Premier League Match Paused to Allow Muslim Players to Break their Ramadan Fasts

27. april. 2021
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This might have been the first time this has ever happened. Respect!
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    IlmFeedIlmFeed21 dag siden
    • Brother next add that, if a Islamophobe meddles in the comments then ignore him/ her.

      লেফাফাদুরস্তলেফাফাদুরস্ত15 dager siden
    • Respect to u my brother from Slovenia. From Australia 🇦🇺

      M EM E16 dager siden
    • It's not that bad, honestly if you have done regular it won't affect you at all.

      George Bamete JnrGeorge Bamete Jnr17 dager siden
    • All Law/ Allah = God ... Jesus / Je suis ...Happyness / health and infinite abundance 🙏🏿🤲🏿🙏🏻🤲🏻✌🏻✌🏿 ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 100 years of light +++

      Inter StellarInter Stellar19 dager siden
    • oh

      Captain ObviousCaptain Obvious19 dager siden
  • new Leicester fan here converted from 30 years being Arsenal's

    Bayuardhi TeguhBayuardhi Teguh17 timer siden
  • That's why France is suffering from Terrorism because of Spread of Islam

    Balveer SinghBalveer SinghDag siden
  • The problem with the racist white people in the comments is that you only want special benefits or special circumstances to apply to your race but not to others. If others somehow get a break or get an advantage in life, like you know the one u were born with, you get upset and start crying. Deep down most of you are racists and you only like when other white people get the advantage because why should the Muslim guy get a break, he's not fasting for us so why should we pay by giving them 69 secs to break their fast. Let him starve till he gets home. That's just pathetic and desperate. You f**ked half the world and don't like any special attention and advantages given to the non white guy because you have to have everything.

    London UKLondon UK3 dager siden
  • Respect for the British people, love from Morocco 🇲🇦❤

    HerbalistHerbalist8 dager siden

    Neil.A.JonesNeil.A.Jones10 dager siden
  • Mashalaah

    bouchaib rafikbouchaib rafik10 dager siden
  • MaChAllah I love muslims . I LOVE all peuple.I love God

    Ayobé DioufAyobé Diouf13 dager siden
  • Trying that for one day you will wish never starting the try.. After 3 days you will reach a level you never expected from your own body.. Human adaptation to the environment is amazing..

    MohAli KlayMohAli Klay13 dager siden
  • more than a game

    FLORIFLORI13 dager siden
  • Fucking joke

    THE JUDGETHE JUDGE13 dager siden
    • You? I agree

      AbzAbz10 dager siden
  • lol ahahahahhahhhahahahahhahhhhahahahhaha

    giorgos melaxroinosgiorgos melaxroinos13 dager siden
  • I'm not sure if I fully understand the whole thing.

    Steve ArmstrongSteve Armstrong13 dager siden
  • Any dislikes are from racists

    Trending UkTrending Uk13 dager siden
  • Alhamdoulilah

    Souleiman AhamadouSouleiman Ahamadou14 dager siden
  • Mad how it’s only for Muslim traditions but yet Christians and other religions don’t get any special treatment. Just saying.

    Adventures of Zuko and CocoAdventures of Zuko and Coco14 dager siden
    • @Adventures of Zuko and Coco Pew Research Center

      AbzAbz8 dager siden
    • @Abz where did you get your statistics from? Please enlighten me.

      Adventures of Zuko and CocoAdventures of Zuko and Coco8 dager siden
    • @Adventures of Zuko and Coco Yeah MAYBE cause 66 million left Christianity in a year and not Christian's are secular so churches became empty? MAYBE that's the cause... you know better

      AbzAbz8 dager siden
    • @Abz you clearly don’t watch international news then do you? You haven’t seen the churches being shot up in America? Cos the aim of Islam is to convert everyone and kill those that don’t want to hear about it or start a war.

      Adventures of Zuko and CocoAdventures of Zuko and Coco8 dager siden
    • @Adventures of Zuko and Coco Do I have to trust you when you have no proof whatsoever, when I can prove that its mosques that are targeted? Go away man.

