Rest In Peace

29. april. 2021
2 003 480 Ganger

So much in this video. Thank you for always being here.

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  • here we go again, the disappearance

    Fazer GamerFazer Gamer11 minutter siden
  • I literally watch to many camping video horror videos to pass judgment on yals fear🤣🤣. Tyfs God bless you

    Debbie McclureDebbie Mcclure25 minutter siden
  • Does anyone know where flash is?

    julia trushinjulia trushin46 minutter siden
  • How it was millions of years ago 6:27

    PurpleMANZPurpleMANZTime siden
  • Where did Flash go?????

    Zachary BernerZachary Berner2 timer siden
  • I am an real fan of this he is so cool

    Troy DixonTroy Dixon2 timer siden
  • I went and weedeated

    Bryton ComptonBryton Compton3 timer siden
  • What happened to flash

    Bobby DongBobby Dong5 timer siden
  • Hey Roman can you please tell us about your tattoos? That would be a cool story

    Konnobi GamingKonnobi Gaming12 timer siden
  • This Chanel is my childhood 😭

    Yuan MardyYuan Mardy14 timer siden
  • This Chanel is my childhood 😭

    Yuan MardyYuan Mardy14 timer siden
  • Crazy to think ,I started whatching roman when I was in 6th grade , and now I graduate in a week

    Sebastian LorenzoSebastian Lorenzo16 timer siden
  • Omg I haven't watch your vids in so long then when I hear your intro nostalgia omg I miss your vlogs and corra is so cute she grown so much

    Auto count101Auto count10116 timer siden
  • I still miss Zeus 😭😭😭

    Aj HuangAj Huang17 timer siden
  • Roman uses that chainsaw like a bitch

    BulalaBulala17 timer siden
  • I love how original Roman is omg

    Andric GutierrezAndric Gutierrez18 timer siden
  • Mine is the skate park

    Lejohn JamiidLejohn Jamiid19 timer siden
  • when will u show the full house tour

    Parker NewkirkParker Newkirk20 timer siden
  • Who came from RUGS VID

    GustGust21 time siden
    • Only you

      AaronRUiNAaronRUiN15 timer siden
  • This video is hilarious

    Colin the Anime fan ShirlingColin the Anime fan Shirling21 time siden
  • Where is flash

    terranceterrance21 time siden
  • Only og’s will remember the gtr with red windows

    Beast l وحشBeast l وحش22 timer siden
  • I understand what y’all going through because I went through that when my puppies died pit bulls I love them but they died young...😭😭😭R..I..p little ones

    Angel PorterAngel PorterDag siden
  • i was told my girl friend broke up with me. but roman makes life more better!:)

    Tuari HefterTuari HefterDag siden
  • Jesus loves you 😔

    Siah 100kSiah 100kDag siden
  • What happened to flash

    Alan OBrienAlan OBrienDag siden
  • F

    erin corinneerin corinneDag siden
  • roman is the most genuine person ever on youtube

    ElieElieDag siden
  • I also baried my baby she couldn't walk and she started crying *its a joke* chill like fr

    25K Hxvoc25K HxvocDag siden
  • “New yeezys” “Dont ever say that again” 💀💀

    Lisa DeleonLisa DeleonDag siden
  • lol i am the 6,700 comment

    TGFY_ AnujTGFY_ AnujDag siden
  • facts

    Todd LimogesTodd LimogesDag siden
  • What happened to flash

    INKY_ SaladINKY_ SaladDag siden
  • Cobra kai

  • You look like hawk off of corona kai

  • Been watching them for almost 13years now can't stop.

