r/Prorevenge Punch Me In The Face? I'll Sue You For $80,000! 🤑

24. nov.. 2020
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r/Prorevenge In today's episode, OP has a fender bender with an angry person who decides to punch OP in the face. OP decides to get revenge and sues the road rager in court. Let's just say that the court case goes very, very badly for the puncher, because the judge awards OP an $80,000 judgment! Not only does OP bankrupt this douchebag, the court case also gets the guy fired from his job! Oops!
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  • How much would your life be screwed up if you had to pay out $80,000?

    rSlashrSlashMåned siden
    • I would have to pay out this $80K over a length of time. I would immediately have had my bank accounts completely wiped out by it. I don't have any credit or credit scores, so that's not an option. I would definitely been screwed over by it.

      Artirean RogueshireArtirean Rogueshire3 dager siden
    • I would be homeless

      John MackJohn Mack12 dager siden
    • i would not have punched him at the first place

      fakhr aldeen katrjyfakhr aldeen katrjy20 dager siden
    • What life?

      MrRedstoneMrRedstone23 dager siden
    • I would say goodbye to my kidney. Probably both of em

      Igor JarotaIgor JarotaMåned siden
  • There are some soldiers i ran into during my 9 years active duty US Army that I legit wondered how on earth they managed to pass a background check, pass the ASVAB, bass basic training and advanced individual training (AIT), and somehow still be in the militarily.... This is one such story...

    Cameron DickCameron Dick2 dager siden
  • Not all soldiers or members of the US military are like that. A lot of them would have gone with the $300 or just said, "Nah, it's cool." I'm sure that, whoever that soldier was, felt like he had to prove something about how he was stronger because he was a soldier. Can you imagine how much worse it could have been for him if the person he had sucker punched was not a civilian who did contracting work with the US military? I'm sure he would have received jail time when he arrived back in the states, too.

    Artirean RogueshireArtirean Rogueshire3 dager siden
  • "My ex wife and I Kate" r/ihadastroke?

    Lucas MellorLucas Mellor5 dager siden
  • Years ago while serving on active duty, I was working late in the office getting a project done for my upcoming deployment. My friend comes in and says dude someone hit your truck. I'm like bro if you are lying I'm punching you. He laughed and is like really, your truck got hit. Tired as hell I'm like fine I'll play along. So he and I are walking outside where I see another guy I know standing by his truck next to mines. I'm like yo dude. The truck owner looked at me and says "dude I'm sorry but I hit your truck. I'm looking for some type of real damage. I said where? He points out right here where the paint is scratched. I'm like oh ok. He then asks if I want him to fix it. I'm like nah bro it's a truck and I don't give a fuck. I looked at my buddy and said well I guess you weren't lying. Sorry as I head off to continue working. He like I told the guy that I wouldn't care and he been waiting there for at least 30 minutes. I tell my buddy that I'm glad you told me cause his ass would have been out there for 6 hours cause of work.

    Brendon PerkinsBrendon Perkins7 dager siden
  • Would have been hilarious if the OP of the military guy story got together with the guy's ex wife

    RexytherexdudeRexytherexdude9 dager siden
  • day 1 of telling this story that is very fake ANYWAY HERE WE GOOO a man named dio died to a heart diseases his wil stated that everything had been put towards his son Giorno Giovanna naturaly cause dio was actualy as century year old vampire his id seemed fake ya know cuz the century year old person looking as young as twenty was quite unruly will wasn't valid meaning giorno didn't get anything dio was also revealed to have around 8 counts of murder 2 counts of cash fraud and 4 counts of theft meaning he woulda gotten arrested but because the person overseeing his will didn't realise he was that man because he was born in 1900 became a vampire through blood sacrifice in 1920 meaning he was reported but because it was a century ago he would be 120 years old meaning he would of been older than the oldest person in the entirety of THE WORLD which is very unlikely so he most likely though it was one of his decendents thanks for reading lol.

    corri robinsoncorri robinson12 dager siden
    • i spent 8 minutes righting this just cuz

      corri robinsoncorri robinson12 dager siden
  • Anger is pathological with some people. In 2015 I had my Nissan Maxima destroyed by a road rage incident because I tapped my breaks when a driver was following too closely. He sped past me slammed on his breaks and got out of his car. I proceeded to back up and he got back in his car and put in in reverse and backed into my car and totalled it...now I never look in my rear view mirror except when backing up..

