Red hot glowing 16 Cylinder Stirling Engine

3. mai. 2019
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Here I show a 16 Cylinder butan powered Stirling Engine that I ordered from china.
Although it looks like an aircraft engine it is just a desktop toy. Stirling engines have a way to low power / weight ratio to be useful in (model) aviation applications.
What makes it special is its unconventional swashplate design
and its awesome jet engine look.

  • I find this surprisingly satisfying to watch!

    Mark RogersMark Rogers26 dager siden
  • Never seen a Stirling Engine requiring Red hot cylinder caps

    RamblequistRamblequist4 måneder siden
  • Any idea what the power to weight ratio is? It is cool regardless.

    Rocky BassRocky Bass5 måneder siden

    Sean ObrienSean Obrien6 måneder siden
  • Nice video sir you perches this engine _ please send me the link

    Sujata HalighongadeSujata Halighongade7 måneder siden
  • Awesome!

    Tom GTom G11 måneder siden
  • interesting. pretty unusual but nice design,might make it faster to use water on one side and have the flames in a sealed container (with a vent on one a side.)

    BlueBlue11 måneder siden
  • From were did you got this Stirling engine or you made it if you made it please make a video on this Stirling engine

    Murali RaoMurali RaoÅr siden
    • Murali Rao you can buy it on aliexpress, ebay, amazon. Just look it up on google, he did not make it

      Little_AstroLittle_Astro9 måneder siden
  • Идея - хорошая, реализация - китайцы почти полностью идею угробили...

    Артем КамбуровАртем КамбуровÅr siden
  • Stirling Engines are the most efficient engines, not poor.

    Gyanendra BhattaraiGyanendra BhattaraiÅr siden
  • German ingenuity

    Jarrett MetzJarrett MetzÅr siden
  • Do you have any suggestions on one that ran one time and will not take off again? I just received mine and it ran great for the first light off. Then nothing. it acts as if it wants to run but peters out to a stall.

    Ben mettertBen mettertÅr siden
  • Have you had any problems with it so far? And how often have you used it? Great video

    Leutrim JusufiLeutrim JusufiÅr siden
  • Hi Have you thought about the heat from a vehicles exhaust or cooling system

    Michael DMichael DÅr siden
  • There is a way to improve the efficiency of this nice engine: The front "cool" cylinders are not within the propeller airstream. One needs to change them by props with a much smaller hub so that cool air is really reaching these cylinders (they are currently resting in the wind shadow of the decorative nuts. Efficiency of a Stirling engine is directly proportional to the temperature DIFFERENCE between both cylinders !

    WorldbestpilotWorldbestpilotÅr siden
  • That thing is beautiful. Do you Make all of these or buy them?

    Zachary HolmesZachary Holmes2 år siden
    • Zachary Holmes buy

      Little_AstroLittle_Astro9 måneder siden
  • So inefficient

    Aris Z2Aris Z22 år siden
  • so in other words, dead volume means very low compression?

    The Angry EconomistThe Angry Economist2 år siden
  • Steam engine more efficient .

    William PottsWilliam Potts2 år siden
  • Great build

    Tim TravasosTim Travasos2 år siden
  • Well done. I've only heard of Sterling engines. But now thanks to you I know how they work. Good job!

    Phil DouglasPhil Douglas2 år siden
  • Love it! Very cool! I’m checking out some more!

    Markie WodiMarkie Wodi2 år siden
  • Why are you using JOHNNYQ90'S sterling engine

    ramlover25 dieselramlover25 diesel2 år siden
    • Its not his, anyone can buy it

      Dane HartsoughDane HartsoughÅr siden
  • I bet it makes hella power bro

    Harry BarnhillHarry Barnhill2 år siden
  • Why not power with car exhaust?

    Spunkey DoodleSpunkey Doodle2 år siden
  • Back in the 80's the Ford company toyed with the idea of a stirling powered vehicle

    AtilliatorAtilliator2 år siden
    • Wouldn't the very concept of an external combustion engine already be a sign of poor efficiency. Unless they just had money to blow off why not.