      AbzAbz9 dager siden
  • Why are we changing everything for this Cult

    trevord59trevord5914 dager siden
  • MashaAllah

    Mursal iddiMursal iddi14 dager siden
  • We are all happy about that, may Almighty Allah protect us

    Huzaifa Mukhtar3030Huzaifa Mukhtar303014 dager siden
  • I had a chance to score I only needed to shot but I kicked the ball too strong and I missed it. I was fasting😅. Respect every football fan

    O MAGNASSO MAGNASS14 dager siden
  • Christians are supposed to fast before Easter as well but the meaning of Christianity has lost it meaning along the way, now it’s just a title. They do all that hand sign but don’t practice. Catholic one big hypocrite. Don’t get me started on Baptist or Protestant or whatever.

    Samuel JumbSamuel Jumb15 dager siden
  • Stopping for prayers next season

    GbGb15 dager siden
  • This is football ladies and gentlemen our beautiful sport

    Mahmoud 997Mahmoud 99715 dager siden
  • Maa shaa Allah. May Allah accept their saum

    Shafiq MohammedShafiq Mohammed15 dager siden
  • Thank you to all the non racist people around the world allowing muslims to break there fast. NUFF LOVE FROM THE UK💖

    Haroon IHaroon I15 dager siden
  • Mosha Allah

    Adepoju PelumiAdepoju Pelumi15 dager siden
  • Fasting is challenging but it is more about the thought process that applies to the fasting. Eating a little late is ok .

    Alan ThrustonAlan Thruston15 dager siden
  • And that’s why it called GREAT Britain. Respect!

    Ul DosUl Dos15 dager siden
  • Imagine 2021 and ya starving yaself for the magical man in the sky lmao

    LockedLocked15 dager siden
  • Very nice RESPECT!!!!!

    Wardi WiranataWardi Wiranata15 dager siden
  • Big respect from indonesia

    neymar juniorneymar junior15 dager siden
  • Stupid religions Control control control

    Ale ogAle og15 dager siden
  • Machalah 🙏🙏

    AL bourakhAL bourakh15 dager siden
  • lol

    NxtheNxthe15 dager siden
  • I don't understand this. Is it supposed to be eaten during the match going on?

    Mapuia ChhakchhuakMapuia Chhakchhuak15 dager siden
    • We fast from sunrise (from the call of the fair prayer), until sunset (when we hear the call to mahgrib prayer

      fatima zahra hihifatima zahra hihi12 dager siden
  • bruh i was raised a muslim, i dnt fast anymore, but i did fast back when i was younger and played college football, that shit is not easy, and they are doing this at the highest level..... incredible... well done... and respect to everyone involved in allowing them to break their fast

    Young SmokeYoung Smoke15 dager siden
  • Wtf , you cannot stop football coz of 2 or 3 ppl who are SPECIAL, this is unfair, next day "game stopped for player to go for jumma prayer" wtf

    Chaniru RatnaweeraChaniru Ratnaweera16 dager siden
    • Seriously ? it took them barely 1 minute

      Taha MoueddenTaha Mouedden7 dager siden
    • 😁😁😁

      Kktommy KkinksKktommy Kkinks8 dager siden
  • Just like racism and politics, there is no place for religion in sport. It needs kicking out.

    Steve NormanSteve Norman16 dager siden
  • Happy Ramadan Guys

    KshaKsha16 dager siden
  • Should built mosque in the stadiums...👍 will be even more good

    sandeep sharmasandeep sharma16 dager siden
  • Waww well done. what a fared decision

    youtube policeyoutube police16 dager siden
  • Masha Allah

    Mohammed ZaidMohammed Zaid16 dager siden
  • Playing football and fasting!!! mashaAllahhh

    DALI MATIADALI MATIA16 dager siden
  • 547 dislikes will get eternity of dislikes from our Creator, so say sorry and like... Because it's never too late to ask forgiveness...

