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19. okt.. 2020
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I have returned home to Toronto after spending much of the last eighteen months in hospitals. I am hoping that my health has improved to the point where I can start producing original content again. Thank you to all who are watching for your support over the course of this trying time. I hope that you all are coping with the COVID crisis successfully.
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  • Benzo's --- the idea that a man of Jordan's immense intellect, with his background, and life experience didn't "give taking them a second thought" is a mind blower to me.

    John BartholomewJohn Bartholomew9 minutter siden
  • The Return of the King

    TheodoremodelmakingTheodoremodelmaking12 minutter siden
  • I have a problem with anxiety and I get so anxious I can’t bring myself to use my prescribed medication. Anyway, much love and I’m finally making my bed!

    Junelle SalmonJunelle SalmonTime siden
  • Welcome back! ❤️

    Junelle SalmonJunelle SalmonTime siden
  • Bless you Jordan. I've been working on my computer all day when I suddenly thought of you and wondered how you are doing with your health, as if we were old friends. It sure feels that way. I googled to see if there were any updates which brought me here. It's a month later since this video was posted. What a phenomenal response with 97,717 comments to date. You are so adored and so appreciated and your work has brought so much inspiration over the years. May you be showered with an abundance of love and healing during this difficult time xxx

    Cindy RoweCindy Rowe2 timer siden
  • I'm so glad to hear you are back in Canada and recovering from your trial! I'm sure God will grant you mercy as you continue to do your good work! Thank you for remaining humble and true to what you stand for under an unbelievable amount of pressure from dissenting views! Continue to get well... and God bless you!

    Charlene McNabbCharlene McNabb2 timer siden
  • Hugs to every one of you and yours, Dr. Jordan. We look forward to your future work.

    Philosophically InclinedPhilosophically Inclined3 timer siden
  • We love you Jorden and you are a great humanitarian! God is with you!

    Diana GreenDiana Green4 timer siden
  • Allah/God Almighty bless you Dr. Peterson. I've been praying for you, both for healing and for you to become Muslim. A vast majority of your opinions align exactly with Islam and hearing you speak from a scientific perspective has actually made me appreciate my religion more and increased my faith because I now understand the rational explanations for certain things I just took for granted as a believer. I don't agree with all of your opinions but I do agree with so many, and on so many you have actually shifted and expanded my thinking (and this is a former emotional, easily triggered, man-hating feminist talking). Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you do to expand dialogue, open hearts and minds, and speak your truth. I have a feeling if you looked more seriously into Islam and read the Qur'an for yourself, you'd find peace with it and cery little disagreement with your philosophy. Peace to you on your journey!

    Lolla Lula NurLolla Lula Nur4 timer siden
  • Welcome back sir!! Bem vindo de volta!!!

    Guilherme ArrudaGuilherme Arruda5 timer siden
  • We love you, JP. My father passed 11 years ago when I was 22. You’re the closest to a father figure I’ve had in my life since and I’ve never actually seen you in person. Thank you for everything and please be well. Edit: Formatting.

    raLanraLan5 timer siden
  • Is he wearing pants? Anyway this is the best season 2 trailer, Welcome back sir.

    Florksneeks traquigeFlorksneeks traquige5 timer siden
  • You need to try occupational therapy... can help mend some neurological damage.

    Cass CatCass Cat5 timer siden
  • Lots of love, Sir

    Amrit Anand PathakAmrit Anand Pathak6 timer siden
  • Welcome back! We've been praying for you.

    patty bennettpatty bennett6 timer siden
  • Welcome home! I am so glad to hear you are doing better. You are a great man. The world still needs you.

    dark_explorerdark_explorer7 timer siden
  • Welcome back Dr. Peterson! I already pre-ordered your new book 🤜🏼🤛🏼

    Jairo Abdon Vera PereiraJairo Abdon Vera Pereira8 timer siden
  • Thank God you're back!! We have missed you, SO good to see you!! God bless you, Dr. Peterson..

    Christy WrightChristy Wright8 timer siden
  • Thank you for sharing and being the best you possible

    Natanhna MoralesNatanhna Morales8 timer siden
  • Welcome back, Jordan!

    Rumple StealskilzRumple Stealskilz8 timer siden
  • Sir, I told my mum about you, your ideas and your passion about making people to live better lives. And of course about your health conditions. I have been waiting to hear from you and my mum have been praying for you when i saw that video we watched together with my mum. So she wanted to tell you about a statement from one of the Quran's suras named Rad. In that statement says that "those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured".

    Sümeyye PolatSümeyye Polat9 timer siden
  • So happy to see you’re finally on the other side of this! Stay strong

    John QuinnJohn Quinn9 timer siden
  • You look better. Antidepressants and anti anxiety are awful things. Dr. Peter Briggin says taking them is like getting a lobotomy.

