PSG 1-2 Man Utd - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - Post Match Press Conference - Champions League

20. okt.. 2020
137 309 Ganger

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer speaks to the press following his team's 1-2 victory over PSG in the Champions League.
@UEFA 2020
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  • Bring moyes back

    Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fanFearless,formidable ferocious fox fan22 dager siden
  • im so sick of people saying «ole out» every time man utd lose a game. he’s proven himself so many times, but when united, the players, has a bad day everyone shouts out nonsense

    Pingu AidsPingu Aids27 dager siden
  • "He likes that side of the stadium...I think😊"😂😂😂 theres only one Gunnar Solskjaer ....that's Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

    bouytt guytbouytt guytMåned siden
  • "He likes that side of the stadium...I think😊"😂😂😂 theres only one Gunnar Solskjaer ....that's Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

    dcoog anmldcoog anmlMåned siden
  • the box.

    Rock girlRock girlMåned siden
  • Fans : "We need new center-back" Ole : "Axel, you're playing against PSG after 10 months" Great player

    sotuur aeeisotuur aeeiMåned siden
  • According to the youtube close caption @4:45 we played against neymar and barbara

    Robotic ZergRobotic ZergMåned siden
    • Just let us face a defeat, plastics will start chanting 'Ole out' again. We must not take them seriously whatsoever. GGMU ❤️

      dcoog anmldcoog anmlMåned siden
  • Axel can’t be dropped. He earned his first team spot. He literally pocketed mbappe.

    bilisha colibilisha coliMåned siden
    • that amazing run post lockdown that put us in champions league ( which is where we belong ) is by winning against all those so called unbreakable small teams Now i agre

      Rock girlRock girlMåned siden
  • 03:47 Ole is a scumbag, 👀 he's trying to talk himself from getting sacked, he knew the pressure was on. We didn't even get to the Europa league finals, he's basically making an excuse for getting battered by Palace and Spurs. Using the old lack of preparation excuse.

    Melly Youngest in chargeMelly Youngest in chargeMåned siden
    • about the wrong but not acknowledging that he has obvious qualities is something i dont agree with ..

      sotuur aeeisotuur aeeiMåned siden
  • 00:04 facking hell Oles' going bald, managing United is hella stressful, Mourinho went fully grey before he got sacked😶

    Melly Youngest in chargeMelly Youngest in chargeMåned siden
  • Axel can’t be dropped. He earned his first team spot. He literally pocketed mbappe.

    Bolia FopsBolia FopsMåned siden
    • Gollum gollum

      bilisha colibilisha coliMåned siden
  • He's so humble. He pulled off a mid-game masterclass to absolute shut PSG down with the change of formation. yet, he talks like he won a Sunday league game.

    Rik MukherjeeRik MukherjeeMåned siden
  • I hope man utd gives time to Ole ,what man utd is missing right now is team work and chemistry. For example look at Liverpool Klopp it really went from rags to riches..

    Emon DeoriEmon DeoriMåned siden
  • He looks like Ellen

    Arnold LesArnold LesMåned siden
    • It was never his fault to begin with. #Glazier_out

      Bolia FopsBolia FopsMåned siden
  • Best PE Teacher in the world.

    Ricky PaulRicky PaulMåned siden
  • Ole out

    Edwin NaranjoEdwin NaranjoMåned siden
  • Ads every 4 minutes is pathetic

    Tetractys MerkabaTetractys MerkabaMåned siden
  • Love how he said we lost Harry listen ole you should be thanking God Harry wasn't there man 😂😂

    Jonathan JohnstonJonathan JohnstonMåned siden
  • You can Ole out or you can be Ole in, I’m Ole in, but if you’re Ole out you have your reasons and I respect that. One thing you can’t say is that This man doesn’t have tactics and doesn’t know what he’s doing 🔴 #OleIn #WoodwardOutGlazersOut

    Shane MorleyShane MorleyMåned siden
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    Thompson WinfredThompson WinfredMåned siden
  • Most disrespected manager in European football

    Viro BViro BMåned siden
  • Just let us face a defeat, plastics will start chanting 'Ole out' again. We must not take them seriously whatsoever. GGMU ❤️

    chding zuurechding zuureMåned siden
  • Beating them in a zebra kit makes it that much better.

    NoGimmicks144NoGimmicks144Måned siden
  • Okay lets take things into consideration .. 1) we have an absolutely wonderful record against the big teams under ole 2) if you consider our league record since January we are one of the best teams in England . 3) our attack looks lethal and we had the 3rd best defence last year . 4) they said that we have a problem breaking down small teams , well that amazing run post lockdown that put us in champions league ( which is where we belong ) is by winning against all those so called unbreakable small teams Now i agree that some might not argue he is not a great tactician or the in game management needs to change . But to say he got no tactics is astounding to me .. You can be sceptical about the wrong but not acknowledging that he has obvious qualities is something i dont agree with ..

