Pyra & Mythra in Smash :)

21. feb.. 2021
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They did it. They really did it.
Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade 2 are coming to Smash Ultimate.
I'm so happy. :)

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  • Pyra and Mythra are thicc

    Meme _ lordMeme _ lord46 minutter siden
  • "The Knight Would Still Be Better, Hallownest Is Eternal."

    yasio boloyasio boloTime siden
  • Who do I think the last two are? Rayman and Crash. I'd be satisfied with that. Who do I want? Reimu Hakurei. Who do I doubt is ever making it, literally ever? Also Reimu Hakurei. ;_; Even if Sakurai has been aware of the state of comiket for like 15 years, Touhou nor its doujin games have never been officially acknowledged by Nintendo in any way. So theres no way in hell Reimu's coming. Tragic. But imma hold out hope. I doubted Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was coming back back when SwSh was released. I doubted Min Min, Steve, and Pyra (and funnily enough, I said to my friends "they may as well add Mythra. Its not happening." I doubted DP remakes would happen while Gen VIII is still around. I've had such an uncanny run of jinxes when it comes to games that perhaps, my doubts will do it again.

    Wandering ?Wandering ?3 timer siden
  • Hey Alpharad did you know that Mythra is a spirit because i just noticed it

    Kacper JędrzejewskiKacper Jędrzejewski4 timer siden
    • Click on this vid cuz I know the character from doujins.

      yasio boloyasio boloTime siden
  • I like Pyra and Mythra

    NeppowerNeppower4 timer siden
  • alpha is just happy his waifu is in smash

    Generally GeneralGenerally General6 timer siden
  • When they release

    Demi Da ReaperDemi Da Reaper7 timer siden
  • They definitely got a Smash Bros Ult. sale out of me on this one. I bet my friends that I'd buy the game if it happened roughly two hours before the showcase and then it happened. I personally dont even follow smash so for me it was just some offhanded comment to tell them I had no interest in the Smash announcement. Foolish me.

    SúileDeargSúileDearg7 timer siden
  • if they really are gonna lean into stance change characters, dante would be an amazing pick

    Rhys StevensonRhys Stevenson7 timer siden
  • can have my babe in smash

    Kayla BarcoKayla Barco8 timer siden

    Warren WeeWarren Wee9 timer siden
  • I hope for one of these: Leon S Kennedy/Chris Redfield (Resident Evil) Solaire (Dark Souls) Master Chief/Cortana/The Arbiter (Halo) Panda/Kuma (Tekken) Geralt (The Witcher) Tails/Knuckles/Amy/Eggman (Sonic) Cecil/Terra/Squall/Zidane/Tidus/Yuna (Final Fantasy)

    SomeUnholyDudeSomeUnholyDude13 timer siden
  • Never played xenoblade... Still excited. Glad for people that like the game, and besides a character is a character... AND LOOKS FUN TO PLAY

    RiskyWorksRiskyWorks14 timer siden
  • Mythra is just hilarious "Oh were they planning on winning? Feel kimda bad now" Yeah uhhh, you still gotta win

    RiskyWorksRiskyWorks14 timer siden
    • I think an Aegis is more powerful than a plumber, a tiny electric mouse and a plant.

      MaxMax4 timer siden
  • I have never played or really looked into xenoblade, but God hearing people be so happy about their fighter join the roster brings me so much blis

    Lilly's ArchivesLilly's Archives15 timer siden
  • Happy jacob makes me happy

    Blake BeckwithBlake Beckwith15 timer siden
  • Alpharad thinks Dante has a chance to get in smash Me: don't give me hope 😔

    Darkrai GamingDarkrai Gaming15 timer siden
  • Dear alpharad, 2/28/21 My channel I would like you to play a hat in time, just so you will want Hatkid in smash Bros, due to your track of getting your characters. It is a very good game with lots of humor, so you could make great videos with you and Jo on deluxe. Sincerely, Tsucube.

    TsucubeTsucube17 timer siden
  • Poor Crash still in the waiting line.

    Karter.Karter.20 timer siden
  • Click on this vid cuz I know the character from doujins.

    Sameth D. NipanhaSameth D. Nipanha20 timer siden
  • Fucked up that genshin impact got a rep before need for speed did

    Gef21Gef2123 timer siden
  • I just want a Sucker Punch rep, even Ghost of Tsushima or the N64 robot and I haven't even played those games, but they're made by Sucker Punch, so I want them

    biin McColslawbiin McColslaw23 timer siden
  • "pyra and mythra are good additions to smash" says alpharad, as his wife's boyfriend takes the switch away once more

    MekaMeka23 timer siden
  • I think personally that they'll add Rillaboom to Smash. He would be a great edition, as they added the final evolution of the water starter from gen 6, the final evolution of the fire starter from gen 7, so it would only make sense that they add the final evolution of the grass starter from gen 8. But, they're two years late on that approach.