    Dominique du ToitDominique du Toit9 timer siden
  • All our love to you Mr. Jordan. Welcome to your global home.

    Lindsley DaibertLindsley Daibert10 timer siden
  • Great to see you back Sir , Sending love & prayers from Pakistan .

    asif saeedasif saeed10 timer siden
  • Dr. glad to see you again!!

    kathryn dulakathryn dula10 timer siden
  • i love when people .. who wanna explain the world to you .. are in fact as fucked as the rest of us! peterson is a fraud! he allways was! but ofcourse i wanna wish him all the best from my heart! but he still is a fraud!

    Betrogene SeelenBetrogene Seelen10 timer siden
  • Welcome back!! So glad to see you're on the road to recovery.

    Megan GaukrogerMegan Gaukroger11 timer siden
  • 💖💖💖

    QuestlassQuestlass12 timer siden
  • You are a brilliant man Jordan, a great inspiration and a power for good, get well, you have so much more to give.

    Fergal ByrneFergal Byrne13 timer siden
  • "Once I realized it was dangerous" - if he was a competent psychologist, he wouldn't have had to become a junkie hypocrite in order to realize this.

    Evan ClealandEvan Clealand13 timer siden
    • @ScandinavianHeretic no forgiveness needed, none of us are perfect. See? JP promotes low esteem to his followers

      Evan ClealandEvan Clealand4 timer siden
    • We can't all be as perfect as you, please forgive us

      ScandinavianHereticScandinavianHeretic10 timer siden
  • To you Jordan and to your family I wish you health and community. You have inspired many and I for one am grateful. I have started listening to JBP after just a headline caught my attention and I wanted to hear for myself. The value that I have gotten out of that simple curious search has been tremendous. The lectures are fascinating and really need to be listened to multiple times to take in everything in them. I listen to the NOworld videos in the car, on my headphones at work and the gym, while I'm washing the dishes (like now) The biblical series has helped me understand things about the Bible/God that I didn't get or have wrestled with in the past. Thank you thank you thank you

    Mandy HMandy H14 timer siden
  • Misery is the perfect fuel for Capitalism

    Dwij GurramDwij Gurram14 timer siden
  • " The wound is the place where the Light enters you"

    Dragan PetrovicDragan Petrovic15 timer siden
  • So glad to see you are doing well and look forward to see you great works for better world especially time like this.

    Mina LeeMina Lee15 timer siden
  • This man makes me want to push my mind into its proper use. And sometimes I do. Its a wonderful space to be in.

    Music StudioMusic Studio15 timer siden
  • One of my all time main inspirations. Love you sir and best wishes as the new year unfolds for you and your family.

    Jim WadeJim Wade16 timer siden
  • WE LOVE YOU JORDAN PETERSON!!!! Welcome back!!!

    Andrew CoutoAndrew Couto16 timer siden
  • Going off benzos is crippling. Be strong sir. The world needs you direly. Be weary of Russian medicine.

    randomboy1988randomboy198817 timer siden
  • I have known several people that have taken this drug with dire consequences. It is a silver bullet for any discomfort in the mind, but one must commit to a lifetime of dependency, or a grueling fight through withdrawal. In my opinion, this drug should not be legal at all. It is a hard, hard drug that somehow made it into the medical market.

    Clayton LittleClayton Little17 timer siden
  • Clinical Psychologist didn't know Benzo's had abuse potential. lol

    Daniel KnowerDaniel Knower18 timer siden
  • So good to see you back doing what God meant for you to do. Inspiring others

    CR3 4CR3 418 timer siden
  • We love and support you. Hope you get stronger and healthier.

    Fran HFran H19 timer siden
  • Wishing you the best

    Dan MarionDan Marion19 timer siden
  • There might be a reason your last series is about genesis. Would you have the strength to stay open minded and true to the deepest inner feelings while reading these 2 books: The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad & The Key to Secret Worlds by Paul Twitchell.

    Nyla WangNyla Wang19 timer siden
  • Welcome back, Can't wait to hear from you.

    toshiaqtoshiaq19 timer siden
  • Three things: 1. Welcome back. 2. I sincerely hope you will create the best possible conditions for your well-being and betterment of your life. 3. The world needs you. I do not believe this to be a coincidence.

    Mario ArtemisMario Artemis19 timer siden
  • Thank you for your service. Praying for you. Take care.

    Kathleen HarrisonKathleen Harrison19 timer siden
  • I’m so grateful you made it through and you’re still with us on this rock we call earth. Sending you love Dr. Peterson

    NeptuneNeptune19 timer siden
  • Get well, get rest and come back in 2021 to kick ass.

    George AlbertGeorge Albert19 timer siden
  • Welcome Doctor!!

