RC Modify 21 | Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk Sakura D4 RWD

18. juli. 2018
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0:00 Intro
1:18 Assembling
37:47 Finished Assembling
38:09 Program Card
41:53 OMG Servo
43:40 Start Working On Body
51:39 Steering Wheel
1:02:28 Show Chassis
1:05:55 Finished Everything
1:13:14 How To Drift Tips
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Ferrari 458 www.thingiverse.com/thing:1789497
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The wheels are 9mm offset.
Yeah Racing DarkDragonWing® RC Steering Wheel ebay.to/3f61m8j
Tamiya 1:10 Ferrari 458 Challenge Body goo.gl/dzqiao amzn.to/2oLFsQ2
SFIDA RC LB Performance 458 Clear Body Parts Kit goo.gl/DdwJyV amzn.to/2nPXMbg
Demi Works 2JZ Engine Bay goo.gl/7TsX66
RC Car 1/10 Drift Wheels +9MM Offset Gold
M1.2x4 Screw Self Tapping Black ebay.to/2KB5Qpa
M1.2x5 Screw Self Tapping Black ebay.to/2KB5Qpa
M1.2x4 Screw Black ebay.to/2VyjIqG
M1.2 Nuts goo.gl/syOX9z
Balloon Sticks (for roll cage) ebay.to/3eZM3xR
Parts To Complete Sakura D4 RWD (RECOMMENDED):
3Racing Sakura D4 RWD Kit ebay.to/3aOz3I5 amzn.to/354p8wF
SAVOX SC-1251MG Servo ebay.to/2YlWgid amzn.to/2StuA7f
48P 22T Steel Pinion Gear ebay.to/2yVtrOS amzn.to/3aSE9TK
540 13T Motor + ESC ebay.to/2z0GJJR amzn.to/2SptXvi
Onisiki Aluminum Case Gyro ebay.to/2x3VECu amzn.to/2Wcw5rt
RCmart - Flysky FS-GT5 6CH ebay.to/2SoBlHm amzn.to/2IVni64
7.4V 2S Lipo Battery ebay.to/2xYCj6h amzn.to/2S7HTdq
iMAX B6 AC Battery Balance Charger ebay.to/2VVW86k amzn.to/35l9Io2
Duratrax Gun Metal DTXR4263 Spray ebay.to/3d0mlHx amzn.to/2oFJlXl
Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome Spray amzn.to/2YiuQK1
Tamiya Smoke PS-31 Spray ebay.to/3cWkiUX amzn.to/2nIhMri
Transparent Paint abchobbyusa.com/lightingkit.aspx
Permanent Markers ebay.to/2Yk9sE8 amzn.to/3aRlqro
Tamiya 87118 Polycarbonate Body Cleaner ebay.to/2SnTDJ4 amzn.to/35Gh1Fx
RC Modify Tools:
D-ROC A9 Gloves amzn.to/35piuCr
Body Reamer & Scissors Set goo.gl/uHkXpX amzn.to/2SqLW4J
X-Acto X3201 Knife ebay.to/2Y6Nogm amzn.to/2S3gtmF
Tool Set DYN2834 ebay.to/3dbq4T1 amzn.to/3d0Cc90
3M 244 Yellow Masking Tape ebay.to/2VOvddR ebay.to/2z09ZAp
Aluminum Tape ebay.to/3cQGW18 amzn.to/2zBkU4d
Black Hockey Tape ebay.to/35h3B3P amzn.to/35fkmfP
3M Mounting Tape goo.gl/gXDStt amzn.to/2p65Lx8
X-Tronic 3020-XTS Soldering Iron ebay.to/3p3Nzny amzn.to/355AqCw
Soldering Wire 63-37 1mm ebay.to/3l1YX0O amzn.to/2IbiUE8
Heat Shrink Assorted ebay.to/35cIFuQ amzn.to/35chWP4
Aftermarket Parts:
Wire Mesh AMA50004D (small sheet) ebay.to/2xPxJr4 amzn.to/2QejK1l
RC Exhaust Pipe ebay.to/3cSUmtg amzn.to/2Y9mnZF
RC Spoiler, Side Mirrors, Wipers ebay.to/2KFEqPa amzn.to/3cT37Uc
Magnet Body Posts ebay.to/2VXBQcA amzn.to/2S78qYm
Stickers ebay.to/2xog8WW www.screenprintdigital.com/
Light & Sound System:
12 LED Signal Light Kit ebay.to/3scGti7
Engine Sound ESS One ebay.to/35j6XDO amzn.to/3cXFjP9
Other Optional Parts:
12x2mm Magnet ebay.to/2VM6V40 amzn.to/2YlN7X3
6x1mm Magnet ebay.to/2VYlZKG amzn.to/3cJUmf3
Find more here bit.ly/amznDDW
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  • Re-uploaded! There were copyrighted songs, I had to remove them and then add new songs to the video. I'm working on a new RC Modify video at the moment.

    DarkDragonWingDarkDragonWing2 år siden
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    • I think so, some tools.

      DarkDragonWingDarkDragonWing6 dager siden
  • I want this same set up minus the doors and trunk being able to open

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  • everything looks really good, except for how you cut the bullet connectors and soldered them to the motor tabs-- that is not a good idea, you have lowered the surface area of the contact patch, and replaced it with solder, which is not as good of a conductor. if one of those bullets gets hot under power, melts the solder, the motor leads make contact, you could fry the esc and/or motor sensors. probably unlikely in this application, but i still wouldn't keep doing that, it could happen easily. you should instead solder a wire in direct contact pressed against the motor tabs, then solder the bullet to the wire, and you should try to cut out as little as possible from the bullet, or none at all--- that doesn't do anything except weaken the connection. actually, bullets are terrible in general, i would always remove as many as possible, as they can only weaken connections and never make them stronger. i like the way you did it, it is creative, though. but i've also fried ESCs doing similar types of things-- wouldn't recommend this method to people . otherwise very nice work, cheers.

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    • he sells his stuff for 1.5-3k US dollars

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    • @Vladimir Putin link buy sir

      Police L1nePolice L1ne2 måneder siden
    • he sells his stuff for 1.5-3k US dollars

      Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin2 måneder siden
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    • he sells his stuff for 1.5-3k US dollars

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    • he sells his stuff for 1.5-3k US dollars

      Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin2 måneder siden
  • 50% off Product name:New Remote Control Car code:505NXOVA Deal Price :18.99 Original price:36.99 Start time:2021-2-1623:00PST End Day: 2021-2-2823:59PST Link:www.amazon.com/gp/mpc/A1U5LUY2HZZCGB

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    • he sells his stuff for 1.5-3k US dollars

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    • he sells his stuff for 1.5-3k US dollars

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    • he sells his stuff for 1.5-3k US dollars

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    • he sells his stuff for 1.5-3k US dollars

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    • he sells his stuff for 1.5-3k US dollars

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