    Mohegan The last oneMohegan The last one16 dager siden
  • Useless religion must remove completely from football. Religion is a personal business. I don't care

    Dickson HaulDickson Haul16 dager siden
  • That’s what I like about British mentality. Live and let live. Hat is off to the muslim players and also to EPL. That’s what the world needs. Peace, respect and harmony. I know it sounds cheesy but that’s the only solution and it’s actually not that difficult to achieve.

    Hakan IzciHakan Izci16 dager siden
  • It’s difficult doing this let alone, warm up play a high intensity game ..

    São Paulo SoulSão Paulo Soul16 dager siden
  • so extra breaks for them

    yourefat andlazyyourefat andlazy16 dager siden
  • Another reason why we love the Premier league

    S FamS Fam16 dager siden
  • Respect

    Andy ThorpeAndy Thorpe16 dager siden
  • Pay all respects to them who gave minutes to the players to break ramadhan fast

    RabilWhy CrewRabilWhy Crew16 dager siden
  • Alhamdulilah My Little Sister Completes her 4 Fasts Yesterday and She is Just 7 Years Old 😁 Imagine 17 Hour Without Eating Drinking at 48 ° Temperature But Every Muslim Loves to Having Fast even Children

    I Smesh Your micChickenI Smesh Your micChicken16 dager siden
  • Bcz all word respect every religion but muslim doesn't respect any other religions.

    Ankit DangwalAnkit Dangwal16 dager siden
    • You’ve got it the other way round, islam gets a lot of hate even in the comments section of this video while we respect every single religion

      Yup1234sYup1234s13 dager siden
  • Class

    Ahmed YounisAhmed Younis16 dager siden
  • I don't get the Ramadan fast, can you break the fast at specific times or whats up with this?

    Sabin SovreaSabin Sovrea16 dager siden
    • @Sabin Sovrea Muslims fast just a bit before sunrise all the way to sunset everyday for a month. For example in the UK, it's from around 4am to 8pm.

      IlmFeedIlmFeed16 dager siden
    • @IlmFeed oh so basically you can only eat once a day after susnet, thanks!

      Sabin SovreaSabin Sovrea16 dager siden
    • After sunset, when we are allowed to eat, we break our fast by eating or drinking something.

      IlmFeedIlmFeed16 dager siden
  • Masha Allah brothers

    Muhammad AMINBOYEVMuhammad AMINBOYEV16 dager siden
  • Respect ✊🏽

    عمرعمر16 dager siden
  • We have to respect their religion in our own country, but they don't respect our ways, for example women will refuse to remove the bin bags from their heads if asked to.

    maseremasere16 dager siden
    • Right, and those that practice Christianity in their part of the world get persecuted.

      RedRed16 dager siden
  • Allahu Akbar

  • Only Jesus saves.. only Him!!!

    Carlos VegaCarlos Vega16 dager siden
  • It's unbelievable that we do this for this people. What's next? Takia?

    Carlos VegaCarlos Vega16 dager siden
    • Do you even know what takia is, stop spreading ignorance

      Taha MoueddenTaha Mouedden7 dager siden
  • People knows we have to worry from one country and one religion They dont love peace

    IndianIndian16 dager siden
  • This is completely nonsense! Whatever players or managers do i their private life is none of everyone's business

    wellington Paurosiwellington Paurosi16 dager siden
  • I can’t imagine fasting and playing football near the iftar time which is the most tired and hungry time😱

    Halal PoliceHalal Police16 dager siden
  • MA CHA ALLAH i from Sénégal

    Ousmane SowOusmane Sow16 dager siden
  • This would never happen in France due to their crazy thinking of laicite.

    Amadou KANEAmadou KANE16 dager siden
  • Thank you.. i am respect

    Hasbi AbduhHasbi Abduh16 dager siden
  • Lol

    Gustavo VillatoroGustavo Villatoro16 dager siden
  • For people thinking this is amazing stuff, Muslim’s binge on food before the fast starts each day. They also binge after the fast ends during the day. In Muslims countries, they eat more during fasts than on normal days, THAT is the real truth behind the sham.