    JamDreadJamDreadDag siden
    • Besides, Nintendo doesn't follow patterns.

      The Thunder ProductionsThe Thunder Productions19 timer siden
  • Please crash

    Alex LewynAlex LewynDag siden
    • Please no

      Viking GamerViking GamerDag siden
  • Last 2 are doom slayer and hollowknight

    Owen NorthamOwen NorthamDag siden
    • We don't know that

      Viking GamerViking GamerDag siden
  • Never played Xenoblade but this looks interesting at least, and the swordwaifu designs are neat. The fact that Alpha will have a main? even better. On the future, 2B or Dante, or 2b AND Dante is what I want.

    LegendsmithLegendsmithDag siden
  • I dont have and idea who it is but i happy for you so much happy

    זיו בועז- קוריזיו בועז- קוריDag siden

    AlvaroAlvaroDag siden
  • I had 3 characters i really wanted, king k rool, banjo & kazooie, and rayman, ive gotten 2 so far so im fine with whatever they decide to put in, even if im tired of sword characters alot of the dlc characters have been very cool to see, like sephiroth and joker

    Zack FakeZack FakeDag siden
  • I would like to see duo fighter, a monhun rep or Estelle Bright. Also yeah, I think I’m ever gonna push the stance change input while on mythra ;)

    Jaime Salvador GarcíaJaime Salvador GarcíaDag siden
  • I'm someone who loved Byleth's inclusion, so saying too many pokemon characters makes me seem like a hypocrite. If we did get one I wouldn't be against it, everyone I could possibly want is in, or is an assist trophy (Isaac

    Studio YamiStudio YamiDag siden
    • I myself would like a new Pokemon, but I've been skeptical, seeing as Sword/Shield had a Spirit Board event one week after the games were released.

      The Thunder ProductionsThe Thunder Productions19 timer siden
  • still want reimu

    Darklight0121Darklight0121Dag siden
  • I thought that Cinderace is going to be in the game.

    Moltres AndaluzMoltres AndaluzDag siden
  • If you think they are going to continue with a stance-changing trend, I hope that Shantae is finally going to come home to Smash. Not as a spirit, but as a bonafide character. There was a huge community effort for Shantae to get into Smash and with her Genie-dancing to change forms into different animals, it would fit with the motif.

    MarioMetroidMarioMetroidDag siden
    • And this community effort. Was it mostly western fans?

      The Thunder ProductionsThe Thunder Productions19 timer siden
  • Me just wanting the knight from hk especially since it would be easy to do: ....... Alpha getting EXACTLY what he wants: dah fuq

    Ferrets united against soul twistersFerrets united against soul twistersDag siden
  • You couldn't help but be a little bit toxic at the end, couldn't you?

    Daniel HuelsmanDaniel HuelsmanDag siden
  • Super sword bros

    Default the DudeDefault the DudeDag siden
  • honestly the only rep. i want is someone from Monster Hunter.

    CristinelCristinelDag siden
  • Finally someone acknowledges Reimu’s existence

    sehhi vootysehhi vootyDag siden

    Christopher VandeheyChristopher VandeheyDag siden
  • Smash has way too many characters Smash has way too many swordsman, there fix it for you xD

    OzarazilOzarazilDag siden
    • hey what if its among us

      sehhi vootysehhi vootyDag siden
  • Guys I can’t stop watching this video send help

    marzmarzDag siden
  • Thanks to this trailer, I played xenoblade chronicles 2. It was amazing.

    TheTerrarian056TheTerrarian056Dag siden
    • I'm planning to play it. It's just xenoblade chronicles 2 looks so much different from xenoblade chronicles de. I'm gonna play Torna- The Golden Country first, because I have already bought it.

      TheTerrarian056TheTerrarian056Dag siden
    • You should play xenoblade chronicles de

      RohjoisRohjoisDag siden
  • I wish it will be 2b cause it’s they’re birthday soon and I think it could be a good addition even tho it’s another sword character

    muddrakemuddrakeDag siden
  • Ew another stupid anime sword fighter

    Rex Gamer DudeRex Gamer DudeDag siden
    • Ew anither jokester

      Viking GamerViking GamerDag siden

    Carlos CamposCarlos CamposDag siden
  • 8:39 Bro if arle gets in smash I will be so fucking hyped

    RTGRTGDag siden
  • Wish dunkin got in. I mean anyone who is not from Xenoblade 2.

