Rocket League with No Balls

19. feb.. 2021
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This is Rocket League with no balls!
"I love it a lot" @MERTZY
"Better than Snowday" @amustycow
"Surprising" @Rocket Sledge
"It's a battlefield" @Athena
"It's like....great" @Jon Sandman
"I see its potential" @Rizzo
"It's like wow this is a really cool toy!" @Wayton Pilkin
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  • it is american foot

    Aleksandras ČupinasAleksandras Čupinas4 timer siden
  • this remind anyone of hypixel bridge duels? no, just me? ok.

    Techolon XTecholon X4 timer siden
  • This is how my dog lives

    bkronbergbkronberg12 timer siden
  • I say make the ball invisible and they turn on the arrow for the car cam, so then they use the arrow to find the ball (they become ball chasers) and it makes it way more cool. Short example: The ball is invisible and you have car cam arrow on the guide you to the ball to score. Boom, way better.

    th3 reeperth3 reeper12 timer siden
  • Add obstacles that move for players to get through an make it 2v2 3v3 you could also do 1v3 where someone has to get through all defenders

    Trevor BradyTrevor Brady16 timer siden
  • Bull rush??

    xv Ziroxxv ZiroxDag siden
  • Eee

    Zachary SpradlinZachary SpradlinDag siden
  • You should make it where demos are off so you can bump people and the one person is the ball and you have to bump them to "take" the ball and then you can score but I would also say that if you did this idea do it in 3s. Also Loved the vid.

    ThomasThomasDag siden
  • Maybe a smaller goal, minimum team size 2, and some sort of power-up/building/crafting mechanic to add some strategy

    KeenyDaJoo7KeenyDaJoo7Dag siden
  • I need this so I can aidrible

    Marney MandryMarney MandryDag siden
  • This mode would be amazing if on every touch you would demo your enemy, and your boost would be limited to 25 or 50, 3v3 on basketball map.

    Speedster 81Speedster 81Dag siden
  • What about Rocket League with 2 balls?

    VIRUSVIRUSDag siden
  • Atleast she can't Athena flick

    Kade KetonKade KetonDag siden
  • I think this could work if you had to do something before you unlock being able to score. Perhaps pick up 3 boost pads or something?

    SyetacticSyetactic2 dager siden
  • Remember that game we used to play as kids in PE or in the pool? Rocket League X Sharks and Minnows would be perfect for this

    Brett SwardenskiBrett Swardenski2 dager siden
  • Rocket league, but there's too many balls (stuff the nets full)

    Arieus GamingArieus Gaming2 dager siden
  • Rocket league whit no car 😱😱😱

    Miki!!Miki!!2 dager siden
  • An idea how to make this better would probably be that you cant touch the floor on the enemy's half of the field. That would mean you have to aerial which probably would make it more fun

    - flogxze- flogxze2 dager siden
  • It was a good game mode but you just need to switch it to a race mode so you just have defenders and attackers. The attackers try to get on the goal and the defenders are basically goalies. But do a 1-3 ratio of attackers to defenders. Have the attackers on one team and defenders on the other

    HDHD3 dager siden
  • So u telling me @athena cant miss a shot now

    InstinctシInstinctシ3 dager siden
  • Mby you can try to slow down the attacking players and make defenders not able to score and roles switchs every round.

    Matyáš HeinzMatyáš Heinz3 dager siden
  • Okay, sunless! Here’s an idea! Do it a 3v3, call one of the three in each team the “scorer” (which will be chosen randomly after each goal) he can’t boost, and can’t demo! But he can be demoed! The other two on the team have to protect their scorer and at the same time protect the net front the other scorer! This will give the game some outplay mechanics! Excited to hear your response!

    Guilherme catenaGuilherme catena3 dager siden

    Just some guy with a speedwagonJust some guy with a speedwagon3 dager siden
  • If it was 5v5 there could be 1 on goal, 2 in defense and 2 on offense and only if you could blow up the cars with a single touch that they had in the enemy field. SUN

    Crocodilo BebeCrocodilo Bebe3 dager siden
  • Score your team members

    Reno DomingoReno Domingo3 dager siden
  • you should make them take turns

    Asad KAsad K3 dager siden
  • If you made it so the car needed to be in the goal for an amount of time like 5 seconds

    PsyClone 24PsyClone 243 dager siden
  • Make it 3v3 or possibly 4v4 (no ball to chase it might not be so chaotic), turn demos off, shrink the net and put it in the air just high enough to where you have to have at least 12 boost to reach without the wall. Make one player on the team spawn as the ball but only the team knows who their ball is. Non standard with uneven surfaces momentum killing surfaces so recoveries are important. Less boost on the field. Find a way to toggle ball cam to the closest enemy car. If you are not the ball and you enter the enemy net make it teleport you back to inside your own net therefore fakes have consequences, and expose you as not a threat to be blocked in the future untill a goal is scored and the kickoff resets. Add an aera on each side in the middle of the map and your own corners that teleports you to your own net to help with defensive rotations, blocking an oponet with a bump from inside your own net shouldn't disadvantage you more than the player blocked. The game would be all mind games boost management and recovery mechanics.