    Afif ShadAfif Shad19 timer siden
  • I don't even know who this guy is but I wish him the best health

    Clash RobertClash Robert20 timer siden
  • I wish nothing but the best for you! You have helped me sm with moral guidance as well intellectual knowledge! Thank u

    Nicholas StanigNicholas Stanig21 time siden
  • Not gonna run my mouth, so I'll second Jack Denmo here in the comments. Welcome back GOAT!

    Alberto BernalAlberto Bernal21 time siden
    • Greatest what of all time? White supremacist intellectual?

      Evan ClealandEvan Clealand13 timer siden
  • Hang in there Jordan. The world needs you

    William KaneWilliam Kane21 time siden
  • You have my admiration, respect and love. I am very glad to see and hear you again; I have a deep desire to hope that all is (and will be) well with you and your family, (It is pleasing and comforting to see how your family loves, protects and cares for you. Peace be with you.

    Bill AndersonBill Anderson21 time siden
  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I’m so happy you’re feeling better and recovering

    Lauren WaltersLauren Walters21 time siden
  • Wow, this withdrawal is really a big piece of shit. It’s noticeable Dr. Jordan is not at his sharpest mind-speech flow... I hope your health gets better asap and your mind sharp like a razor, and your speech strong like a lion.. you are an inspiration for most of us.

    Fernando BeletiniFernando Beletini22 timer siden
  • Welcome back Prof. Jordan P. I too was dragged on a similar journey... only I did not have your wealth and resources... I survived, came out the other side and resumed my research and hobbies... I did it all without friends, family or medical (or any other) help. I too read Jung et al when I was quite young. Keep on keeping on Jordan. Bless you. (There is no such thing as "god")

    Some Can't Rides Again!Some Can't Rides Again!22 timer siden
  • Welcome Professor ...from Brazil

    Silvana SeabraSilvana Seabra22 timer siden
  • Get well soon, hope to see you debating and lecturing again soon (if your health allows it).

    jacob sharpejacob sharpe22 timer siden
  • ​ @Lgt To Lgt's reply . ... Ha ha ha, the really foolish thing is to rely on a quote, in quasi sixteenth century English, from an outdated, totally discredited piece of literary fiction, to make a point, the point is not made if the premise is corrupt and flawed... it is absurd ... Grow up mate ... People who are indoctrinated to believe in things that do not exist need to seek professional help, usually.

    ? o? o23 timer siden
  • you have been severely misse

    Daniel KabreDaniel Kabre23 timer siden
  • Seja muito bem vindo Professor!!! 👏👏👏

    Leonardo Castilho-BarrosLeonardo Castilho-BarrosDag siden
  • I'm so grateful to have you back. You have made something wonderful happen for 2020. Thank you for fighting so hard and making it through the fire!!!

    Dawn BDawn BDag siden
  • Glad to see you are back, keep up the good work Jordan!

    Claes SundinClaes SundinDag siden
  • I think he should take maybe a couple of years off. Having to address a public, videos and all that is stressful in and of itself. Don't always agree but respect his opinions.

    Simeon BannerSimeon BannerDag siden
  • You got this Jordan. Have faith in your future. You already are back.

    Gil MarkGil MarkDag siden
  • Thank you Jordan Peterson for sharing your thoughts with us.

    David TroxellDavid TroxellDag siden
  • I've only recently started watching/listening/reading your work and I already feel like I should be the one saying 'thank you very much'.. may God bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you, may He lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace..

    Vinette N.Vinette N.Dag siden
  • Dr. Peterson and Family: When you fall down, you are twice as strong when you get back up.

    ExMxer3ExMxer3Dag siden
  • Thank you for your precious work Mr. Peterson! I wish you the best! You are a special man. HUGS from Italy. Irene

    Irene ViscianoIrene ViscianoDag siden
  • Dear Dr. Peterson, I discovered you about a year ago, and your caring, manner, and ideas led me to Jung and Nietzsche, and another chapter in my own voyage toward finding and becoming the full version of myself in the world. I am tremendously grateful for your arrival in my life and what I have learned down the pathways you led me to. It is from that start where I feel a need to speak a truth, at least as it appears to me -- qualified, of course, in that I am in no position to understand or judge you, and am relying on my own instinct and experience...which tell me that there is a large, and important, if not the most important piece absent from the story you have been telling about your year of hell, and what led you into it. What appears missing is your story of why it was that Jordan Peterson -- not the celebrity, but just the man, the person -- fell into the abyss. The person who's world became a place he could not handle, who needed the medications, who became addicted to them, and, most significantly - who now offers the external elements as the full and complete explanation of what has happened to him. Perhaps that looking into yourself is not something you are prepared to do in public now, or ever even, but I hope that path is one you follow to the end, to whatever places it might lead. It is the path that my instincts tell me you must follow for us to see your great heart once again strong and full to all of our benefit again. WH

    Watts HumphreyWatts HumphreyDag siden
  • The world needs you more now than ever so glad you are back

    Mr ChocolateToastMr ChocolateToastDag siden
  • Would be nice to know...what happened to that guy,who ran on stage screaming and crying afew years back. Anyone know what im talking about?