    Parth NagarkarParth NagarkarMåned siden
  • Hold my croissant !

    yogitubeyogitubeMåned siden
    • Rashford to psg :"Paris is my city🙏🏻"

      chding zuurechding zuureMåned siden
  • Gollum gollum

    yogitubeyogitubeMåned siden
  • Not mentioning Di Maria 😂😂 classic

    theDoctor livetheDoctor liveMåned siden
  • Fans : "We need new center-back" Ole : "Axel, you're playing against PSG after 10 months" Great player

    AFNAN StudioAFNAN StudioMåned siden
  • It was never his fault to begin with. #Glazier_out

    Ayon ArefinAyon ArefinMåned siden
  • Corona virus 🦠 going to get in thru Solskjær eat hahahaha 🤣

    Silvetre LomeliSilvetre LomeliMåned siden
  • Look at the 32 dislike haters 😂🤣

  • Will win Chelsea and lose to Beshkitash....ole is hard to love and hate...confusing like my Gf

    Yisehak WegeneYisehak WegeneMåned siden
  • 7:13 is that his sister

    lonely loner on a lonely road alonelonely loner on a lonely road aloneMåned siden
  • Ole get shut those 2 french muppets passengers they will ruin your progress as they both after 4 years have none at all get the gone or they will get you fired

    Brian WhiteheadBrian WhiteheadMåned siden
  • After all happened I am proud of this unique team

    diversión saben olivesdiversión saben olivesMåned siden
  • Fans will say hes good give him life time match diehard fans will ask him to resign..this is funny🤣

    LybideoLybideoMåned siden
  • This game would have been ruined with a different referee. Hats of to him.

    Lee GibsonLee GibsonMåned siden
  • Just look at the views Ole get and look at the views every other manager gets on this channel. Let's be honest, without MANCHESTER United the football social media is dead🥱

  • He said that bruno is a leader surely he should be the captain right

    Ary GamingAry GamingMåned siden
  • Rashford to psg :"Paris is my city🙏🏻"

    Solomon GrundySolomon GrundyMåned siden
  • Go on ole prove people wrong buddy

    Pat O brienPat O brienMåned siden
  • Ole outers and Agenda united can suck it

    Ole InOle InMåned siden
  • U want to win games? Stop playing the virus lol

    I have never showered sinceI have never showered sinceMåned siden
  • i like how ole said we won against the best team not club

    Mr BlueBugMr BlueBugMåned siden
  • I hope after this, no more Ole out noises from the fans. Yes, we will lose games on the road, will have poor performance (like with Spurs), but remember, still our boys gave their all and play as a team when it does matters. This is what Moyes, LVG and Jose failed to do.

  • I would have loved ole to say not bad from a PE teacher lol

    justin steelejustin steeleMåned siden
  • We've got options now and with those options comes tactical variety that can actually be executed efficiently.

    YewbzeeYewbzeeMåned siden
  • Axel to start against Chelsea!

    nbmufc94nbmufc94Måned siden
  • Just stop playing Pogba as deep lying playmaker, we are good. Ok??

    Troy KrentzTroy KrentzMåned siden
  • He's now the *teen faced assassin*

    xLeroixLeroiMåned siden
    • Lol hes aged alright. Same with Moyes and Mourinho. United job is a poison chalice.

      Troy KrentzTroy KrentzMåned siden
  • Ole at the training wheel.....

    NJNJ HNJNJ HMåned siden
  • Am I the only fan who didn’t know Scott wore contact lenses

    TrekyTrekyMåned siden
  • Chelsea fan here, that man Ole’s at the wheel again huh

    MILO ICEMILO ICEMåned siden

      Mohammed AliMohammed AliMåned siden
  • A lot of people wanted Sir Alex out when he first came. You can't just make miracles in 1,2 even 3 seasons. Give Ole time and respect. He's finally sorting out the dead wood.

    Carley AndersonCarley AndersonMåned siden
  • Great interview

    James HorneJames HorneMåned siden
  • A Solskjaer/Mr. Bean deepfake vid, anyone?

    famstorenfamstorenMåned siden
  • "Bottom left corner he loves that corner I think"😂😂

    olly nwezeolly nwezeMåned siden
  • Funtastic manager..

    Vijay IyerVijay IyerMåned siden
  • Many of the PSG players had Covid recently. Pogba had it and hasn’t been on form since. It does seem to have some longer lasting effects that haven’t been documented yet. May not be. But I’m still OGS out. I watch all united games and I know we are looking shit and rely on moments of individual brilliance too much.

    J SJ SMåned siden
    • Who cares.