    Roy KnappRoy Knapp3 dager siden
  • Petition for sunless to make this video 5 plats vs 3 diamonds

    captain mostafacaptain mostafa3 dager siden
  • When he kept saying balls I thought a manscape add coming up

    DambDamb3 dager siden
  • The ball is dead

    SQHAWNSQHAWN4 dager siden
  • I would love to see this be a real game mode

    Uncle RuckusUncle Ruckus4 dager siden
  • Girls playing rocket league be like:”i never play whit balls”

    Laurens de PutterLaurens de Putter4 dager siden
  • I feel like custom race maps with insta demo obstacles that use flying and boost management for higher tier players and for lower tier just easy race maps i mean who wouldve thought of racing cars right

    Ian Ahern-CorralIan Ahern-Corral4 dager siden
  • Me when I look at my fats: maybe I am ball

    PX GaLePX GaLe4 dager siden
  • Athena can finally make an open net

    ZekeZeke4 dager siden
  • The title tho

    GoatedGoated4 dager siden
  • Can someone explain why im not getting my ranks even tho my tm8s are ass and i out preform them but i dont rank up wtf im stuck in gold 3 div 4 and i win 5 games in a row and don div up onece wtf is happening

    Jhonn NuuuooJhonn Nuuuoo4 dager siden
  • Sunless. Can u be toxic af for 10 games and win all of those 10 games in a row?

    ezzyisonfireezzyisonfire4 dager siden
  • no balls but freestyle only

    Dandy_da WeebDandy_da Weeb4 dager siden
  • .

    Crazyterrell - MT ClanCrazyterrell - MT Clan4 dager siden
  • I silver and do wave dashes.

    BHendersonBHenderson4 dager siden
  • this was actualy a very common game i played as a child when nobody had a football/soccer ball. when an opponent touched you, you would "freeze" and couldn't move. if a team mate touched you, you would "unfreeze" and be free to move again. When you entered the opponents goal you scored

    spctr69spctr694 dager siden
  • The bumpy dahlia subjectively share because bonsai erroneously sin absent a plausible repair. young, vigorous stepson

    Aj MeenaAj Meena4 dager siden
  • Hey sunless I met up wi to a really toxic person he mad me cry I was so mad and when I said 1v1 he was like “it not ready kid”it made me mad

    Coolguy DunayczanCoolguy Dunayczan4 dager siden
  • Next video: Rocket League with no cars. side note: what if only one player in the match is the ball at a time and the other players have to push it across the line because the engine doesn't start.

    Saint MayhemSaint Mayhem4 dager siden
  • I am a silver 3 division 3 but I feel like a play WAY better

    Flaming Epic GameFlaming Epic Game4 dager siden
  • Sunless can u coach me plz

    Ronaldinho NobleRonaldinho Noble4 dager siden
  • SunlessKhan is actually Ray Romano. xD

    Tomislav KosTomislav Kos4 dager siden
  • Lol

    ItzTreeW77 YtItzTreeW77 Yt4 dager siden

    Stefano KelirisStefano Keliris4 dager siden
    • fam you don’t know me

      arustysheeparustysheep4 dager siden
  • how can i hit the balls there are none

    arustysheeparustysheep4 dager siden
  • Thx

    Samuel CojocariSamuel Cojocari4 dager siden
  • Up next: Rocket league with no cars

    the legendthe legend4 dager siden
  • petition for him to make a video "golds vs. pros but the pros have missbot..."

    Jacob BarnesJacob Barnes4 dager siden
  • how about ball less khan

    Bipo FNBipo FN4 dager siden
  • Isn’t rocket league shutting down next year???

    Zman291Zman2914 dager siden
  • Sunless u should do a vid where u get a pro player vs 7 silvers but one of the silvers is secretly a gc/pro

    RL GG DestroyRL GG Destroy4 dager siden
  • so its just like u playing

    Austin LoganAustin Logan4 dager siden
  • Just imagine if sunless was the best youtuber oh wait he already is

    The real WolfzeuThe real Wolfzeu4 dager siden
  • Title kinda sus

    j1_gamesj1_games4 dager siden
  • some random kid you wont no balls. sunless :bet

    John StevensJohn Stevens4 dager siden
  • this mode would be much better if there were 4 players on each team and all the players of one team need to get into the enemy goal to score

    e ee e4 dager siden
  • Drinking game idea, take a shot any time he says the word "ball" Plot twist, dont take a 'shot' because there's no ball.

