22. feb.. 2021
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I decided to finally dye my hair and prank my friends with my new hair! their reactions were so crazy and funny!! Give this video a like if you enjoyed!!
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  • Let’s try to get this video to 400k likes!! ❤️ Brown or Pink hair? 💖

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    • Pick

      DeAndrea WerleyDeAndrea WerleyDag siden
    • Pibk

      DeAndrea WerleyDeAndrea WerleyDag siden
    • Brown

      SheselSheselDag siden
    • Pink 100%

      Alisson GomezAlisson GomezDag siden
    • Pink

      Teagan BlakemoreTeagan BlakemoreDag siden
  • brown

    Liz CauchiLiz Cauchi47 sekunder siden
  • Dare for alan:faint infront of your friends and see if they would be happy or not

    XxJordanRoseXxXxJordanRoseXx15 minutter siden

    XxJordanRoseXxXxJordanRoseXx17 minutter siden
  • Brown

    Sarah LunderganSarah Lundergan20 minutter siden
  • DONE

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  • pink

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  • done

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  • pink

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  • « pink »

    Émilia InkelÉmilia Inkel43 minutter siden
  • Done

    Émilia InkelÉmilia Inkel52 minutter siden
  • "Done" please dyebm hair pink

    CassieCassie53 minutter siden
  • It ain't a good prank unless you go bald.

    cyansheetcyansheet56 minutter siden
  • Dye your hair pink and blue

    c-dog is roughc-dog is roughTime siden
    • Done

      CassieCassie53 minutter siden
  • Pink

    Amin MuratiAmin MuratiTime siden
  • done

    Alyssa SantosAlyssa SantosTime siden
  • Jiii

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  • Pink

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  • Brown

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  • pink

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  • pink

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  • Pink hair💖

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  • Blueeee!!!!! Dye it blue

    Priyanka MazumdarPriyanka MazumdarTime siden
  • pink hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Ellery StolbergEllery StolbergTime siden
  • done

    Ruth MirandaRuth MirandaTime siden
  • done

    Riley ButlerRiley ButlerTime siden
  • pov: when someone sees brent says if they get 1mill likes/everyone who sees this:get alt accounts and likes

    Ruth MirandaRuth MirandaTime siden
  • Done

    christy DUNCANchristy DUNCAN2 timer siden
  • Pink

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    Oakley TottyOakley Totty2 timer siden

    Helena ŠtěpánkováHelena Štěpánková2 timer siden
  • Done

    Pavani TandonPavani Tandon2 timer siden
  • Pink😁

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  • I did it

    Diamond BankrollDiamond Bankroll2 timer siden
  • Brown

    Denis ShokmanDenis Shokman2 timer siden
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    420 GAMING420 GAMING2 timer siden
  • Why pink tho ????😃😅😅

    Milli BestMilli Best2 timer siden
  • Done U r the best twins ever

    Alishba AmirAlishba Amir2 timer siden
  • Pinkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!and sofies right 🤣

    Rhian EllisRhian Ellis2 timer siden
  • Pink

    Kaylie VillagomezKaylie Villagomez2 timer siden
  • Pink

    Shahad AShahad A2 timer siden
  • Red

    SECRET gamingSECRET gaming3 timer siden
  • Done

    Abhishek AroraAbhishek Arora3 timer siden
  • Brown

    pink pizzapink pizza3 timer siden
  • Can I pick brown

    savannah ellissavannah ellis3 timer siden
  • Pink🤨

    Erich LuckfielErich Luckfiel3 timer siden
  • Bronw

    Kay van SchalkwykKay van Schalkwyk3 timer siden
  • omg 😹😹😹 god

    Radhika Rani KandulaRadhika Rani Kandula3 timer siden
  • pink

    Inchara L GowdaInchara L Gowda3 timer siden
  • Done

    Nancy MartinezNancy Martinez3 timer siden
  • DUDE Alan you look amazing with pink hair make it real!! so clearly my vote is PINK

    DX2069DX20693 timer siden
  • i think both pin k \

    Dehlia BenningfieldDehlia Benningfield3 timer siden
  • Done and he should dye his hair pink