      Troy KrentzTroy KrentzMåned siden
  • Talk about Scott pocketing Neymah. My God

    Kanyena BrendaKanyena BrendaMåned siden
  • 09:30 didn't know Borat was a reporter!

    Daniel CaseyDaniel CaseyMåned siden
  • This game proved that it's not the tactics or the setup that's the problem but the inconsistency and quality from the players that has led to bad results. Even last night, Rashford and Martial missed some good chances and could've easily led to another bad game.

    Anirudh PanickerAnirudh PanickerMåned siden
  • Psg have a contract to let Ole win against them so that his job stays and Utd suffer

    Ajay SethAjay SethMåned siden
  • Lol. Scott lost his one eye? Mehn psg are in trouble. Tuanzebe playing his first game after 10 months, Telles debut, and out of position, Shaw playing out of position, pogba and VDB on the bench and neymar, mbappe and dị Maria couldn't even score a goal. Lol.

    James MomoJames MomoMåned siden
  • Man U won this gama bcoz they bought cavani.

    kyaw thukyaw thuMåned siden
  • Scotty should lose his contact lens more often!!!

    Shane TreacyShane TreacyMåned siden
  • Herrera is a nice guy unlike Di Maria I'm glad Di Maria is out of our club but Herrera is a good player and he has respect for us unlike the rat Di Maria

    Misty BoiMisty BoiMåned siden
  • If pep or klopp did what ole did the headlines would have been pep masterclass or klopp masterclass

    Immanuel DavidsImmanuel DavidsMåned siden
  • Ole juju in full effect. The team that played last night can win a title.

    DontGetMadGetMotivatedDontGetMadGetMotivatedMåned siden
  • Ole at the wheel!

    Lewis PLewis PMåned siden
  • loooool..Scotty lost his contacts! loool

    C JoeC JoeMåned siden
  • Man utd loses: Solskjaer doesnt have the experience! He is out of his depth! Man utd win: Ole is at the wheel! He knows what hes doing, definitely the right man for the job!

    Denis CiuhatDenis CiuhatMåned siden
    • Tell me about it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Rawle FrancoisRawle FrancoisMåned siden
    • Fickle united fans

      Aero 250Aero 250Måned siden
  • This talentless coach did it again against psg , congratulations !

    TheokolesTheokolesMåned siden
  • I become more happier when i saw the face of neymar and dimaria after the defeat 🤣😂😂

    Asiya AhmedAsiya AhmedMåned siden
    • @Jacob Owembabazi he was just there for free style while scott was there to kick his *s

      Asiya AhmedAsiya AhmedMåned siden
    • Neymar acting lyk he didn't want to cry

      Jacob OwembabaziJacob OwembabaziMåned siden
  • Fuc Di maria

    Shawn KimaniShawn KimaniMåned siden
  • Ole is a good manager pliz people give him the respect he deserves and give him time to prove himself he will bring trophy

    John MbolelaJohn MbolelaMåned siden
  • What a performance from wan bissaka OH MY GOD

    Jane LambaJane LambaMåned siden
  • Ole your a genius bro

    Jane LambaJane LambaMåned siden
  • Notice he doesn't mention di Maria the snake

    Alex DanielsAlex DanielsMåned siden
  • Great tactics wish we would play 2 upfront all the time

    Gbfletch23Gbfletch23Måned siden
  • Fuck off,dickhead utd are the best like George best.get a brain.we are utd.

    Arron WilliamsonArron WilliamsonMåned siden
  • rest in peace those poor earphones

    Shivam SharmaShivam SharmaMåned siden
  • Utd definitely deserved to win.. Shut out mbappe and especially neymar who was really bad I honestly wouldn't have neymar in my team..

    steven clarksteven clarkMåned siden
    • Bruh

      Positive OnePositive OneMåned siden
  • ANOTHER international break? Fuck sake... Boring! International football should just be cancelled until the pandemic has eased.

    Jacon March-JonesJacon March-JonesMåned siden
  • It's always a really warm feeling to see that snake Di Maria sad. Hope he never wins anything in his career again.

    DzayyyDzayyyMåned siden
  • Doesn't name de Maria in the Neymar Mbappe bracket . Ole is purely red

    Mufti MusabMufti MusabMåned siden
    • Well most ppp dont do that

      Positive OnePositive OneMåned siden
  • Hope maguire stays benched and bruno or de gea remain captain

    Emperor EmperorEmperor EmperorMåned siden
  • Come out Ole out brigade

    Pratap MishraPratap MishraMåned siden
  • DNA

    Kasongo NkhomaKasongo NkhomaMåned siden

    Ruen NaidooRuen NaidooMåned siden
  • #Oleout LUHG are always right The puppet will be gone soon

    jonejoneMåned siden
    • Don't worry little soldier the special needs bus is on its way to pick you up. Hold tight 👍

      Chervil GoacherChervil GoacherMåned siden
    • @Kim Caspar he isn't a great manager, open your eyes ffs He's a prime bottler

      jonejoneMåned siden
    • Shut up. Ole is a great manager and has already proven it.

