Quicksilver Saves Everyone - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

6. feb.. 2021
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Quicksilver Saves Everyone From Exploding X-Mansion Scene - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD
As Xavier's Mansion explodes, Quicksilver saves everyone inside single-handedly.
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  • When I saw this scene, I wondered in a house/school full of mutants how was the only person with a useful power Quicksilver? Did some non-mutants sneak in? Maybe their mutant ability was to look like non-mutant people. idk

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  • Dude left his Twinkie behind

    Emanuel RojasEmanuel Rojas17 minutter siden
  • Woudn't they all die just due to g force he makes when he moves them like that?

    Drift27Drift2739 minutter siden
  • The only good scene in the movie.

    Isaac ArenasIsaac Arenas42 minutter siden
  • Ja fun

    NamachiNamachi55 minutter siden
  • I hope we get a scene with Quicksilver like this in the WandaVision finale.

    Joshua McbrayerJoshua Mcbrayer57 minutter siden
    • me too ! That would be so epic ! Does someone have an idea for the music which could be used ? I propose "I gotta feeling" or "I feel still"

      Paul NowakPaul Nowak28 minutter siden
  • Cómo se llama la música

    MrDiego YtMrDiego YtTime siden
  • Very very Nice!!!

    ЮричЮричTime siden
  • Efsaneyi bir kez daha hatırlayalım :)

    gezgin akcaygezgin akcayTime siden
  • OP Please Nerf

    ShilohShilohTime siden
  • Did you know that quick silver really just stops time and runs at the pace of a normal human being but since time is stopped/slowed he has super speed

    Keith FrazierKeith FrazierTime siden
  • 2:31 floor is lava

    Just WhiteJust WhiteTime siden
  • And this ladies and Gentlemen is why Evan Peters is the real and rightful Quicksilver

    TheNextKingOfGames95TheNextKingOfGames95Time siden
  • This could literally be the only part in the movie and I would be fine with it.

    Luke The GreatLuke The GreatTime siden
  • But....his twinkie

    MedicmistMedicmist2 timer siden
  • POV: eran las 7:59 y tenías que ir a la escuela a las 8:00

    armando quearmando que2 timer siden
    • @clown boy totalmente 😎👊

      armando quearmando que2 timer siden
    • le sabes al POV 😎👌🏻

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  • I just come here every week to enjoy

    Siddharth KumarSiddharth Kumar2 timer siden
  • Maxim priper

    masstywn 3604masstywn 36043 timer siden
  • Meanwhile mcu Quicksilver can’t even save two people from Bullets

    MasterThrusterMasterThruster3 timer siden
  • this scene is exactly why speedsters are the best for a cinematic experience

    marcus_TMmarcus_TM3 timer siden
  • Can someone explain his to me? I haven’t seen the X man movies but I’ve seen most marvel movies (probably about 70% of all them) and all of Wandavision. How are there 2 quicksilver? Is it the same character or 2 different people with the same power? Please explain this to me.

    Julia VanceJulia Vance3 timer siden
    • @Hari wow that’s very a impressive explanation thanks a lot😂

      Julia VanceJulia Vance2 timer siden
    • @Jackson Silva okay 👍🏻 that makes sense thanks

      Julia VanceJulia Vance2 timer siden
    • Okay here I go. Fox used to own the X-Men franchise along with most of the characters. Disney owned Wanda & they wanted to bring her in their universe & it’s well known she has a twin brother so it’ll be weird to pretend she didn’t but Fox owns Quicklsilver. Since Fox owned him & he’s one of their most popular characters since Evan Peters garnered a big fan base after the X-men movies, fox basically told Disney to never use him (the character quicksilver) thus why Disney had to basically purposely kill their version of Quicksilver. To avoid lawsuits from Fox. Fox has their own Quicksilver & so does Disney but theirs had to be killed off. (Btw they are not the same quicksilver, different universes) However just recently Disney bought off fox & now owns x-men & all the characters. So they now can do whatever the f*ck they want basically. Fox’s quicksilver is more popular than Disney’s quicksilver so ppl are begging marvel to introduce him to the MCU. Which is absolutely huge bcs it will mean that X-men & avengers will coexist in one universe! but marvel just keep teasing us & not confirming anything yet

      HariHari2 timer siden
    • Disney owns the Avengers and Fox 21st Century owns the X MEN. They share Quicksilver and Wanda (Maximoff Twins) because they both appear in X-men and Avengers comics. So their were 2 different Quicksilvers in both universes. Disney eventually bought 21st century and the rights to the X-men and now they hired that actor to play their Quicksilver in the tv show. There is also talk of a multiverse with new x-men in the MCU.

