HALLOWEEN VS REAL FOOD CHALLENGE || DIY Halloween Treats! Halloween Taste Test by 123 GO! CHALLENGE

19. okt.. 2020
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In the mood for some spooky eats?
The timing couldn’t be better!
Watch these awesome DIY Halloween treats to make your Halloween Party unforgettable!
Feel inspired to whip up some spooky treats for your friends and family?
Maybe you can come up with your own scary eats this Halloween!!
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  • The food looks gross and good at the same time

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  • I thing nicks one tacos and salsa is gonna be nice all food are gonna be tasty

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  • I'm a huge fan of 3 2 1 go

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  • This is real human skull

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  • This is Halloween Halloween Halloween in this town we go home everyone how to the pumpkin zone don’t we love it now hi in horn hiding in the trashcan

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  • This is Halloween Halloween in this town we go home everyone how to the Punkin zone

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  • .what phew you didn't eat a wolf

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  • Omg I love ur halloween outfit

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  • I love their friendship 💕❤️💙♥️

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  • this hack for Halloween is so cool!! 🔽 happy Halloween

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  • Someone wearing a horse costume: im hungry i could eat a horse! Me: eat yourself then

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    • Hey stupid what do you say hahaha 4321 goes ugly as woman

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  • 5:24 I would not ster it looks like a big drop of fake blood

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  • 123go:would you rather choose the pretty cupcake,or the one covered in blood?me:i...cant eat frosting,so,aslong as it dosent have frosting,i can eat it.

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  • Nick: I’m so hungry I can even eat a horse Me:bu-but your are. A horse CANNIBAIL

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