      Kim CasparKim CasparMåned siden
  • Let no 1 be deceived this was a fuckn lucky win. utd aren't good and are also inconsistent.

    GBtha GGBtha GMåned siden
    • Lucky😂😂😂did you watch the game 😂😂

      mulisa ISHMAILmulisa ISHMAILMåned siden
  • We found it easier against PSG than Bayern did. We are favourites to win the CL now. The only real threat would have been Liverpool but they've lost their best player. I don't see anyone stopping us in the league or CL. Rashford was eating frogs legs all night. Paris put up less of fight than they did it 1939. We smashed their cowardly team. GGMU!!!

    Steveo Mc DeevoSteveo Mc DeevoMåned siden
    • I feel like United can go on a 10 game winning run if they play like this it's just like interim Ole times

      TH Gaming WalesTH Gaming WalesMåned siden
    • No we are not favourites yet till we come out strong in the group stage into the knock out stages, as well as we had played today we have to first find consistency then we can say that

      Adam PaulAdam PaulMåned siden
  • Eric Bailly must have so many friends in the medical department

    Twinkle SinghTwinkle SinghMåned siden
    • That’s Phil jones retirement home

      Marvin AMMarvin AMMåned siden
    • He lives there. Has his own shelf in the refrigerator with the cold packs.

      Jay EssJay EssMåned siden
    • Security and cleaning service there say "hi eric!" again and again.

      Muhammad MuflihMuhammad MuflihMåned siden
  • Damn, I should have paid attention in french class🤔

    itzz_animeitzz_animeMåned siden
  • Once again Paris belongs to Rashford🔥🔥

    Emperor EmperorEmperor EmperorMåned siden
  • #ole'stime

    Suprav KarmacharyaSuprav KarmacharyaMåned siden
  • The baby face assassin. He's always making it cool. To all the "OLE OUT CLOWNS" shame on you guys. We the hardened Utd supporters and fans are saying shame on you guys. You never believe in the squad. You question everything done, you never encourage. All you do is be a pessimist. 😂 😂 😂 We forgive you guys. Come back to the Utd fold. Please give Ole and the boys your support. They need it. GGMU. I said it earlier that PSG is too small to stop our away winning run. We're Manchester United.

    Omaka Nathaniel O.Omaka Nathaniel O.Måned siden
  • I hope Marcus will never be tempted away from us in the glorious future he undoubtedly has. His heart is with United, and he is one of those players who it would break every fan's heart to see him play for another club.

    Cat GladwellCat GladwellMåned siden
    • Go see his room tour

      Mohamad ArifMohamad ArifMåned siden
    • Sooner he goes the better, not the right mentality for united, mid level player him and perrira

      jack mac connoranjack mac connoranMåned siden
    • @Azhad Ijaz He has. He needs to show it more often.

      Cat GladwellCat GladwellMåned siden
    • @Cat Gladwell I hope we can sort him out. I love Lingardhinho. And I don't mean that offensively. I think he can be a 20 contribution a season man. He has the talent

      Azhad IjazAzhad IjazMåned siden
    • @Azhad Ijaz I think Jesse is maturing. He has had a lot of personal problems too, which the club is helping him with. And I hope scoring the last goal of the 19/20 season gave his confidence a boost. He's on my kitchen wall at the moment - October in this year's United calendar, so I have been thinking about him a lot.

      Cat GladwellCat GladwellMåned siden
  • yall getting gassed, like we didnt get pammed 6-1 only a few weeks ago. lets show some consistency through the season and ill change my mind on this man

    RedDev 777RedDev 777Måned siden
    • Be quiet you plastic

      Mufc OKMufc OKMåned siden
    • How about 3rd spot last year tala frank

      George PappsGeorge PappsMåned siden
    • How can you not? Against PSG that played in the final a few months ago just when everyone thought we were going to lose (i thought we were always going to win) i understand your point but you gotta take joy from that match, we acc played very good football and it was an almost flawless team performance the only players who were not at their best imo was Rashford and Martial cos the team managed to create chances for them but them 2 almost flopped but im glad their mentality was very strong because they kept at it for ages till Rashford scored the winner. Martial contributed to the penalty and Marcus scored the winner. From yesterday's match it's clear that We can play well and the backline isn't as week as we thought it would be because Tuanzebe played out of the park, absolute baller, he definitely needs to start and Lindelof played very well as a calming presence in the backline, Maguire should not start in the Chelsea game.

      Adam PaulAdam PaulMåned siden