    Cj JohnsonCj Johnson12 dager siden
  • Anger management therapy is pretty good these days. I mean, punching someone who is offering you $500 is extremely aggressive.

    GilhelmiGilhelmi13 dager siden
  • And then he got sued for 80.000 dollars

    ORA ORA MANORA ORA MAN16 dager siden
  • Damn that appartment one is bordering on nuclear revenge 😳

    Jesus CrockpotJesus Crockpot17 dager siden
  • thats $13,500 in fines -

    arianna mariearianna marie19 dager siden
  • That's why there is no need to be scared of bullies or thugs. I got into an altercation with an aggressive tyrone who couldn't control his emotions. Baited him into punching me, tanked the punches didn't retaliate. Sued that guy for medical bills and aggravated assault. He had to pay me settlement cash and he got sent to jail. Now I'm enjoying the money during this pandemic.

    Achilles RodriguezXXAchilles RodriguezXX20 dager siden

    Optimus PrimeコンボイOptimus Primeコンボイ20 dager siden
  • The Ex-Military Moron with Anger Control Issues also cost himself the possibility of EVER getting a Job that requires you to be Bondable, hold a Security Clearance or pass a Background Check (he might be able to get something requiring a Background Check depending on what Field it's in, but not likely)...

    A WilsonA Wilson21 dag siden
  • oh man is it just me or does everyone love these revenge stories

    Robert gamingRobert gaming23 dager siden
  • How and where the hell do people pay 80K USD for punching someone in the face? WTH? Honestly as a law student in my 5th year, I am baffled.

    Jan ProsekJan Prosek24 dager siden
  • Who knew a punch can make you lose 80k

    Green MitierGreen MitierMåned siden
  • So you are saying he managed to sue a guy for hurting his feelings? This has to be fake, there is no way

    Garys_momGarys_momMåned siden
  • well this proves "you cant fix stupid", lol

    Dante BlackDante BlackMåned siden
  • bruh

    Lukas ReimerLukas ReimerMåned siden
  • I’d love to know the last guys Mos

    I have no ideaI have no ideaMåned siden
  • Why did the asshole not just pay? My mom died so I don't owe you money when I have it. Sounds like you wanted to scam them

    Relationship Stories & AdviceRelationship Stories & AdviceMåned siden
  • #prorevenge

    Adolf HitlerAdolf HitlerMåned siden
  • The fact that OP or his wife at the time could've gotten badly hurt if they were in the bathroom at the time and Jay is just brushing it off is just... Wow

    Max NekoMax NekoMåned siden
  • “None of this would’ve happened if you’d just fixed the ceiling jay!” Yeah but because of that, those slummy apartments will hopefully be renovated, rezoned, and provide good clean apartments to folks instead of being biohazards.

    Aaron MautheAaron MautheMåned siden
  • I have a story too. So I was like five or four I think, I don't know it was before I was in school. So me and my mom were going to pick up my sister from school and I had a stuffed animal in my seatbelt in front of me. (This is important later). We were at a red light then when it turned green, we went. This dude ran a red light and hit us. I don’t know if he was in a hurry or what but it happened. I think I pretty much just saw spinningness and it was crazy. When we stopped I just stood there. I even shed a tear not from sadness, I was so shocked I had not blinked. I think the police were there or something I don’t remember but my mom came in and checked on me. I finally snapped out of it when my mom came in to check on me. Then I realized, my glasses were missing. I was panicking trying to find them. So while my mom was like, “Oh my gosh baby, are you okay?” I was just panicking looking for my glasses saying something along the lines of “My glasses” and mumbling. I believe I was so worried about them because I thought I might not be able to see for a long long time. Luckily, they were retrieved and okay. Remember the stuffed animal? Yeah so my mom was pretty injured and I was completely fine, my mom expects this to be because the animal helped me so the seatbelt did not dig into me, but still kept me strapped to my seat. With the man, he owed us money, I don’t know how much but I do know that he owed us, but he didnt for a while. And I think the longer he waited, the more he owed us. So years later, I'm like nine or so. Me and my mom are getting the mail, and there's the money. He finally paid us, I don't know what happened to him or why he was speeding and ran the light. And I still don't know what happened to my sister during this, she says she doesn't remember and my mom says she doesn't know. Like she's a little kid who thought her mom was going to pick her up, and she didn't. I know she's home today but still. And that's my story of the time I got into a car accident when I was like five.