    Mostafa AwadMostafa AwadDag siden
  • Bit soon to say "this is what sheik and zelda were but this works" weeks before you even get them in the lab

    Facade KitsuneFacade KitsuneDag siden

    jimjimDag siden
  • If a dark souls rep gets in the game I will main him instantly please please please dark souls character dark soul from funny dark souls pleaasseee

    Black iron WalterkusBlack iron WalterkusDag siden
  • "I feel like they kinda checked all the boxes" *Xenoblade X music intensifies* 5:00

    Dr. BirdDr. BirdDag siden
    • Guess he needs a bigger gun.

      DarkGamer 364DarkGamer 364Dag siden
  • I hope my most favorite character get added (Dante/Vergil from Devil May Cry Series)

    Its RezzyIts RezzyDag siden
  • Where's Jeffrey Epstein? He's a very relatable character to all the smash fans 😂😂😂.

    Adam StolarAdam StolarDag siden
  • What is that outro music sounds so good can't seem to find video anywhere :p

    Mantaray SlayaMantaray SlayaDag siden
  • I wanted a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 more than anything else, so I'm happy.

    WoodenbananaproductionsWoodenbananaproductionsDag siden
  • hey what if its among us

    Mr. MarshmallowMr. MarshmallowDag siden
    • Oh god no

      Viking GamerViking GamerDag siden
  • i did i wanted pyra but never want for muthra as i had no ieda who she was or never seen her

    signerleo snydersignerleo snyderDag siden
  • Sakurai totally watches your videos. It’s basically confirmed at this point.

    The 1 And OwenlyThe 1 And OwenlyDag siden
  • Hot Take: Xenoblade 2 better than the original

    Ben BerolBen BerolDag siden
  • Idk man, mythra needs buttloads of development to be the great character she is, but pyra starts out as best girl

    riplix20riplix20Dag siden
  • *but what about the funny haha skeleton XD lmao bad time Pog pun megalovania Undertale skeleton?*

    TheElevenFirstTheElevenFirstDag siden
    • This aged well :/

      TheElevenFirstTheElevenFirstDag siden
    • If sans gets in smash if gonna fucking die

      TheElevenFirstTheElevenFirstDag siden
  • I didn’t really feel that excited about Pyra or Mythra, seeing as I did not enjoy Xenoblade’s gameplay mechanics. Coming off of Sephiroth’s intense trailer, I am a bit bleh about her. I honestly think Rex deserved better. He got the Chrom treatment from Smash 4. On top of that, I think back to Sakurai saying “Smash Bros. is for good boys and girls” because he would not put in Mai Shiranui for a background character. He clearly broke his own rules to put in possibly the most HIGHLY DETAILED female swordsmen in this game. They even highly sexualized them in merch and the Xenoblade 2’s bath house scene I found. Like, what changed? This would explain why Bayonetta is here. I would’ve been more excited if it wasn’t another Nintendo character or someone I really liked, like Crash or maybe someone like Cinderace (a kicking focused Pokémon).

    Aster the HedgehogAster the HedgehogDag siden
  • Spiral mountain is decent.

    MrOnepiecem7MrOnepiecem7Dag siden
  • I am not here to rain on your parade if you appreciate Xenobalde 2 its just.... Adding Pyra and Mythra is a bit confusing. I literally only know mythra because of alpharad and WoL and Xenoblade 2 isn't exactly a super popular smash hit. 3:45 3:48 what jo says here sum its up perfectly. "I have no clue who they are but their anime" And now that I have probably started I firestorm Imma just go.

    CorpsimmonsCorpsimmonsDag siden
  • Sora for next

    Luiz GuilhermeLuiz GuilhermeDag siden
  • Finally someone admits that Mythra is better.

    PrimeTacticsPrimeTacticsDag siden
  • mythra was a trophy and now shes coming as DLC so does that mean characters that are spirts can become characters?

    orangetheballorangetheballDag siden
    • Min Min did it first

      JustlonoJustlonoDag siden
  • You are so excited for this character and I am happy for you but because of your happiness, I think we should get a How to Play Pyra/Mythra 101 and/or a Pyra/Mythra the best.

    I want A bagelI want A bagelDag siden
  • Give me Untitled Goose

    Gabe SternGabe Stern2 dager siden
  • I feel like a bravely default 2 character has a likely chance in smash.

    BlackmoonBlackmoon2 dager siden
    • Uh, we already had a Spirit Board event on that.

      The Thunder ProductionsThe Thunder Productions19 timer siden
  • Now wish for Phoenix Wright please (:

    GemMaster100GemMaster1002 dager siden
  • Maybe the Monster "Hunter"

    LaigooolasLaigooolas2 dager siden
  • You can say you wouldn't be excited for any more characters but if Goku were to be announced... I think you would lose your shit.

    Luis AcevedoLuis Acevedo2 dager siden
  • 8:50 While not outright DEMANDING it, I do have a lingering suspicion - and interest, of course - that maybe a new Pokemon could appear in the Fighters Pass. If it does, and they come from Sword/Shield, then I do hope they implement something maybe akin to Max Moves (they don't even need to size up when using them). (Mostly leaning toward Cinderace.)

