Roasting your terrible setups - Setup Wars EP 210

17. aug.. 2020
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ROASTING the worst setups I have ever seen.
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  • Who takes home the $200? Vote here: noworld.infocommunity Also yes, the Episodes have been swapped this week due to sponsor stuff, but 209 will go live next week! (Ultimate edition woot!)

    TechSourceTechSource3 måneder siden
    • TechSource pls help me need a gaming room our like computer

      Anusha EJAZAnusha EJAZ23 dager siden
    • Did you say Jesus can’t save you realy

      Batman GamingBatman GamingMåned siden
    • #helpmepleasw

      Donkeychong505 505BobDonkeychong505 505Bob2 måneder siden
    • I’m waiting for you to do this again because I’m confident in my chances ;-;

      Garret BernardGarret Bernard2 måneder siden
    • #helpmeplease make 300$ pc build

      BατMaꜱτeRBατMaꜱτeR2 måneder siden
  • #helpmepls

    Ahmad GhubashAhmad Ghubash32 minutter siden
  • Tinder chating😂

    Zer0_fx GamingZer0_fx Gaming54 minutter siden
  • the fact that Anthony has a twice you should 5:41

    syn¡jay!syn¡jay!4 timer siden
  • I have a worser setup than all of them

    Serhat DuranSerhat Duran13 timer siden
  • Joe needs it 💯

    ppstretcherppstretcherDag siden
  • in the Philippines people don't care about specs they care about rgb fans

    MiyataMiyataDag siden
  • Hi can I showoff my gaming room?

    Xzul PlaysXzul PlaysDag siden
  • #helpmeplease i need a new gaming set up :)

    ThursdayAndTuesdayAreACoffeeDay!ThursdayAndTuesdayAreACoffeeDay!Dag siden
  • You will never know why I got 3k likes

    Gerard BenoitGerard Benoit2 dager siden
  • had to unsubscribe cuz he said jesus can’t save the content..could’ve left that out 😐

    TPE TrippyTPE Trippy2 dager siden
    • You HAD to unsubscribe wow you were forced to unsubscribe because he said a sentence

      Egg salad SandwichEgg salad SandwichDag siden
    • He was making a joke, what are you? A SNOWFLAKE?

      samara Filbysamara Filby2 dager siden
  • #HelpMePLSSSSs

    CalebCaleb2 dager siden
  • your my favorite youtuber and you inspire me to make my setup beter day by day

    Moo Moo ClanMoo Moo Clan2 dager siden
  • Bilal

    TACO DUDE 1TACO DUDE 12 dager siden
  • 4:14 Kurzgesagt viewers let's gather here

    Sharif BalajoSharif Balajo3 dager siden
  • What if their pc just looks good but before they take a pic they make it a mess

    Vina TayVina Tay3 dager siden
  • #helpmeplease

    CloutGreensCloutGreens3 dager siden
  • I laughed so hard when I saw the camping chair video. That's something I would do😂😂😂

    connor jonesconnor jones3 dager siden
  • Your gonna say y is there a turtle but what about the fan that has been mounted to the wall it is doing nothing

    bum fartbum fart3 dager siden
  • Ed: "oh no, it's a chromebook" Me being afraid of the sniper behind the monitors

    Naxerate StudiosNaxerate Studios3 dager siden
  • U forgot that the Arya person has Roblox installed...

    Naxerate StudiosNaxerate Studios3 dager siden
  • The stool you mentioned is actually a tub popular in Philippines. He just flipped it 😂😂😂

    white sugartwhite sugart4 dager siden
  • #helpme

    kuno xkuno x4 dager siden
  • jk :)

    Ben BonniceBen Bonnice5 dager siden
  • #helpmepls

    Ben BonniceBen Bonnice5 dager siden
  • #Helpmepls

    Zoomie PlayzZoomie Playz5 dager siden
  • colton

    Cian Pallaska O'ShaughnessyCian Pallaska O'Shaughnessy6 dager siden
  • 4:50 he said go with a dark colour but if you know black gets more dusty

    Purple GrapePurple Grape6 dager siden
  • Linus tech tips warehouse 😂😂😂

    ConzoarConzoar6 dager siden
  • #helpmepls

    HaiikouHaiikou6 dager siden
  • #helpmeplease

    Ben Zuniga vlogsBen Zuniga vlogs7 dager siden
  • Jesus can save you

    Ferocious FordFerocious Ford7 dager siden
  • I don't get why you u roast them maybe they can't afford the stifd

    ZaspiFNZaspiFN7 dager siden
    • They submit it. I dont understand how some of you are offended when the PEOPLE submit it themselves

      samara Filbysamara Filby2 dager siden
  • He's just jealous of those baller setups

    ActualDuck4112ActualDuck41127 dager siden
  • #helpmepls

    Azaan MerchantAzaan Merchant8 dager siden
  • Of course he's a fortnite player hahaha

    Daisy HoldermanDaisy Holderman8 dager siden
  • #helpmeplease Egypt cairo

    Bilal RatebBilal Rateb9 dager siden
  • 9:02 Same name

    Bilal RatebBilal Rateb9 dager siden

    StupidStupid9 dager siden
  • And I thought my setup was bad

    Fraaer YTFraaer YT9 dager siden
  • 3:23 imagine going for a sick flick but u knock ur pc of the desk 😂😂

    Mr. CreateMr. Create9 dager siden
  • the set up in 11:12 ik why its like that bc the trump thing lmfao