    xOscarBurritoxxOscarBurritoxMåned siden
  • That article 15 hit different glad I never got one

    thegoat89thegoat89Måned siden
  • it all starts with something this time it was a tiny bump

    the gaming bunnythe gaming bunnyMåned siden
  • If John Wick was was not into killing, it would be this guy

    AdisaurusAdisaurusMåned siden
  • If John Wick was was not into killing, it would be this guy

    AdisaurusAdisaurusMåned siden
  • yep remind me if i see op i will not piss then the f*ck off

    Willie WilliamsWillie WilliamsMåned siden
  • Did you know that the cut in the rslash has an animation and sound that he cut out of his videos

    LiL TeaPotLiL TeaPotMåned siden
  • 9:24 you should've dropped eggs on their TBH

    Imani GarrisonImani GarrisonMåned siden

    FandomRandom QFandomRandom QMåned siden
  • Imagine if the ex wife and him began dating the guy would be livid 😂

    The Real Sith Emperor:God’s servant✝️The Real Sith Emperor:God’s servant✝️Måned siden
  • Cardinal Rule of bringing a lawsuit: Do not waste the judge's time.

    vanguard1234523vanguard1234523Måned siden
  • Some people think they're bullet-proof. Not so, even if they are [were] in the army.

    franl155franl155Måned siden
  • On the first one, what if Jay's mom came to OP crying and cursing her and OP just played the smallest violin. Edit: I'm an idiot, rslash literally says that after the story is over THAT WOULD BE A GODLIKE REVENGE

    VictoBoiVictoBoiMåned siden
  • In the last story, even if he thought OP were low balling him, he should just have called the cops and get the process started with their insurance, and he would come out on top.

    YemtoYemtoMåned siden
  • Honestly Op from first story should have yelled at them, “ooh mommy’s bankrupt. Woe is me”

    nege poonege pooMåned siden
  • So this is a weird story it’s still in progress but I don’t know what to do, so I’ll just tell the story. So one time I was playing a online game I was playing with some kid and we became freinds, and overtime he was nice and caring but a few days ago this happened. The game was ROBLOX, basically if you said something bad in chat it would tag it out and I somehow found a game that bypasses that, and I told him about it and he seemed to happy about it that it was a little weird, so I join the game and he joins me and for some reason he’s swearing ALOT (keep in mind I’ve never seen him swear before) and also his freinds were to. This gets even weirder and I learn that he’s Really young, but I wont say his age let’s just say it’s under 13 and his freind and him starting getting mean and talking about weird stuff that I shouldn’t name. I was getting really uncomfortable but his freind said he was a murderer. I was scared so I left, and later I joined back I learned it was a joke and I was beyond furious and then my freind started insulting me and his freind was too. At 5is point I was about to unfriendly him but he puts back on his nice side and talks camly and I ended up staying freinds with him. He asks calm the next day and all like that, but I swear as soon he sees one of his freinds he just turns and goes crazy with swearing talking about bad things that I shouldn’t name and this is where I am right now. What should I do? Should I unfriend him? Keep him as a freind? I need help please!

    Anthony EnderdragonAnthony EnderdragonMåned siden
  • I bet that health inspector was like “what the fuck?! How did this get so bad?!

    City Watch GuardCity Watch GuardMåned siden
  • You know the story is going to end bad for the guy when he represent himself in court. It's like they think they are geniuses and rules don't apply to them. People and their ego...