    CarpeDiem-CarpeDiem-4 dager siden
  • Can you make one where your subscribers 1v1 till we could 1v1 you

    Tariro KapururiraTariro Kapururira4 dager siden
  • Did you say most respected but still put athena on this

    Jacob HallmanJacob Hallman4 dager siden
  • make it so that only one person at a time that came go to score and infinte boost

    caelan orrcaelan orr5 dager siden
  • next video - Rocket League with 2, 3, 4.... loads of balls

    Inappropriate LaughterInappropriate Laughter5 dager siden
  • Awsome

    Bbot_ Killer13Bbot_ Killer135 dager siden
  • Hi, SunLess! I Know how to improve it) Ther shoud be 1 vs 4 (or more). The 1 must cross the goal line. 4 must demo him - for each demo they score +1. Only one of four has demo on touch and he can't drive out a goaly sector (sorry, don't know haw to say that correctly, pause the video on 3:56 - you can see it - big blue lines) and allways have a full boost. The 1 allways have a full boost too. Hope you'll see this =)

    Михаил ДавтянМихаил Давтян5 dager siden
  • Jesus wept, Athena's voice is like a knife in my ear drums!

    C2c JacobC2c Jacob5 dager siden
  • U could have one person who has to score , like tag

    Relaxation !Relaxation !5 dager siden
  • Video idea: do 7 silver/golds vs 1 pro again but have the silvers/golds be coached live by another pro ! (Sizz??)

    jschecker95jschecker955 dager siden
  • sunless im 11 how am i supposed to rank up playing 6 hours my highest is 13 hrs but thats only on a birthday with my friends and the only tim i play more then 6 hours is in new years but on normal days i can only play 2 to 3 hours

    Chickenclub gamingChickenclub gaming5 dager siden
  • to make this idea better u should make teams bigger so its like 4v4 or even bigger but only 1 person from each team can score themselves so every1 else doesn't know who can sore and they just try demo or score and u could add like 'tasks' so say before u score u have to say touch the ceiling a few times or run over corner boost just so its not a straight race to the goals?

    dominik O'Neilldominik O'Neill5 dager siden
  • Hitting your teammate in to score.. Rocket League with no balls.. bang

    SancSanc5 dager siden
  • Can u train me I’m bad I’m only bronze

    Zach PowellZach Powell5 dager siden
  • Athena would still miss the net

    EmergeEmerge5 dager siden
  • Do a video where there's a player from each rank go against each other. Blue: bronze, GC, silver, diamond / Orange: gold, plat, champ,

    BDBD5 dager siden
    • remove gc

      Zvárač BeskydZvárač BeskydDag siden
    • That is not fair at all

  • Hear me out. Take two GC from drop shot and 2 GC from hoops and make them play snowday

    Kj7748 KKj7748 K5 dager siden
  • rocket with 7 balls

    Luis SantillanLuis Santillan5 dager siden
  • Yawn

    Matthew FeirstineMatthew Feirstine5 dager siden
  • Just call it rocket

    Ye etYe et5 dager siden
  • Rocket League: Invisiball

    blacklightblacklight5 dager siden

    Joey KorongyJoey Korongy5 dager siden

    ꧁༒ Dylan B༒꧂꧁༒ Dylan B༒꧂5 dager siden
  • You should definitely play Rocket league with a see through ball ?

    Oshy BlundellOshy Blundell5 dager siden
  • Do a video of you playing the car soccer on Mini Motor Racing X on VR

    Ryan ConyersRyan Conyers5 dager siden
  • Let's play football without the ball. Let's play foot, a bunch of ppl running around, running to inside the goal to win

    MilenaMilena5 dager siden
  • Maybe have it where the can only go into the goal through a certain spot, like top corner.

    JobeJobe5 dager siden
  • It sounds fun actually

    Mixed Plushies WorldMixed Plushies World5 dager siden
  • If I were in this, and I were the first to catch on, I would fake it and say, "WOAH I SEE THE BALL I SEE IT" and just repeatedly drive around having everyone else chase me

    OrganicHumanOrganicHuman5 dager siden
  • this is basically football xD

    Josiah PechardoJosiah Pechardo5 dager siden
  • Every man’s greatest fear... Modding games.

    ÐÇÐÇ5 dager siden
  • Supersonic Rocketpowered Car Tennis League pls

    XeanozXeanoz5 dager siden
  • Hi

    sweaty_soldiersweaty_soldier5 dager siden
  • You should do a youtuber 11v11 like the video you made years ago

    Buster GamerBuster Gamer5 dager siden
  • What about rocket league with zero gravity?

    That1ninjaweebwhoplaysThat1ninjaweebwhoplays5 dager siden
  • It bothers me when Americans call it American Football.

    CarlingusCarlingus5 dager siden
    • Well it's so the europeans don't get mad

      Flam.Flam.5 dager siden
  • Rocket league without cars

    Roman De la Garza EspinozaRoman De la Garza Espinoza5 dager siden