin singhjatin singh5 timer siden
  • I dont know how i got here but i couldnt stop watching

    Callum LloydCallum Lloyd5 timer siden
  • Why let it get to this ...?

    Allan HaynesAllan Haynes6 timer siden
  • Oh lordy my heart went out to this poor darling! Thank you so much for helping her cause oh my god she must have been in so much pain poor baby

    Tasfia ZahinTasfia Zahin7 timer siden
  • You did a great job. I wish i could learn more about trimming.

    Nilo PalermoNilo Palermo8 timer siden
  • How do cows keep their hooves down in the wild?

    Tony BatesTony Bates10 timer siden
  • Cheeseburger

    Fluffymast3r -Fluffymast3r -12 timer siden
    • Nah I’m joking everyone chill, he dose a great job . Smile

      Fluffymast3r -Fluffymast3r -12 timer siden
  • Bj j já

    Ana NahasAna Nahas12 timer siden
  • I have to ask, how is it the cow is so calm thru this whole process? I am sure that machine has a pretty good grip on the foot.

    Zay ScottZay Scott12 timer siden
  • If the foot doesn't improve. Will the cow be put down?

    Kelli BrockKelli Brock12 timer siden
  • Poor cow

    Sarah van RooyenSarah van Rooyen14 timer siden
  • Looks to me like she needs cast a bright pink one. West

    debibeverly0609debibeverly060914 timer siden
  • As reference i paused at 4:45 to put down what I think it is. I will come back after finishing the video, but I think it's either an infection or digital dermatitis.

    Akagame no KylaAkagame no Kyla14 timer siden
    • I'm learning. Hope she's doing better.

      Akagame no KylaAkagame no Kyla14 timer siden
  • I wonder how good he keeps is finger nails clean????

    Gaige MartinGaige Martin14 timer siden
  • As, poor ol’ girl was in bad shape! Dang!

    Dirty DingusDirty Dingus14 timer siden
  • uau!!!

    joão epaminondasjoão epaminondas15 timer siden
  • That is weird ..... I was unsubscribed by NOworld...... thanks for pointing that out 👍👍

    silverstackssilverstacks15 timer siden
  • Your Channel is fascinating to me. Your presentation makes it interesting. Im very curious to know your intro music. i like it very much! Thank you

    Ray SindaRay Sinda16 timer siden
  • Why the fuck am I watching cow Paw healing videos? fuck youtube, you are suggesting crazy things to my spare time!

    Juan PirataJuan Pirata16 timer siden
  • Fine job Sir ! I'm confident that the cow is very happy.

    Rudy SimmondsRudy Simmonds17 timer siden
  • Anyone else think its gross but still can't stop watching? 😅

    NataliaNatalia17 timer siden
  • I hope the cow is given anaesthesia

  • New to the channel but I find it so interesting. Also very satisfying to help the cow feel better. Why wasn't the paste Salicylic acid used for this cow?

    Nikki VeldkampNikki Veldkamp18 timer siden
  • That poor cow!

    Adam TAdam T18 timer siden
  • me watching these and feeling like I know everything about hoofs. Also me: hasn't even seen a live cow before

    ThePacoeThePacoe19 timer siden
  • What is the piece of music played at the beginning of this and the last video. Its beautiful. Carry on with your amazing work.

    Susan WilliamsonSusan Williamson19 timer siden
  • 6:14 starting to shit while walking damn

    Stavros ManStavros Man20 timer siden
  • GP - i've watched all of your vids. I have to say that this "quiet" one seemed somehow more .... medical / clinical .... maybe the one thing that could make future vids better is just occasionally point at a specific something and describe what that something is ... seriously - thanx for the educational aspect of what you guys do.

    Carl YCarl Y20 timer siden
  • Iam truly amazed that this cow was able to walk on at all Bless her heart ❤️ I just really don’t understand why it took sooo long for her to get treatment they must hide there pain really well. My question how long will it take to heal and if she had not been treated for this what would of happened. You are truly the best veterinarian I seen and the cows agree with me to. Haha

    Karen DunnKaren Dunn20 timer siden
  • I saw this video thumbnail and felt bad for that poor animal already, I am new here, poor one. Even tho I grew up near cows I never saw any work like that and even I can see that huge problem and it almost hurts me more than that cow. All the time I said loudly "poor little one poor one oh not hat is flesh already poor you poor one, hold on sweetie"

    Dana OndráčkováDana OndráčkováDag siden
  • What would happen to one of these cows if you weren't there to help them? Like in the wild? Would it still get like this? What would a cow do to fix it?