      Jackson SilvaJackson Silva2 timer siden
  • The Flash is slow. Slow Montion... Brasil da um joinha

    Giu LuchiariGiu Luchiari3 timer siden
  • Did you know that I came for only the song and probably so did you

    Mr_HaarisMr_Haaris3 timer siden
  • Que genial esta escena!!! Pietro

    Cynthia NataliaCynthia Natalia3 timer siden
  • the way she sang the song when it first came out on the radio when i was young always sounded like made of these which makes be think of made of cheese. who am i do dia a brie. lol.

    joe millerjoe miller3 timer siden
  • Лучший фильм на эту песню)

    Андрей АндрейАндрей Андрей3 timer siden
  • El comentario en español 😌

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  • X-MEN Quicksilver vs DCEU Flash

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  • Yo de verdad lo amo 💜😍😍

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  • Такая хуйня!!!Кто физику учил в школе-тот меня поймет!

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    • Щас бы физику приплетать в кинокомиксах

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  • Where was this kind of scene in Dark Phoenix?

    Steven LeitnerSteven Leitner4 timer siden
  • That was not the greatest movie for 2016

    Twilight22StudiosTwilight22Studios4 timer siden
  • He has superspeed while being in superspeed lmao

    adonis partsadonis parts4 timer siden
  • caramba muito show

    Rafaela Ferreira de Oliveira SaRafaela Ferreira de Oliveira Sa4 timer siden

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  • I feel bad for Aaron Taylor Johnson he’s been replaced and been called a chump

    Iron JediIron Jedi4 timer siden
  • Is it just I or his hair has changed so much from Days of Future Past.

    midoriya _izumimidoriya _izumi4 timer siden
  • Everyone:wow quicksliver is so fast Camera man:am I a joke to you

    johnny Joestarjohnny Joestar5 timer siden
  • "Snoopers Gonna Snoop"

    AronAron5 timer siden

    Nailson SilvaNailson Silva5 timer siden
  • Anyone after seeing him in wandavision? 😂

    Ach UAch U6 timer siden
  • amo o mercurio personagem favorito :D

    um gamer nada a verum gamer nada a ver6 timer siden
  • :v gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    FreshMeat18FreshMeat186 timer siden
  • There is a speedster in every franchise.

    Divya GuptaDivya Gupta6 timer siden
  • Best SFX scene ever! but... what did he do with the other slices of pizza?? the dog only kept one.

    chess.clinicchess.clinic6 timer siden
    • He ate em.

      MonkusMonkus5 timer siden
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  • 1:08 the glass is producing harmonics up until the moment he chokes it with his hand. Magnificent

    George BoultadakisGeorge Boultadakis6 timer siden
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  • this is the only scene in the film that is good

    DANNYDANNY6 timer siden
  • Saves "Everyone" i guess havoc didn't really get justice

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  • Epico

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  • Quicksilver versus The Flash

    Chris NChris N7 timer siden
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  • POV: Incendias una mansion en minecraft 2:19

    Julián ReynosoJulián Reynoso8 timer siden
  • noworld.infooA-2kRV0-gI

    GroundZeroAllyGroundZeroAlly8 timer siden
  • Wonder whose faster quicksilver or movie sonic

    jay the e2 tank enginejay the e2 tank engine8 timer siden
  • "Quicksilver is the quickies character in the world" Sonic: Am I a joke to you?

    2050Doggo2050Doggo9 timer siden
    • Well basically quicksilver is faster considering he just saved every student on the x mansion (minus havoc) in under a second

      ismellcapismellcap7 timer siden
  • so he has super strength as well as super speed

    jml21000jml2100010 timer siden
  • Cena épica

    Antonio Jose Elva MatiasAntonio Jose Elva Matias10 timer siden
  • X men quick silver: I was able to save an entire school from an explosion Mcu quick silver: oh no I’m full of bullets

    DemetriometaDemetriometa11 timer siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/3JTKfrqqt9m00Ks.html

    Алексей AibanezАлексей Aibanez11 timer siden
  • WAIT, is this for real life or special effects? my mind is blown i can't believe he can do all of that stuff i don't think it's even possible is it?