    Harry StylesHarry StylesDag siden
  • Seven days with my uncle and my cousins

    Kristy ConradKristy Conrad2 dager siden
  • What happened to flash

    Rapid 101Rapid 1012 dager siden
    • Not sure maybe either at someone else’s house

      Zane KirkwoodZane Kirkwood2 dager siden
  • Roman is down bad rn

    Brandon BarraganBrandon Barragan2 dager siden
  • Roman is down bad rn

    Brandon BarraganBrandon Barragan2 dager siden
  • the lights are moving- too much pot roman lol

    DArkDROID 123DArkDROID 1232 dager siden
  • Hey roman, i know im asking alot but Would you maybe go back to the energetic fun vlogs? Just asking, i learned alot from you in the past and I hope you could bring back the Smile team again.

    Aztec EsportsAztec Esports2 dager siden
  • Hey what happened to flash

    Aztec EsportsAztec Esports2 dager siden
  • 5:25 roman said "ist hat from roblox?" HAHAHHAHA

    Chelsea CarlosChelsea Carlos2 dager siden
  • Where is flash

    Nathan FloresNathan Flores2 dager siden
  • Where is flash?

    hayden lightwatcherhayden lightwatcher2 dager siden
  • Everybody please pray for me I take my permit test today🙏

    BHE OUMARBHE OUMAR2 dager siden
    • how'd you do

      _ Kyler0820__ Kyler0820_3 timer siden
  • Roman I know u will not see this but if u have ever heard off the funk bros they want to do crazy stuff and would be perfect to be in ur old house they recently got I some trouble with there neighbours and are selling there house not to be sued plz contact them

    Sneaky ShaluumSneaky Shaluum2 dager siden
  • hey roman I have a few questions, one are you ever going to restock the smile more store cuz you guys don't have my size, second I hope that Noah can be in more videos and lastly can you please do a house tour

    Lily HuffakerLily Huffaker2 dager siden
  • I used to see roman so happy but now most of his videos are sad

    Naila Abdul-NabiNaila Abdul-Nabi2 dager siden
  • Let's lift each other and everyone up!

    mark tmark t2 dager siden
  • I hope Roman hits his dreams

    Stunt LifeStunt Life2 dager siden
  • ive missed so much. i moved and stopped watching abit before cause of dealing with some stuff. i would randomly want to watch but didnt have a way. i just remembered watching this channel alot growing up it was my escape. i think its gonna become my escape again. this was the only channel that could make me smile.. i started watching when i was 8 im gonna be 15 soon ive changed alot but still get the same feeling of happiness from these videos.

    PuffkinVideosPuffkinVideos2 dager siden
  • Who would give this family hell😢.. 4chan should track down the mf who caused harm to this family

    Jacob HaleJacob Hale2 dager siden
  • Romin never changed though out the year witch is awesome

    Amy CoteAmy Cote2 dager siden
  • My cat passed

    Lynda HoffLynda Hoff2 dager siden
  • That is exactly what happen to my dogs. Sunday to Sunday we lost two just like your family.

    Andrei BaxAndrei Bax2 dager siden
  • You make my days happy like today my freind is no longer with us on earth but he is in a better place called hevan

    math sucksmath sucks2 dager siden
  • Have u still got flash?

    CaMaKaZiE ShAd0WCaMaKaZiE ShAd0W2 dager siden
  • I didn’t know you guys got more donkeys

    XWolfXXWolfX3 dager siden
  • Riding quads

    Hey GrantHey Grant3 dager siden
  • I can’t believe that I still watch Roman after 5 years😅

    MustafambMustafamb3 dager siden
  • Hey Roman! Been watching your stuff since when you did Pranks and it helped me through a lonely time in my life! You inspired me to start my own channel! I'm glad your back!!!!

    Hope's WorldHope's World3 dager siden
  • Where are you all it's. Been over a week lol .

    olivia secrestolivia secrest3 dager siden
  • what's roman's camera?

    99Lives99Lives3 dager siden
    • Maybe the new cannon g7x mk3

      XxTryHardxX2019XxTryHardxX20192 dager siden
    • Last I knew a cannon g7x mk2

      XxTryHardxX2019XxTryHardxX20192 dager siden
  • Where is flash?

