Rich Jail vs Broke Jail / 15 Funny Situations!

6. april. 2021
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Can a prison stay be comfortable? Yes, if you have money! Watch funny situations in our new video.
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  • Mike is rich so her is bad 🤬

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  • -_- rich is have money my mum is rich and cool she can fying in sky so much cool fast and go to much fast and eat fast and running fast have cool

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  • Update on the video and update on the new

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  • The honest guard is so mean

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  • 6:59 he takes out the thread from the sleeves Afterwards: He lost his half pant Me:what a logic!!??!???!?!?!?!?!

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  • In the first lady cop when she gave a high five to the rich robber the bars were moving. So it was fake

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  • How is mm,mm,mm,mm. Mm mm,mm a good voice

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  • I feel bad for the poor prisoner

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  • I'm in jail and I almost died.

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  • just murder the dumb robber with a AK47!

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  • So I’m a I’m a dumbass self fuck that officer because I’m gonna die I’m in the mama bird

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  • Jim

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  • I like the roommates all three together

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  • I like the one in the jail😂😂😂😂😂

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  • I like the Jim more than the other prisoner, could u make a reverse video?

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  • honest police is mean

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  • The Thumbnail in a nutshell: Broke jail: easy to escape Rich jail: *You Don't Wanna Escape*

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  • This video is funny but there is not rich jail i know few guys who had money milions but they go in poor jail

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  • I don't think rich people are like him

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