    James Jones IIJames Jones IIDag siden
  • Poor baby. I would be so afraid of cutting too deep. You are so good.

    Jamie MillerJamie MillerDag siden
  • Subtitle spanish please , i from of colombia

    Santiago GomezSantiago GomezDag siden
  • What happened to the magical paste?

    ThePeaceKittenThePeaceKittenDag siden
  • As the biological son of a dairy farmer, I am wincing and cringing like crazy, thinking that the cow is going to make some god-awful noise or whatnot. With that said, you're doing your part to care for hurting livestock!

    Gerald StAmourGerald StAmourDag siden
  • Do you sharpen that knife or have someone do it,or do you just buy a new one?

    Ika PatinoIka PatinoDag siden
  • OH nooooo

    Earlyta ,jeslyn channelEarlyta ,jeslyn channelDag siden
  • Cows are the sweetest creatures...go Vegan

    lisa gordonlisa gordonDag siden
    • oh hell yeah theyre the sweetest, especially well done

      honkhonk19 timer siden
  • Выглядит так, как будто у копыт тоже бывает кариес.

    Ольга ПчелаОльга ПчелаDag siden
  • I subscribed a long while back and never got the vids 🤔😫😭lol i happened to look up animal abscesses cuz i like watching all abscesses haha🤓🤗🤭🤣 Which in turn showed up the infected hoof trims you do haha and the reg trims 2.🤣🤣😂😂😊 I love your accent😊🥰🤩 Its calming, y'all are funny and i enjoy watching your content!! Keep it up! I hope all is well on both your guys ends and take care:)

    Laura OrtizLaura OrtizDag siden
  • Oh no.... must have been in agony.... I hope it gets cured fully.

    Yasuko PYasuko PDag siden

    Badkins OnitsalpBadkins OnitsalpDag siden
  • Still looked pretty fucking dirty to be wrapping it back up 😂

    young-magnum A.K.A lil detrimentyoung-magnum A.K.A lil detrimentDag siden
  • Nice to know where my collagen supplements come from lol

    Wade MichaelsonWade MichaelsonDag siden
  • That's a shame the owners let the cows feet get that bad. If these are milking own and people are eating these cows, they should be checked on more often. The vet is doing the best he can. The cows foot is literally rotten. Poor baby. Bad cow management.

    AC McGowanAC McGowanDag siden
  • So how long does it take for her to grow her entire hoof back?

    TaggerIncTaggerIncDag siden
  • Man im glad you said something about subscribing. i swore i subscribed to you a long while ago. but yet the button was red. jeez youtube.

    JimJimDag siden
  • Do you ever get to do follow ups with the cows you've trimmed? I wonder how this one is doing, poor thing had no nail left.

    Sapphire LightSapphire LightDag siden
  • You donut you went to deep there’s blood

    Daniel And kerithDaniel And kerithDag siden
  • I run a lot, almost every day to be exact. I've lost a few toe nails in my time, and its never a pleasant experience, and it usually takes a few months for them to finally "fall" off. I can only imagine how much worse or painful an infection like this would be. Damn!

    Mountain Man MikeMountain Man MikeDag siden
  • I want to see the recovery also

    Tara GurungTara GurungDag siden
  • I have no interest in this skill. But here I am.

    Captain LaloCaptain LaloDag siden
  • Anything to do with a dirty barn? Not keeping the moisture out of area?

    Freedom isn't freeFreedom isn't freeDag siden
  • Randomly recommended video, but very interesting. Hoping that animal starts to feel better.

    Beholder84Beholder84Dag siden
  • I would like to see a picture of your right wrist and forearm verses your left...I bet gorilla right arm..

    MrCanadascottMrCanadascottDag siden
  • Why no magic paste?

    Scott CantrellScott CantrellDag siden
  • Bonito trabalho ☺️☺️☺️ Ronny do Brasil.

    Inaldo FernandesInaldo FernandesDag siden
  • Não lavou e esterelizar o casco com água sabão e mercúrio do que foi feito ficou contaminado;

    Marcelo AlvarengaMarcelo AlvarengaDag siden
  • Good job a migo

    Jorge GomezJorge GomezDag siden
  • All that scraping, does it not hurt? :( poor cow..

    B MB MDag siden
  • Why do I find this so freaking fascinating?!?!? Apparently I should have been a hoofer or a dermatologist 🤷‍♀️

    L CampL CampDag siden
  • That poor baby, my heart aches for her. Please have her back and let us see how she is doing.

    dcoog anmldcoog anmlDag siden
    • That poor baby, my heart aches for her. Please have her back and let us see how she is doing.