    Ivan IvanIvan IvanDag siden
  • Welcome back GOAT

    Jack DenmoJack DenmoDag siden
    • The "goat" had to become a junkie to realize benzos were dangerous?!? I think not.

      Evan ClealandEvan Clealand13 timer siden
    • @Loxar Loxi Greatest of all Time

      MusashiStillDreaminMusashiStillDreamin13 timer siden
    • Jack!

      Woah WoahWoah Woah16 timer siden
    • goat?

      Loxar LoxiLoxar Loxi20 timer siden
  • this scientist gets more comments per any video than Trump and Biden combined. That's says alot about what people truly need in America-leaders that have ideas, not some poor hacks

    The Books I burnedThe Books I burnedDag siden
  • Mr. Peterson, we more than support your work. We love you and pray for your full recovery. May you have many wonderful years to live, love and laugh.

    D CD CDag siden
  • Please remember that there is a level of severity that warrants medication. It’s important not to deny it for too long, because often it’s only able to resolve when caught earlier.

    Thomas PThomas PDag siden
  • The other day, I was scrolling youtube like every other teenager & your video suddenly got in my recommendation list , man honestly you are awesome but, after listening this I'm very happy that you are in better health, 'yes you R alive ,thangod and just may be I might get a chance to meet you. ' I can say without doubt you are so busy right now & I appreciate that , but you won't read my comment. 😅But I'm happy nonetheless, as a future academic hopefully... 😃

    Falak Pat ElFalak Pat ElDag siden
  • Get well soon Dr Jordan Peterson

    The Strangest SecretsThe Strangest SecretsDag siden
  • I am so sorry Mr. Peterson, my heart goes out to you. I was on benzodiazepines for over 10 years. Getting off them almost killed me, quite literally. I have now been off them for 18 months and although I have not recovered 100% I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there, I know this is hell but you are so strong.

    Katrina BKatrina BDag siden
  • Does that mean you will follow your own rule and not create any more content, because you don't have your house in order?

    60 Cent60 CentDag siden
  • Hope the exoerieince helped him to be less of an asshole.

    Marcela QuintanillaMarcela QuintanillaDag siden
  • It can be hard. I quit a 4+ year benzo addiction. I've been off for 18 months. Took me a year before I could sleep halfway normal. Keep it up!

    Truth PreppinTruth PreppinDag siden
  • DR Peters on, you have been suffering from a narrowly failed assassination attempt, this should be obvious to you

    uberwayzuberwayzDag siden
  • Nice to see you back. Look after yourself

    John FisherJohn FisherDag siden
  • The best news of 2020! Great to see you back Sir! Take careful and measured steps.

    Check Your Leader TVCheck Your Leader TVDag siden
  • Jordan, you literally have a half a million people sending you their UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That is LEGENDARY healing... for a legendary MAN.. I'm sure I speak for most here when I say, you certainly deserve it!

    thespACEchannelthespACEchannelDag siden
  • I wish you the best, but in the meantime, we've been thrown into a dictatorship with a horrifying goal. It would have been nice if you had been able to talk about that. Anyways, just don't take any of their vaccines! If you couldn't inform yourself, that's fine. But we could. And it's dangerous as hell. We're dealing with satanists here. With the self-proclaimed elite.

    Undying SoulUndying SoulDag siden
  • Counting on you to emerge from this with refined prescriptions for living. You're the best.

    Steve BroeringSteve BroeringDag siden
  • That Canadian accent is thicccc

    ChocolatierChocolatierDag siden
  • hope you are doing good jordan

    Kristoffer GKristoffer GDag siden
  • Much love to you Jordan Peterson. I don't understand the hell you have been through as I haven't had an addiction like that, however I do know God's grace is sufficient when one has true humility, and to that you do. Focus on God and looking after yourself. There are many, many people who care about you. Love from an Orthodox Christian

    Jenifer ThomasJenifer ThomasDag siden
  • The World needs you Now more than ever. Please stay with us 🙏🙏🙏

    SteveRodgersSteveRodgersDag siden
  • Honestly, we love you Dr Peterson. Give a little back to us when or if you go on tour again by not charging $300 a ticket. Many of us that follow you cannot afford you

    Greta ShapiroGreta ShapiroDag siden
  • Welcome back! I look forward to watching future NOworld videos.

    Pearl SpiersPearl SpiersDag siden
  • I am genuinely so happy to see your face. Take your time get well. Time to think about yourself man. You've done so much for us allready.

    RTX 2080 TiRTX 2080 TiDag siden
  • 👍

  • So glad you're back. Thanks for your words, always.

    André BörnerAndré BörnerDag siden