    Omani ParhamOmani Parham9 dager siden
  • setup roasting- 10% roasting how much money i have-40% roasting fort-10% roasting my imaginary setup :D-40%

    Omani ParhamOmani Parham9 dager siden
  • Let’s roast the less fortunate

    KAIROKAIRO10 dager siden
  • Anthony killin the game with the twice wallpaper😏

    iivixousiivixous10 dager siden
  • I have the keyboard that Alfie has

    yOuNg_YT_ SAvAgEyOuNg_YT_ SAvAgE10 dager siden

    Dominick FloresDominick Flores10 dager siden
  • #HelpMePls

    MCmine PlayzMCmine Playz10 dager siden
  • Says- to make them feel better about there own setup Me- 👁👄👁 has no set up 💔

    Kiki HereKiki Here11 dager siden

    Golden GiornoGolden Giorno11 dager siden
  • anthony 100 percent

    Pop RockPop Rock12 dager siden
  • #helpmepls

    Mohammad JDMohammad JD13 dager siden
  • #helpmeplease

    remya bijuremya biju13 dager siden
  • This makes me feel way better about My setup

    TOXumTOXum13 dager siden
  • You will never know why I have 69 likes;)

    Snowball KidSnowball Kid14 dager siden

    Snowball KidSnowball Kid14 dager siden
  • i think its bilal

    Animation LucasAnimation Lucas14 dager siden
  • “what appear to be the Linus tech tips warehouse” this man has no chill ☠️

    sam fgvnsam fgvn14 dager siden
  • #helpmepls

    abc_ realgodabc_ realgod15 dager siden

    Joe NimryJoe Nimry15 dager siden
  • why you hate fortnite

    TTYXETTYXE15 dager siden
  • bilal

    VOIDZVOIDZ15 dager siden
  • Watching this video makes me think, maybe my setup really isn’t bad 😂

    Liam Ward-O’GormanLiam Ward-O’Gorman15 dager siden
  • Adrians is cool

    RAGE is a qtRAGE is a qt16 dager siden
  • 4:14 is when Edgar loses his shit and becomes American

    RaiderRaider16 dager siden
  • Get the f*** out poor kids they hardly get normal setup and you roast them. 👇🏻

    Extinction AhmedExtinction Ahmed16 dager siden
  • That is not just pipe thats ps 4 pro liquid cooling system

    GamE TaStiCGamE TaStiC17 dager siden
  • 12:15 u clearly never played sea of thieves

    Tai KorenTai Koren17 dager siden
  • #help me please

  • I lover your vids I watch them all day.

  • Hey bro

  • #helpmepls lol

    石工石工17 dager siden
  • ouuuu the 4th voy a twice stan

    Joonie KimJoonie Kim17 dager siden
  • I think you mean SpongeBob's body and Larry the lobster's legs

    DCLE ProductionsDCLE Productions17 dager siden
  • anthony doesnt have a stool, THAT'S A LITERAL PAIL

    SimpForLukaSimpForLuka18 dager siden
  • Why is joe using a school crome book

    decafpanda 1480decafpanda 148018 dager siden
  • Rats mating

    cake who discake who dis18 dager siden
  • lmao

    Lindsay LeoneLindsay Leone18 dager siden
  • i wouldnt say just entertainment but advice as well. i watch this channel all the time for my own ideas.

    Brandon LaChanceBrandon LaChance19 dager siden
  • me looking for the #helpmeplease

    Anthony RodriguezAnthony Rodriguez19 dager siden
  • The Twice Backround Tho

    SpikeSpike19 dager siden
  • #helpmepls

    Simp PoliceSimp Police19 dager siden
  • The most boring car you ever seen???? WTF that is a BUICK GRAND NATIONAL The fastest car from the 80's get a life FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eli PercivalEli Percival19 dager siden
  • My setup is tv on the floor, Xbox on the floor, and garden chair 😌😁

    BELØXISBELØXIS19 dager siden
  • I ain’t finna 🧢 That second setup much better than mine

    BatteryBattery19 dager siden
  • Whoa bro take it easy that's a Grand National

    IG SpawnsIG Spawns20 dager siden
  • 1:26 is were it starts

    ch jihch jih20 dager siden
  • Hi Ed I don’t think you’ll see this but I just got a pc and you inspired me so much! Thank you!

    Spidey FranciscoSpidey Francisco20 dager siden
  • #plshelpme this is a joke, don't come to me.

    JordVibesJordVibes20 dager siden
  • Its like using a bucket to empty out a sinking ship that's how they do it lad wasn't one of Ur best moments x

    *Cheez **Cheez *20 dager siden
  • Ad ends at 1:27

    Tyler Del RioTyler Del Rio20 dager siden
  • #helpmepls

    15kSushi15kSushi21 dag siden
  • If you can afford a monitor, you can afford a totally good enough 30 dollar ikea desk

    Gergely GulyásGergely Gulyás21 dag siden
  • Bilal for sure

    Kylon FoustKylon Foust21 dag siden
  • This episode made me appreciate my setup

    MaxhawkMaxhawk22 dager siden
  • #helpmepls where can i find very cheap RGB lights in Romania? (i live in Romania)

    OceanOcean22 dager siden
  • #helpmepls where can i find very cheap RGB lights in Romania? (i live in Romania)

    OceanOcean22 dager siden

    eXotic clan plays strucideXotic clan plays strucid23 dager siden
  • This makes me feel a lot better about my setup

    Jack KJack K23 dager siden
  • Sana all Anthony

    Tokikaze MLTokikaze ML23 dager siden