    ValikValikMåned siden
  • this ins't revenge. this is just what everybody should do to landlords. It's not "what she gets" it's what everybody should do for all land lords

    asheraelasheraelMåned siden
  • oh my god I could listen to landlords getting their shit handed to them all day and night. The only thing that even compares is bad management.

    asheraelasheraelMåned siden
  • You americans would sue verything for anything i am sooo glad that im European

    the simpson czthe simpson czMåned siden
  • Dang first story belongs on nuclear revenge it’s more destructive then pro revenge

    Noire ValaNoire ValaMåned siden
  • Would of been epic if he ended up with the ex wife too

    Skidz1818Skidz1818Måned siden
  • I mean the first one isn't even really revenge, it's ensuring tenant basic rights aren't denied and tenants aren't exploited. Which you should do even if your landlord is heaven incarnate.

    AsterismosAsterismosMåned siden
  • That last one is not prorevenge that was nuclearrevenge dude lost everything

    SugarTurtleSugarTurtleMåned siden
  • Guessing “chaptered out” means he got his ass fired from the military?

    Endergamer 748Endergamer 748Måned siden
  • Its a red flag when someone doesn't want police called after an accident.

    Kayla FullerKayla FullerMåned siden
  • that last story.... man forking privets (i hope it was a privet anyway)

    darrell adamsdarrell adamsMåned siden
  • I hear lazy entitle landlord and mom but what I think of is Spider-Man yelling *You get your money when you fix this damn door*

    Omar BrownOmar BrownMåned siden
  • How does that last story not qualify as Nuclean revenge? Lol

    Ken LivingstonKen LivingstonMåned siden
  • Imagine punching a guy in the face, who knows you, is in the same base as you and has the same superior as you, is being filmed, now divorced, unable to leave the country and you just bought this guy a brand new car and a whatever the hell an investment property is. You should have just accepted the $500 and not have to pay $80k

    Josh MuldowneyJosh MuldowneyMåned siden
  • Anyone else want the story of how OP’s wife in the first story became his ex? I was expecting a plot twist where she was screwing Jay.

    Master Builder DragonMaster Builder DragonMåned siden
  • "An ill-tempered man must pay the penalty. If you rescue him, you will have to do it again."

    Dooby McFoosenDooby McFoosenMåned siden
  • Glad jay and his mother got what’s coming to them good job OP

    Black WolfBlack WolfMåned siden
  • Op shouldve done the smallest violin and say to the mother and jay " aww lil mommy and her son filed for bankruptcy?" Continues playing violin

    Dumb_BananaDumb_BananaMåned siden
  • The first story has the same vibe as “be careful, I’m a lawyer”

    Greivous took an lGreivous took an lMåned siden
  • Remember; no landlord is your friend they would strip you for parts if they could

    Hope GallowsHope GallowsMåned siden
  • Garbage mum: *insults a random OP's dead mother" Me watching: "loads shotgun with malicious intent"

    DannySanWolfDannySanWolfMåned siden
  • Me :here is $500 The guy: hits me Me:if you strick me down I will be more powerful than ever

    Braxton BurgessBraxton BurgessMåned siden
  • in the 2nd story: if the soldier continues to do his bad attitude will he be discharged in the military?

    James PorquezJames PorquezMåned siden
  • Props to the apartment guy. I dont know if I'd be able to keep my cool if she was talking about my mother

    ellis player 12ellis player 12Måned siden
  • Jay’s Mom would’ve been eating her own teeth if she said that to me. I don’t care if I went to jail for a few months.

    Zucca XerfantesZucca XerfantesMåned siden
  • i guess military guy went for broke, literally

    JoyZoneYTJoyZoneYTMåned siden
  • The last story is probably super fake, never mentions the other persons rank or their own which is a huge deal, also a commander would NOT want a civil court involved and would send the dude to the brig

    dudester6442004dudester6442004Måned siden
  • The people in the first story got rekt

    Faze PlaysFaze PlaysMåned siden
  • You can always tell these type of guys are the JROTC kids from highschool that made their entire personality about joining the army. All the while having explosive fits anytime anything didn't go their way

    Sarah NeffSarah NeffMåned siden
  • Jays mom is interested into a wheelchair and bankruptcy

    angela burroughsangela burroughsMåned siden
  • dani huh milk gang

    geo gaminggeo gamingMåned siden
  • Comments

    Joseph BordersJoseph BordersMåned siden
  • Just Don't be a dick That simple Fix up stuff that your tennants need Take the $300-500 from the guy that accidentally hit your car, and don't punch the guy in the face Everyone should already know this

    die diedie dieMåned siden
  • r/Prorevenge: Anger Management Issues Cost Someone $80k, Their Career, & Their Marriage.

