Roasting the WORST Setups I have seen - Setup Wars #200

15. juni. 2020
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For the season Finale of Setup Wars Season 3, I decided to Roast some setups.
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  • Who has the worst setup? Would you like to see a LEGO Edition of setup wars?:

    TechSourceTechSource5 måneder siden
    • @Haze FN 😅😅😅

      mimi parkermimi parkerMåned siden
    • Me I have the worst setup

      0 subscribers With No Vidoes0 subscribers With No Vidoes2 måneder siden

      sabre90sabre902 måneder siden
    • I mean i have the worst setup cuz it literally is just my ipad cuz my pc hasnt come yet

      Mr GabGobMr GabGob3 måneder siden
    • PEITFORD!!!

      Mark D.Mark D.3 måneder siden
  • Why in medusa's cleavage would you leave the hard drive dangling for dear life

    Vedant LalitVedant Lalit15 timer siden
  • But you did say Pakistan, and then i thank, oh that shit slum place, they egen had good, so ge has checked for a setup in the garbage room🤣

    Moderaten Edwin Kvinnor hör hemma i kökModeraten Edwin Kvinnor hör hemma i kök2 dager siden
  • His keyboard makes me have bad feelings

    Moderaten Edwin Kvinnor hör hemma i kökModeraten Edwin Kvinnor hör hemma i kök2 dager siden
  • حرام والله يعيب على الست اب مالهم اي في ناس ما عندهم يعني شنو يسون👊👊

    Byrdy AlbyrdyByrdy Albyrdy3 dager siden

    -oof--oof-3 dager siden
  • Motivation to submit my potato setup. 😭💯🇬🇲

    Sharif BalajoSharif Balajo3 dager siden
  • Kudos for these perfect poor look concepts. They nailed the projects.

    BCBC3 dager siden
  • haha the lego setup was the best om gosh 🤣

    IZFLIESIZFLIES3 dager siden
  • The person who won is the person that has a PC mounted on the wall with no case

    Rosa GaonaRosa Gaona4 dager siden
  • "we can roast the setup because its already roasted" LMAO

    Last SlyvenxLast Slyvenx5 dager siden
  • 4:25 i laughed o hard when i saw this XD

    D'litl ArtistD'litl Artist5 dager siden
  • He has a steel series mouse and mouse pad?

    Sky Flame VideosSky Flame Videos5 dager siden
  • 6:10 if harry potter had a gaming setup

    Pace raidsPace raids6 dager siden
  • all of them are staged no one has such shit setups

    zarazara7 dager siden
  • :11

    Flo GangFlo Gang7 dager siden
  • 4:09 my pubes are managed better than this (LOL))

    Stone pressed resetStone pressed reset7 dager siden
  • yes

    LOLY GOATLOLY GOAT7 dager siden
  • He monitor of the Lego one looks like a cassette tape😂😂😂

    Luc ScottLuc Scott8 dager siden
  • My man said best Lego set up

    Azil BakshAzil Baksh8 dager siden
  • shaun just needs a desk and thats it

    RAGE is a qtRAGE is a qt9 dager siden
  • hi

    COOKIECOOKIE10 dager siden
  • LOL In the second setup you could see the owner

    Yezan IbrahimYezan Ibrahim11 dager siden
  • why I have a 100

    GoonyGoony12 dager siden
  • This is dogshit

    Ayman_gaming TAyman_gaming T12 dager siden
  • 1st

    ImachelperImachelper12 dager siden
  • did anyone else puke after watching this

    AK CryoAK Cryo13 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Techno GamingTechno Gaming14 dager siden
  • you sertinitly say alot of medusa... I laugh every single time.

    Otto LangwadtOtto Langwadt14 dager siden
  • Who is washing in 2020

    dylanDaDrakester2020dylanDaDrakester202015 dager siden
  • 100 dollars is 15000 rs thats a lot you can buy a new pc and btw i am from pakisan

    rafay khanrafay khan15 dager siden
  • I can complete my gaming setup i just need cpu

    mikaelo corpusmikaelo corpus16 dager siden
  • these are the only episodes of setup wars that make me feel proud of my setup and I love every second of it.

    VessyPlaysVessyPlays16 dager siden
  • I fell for the throw up 🤢 🤣

    YT REAPERZYT REAPERZ17 dager siden
  • 3:24 No no no, I don't wanna be his friend

    Clorox Wipes but call me cloroxClorox Wipes but call me clorox17 dager siden
  • 1st one guy bought up corona virus

    saleeqsaleeq17 dager siden
  • yknow why your Worst Setups are the most popular? Because your sarcasm speaks to our souls on an uncharted level. Thank you.

    n i w an i w a17 dager siden
  • "These 3 are easily my top 5" -Ed 2020

    ghale steelghale steel17 dager siden
  • not that bad, I play on an old mac os, it ain't compatible with hardly any games, and when I'm lucky I barely get 30fps.

    Luca CarfagniniLuca Carfagnini18 dager siden
  • 4:22 I'm just laughing as hell

    EXAツ NEONEXAツ NEON19 dager siden
  • 10:09. Who else noticed he had a file called girl next door. Creeper

    fortifyrefficfortifyreffic20 dager siden
  • pethpord

    King LyricKing Lyric20 dager siden
  • 0:46 actually 1,067,657 people.