  • This would be more impressive if the heat were generated by radioactive decaying pellets, like plutonium, instead of a gas burner.

    VenomStrykerVenomStryker2 år siden
    • Yeah because that's safe.

      Generic NameGeneric Name2 år siden
  • As you said not efficient but still interesting, what if you used the flames to generate steam and hook it up to a Tesla turbine? Also if the propeller drove some of the air into a duct that channels back to the turbine?

    Johnny WoodsJohnny Woods2 år siden
  • Maybe a toy tug boat, but not a aeroplane

    Buddy RojekBuddy Rojek2 år siden
  • ASMR Stirling engine narration

    Pushabug _Pushabug _2 år siden
  • for when you have wood, you've used all the wood gas and now you only have charcoal. ofc if you have gas this is inefficient because it doesnt harvest the expansive power of rapid combustion, but as i outlined sometimes you only have solid fuel

    Neko MancerNeko Mancer2 år siden
  • Modern steampunk.. very cool

    Offgrid JohnOffgrid John2 år siden
  • instead of a propeller if you used a electric motor as generator, i wonder how much electricity you could make?

    tryskel golictryskel golic2 år siden
    • You need the prop for cooling the front eight cylinders, but of course it is possible to add a small generator, as well why not? !

      WorldbestpilotWorldbestpilotÅr siden
    • @JackSwatmanthis will turn your sterling engine into a ac version Peltier device

      tryskel golictryskel golic2 år siden
    • @JackSwatman there ways around the torque problem but i don't think it will get better amp than a hand crank. -you could use a chunk of brass that you put in your whood stove to heat it up (that would start it) then keep running with a candle

      tryskel golictryskel golic2 år siden
    • Not much, sterling engines have very little torque, and considering how much fuel is used the energy you'd get back youd be similar to charging you phone from a planes USB port

      JackSwatmanJackSwatman2 år siden
  • Awesome work!

    L FL F2 år siden
  • Imagine how much more efficient that thing would be if ya used all that Gas in the combustion chamber lol, worthless but looks cool

    Crip SkillzCrip Skillz2 år siden
    • Nasa wants to use them for their RTG's they aren't really useful in most Places

      -RandomUserName--RandomUserName-2 år siden
  • Beautiful piece of art incredible craftsmanship

    CptPotato07CptPotato072 år siden
  • Stirling motors. Useless.

    Joe BlazerJoe Blazer2 år siden
    • But cool

      Smile SpaceSmile Space2 år siden
  • At least you wont have to worry about it taking off from your desk at full throttle ;-)

    Terry PorterTerry Porter2 år siden
  • I'm almost certain that there's no succinct way to describe the motion of the swatchplate.

    ᴇɴᴛʀᴏᴘʏᴇɴᴛʀᴏᴘʏ2 år siden
    • Oscillating.

      Nigel 900Nigel 9002 år siden
  • Coolest sterling engine I've ever seen.

    99 miles away99 miles away2 år siden
  • Amazing! It looks like one of those crazy Nazi inventions of the WW II time :)

    PetiomkinPetiomkin2 år siden
  • well its cool as hell but the lip smacking i heir in my spekers is nasty

    ShifttubeShifttube2 år siden
  • Well done 👍

    Turkey ManTurkey Man2 år siden
  • Is there a way to contact you? I am a student trying to build an engine myself but I do not know the specifics that well. I was hoping that you can help

    TeachMeTheWaysTeachMeTheWays2 år siden
    • I made one when I was like 13 or 14 out of coke cans steal wool and coat hangers. It ran off of a tea light and ice water. There are a view tutorials on how to build them on youtube. They can be a bit finicky to get working but they are not crazy hard to make and do not require tones of precision.

      M1 GamingM1 Gaming2 år siden
    • He bought it from china...

      Cit_63Cit_632 år siden
  • Brilliant Engine

    DixonDixon2 år siden
  • 8 burners, 8 pistons, 8 displacer pistons= 8 Cylinder Stirling. Interesting swash plate application in this 8 cylinder Stirling. Running without a proper flywheel is also unusual . Thanks for sharing.