    Nuzha HarisNuzha Haris3 timer siden
  • Done

    Leo TimiLeo Timi3 timer siden
  • Pink looks better tbh

    Jorden HewittJorden Hewitt3 timer siden
  • Done

    vilescu karinavilescu karina3 timer siden
  • "DONE"

    ccuteness cuteccuteness cute4 timer siden
  • When you prancked Jeremy and alex came screeming i was donne

    ccuteness cuteccuteness cute4 timer siden
  • 5:43 I don't like how Alex is always teased because he got a little chubbier..And he doenst even look fat..Anyways..I also got a little chubbier than I was and now I m getting to hear all the taunts so I can actually relate to it.. Love you Alex..(and obviously also Alan coz they re twins❤️)

    Dance 'n' DelightDance 'n' Delight4 timer siden
  • PINK

    marianne fariasmarianne farias4 timer siden
  • Brown

    Virendra NimbalkarVirendra Nimbalkar4 timer siden
  • Done!! I love uguys u r so funny

    Lydia BaileyLydia Bailey4 timer siden
  • I like pink tbh

    M and SM and S4 timer siden
  • BROWN😍

    Avishi KwatraAvishi Kwatra4 timer siden
  • Comedy video 😂😂 👇

  • In brown u twins looked wayy cuter...both of h shall dye ur hair back to brown .. Brown squad like

    Avishi KwatraAvishi Kwatra4 timer siden
  • pink!

    Natalie WinterNatalie Winter4 timer siden
  • I like pinl hair

    the saffya firsya starthe saffya firsya star4 timer siden
  • ME!!

    Komal PatelKomal Patel4 timer siden
  • Pink

    faridah fairuzfaridah fairuz4 timer siden
  • Done

    Cecillie LönqvistCecillie Lönqvist4 timer siden
  • Dare: tell alan to diye his hair red i think that look good😍

    Eza's WorldEza's World4 timer siden
  • Any brazilian?

    Julia MeneghelliJulia Meneghelli4 timer siden
  • #pink

    VeryBignoob123 bedwars playerVeryBignoob123 bedwars player4 timer siden
  • Pink hair

    Rachel AkinyemiRachel Akinyemi4 timer siden
  • Blue

    Gaming with PunyavGaming with Punyav4 timer siden
  • pink

    Carlos James NicolasCarlos James Nicolas4 timer siden
  • Done

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  • Pink

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  • pink

    Amr IbrahimAmr Ibrahim4 timer siden
  • Pink

    Hassan El AgatyHassan El Agaty4 timer siden
  • Done

    haniel sharjeelhaniel sharjeel5 timer siden
  • So i think u should color ur hair brown back

    ꧁Rëñø꧂꧁Rëñø꧂5 timer siden
  • Done

    Bridget PoonBridget Poon5 timer siden
  • I got 3 points for this video 1. I personally think Alex has the better look 2. I definitely like the pink hair more 3. You guys really fooled me Luv you

    Bridget PoonBridget Poon5 timer siden
  • not pink fat stink XDDD

    Devil SoulDevil Soul5 timer siden
  • Pink

    SnowfateSnowfate5 timer siden
  • Pink

    Seenu SolankiSeenu Solanki5 timer siden
  • Pink❤️

    Nikhitha C SNikhitha C S5 timer siden
  • Rainbow hair not pink and not brown

    Maisara Safiyya SaadiahMaisara Safiyya Saadiah5 timer siden
  • Done

    Maisara Safiyya SaadiahMaisara Safiyya Saadiah5 timer siden
  • Piiink

    Tena Marija MileticTena Marija Miletic5 timer siden
  • Brown

    ruth the dreamruth the dream5 timer siden
  • Pink

    Trini DuarteTrini Duarte5 timer siden
  • Done! I love your vid strokes twins!

    Baby and Sky PaladinBaby and Sky Paladin5 timer siden
  • I like how it ends whit the dad smacking their buts whit an belt. Lol

    Stranger thing fanStranger thing fan5 timer siden
  • Done

    Emily WierengaEmily Wierenga5 timer siden
  • Done

    Jonathon VillalpandoJonathon Villalpando5 timer siden
  • Brown plz

    Sarah-Emilia EdstromSarah-Emilia Edstrom5 timer siden