    MrAuthor3DSMrAuthor3DS2 dager siden
  • Doom slayer Doom slayer Doom slayer Doom slayer Doom slayer Doom slayer Doom slayer Doom slayer Doom slayer Doom slayer Doom slayer Doom slayer Doom slayer Doom slayer pleassssssse

    Flamingsheep667Flamingsheep6672 dager siden
    • doomguy/slayer would be awful in smash hed be completely be censored i think he would be 1000 times better in mortal kombat

      Chris LarsonChris Larson2 dager siden
  • Still angry about it not being fiora-

    Brendan NowakBrendan Nowak2 dager siden

    LMason CopelandLMason Copeland2 dager siden
    • Wdym he is spitting facts

      FlameFlame2 dager siden
  • My top 3 picks for potential fighters: 1: Team Fortress. Any of them will work 2: Sceptile/Decidueye 3: Tails

    oventoaster955oventoaster9552 dager siden
  • Of course.

    emprah the rocketemprah the rocket2 dager siden
  • I'm still holding hope for Phoenix Wright, I don't care what anyone says he's PERFECT

    SophieSophie2 dager siden
  • i still want hat kid in smash

    Sir RikcrafterSir Rikcrafter2 dager siden
  • I wanted dante but the moment sephiroth came out I was like oh so no dante

    Your Local Jojo FanYour Local Jojo Fan2 dager siden
  • I’m not a big xenoblade fan but I love them getting in smash

    Some StuffSome Stuff2 dager siden
  • Twitter: ew, who is this? Another Swordfighter? Alpharad: screaming with happiness

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 dager siden
  • Again Make the Damn Sephiroth video

    Brady CalhounBrady Calhoun2 dager siden
  • I finally found someone who agrees with me!

    Kiques BrothersKiques Brothers2 dager siden
    • balancing act and if one of those paywalled characters happens to be OP, it essentially becomes slightly P2W. Characters are a core game mechanic to any brawler/fighter so

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 dager siden
  • This would be relatable if I was a weeb and had any idea who these two were

    Marsupial ManiacMarsupial Maniac2 dager siden
  • I swear Sakurai watches your videos.

    Sotoro, I guess.Sotoro, I guess.2 dager siden
  • Could you do me a favour and push for mortal kombat scorpion? Wouldn’t that be cool? Maybe?

    Logan _74_75Logan _74_752 dager siden
  • Next is waluigi

    DuymationDuymation2 dager siden
  • I beg you Sakurai. Please let the last 2 slots be anime swordfighters. I enjoy watching idiots crying on Twitter.

    Capital CoffeeCapital Coffee2 dager siden
  • "The Knight Would Still Be Better, Hallownest Is Eternal."

    Rohan KishibeRohan Kishibe2 dager siden
  • Should I play Xenoblade 1 before 2? I've heard that it's fine to play 2 first, but I've ALSO heard that 2 spoils the ending of 1?!?! How are those two statements compatible? Anyways, I already have 2, but I don't have 1. Whudoo?

    Gaming GeckosGaming Geckos2 dager siden
    • Yeah the stories are completely seperate. There aren't really spoilers and more subtle references.

      Monado MaxMonado Max2 dager siden
    • The endings of both games are only very slightly related, but it does kind of connect the games together. You can play and enjoy them as separate games entirely though.

      Utsuhoagie RyeujiUtsuhoagie Ryeuji2 dager siden
    • it honestly doesn't matter but if you play 1 first you will enjoy the ending of 2 way more

      FlameFlame2 dager siden
  • So you like stance changes huh? How about a character with the potential for fourteen different stances? *Proof of a Hero playing in the distance.*

    David DouglassDavid Douglass2 dager siden
  • When I saw the announcement for pyra mythra I was super excited for it but about a week later I wasnt as excited anymore, I realized a pattern because whenever a new fighter was announced I always said i was going to main them but when they finally did come out I only played them for a week and then went back to playing my old characters, after that I decided to finish xenoblade to see if it would bring back that excitement once more, and I must say it did exactly that , in the little bit of gameplay I had left I fell in love with xenoblade and not only did it excite me again for pyra and mythra it made me go buy xenoblade 1 and the golden country

    Super Saiyan MarioSuper Saiyan Mario2 dager siden
  • Hearing how genuinely happy Alpharad is about this reveal made my day.

    Chaco LatteChaco Latte2 dager siden
  • They may be anime characters with swords but They are girls too! LUCINA WILL NOT BE ALONE!

    1Joe11Joe12 dager siden
  • Play Xenoblade X

    arturo gonzalezarturo gonzalez2 dager siden