    Doug SmithDoug Smith2 år siden
    • "8 independent sets of two cylinders" there are 16 cylinders.

      L13B3 14641L13B3 146412 år siden
    • The propeller acts as the fly wheel

      L EdwinL Edwin2 år siden
  • Interesting idea for making a desktop fan with alcohol based power.

    SavilianaSaviliana2 år siden
  • What is it's weight to power ratio? I am thinking pretty low.

    Elysian DreamsElysian Dreams2 år siden
    • Well, it's a sterling, so...

      99 miles away99 miles away2 år siden
  • subscribed

    Bradyn421Bradyn4212 år siden
  • thanks for posting. here are some things to consider. the inherent Inefficiency of such a multi-heat engine design, makes it one that should Not be emulated. other commenters have noted the excess play in the linkages. this engine has a flywheel, that is shaped like a propeller; and it is NOT effective as either. this engine is just barely running; and would be able to do zero work. it is probable that the MASS of the cold pistons has Not been optimized/minimized. the need for the end of Any displacer cylinder to be 'red hot', indicates the presence of major Inefficiency Issues. the use of a swashplate, in a POWER transmission application, is just plain stoopid. in part, because it IMPOSES a timing on a group of heat engines. here, the Mass of the brass swashplate guides (and heavy pistons) Further Reduces engine efficiency. (see link, for info about mass damping/governor. this is NOT what you want. vibration damping is NOT the same as balancing.) the EFFICIENT combining of the outputs of multiple heat engines is NOT a simple thing. it should be Understood that a correctly designed htd heat engine will operate, with the heat from a candle flame; about 1000 degrees c. this temperature does NOT produce a 'red hot' condition in metal (or glass). googletranslate

    David DavidsDavid Davids2 år siden
  • I think this is BOTH cool and hot. 👍

    John MichaelJohn Michael2 år siden
    • I get it

      8 ball181 Hand8 ball181 HandÅr siden
  • Mind your fingers.

    Peter CorteenPeter Corteen2 år siden
  • Very impressive!

  • G’day Latheman, you put a great amount of work building that engine, excellent work. Is the sound I hear the conrods clacking? I couldn’t see too well the swashplate to piston connection. Cheers Peter

    PGSPGS2 år siden
    • @Matthew Hilton exactly

      Cit_63Cit_632 år siden
    • Bought from china

      Matthew HiltonMatthew Hilton2 år siden
    • He didn't build it...

      Cit_63Cit_632 år siden
  • Just seen this one and was thinking of buying it looks great.

    Dr GunsmithDr Gunsmith2 år siden
  • Do us a big favor and get a bunch of different angled propellers with the same mass and diameter. Build a stream tube for your engine, then measure the difference in speed at both ends. That way we can find it's power output at multiple different frequencies and map it to hopefully find it's maximum power output.

    Nohoch IchNohoch Ich2 år siden
  • if the fan blades were bigger, it might cool the front down more, and that would give it more power, according to the principle it operates on. Then it would need a shield around the back cylinders, though, i think. And it sounds like it needs some grease, too.

    Alan MalcheskiAlan Malcheski2 år siden
    • O yeah smart ass

      Aris Z2Aris Z22 år siden
    • Brendon Espinoza i looked and there are designs for rotary pistons, which is what i saw, i think, and also opposed diesel engine pistons, which looks kinda like this but maybe not. I watched your last vid and i see the comments are already thinking like i was... i like the idea of putting it in a compression chamber, or containing the space around it, making use of the air being pumped out or in, but it might work better if you simply stood it upright, or, facing down, idk... The burners are evenly heating it but it might work better if the heat was contained and cold air could not go in at the bottom.

      Alan MalcheskiAlan Malcheski2 år siden
    • Brendon Espinoza You sounded sad in the video, i want to say Don't be discouraged. The adventure is in the journey!