  • The flash is still faster

    Jediladypro33Jediladypro3311 timer siden
  • Pietro Maximoff 🔥🔥

    ɛ۷ıƖɖɛąɖ ཞąʝɛ۷ıƖɖɛąɖ ཞąʝ11 timer siden
  • The flawless drill literally happen because pig directly fill against a damp roll. lame, half airbus

    Odj UwOdj Uw11 timer siden
  • Good

    T-Series ShortsT-Series Shorts12 timer siden
  • id want this power simply to surf explosions

    JS Wade Wilson DEADPOOLJS Wade Wilson DEADPOOL12 timer siden
  • the worst part is he doesnt save everyone. but the one he doesnt save wasnt supposed to die

    JS Wade Wilson DEADPOOLJS Wade Wilson DEADPOOL12 timer siden
    • @JS Wade Wilson DEADPOOL he was already in the explosion that's why 🗿

      A.R.M.Y MOA ONCEA.R.M.Y MOA ONCE7 timer siden
    • @G B he didnt save Alex Summers. alex summers is supposed to go missing on a team mission and later presumed dead. and ends up coming back the 3rd time banshee returns as a teacher.

      JS Wade Wilson DEADPOOLJS Wade Wilson DEADPOOL11 timer siden
    • ????

      G BG B12 timer siden
  • es la 324324355435345344 vez que veo el video ayudaaaa

    KuroNoYume05KuroNoYume0512 timer siden
  • That isnt quicksilver... that is speed

    WKYzWKYz12 timer siden
  • And now we know this quicksilver will never stay in MCU. Fake Pietro...

    Ritwik SrivastavaRitwik Srivastava13 timer siden
  • Imagine that scene in Wandavision, in the last episode, Wanda destroying her reality, then Agatha blows up a bomb, and suddenly the time stops, then Quicksilver and Tommy saving the city and taking the people's there to the sound of Sweet Dreams ...

    Pedro RufinoPedro Rufino13 timer siden
    • @Wiseredpower700 agatha said she possessed him so he cant be an illusion

      A.R.M.Y MOA ONCEA.R.M.Y MOA ONCE7 timer siden
    • @Wiseredpower700 nah he's actually xmen's quicksilver, if not, then he prob is from another multiverse, but it's pretty confirmed lol

      The Ancient OneThe Ancient One8 timer siden
    • That would be pretty cool but I’m pretty sure quicksilver is just an Illusion similar to vision

      Wiseredpower700Wiseredpower70011 timer siden
  • Alv este wey está rotisimo

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  • Some of then want to use u

    explaor 76explaor 7613 timer siden
  • Sweet dreams are made of theives who am i to disagree travel the world and the 7 seas ever bodys lookin for somethin

    explaor 76explaor 7613 timer siden
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  • Oh yeah

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  • Recommend? Anyone?

    SamJam51 HiSamJam51 Hi14 timer siden
  • Maxim from free fire

    Ome BradleyOme Bradley14 timer siden
  • This was def my fav scene in this entire movie.

    Faraz MahmoodFaraz Mahmood14 timer siden
  • da most epic scene ever!

    IghzXIghzX14 timer siden
  • Everyone except (spoiler) 😞

    CalebCaleb14 timer siden
  • Speed × 2

    Dar AnodDar Anod14 timer siden
  • was about to ask myself how is everyone getting so many likes on an old video but then i saw the release date and everything made sense.

    Thekiller25Thekiller2514 timer siden
  • He's so fast that he can goof off while saving everybody (well, almost, RIP Havoc) and still has enough time to eat a Twinkie.

    Kuni PegKuni Peg15 timer siden
  • haha nice to koleś maximof z xmen ! nice!

    Krzysztof KrystianKrzysztof Krystian15 timer siden
  • Wow

    Commoners VillageCommoners Village15 timer siden
  • P

    -shit--shit-15 timer siden
  • Spoiler!!!! Hes not quicksilver sorry guys tough luck.

    burnandbleed93burnandbleed9315 timer siden
  • That fact that he also saved the dog and the fish made my heart warm😊

    Snake ByteSnake Byte15 timer siden
  • noworld.info/dev/pedcmY5wHBMmtfcArFH_4w

    ModelModel15 timer siden
  • Una genialidad audiovisual.

    Fabian leyvaFabian leyva16 timer siden
  • 0:09 the ultimate "ah shit,here we go again"

    Loa dingLoa ding16 timer siden
  • If they play this song in Wandavision's finale it's *game over*

    Anish KumarAnish Kumar16 timer siden
  • This is how speedsters should be shown, the flash is multiple times faster than Quicksilver yet they constantly show him moving slower than molasses compared to how he should be, I understand why they do it. Why would you even need the other characters given the story lines if you didn't underpower the speedsters, but maybe they should just write smarter stories.

    Jeremiah SJeremiah S16 timer siden