    Adiy MohammadAdiy Mohammad22 dager siden
  • Why don't these people that can't manage cables and can't afford okay pcs get a console online 😂

    real.baller Jreal.baller J23 dager siden
  • A 200$ setups better then no setup

    Kim StegmanKim Stegman24 dager siden
  • Well the Filipino one you can't really blame because its a poor country I would say good effort at least

    IroMadTvIroMadTv24 dager siden
  • I’d rather have one of those settups than a cringe anime themed setup

    JurregastnJurregastn24 dager siden
  • 0:09 wth happened to that poor keyboard :"(

    DrippDripp25 dager siden
  • I'm all of their setups are trash lol

    clarence bishopclarence bishop25 dager siden
  • The generosity

    Barine PeterBarine Peter26 dager siden
  • my setup is horrible but compared to these my setup is amazing

    ImaGeeuhrafImaGeeuhraf27 dager siden
  • It looks like a hundred year old keybord

    tereur sombretereur sombre27 dager siden
  • Ancient 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    MAZE CRAFTSMAZE CRAFTS27 dager siden
  • everybody nows which is the worst

    Toffy NutToffy Nut27 dager siden
  • They are were all trash compared to mine and I only have a Xbox

    Charleigh PriceCharleigh Price27 dager siden
  • This is the puking sound effect Ed used for Azaa's keyboard

    Mohammed ShaikMohammed Shaik28 dager siden
  • How do I participate because am 💯 sure am gonna win 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    doritos mandoritos man28 dager siden
  • When the broke setup user actually has a setup. Me: lucky....

    KingKong248KingKong24829 dager siden
  • The last one is an amazing pc bit he just lacks a nice chair and desk

    FlxmingFlxming29 dager siden
  • dont judge that peaple dont afford some pc beast

    GABRIEL TVGABRIEL TV29 dager siden
  • i dont have a setup but its still better than anyones in this video

    Nathan ChanNathan Chan29 dager siden
  • Potato is most popular because that’s what most of us have 😭

    Yolo S.PYolo S.P29 dager siden
  • Dang... You haven't seen my setup

    Smokey TwixxieSmokey TwixxieMåned siden
  • As someone who has a fear of vomiting, the beginning really scared me ;-;;;

    gxlilea.dgxlilea.dMåned siden
  • 4

    Orz MEGZOrz MEGZMåned siden
  • the last one is just a setup for people who like to eat pringles at midnight

    Pin Pot 2 game theories and movie theoriesPin Pot 2 game theories and movie theoriesMåned siden
  • That Nintendo 64 set up was fuckin sick how you gunna roast that go old school also wow 200$ and a shit toilet trophy not worth anything the more I watch this guy the more I notice that he roasts every setup if he can

    Cyber PsychoCyber PsychoMåned siden
  • Hi Q

    Ej gamingEj gamingMåned siden
  • 4:22

    Boris PernichevBoris PernichevMåned siden
  • how do we enter 220 version ?

    J101shJ101shMåned siden
  • Sounds rude

    Budo K1DBudo K1DMåned siden
  • Jesus christ this makes me feel greatful for what i got lmfao

    ProviderMusicProviderMusicMåned siden
  • What if they can’t afford a good set up tho...?

    CJ KirbyCJ KirbyMåned siden
  • SHUT up out by the orginizing who tf has the time for that

    KKraonKKraonMåned siden

    Rodrigo TarribaRodrigo TarribaMåned siden
  • Like when u play on a phone 📦 and ur pc is a ps4 that's dirty and a bad keyboard

    ToAkeyyToAkeyyMåned siden
  • This makes my sexbox look like 1,000,000 bucks

    tommy brockhursttommy brockhurstMåned siden
  • The mounted pc on the wall looked bizzare, what the fuck is that 💀💀

    Samo GledamSamo GledamMåned siden
  • Renaissance era😭😭😂😂😂

    Mo BambaMo BambaMåned siden
  • Not a lot of people got money

    Izaiah ArguetaIzaiah ArguetaMåned siden
  • Found this on my recommended and couldn’t start laughing after that

    JisunJisunMåned siden
  • 9:01...... Most people's laptops are worse than tht

    Twinkle JamesTwinkle JamesMåned siden
  • Not everyone can afford a good rig

    Twinkle JamesTwinkle JamesMåned siden
    • but they could work for it

      De00pro LazR_De00pro LazR_Måned siden
  • 2:10 I swear, this guy has been playing with his FEET 🦶 🤮🤮🤮

    EstebanEstebanMåned siden
  • 12:39 he could have just used that couch piece for his monitor and keyboard in stead of having the monitor on a amazon box

    Angry CatAngry CatMåned siden
  • Missed opportunity tocall the trophy "seal of disapproval"

    Jaber SebaiJaber SebaiMåned siden
  • the first one

    Itsme3002Itsme3002Måned siden
  • "That's a crappy keyboard probably RAZER" Me: goes to the corner and starts to cry because I use an razer keyboard

    IDKPostsIDKPostsMåned siden
  • I have a 30000 pc set up I’m spoiled my pc cost 20 grand not to flex lol

    K a e I t Is godlyK a e I t Is godlyMåned siden
    • of course

      De00pro LazR_De00pro LazR_Måned siden
  • Set up wars set up wars hot dog and bologna

    ryan storksonryan storksonMåned siden
  • 🤢🤮

    FelixFelixMåned siden
  • the first guy deserves negative marks tbh.

    ManasManasMåned siden
  • yo my setup is godlike to me now

    ShadowShadowMåned siden
  • Nariks laptop was actually good

    Santi_Efron07Santi_Efron07Måned siden
  • How are u roasting knowing some people cant afford that stuff like me lmao I wish somebody gave me a setup makeover im sitting here with a xbox 360 that i lay on everyday

    Spaiddzz YT CoxSpaiddzz YT CoxMåned siden
  • Please do room wars

    YetomenYetomenMåned siden

    Roblox Funny highlightsRoblox Funny highlightsMåned siden
  • 0:08 🤮🤢

    Kiko Louie BendrianKiko Louie BendrianMåned siden
  • when a lego setup is better than yours

    Foxipep1Foxipep1Måned siden
  • least he has a pc

    Ding DonginatorDing DonginatorMåned siden