      Alan MalcheskiAlan Malcheski2 år siden
    • Brendon Espinoza i saw a design for a combustion engine that pushes the piston in both directions... it produces constant power more like a EM motor or something... that might be a way to get the Stirling to produce more... work load, or torque.

      Alan MalcheskiAlan Malcheski2 år siden
    • Yes, additionally the transmission is highly inefficient. It relies on direct contact bearings, and could do with some linear bearings in a large, production model.

      Nohoch IchNohoch Ich2 år siden
  • Brilliant! Thank you for this amazing demonstration.Mechanical art at it's best

    omarmangomarmang2 år siden
  • Interesting model

    Your Average GurlYour Average Gurl2 år siden
  • is it art or is it engineering?

    Matt BarrMatt Barr2 år siden
    • 50-50

      Aris Z2Aris Z22 år siden
    • Both...

      John PustiitoruJohn Pustiitoru2 år siden
    • Yes

      midgetconimidgetconi2 år siden
  • stirling engines are so fucking cool, I love that we use them in space too. NASA has a pretty neato stirling engine design!

    Matt BarrMatt Barr2 år siden
  • Looks amazing :)

    LuftbubblanLuftbubblan2 år siden
  • Your videos are giving me a bit of a fascination with stirling engines!

    Adam.Adam.2 år siden
    • Good, they're fun to make. You should try if you get a chance

      8 ball181 Hand8 ball181 HandÅr siden
    • Same here I seen this one for sale looks beastly.

      Dr GunsmithDr Gunsmith2 år siden
  • Have you tried pressurized vessels for higher power/weight ratio?

    Emrah EEmrah E2 år siden
  • That is some dirty camera lense you have there

    General NerdGeneral Nerd2 år siden
  • Nice but i really cant hear you at all! Check you volume!

    Laharl KrichevskoyLaharl Krichevskoy2 år siden
    • iamflee_ was maxed out everything and now it sounds ok, maybe youtube was drunk or something.

      Laharl KrichevskoyLaharl Krichevskoy2 år siden
    • Check YOUR volume lol

      iamflee_iamflee_2 år siden
  • Now that is cool

    HepadHepad2 år siden
  • Manifique !

  • Those linkages in the middle are painful.

    RichRich2 år siden
    • Sounds like a diesel

      ColeColeÅr siden
    • Only when you try to have sex with them....

      Nigel 900Nigel 9002 år siden
  • some kinked tubes there. try filling with ice before bending next time.

    Dylan TDylan T2 år siden
    • Try very fine sand (e.g. stealing from your bird cage for an hours); works perfectly . BUT, be ensured that both ends of the sand-filled tube (shake it well before) are ABSOLUTELY CLOSED (LEAK-FREE) !

      WorldbestpilotWorldbestpilotÅr siden
    • He didn't make it. He bought it from china.

      Yuck FoutubeYuck Foutube2 år siden
    • @Dylan T Thank you.

      Martin D AMartin D A2 år siden
    • @Martin D A wax can work on smaller tube. or fine sand if you can crimp the ends.

      Dylan TDylan T2 år siden
    • That's a good idea, I was wondering what would be best to shove down the tubes as I looked at them. Ice is a new one on me!

      Martin D AMartin D A2 år siden
  • . Is beautiful. Quite poor performance for such an extensive structure

    LechosłowianinLechosłowianin2 år siden
    • Power is just a scaling problem. The real issue is the power/weight ratio. They can be comparable to IC engines in efficiency. (this one is just badly designed)

      Benjamin MillerBenjamin Miller2 år siden
    • Sterlings only harness warmth, they are simply incapable of producing any substantial power.

      99 miles away99 miles away2 år siden
    • @BlueNinja still it breaks heart 💔

      Snehan ShouryaSnehan Shourya2 år siden
    • Performance isn't the point

      BlueNinjaBlueNinja2 år siden
  • Brilliant engine for harnessing concentrated solar energy

    hintzofcolorconceptshintzofcolorconcepts2 år siden
    • hintzofcolorconcepts no

      iamflee_iamflee_2 år siden