    Eufrosnia DEufrosnia D16 dager siden
  • Crazy to continue when you're a pro athlete. I have no issues with personal beliefs and all that jazz but a pro athlete should be exempt from this.

    Cam EraCam Era16 dager siden
  • Everyone pandering to Islam again, what the hell next? Ridiculous.

    Paul MartinPaul Martin16 dager siden
  • Fofana breaking his fast vs Southampton 👏 noworld.infoWrktFluA5_k?feature=share

    His Majesty Mfalme254_His Majesty Mfalme254_16 dager siden
  • Muslim and proud 💕👌🏻

    SULTAN S.SULTAN S.16 dager siden
  • Respect!

    Space NomadSpace Nomad17 dager siden
  • The world we all dream of.thanks to our christain friend jews hindus all over theworld #weareone

    Dawood MalengaDawood Malenga17 dager siden
  • Alhamdulillah

    smashraful islamsmashraful islam17 dager siden
  • Imo i don’t think they should play while fasting so the match doesn’t have to stop but if the teams want to then ok

    Fungusz _Fungusz _17 dager siden
  • Every muslim should feel grateful for allowing to break Ramadan fast. Also every muslim should respect others religion too.

    loder hageloder hage17 dager siden
  • Thank God for the month of ramadan coz as muslims we are enjoying it alh. Donnot be surprise players fasting while they are playing coz Allah (God) helping them and they will get his janna (paradise) God willing.

    mohamed osmanmohamed osman17 dager siden
  • Playing football wholes fasting Wawwww

    Abdulai KamaraAbdulai Kamara17 dager siden
  • Mashaallah

    Faizpoonawala7412 7412Faizpoonawala7412 741217 dager siden
  • 519 down votes by racist Neanderthals or those that worship monkey gods and false idols. Admire what it takes to eat at 3am and nothing touches your lips until almost 9pm that night ! Try it once and see if your faith gives you the strength to do that ?? Disgraceful ignorance

    Northern SoulNorthern Soul17 dager siden
  • May Sports unified mankind to humanity

    farid abdullahfarid abdullah17 dager siden
  • That's why #Football is the best sports on the planet earth. Thank you CPFC, thank you LCFC and thank you #PremierLeague. Love you guys

    Asolo GongaAsolo Gonga17 dager siden
  • The positive energy in the comments make this even better!!!

    cheesball96cheesball9617 dager siden
  • the only word i can say is RESPECT!!!

    haidar alihaidar ali17 dager siden
  • MarshaAllah that’s was amazing

    Helder GFerreiraHelder GFerreira17 dager siden
  • There allowed drink water during Ramadan anyway 🤣🤣 its the only thing they can have is water

    Darren Hayes778Darren Hayes77817 dager siden
  • 😭 thank you

    Netizen HolobiontNetizen Holobiont17 dager siden
  • This is awesome

    Joel SethJoel Seth17 dager siden
  • Mash Allah.Thank you premier League authorities ❤️

    Music HouseMusic House17 dager siden
  • MashaAllah.

    adildewjiadildewji17 dager siden
  • Viva el futbol We can live together and respect each other ❤

    Anas Al homsiAnas Al homsi17 dager siden
  • Salut...

    Tiyandri 85Tiyandri 8517 dager siden
  • Helal sana kardesim Super junge Strong man

    MemoAkaMemoAka17 dager siden
  • Assalamalaykum

    paulson E'mansonpaulson E'manson17 dager siden
  • #Respect

    JamesJames17 dager siden
  • damn cant believe he's just 20

    pedofilpedofil17 dager siden
  • what if they still dont get to go to heaven... that would totally suck

    Chris JonesChris Jones17 dager siden
  • playing while fasting......really touched...match halted.....respect brothers

    Roy FernandesRoy Fernandes17 dager siden