Q&A with Grey: Ten Years Later

27. feb.. 2021
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    • Hi in the comments!

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    • Hi I’m 21 now :)

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    • Hey CGP I've been watching this channel since the time you explained how to become the pope and learned that it's impossible for me. Really been enjoying your content. I was curious about how you keep reading more than usual. I love learning new stuff but reading can be such a bore sometimes and I just stick to videogames. I have an easier time because they're a bit more competitive. Any way to use that for my reading issue. Any advice from fans would be helpful too.

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  • Not quite the majority of my life, but close. I think this was one of the first channels I subscribed to in/around 2012. Hello, and thank you!!

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  • i mean not shooting to grow your channel and just letting it happen naturally, is a legitimate strategy in itself, it's better to just enjoy it, and wait you said the you space video was a letter to your past

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  • Who are these colleagues? Just curious

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  • but can we play games together grey :P

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  • What are your favourite video games?

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  • In your opinion Is Doom guy a top or a bottom?

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  • Started watching ~7 years ago, I’m in college now. Safe to say, I’ve been watching you for a significant period of my life!!! Happy 10 years

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  • I would've loved to have you as a teacher.

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  • Now a real question: would you use K° instead of F°?

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  • Dose your glasses help with blocking alout of blue light or some?

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  • Really made me cry at the end, didn’t expect that

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  • HI GREY :D

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  • Hi ! I'm a teenager !

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  • How do you make your videos?

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  • I've been watching a lot of your videos over a large time scale (from gradeschool to uni) And i learned more than i did in most of my school years, Hi i guess?

    CodeBreakerCodeBreaker2 dager siden
  • I watched your videos as a little middle school kid, and now I’m in college studying to be a history teacher. Things in life like your channel tie me back to that person who is all but a stranger by now. Your voice brings me peace in a strange way by doing that. Thank you

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  • I like “a project” additive when mentioning the reservation video

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  • Most of my life

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  • Love you, Grey!

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  • I’ve been watching you for the majority of my life. Hi, I guess

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  • As a student almost finished with his study to become a full time physics teacher, I really liked your lava lamp idea. I think I will apply it in some way shape or form in my own classes. Thank you

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  • second question, i have watched a lot of your videos, have you thought about a video describing the "not now" moments from your other videos??? or a video on State feuds ???

    James CombesJames Combes2 dager siden
  • What games do you like to play on Steam???

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  • Hey fam, just an FYI your style of drawing is 100% being ripped off and copied by a utuber called TaPaNaKa

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  • Didn't expect to FEEL so much in the last 30 seconds of that video 😭

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  • Hi there CGP grey

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  • I found your Chanel Just yesterday. You are a great background channel

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  • Your first video came out just before my 10th birthday. Can happily say that you've been on my feed for over half my life.

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  • hey i started watching when i was 11 now i'm almost 20

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  • So that’s why PBS says thank you.

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  • For the people wondering Por que no los dos Means Why not both?

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  • Hi 🙋‍♂️ I’m Tommy. I’ve been watching your videos since I was 8. I’m 14 now.

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    • Since humans need not apply.

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  • I’m 18 now I’ve been watching him since I was 10, I love your videos. I hope to see more in the future

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  • 5:29 we need the rest of this series/project!

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  • your channel is older than me

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  • Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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  • I’ve been watching your content for most of my life! Hi in the comments!

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  • i have been watching your videos for the majority of my life

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  • I am only halfway through the video and the question arose of someone being a teenager watching Grey "for the majority of their life." I just turned 24 a week ago, and I found Grey ten years ago. Thank you for being a part of my life and teaching me a great knowledge that is often left unfound in the educational system.

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  • Hello

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  • I turn 21 this May and myself and my friend Aaron have watched pretty much everything since the Great Britain explained video.

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  • Cool, so the author is not dead but the art isn't the same as the artist either.

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  • watching since 3rd grade!

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  • Hi i guess im 17 and have been watching since i was 12 (on and off) and that's 37% of my life so.

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  • I've been watching your stuff over about half my life, so hi I guess?

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  • 6:17 Nice Annie Hall reference.

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  • I remember watching content from this channel near the beginning of middle school. Now I am ending off high school...

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  • hi! i'm a teen and i've been watching for around 7 years, dont know how i got into your videos at that age

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  • Hi grey

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  • The fact you don't stick to one topic is probably the reason I watch you other then others

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  • 3:50 “most people are people people” it feels soo great to se someone finally soo easily explain why i can’t watch anoying lifestyle youtubers, and gi- Probaply im just anti social🤔🤔

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  • The ceiling tiles wouldn't be boring if they were hexagons!

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  • 2:32 myke hurley

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  • You could say that video games turn your brain to natural mode, but it implied that fallout is not a video game......

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  • I started watching this channel when I was like 13-14 in like middle school. I've been in the marine corps for the past 4 1/2 years now.

    Tino GutierrezTino Gutierrez7 dager siden
  • 6:24. Honestly, it didn't stick out to me immediately, but as soon as Grey mentioned it I got it. If you notice, in this video he started his rhyming, and his half bubbly, half drab art style. If you look closely, I am sure you will see it too.

    Quantum PlutonianQuantum Plutonian7 dager siden
  • Hi, I’m 13 and I’ve literally been watching you since I was 4 and I’m still watching you today

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  • 6:01 why not both? also same for 6:54

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  • How did I just find that channel yesterday? Also: Your lavalamp anecdote says so much about how school works in most parts of the world, especially the anglo-american world. Teacher talks. students listen. Not the best of methods out there.

    Hzibit2Hzibit27 dager siden