      H.R. HufnStufH.R. HufnStuf2 timer siden
  • Poor poor bovine must have been so uncomfy walking on THAT hoof.

    the_other_todorokithe_other_todorokiDag siden
  • Please tell me I'm not the only weirdo that talks to the cows that have the most trouble and try to keep them calm? I do truly know she can't hear me but I still talk to them🤪

    Tina RozukTina RozukDag siden
    • confined.

      dcoog anmldcoog anmlDag siden
  • Ever see a bloody wound......spray blue paint over it😂😂😂

    rash B.rash B.Dag siden
  • That has to smell bad

    S HammerS HammerDag siden
  • Who'd be a vet???? What a job !!

    Keith DunderdaleKeith DunderdaleDag siden
  • That left toe looks like Swiss cheese. Poor baby!

    Elizabeth ParkerElizabeth ParkerDag siden
  • We have never had problems with the claws. It all started when the animals had to stand in their own shit around the clock. the keeping of the animals is meanwhile a catastrophe

    Willy HoffmannWilly HoffmannDag siden
  • It's like peeling a potato lol

    Cara JohnsonCara JohnsonDag siden
  • it is like scliceing cheese

    CS GAMER6CS GAMER6Dag siden
  • Hundreds of thousands of people sit and watch these videos. I wonder what that is like.

    MJBMJBDag siden
  • Good job broo

    Vasava BadalVasava BadalDag siden
  • Doesnt she get pain. Horrible video

    Jagadish Rao MudigondaJagadish Rao Mudigonda2 dager siden
  • I love what you do with these cows-you are so kind and gentle. they are very lucky to have you for them

    delphi1247delphi12472 dager siden
  • Would the milk from this cow be tainted due to the infection in her foot? (Would her milk be used?)

    N. Scott ClaytonN. Scott Clayton2 dager siden
  • It must be so satisfying that you can help these animals.

    mark czamanskimark czamanski2 dager siden

    dhiman basudhiman basu2 dager siden
  • I am a little confused. I grew up on a family dairy farm in NYS with anywhere from 50-60 cows to near 150 at times. I never remember having cows with foot problems at all, especially like I see here. Has new diseases or funguses appeared in the 5 or 6 decades since then or is the environment across the pond from the US that different. As soon as green grass appeared till fall harvest, they were in the barn ONLY for milking and on pasture the rest of the time. Winter they were in stanchions on straw and let out to exercise when weather allowed. Ours never stood or lived in inches of manure either, we cleaned the gutters at least every 2nd day, most times daily during the time they were confined.

    G. R.G. R.2 dager siden
  • I'm so glad that there are people out there that take the time and resources to look after their animals.

    Laura Te Aho-WhiteLaura Te Aho-White2 dager siden
  • Caw naals o o hurts

    Gehop MattGehop Matt2 dager siden
  • does trimming any cows hoof hurt them?? like if they have dermatitis does it hurt them when you get close to it and it bleeds??

    Kali TokoKali Toko2 dager siden
  • Also while I'm here, thanks for helping Gracie.

    AlucardAlucard2 dager siden
  • Just sitting here munching this delicious burger. I've watched this video a few times now haha

    AlucardAlucard2 dager siden
  • Your logic is flawed, I'm sorry to say, Graham… ''I'll be quiet so you can enjoy the trim'' I'M 90% HERE FOR YOUR ACCENT!

    Anie DickensAnie Dickens2 dager siden
  • Hey hey.. Why do you sometimes use iodine and other times the blue spray?? 😉😉

    Rasmus AndersenRasmus Andersen2 dager siden
  • I'm still trying to find the huge.hidden secret.

    Sandy HillSandy Hill2 dager siden
  • Did I watch that while eating breakfast 🤢 it looks so painful but you know what ya doing nice work that cow looks happier 😃

    ChrisChris2 dager siden
  • Cows must have incredible immune systems... if that were a human they would be almost dead from septic shock.

    fogdelmfogdelm2 dager siden
  • I like the natural sounds as you work more than the music you usually play 👍🏼

    False ProphetFalse Prophet2 dager siden
  • Why can i smell the rot an abscess

    Ghost SamuriaGhost Samuria2 dager siden
  • Honestly I have been watching you for a while now I am always blown away by how much you and the farmers genuinely care for the cattle and the level of work and time spent with them, and the level of your videos make me feel like I could be watching you on TV you are an amazing man and your family is beautiful, May god bless you and your wonderful family and friends I love your channel I'm so glad I found you

    alan1229446 aalan1229446 a2 dager siden