    R A V Y NR A V Y NMåned siden
  • Some of these stories seem a bit too good to be true. But either way they are fun to listen to.

    carolyn jacksoncarolyn jacksonMåned siden
  • That guy in the last story just kept digging that hole when all he could've done is just take either the $300 or $500.

    InuDemonInuDemonMåned siden
  • Arthur Morgan be like: 3:54

    Max ShadowzMax ShadowzMåned siden
  • The first story is nuclear revenge his landlord didn’t fix his place SO HE RUINED HIS LIFE AND HIS MOTHERS LIFE like bro what

    Joshy_beeJoshy_beeMåned siden
  • One entitled parents post updated www.reddit.com/r/entitledparents/comments/cb7r3a/update_random_mamabear_defends_my_daughter_from/?

    iSamyt backupiSamyt backupMåned siden
  • I would have laughed my ass of if the the OP who got punched was a much higher ranking officer than Punch-Man xD Imagine the hell OP would have made Punch-Man go through xD

    Kirk WahmmettKirk WahmmettMåned siden
  • i kind of feel bad for that soldier. i mean it was one punch and now he is with no money no family prob no work....

    vivieta mihmihvivieta mihmihMåned siden
  • Lmao ngl this should've been in r/nuclearrevenge

    Do not visit my channelDo not visit my channelMåned siden
  • i know its a little late but happy belated birthday

    serena mackserena mackMåned siden
  • Is it just me or does this story sound VERY familiar...🤔

    GOATGOATMåned siden
  • Text : "I went outside to have a cigarette and call him myself" rSlash : "I went outside to have a cigarette and calm myself down" Don't worry, we all have those kinds of moments haha

    Calixta TepesCalixta TepesMåned siden
  • aaaw boo hoo my income just died, woe is me. she defininately had it coming, i dont care if got fined for every appartment you have, i want my revenge

    sartorian darkstormsartorian darkstormMåned siden
    • thats what the person should have said to them at the parking lot

      sartorian darkstormsartorian darkstormMåned siden
  • oh my god the comment about how he should have stuck his hand out the window to play the worlds smallest violin 😂😂😂 i died

    Noodle AdventuresNoodle AdventuresMåned siden
  • Dude's voice is cancer

    monyensmonyensMåned siden
  • Jays mom: Your mommy died! Oh boo hoo! New where is my money? the guy who posted: haha the 2 of them going bankrupt go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    DARK JaKoDARK JaKoMåned siden
  • this guy has ads every 3 Min or so

    AtellaAtellaMåned siden
  • Why do you repeat stories

    Static IonStatic IonMåned siden
  • i KNOW THIS ISNT reddit but my mom had a propblem whith a Karen On Steriods lets call her KOS so what happened is that this person messaged my mom on Facebook Messenger KOS:YOUR SON SHOULD GO TO FOSTER CARE Mom:Why?! KOS:Your abusing him and are achololic I enter the picture MOM:theres this woman on FM saing that you sould go to Foster Care ME:WTF FUCK KOS

    Orion NebulaOrion NebulaMåned siden
  • First off love the channel but I'm going to call bullshit on this because you said there was black mold okay black mold will kill you you let your wind up getting respiratory problems and if it is found out that there is black mold and this is in the United States of America that building will be completely closed down and depending on how bad the black mold is could also be demolished

    baron hyattbaron hyattMåned siden
  • I had to double check that this wasn't r/NuclearRevenge, wowzers.

    TyrianTyrianMåned siden
  • did you already do these stories

    Elizabeth GuimondElizabeth GuimondMåned siden
  • How people try to screw others over when they're so exposed to being screwed over 100 times worse themselves is beyond me.

    AtotehZAtotehZMåned siden
  • E. Land lady: Oh Boo Hoo, your mommy died! Shut up and give me my mo- *Me punch her square in the face then slam the door on her*

    Mad-Hatter-isonMad-Hatter-isonMåned siden