    Nebsbdjfbs BendjjxjdbdNebsbdjfbs Bendjjxjdbd3 dager siden
  • Bring back push-ups!

    Squirrel GamingSquirrel Gaming3 dager siden
  • Bro I've been watching Roman since I was 10 I'm now 17 wow time flies by

    Rey ArreolaRey Arreola3 dager siden
  • Those chickens look like vitaly

    Garion NewinghamGarion Newingham3 dager siden
  • You could go hiking and have a picnic on a mountain or cliff of some sort and watch the sunset

    Ellaina LibbesmeierEllaina Libbesmeier3 dager siden
  • Do they still have flash

    lauren brownlauren brown3 dager siden
  • Zeus died and who else

    The GamerThe Gamer3 dager siden
  • Lol britny

    katherine powellkatherine powell3 dager siden
  • I Haven't Seen The 🐕 Flash Siberian Husky

    RiguitoRiguito3 dager siden
  • Years ago my day would not end until I seen Romans new video

    Jake PowerJake Power3 dager siden
  • I was 9 when I started watching I’m now 15 time flies

    Heather IHeather I3 dager siden
  • Make sure not to use God’s name in vain because it is a brutal sin. Make sure to repent for your sins before it’s to late!

    TrappinTrappin3 dager siden
  • Where is Flash?

    Kristján KristjánssonKristján Kristjánsson3 dager siden
  • I miss zeus😫😫😫😫😣😣😣

    Kaliaa GamingKaliaa Gaming3 dager siden
  • Atwoods AFK

    Dylan KDylan K3 dager siden
  • 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🕊🕊🕊💪💪💪

    big shlongbig shlong4 dager siden
  • Cemetery there could be a

    daniel reevesdaniel reeves4 dager siden
  • ROMAN!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE A CHAINSAW SAFETY TRAINING CLASS! Lol You look like poser.... Love yah just want you to be safe.

    Paul JeffriesPaul Jeffries4 dager siden
  • Whatever happened to Flash

    Mikayla ReedMikayla Reed4 dager siden
  • Is this nogame...

    TheOneAndOnlyKingTheOneAndOnlyKing4 dager siden
  • 1:50 reminds me of when Kaine was little and would say yeah all the time lmao she sounds just like him

    Charly BabyCharly Baby4 dager siden
  • Love your fam roman and so glad your posting again

    Noe EufracioNoe Eufracio4 dager siden
  • Hahaha perfect date night 😂😂 I’m pissing myself

    Itz_ BrandonItz_ Brandon4 dager siden
  • They warped into the next day who remembers that

    y tay ta4 dager siden
  • Why do you have to freak me out like that man I mean I am gonna watch this for the whole day

    deborah walkingtondeborah walkington4 dager siden
  • I remember the Can Canon which you used to fill up with tennis balls

    Marshal TennantMarshal Tennant4 dager siden
  • I miss Zeus

    Marshal TennantMarshal Tennant4 dager siden
  • You’re beautiful you’re one-of-a-kind smile more

    Marshal TennantMarshal Tennant4 dager siden
  • Minute 5 to minute 10 is the funniest moment for me

    gh0stmod 6gh0stmod 64 dager siden
  • What happened to flash? named my dog after him

    tierrabalpvpsmctierrabalpvpsmc4 dager siden
  • Roman looks like a actual crazy head now lmaoooo ... Edit: CRACK

    Alyceo PerezAlyceo Perez4 dager siden
  • Roman dude I'm so sorry that happened

    Bruce StelznerBruce Stelzner4 dager siden
  • These vlogs make me smile more

    Kong LaoKong Lao4 dager siden
  • I like how Roman is the only youtuber who has literally never changed

    sebastiatnn mp3sebastiatnn mp34 dager siden
    • Him and fazejev

      Roberto SanchezRoberto Sanchez9 timer siden
    • fr bro

      SparwazSparwaz2 dager siden