Plant On #6

2. mai. 2021
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  • I have yet to understand why u think u need to climb on top of the pro box and put the talc on.. can't u just put it on as it dumps into the tender under the probox.. I mean that's what we do mix's just fine and ur not 15 ft on the air

    Mike BuckMike Buck6 timer siden
  • What model drone are you using?? It takes awesome video.. The sunset made for some beautiful shots!!

    TRHTRH18 timer siden
  • Great drone footage. So your planting more corn then soybeans this year?

    Tracy ShewellTracy Shewell21 time siden
  • If I had a dollar for every time I was going to do some quick little thing on the computer, and an hour and a half later I was almost to the point where I could start doing it lol.

    Jack CieminskiJack Cieminski3 dager siden
  • You guys are comical!

    James SieversJames Sievers3 dager siden
  • What is the name of the background music when they're planting?

    Zachary RasmussenZachary Rasmussen3 dager siden
  • HA.. thats a number from Northern Colorado..Exept they are from India.. I sure hope that the high numbers of covid in India will reduce these calls from India... sorry sad but TRUE!!!!

    country flyercountry flyer4 dager siden
  • what has happened to the farmer that sighted across a field, marked a spot and planted a straight row with his tractor. The modern farmer spends more time arguing about programs on planting than planting.

    Gary HunterGary Hunter4 dager siden
  • Great video. Prayers for your wife .hope all is well.

    Rick PullinsRick Pullins4 dager siden
  • When they gona make a FS19 map of this...or they gona wait for FS22? :)

    Whitepaw RollsWhitepaw Rolls4 dager siden
  • Garykenny

    Gary KennyGary Kenny4 dager siden
  • lol. It's been a long time since I heard road ditch. I live in Iowa and we don't call them that.

    Chris WirthChris Wirth4 dager siden
  • I wanted to share the video with farmer friends here in Pennsylvania and was not sure this was the one I was looking for. so, to make the search go faster, I bumped the playback speed up to 1.5x normal... found what I was particularly looking for... give it a try... Chet talking that fast is wild!!!

    bob millerbob miller4 dager siden
  • Everytime they call me about that extended warranty I tell them it would be awesome to have an extended warranty on my 2001 dodge ram. It only has 298000 odd miles on it... They hang up on me everytime...

    Nathan HalseyNathan Halsey4 dager siden
  • "...You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn." ~ Mike Bloomberg What could be simpler. /sarcasm font

    WarriorKnitterWarriorKnitter4 dager siden
  • Maybe you should try AgLeader...

    Scott LearScott Lear4 dager siden
  • More spring tillage videos

    Mike SMike S5 dager siden
  • And all that chemical is going to end up in the food they produce. Ever heard of organic farming?

    Technik MeisterTechnik Meister5 dager siden
  • Can you do a video of what you apply and how you montior? We run 5 gal 10-34-0 and 15 gal of 28 in 2x2 plus 5 lbs of 10-45-10 in furrow per acre. But we only monitor with balls and i hate it.

    Michael KiehlerMichael Kiehler5 dager siden
  • Nickie that your music pick if so your grounded. Dougo. I say yes and when a human wants to know car and year. DeLorean and the Flux compositor is broke . They hang up

    Ronald PiperRonald Piper5 dager siden
  • Hey

    Bal JeetBal Jeet5 dager siden
  • How many acres u guys have r do u farm

    djdeadstrokedjdeadstroke5 dager siden
  • Tell Dougo, I've been getting.the same call for 12 years they keep saying this is my last chance to get the warranty

    Leonard FriedbergLeonard Friedberg5 dager siden
  • Another great one. Good job to all. Thanks.

    Brian BarnesBrian Barnes5 dager siden
  • One helluva operation. And videos top notch and the personalities are beyond that. Thanks for sharing. 🇺🇸

    Mike McguireMike Mcguire5 dager siden
  • Drone footage is AWESOME 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

    Car_PassionCar_Passion5 dager siden
  • Love the drone footage, hope for more, 👍

    Roger TreakleRoger Treakle5 dager siden
  • Gee daddy cornstars auto steer works maybe call cole

    Ray MooneyRay Mooney5 dager siden
  • Good one guys, a busy time of year for y’all.🙏

    rusnscrusnsc5 dager siden
  • Great job - enjoyed

    Tom NTom N5 dager siden
  • Great video thanks again

    Smooch McguireSmooch Mcguire5 dager siden
  • You can buy a SF1 activated globe and have RTK on the tractor and the RTK will share to the SF1 globe.

    Derek GallegosDerek Gallegos5 dager siden
  • Way cool video shots and music combo with the drone!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up. Pray'en for your whole clan.

    Iowa FarmerIowa Farmer5 dager siden
  • how come no load and unload auger thats what i see most of the other farms doing it would get rid of the most unsafe thing to do lol

    Devin ByersDevin Byers5 dager siden
  • What fluid is carried in the large, tractor-mounted, yellow tanks? Asking for a non-farmer 😉

    Kustom '49Kustom '495 dager siden
  • Hey Chet we run a 24 row corn planter pulled by our 9230 tractor. We run a 6000 dome on the tractor and planter. We drive the outside pass and use adaptive curve auto steer on our second end row pass. We believe the adaptive curve is much more accurate than us driving with markers. We are not using RTK we are using the FS3 single and is working very well for us. We can make sharp curves and the tractor will keep the planter within about 2 to 3 inches from the last row on the previous pass. We are even thinking next year to remove our markers from our planter. Praying for your family.

    Anderson FarmsAnderson Farms6 dager siden
  • It's easier to get a 747 jet off the ground than to get this planter moving.

    Larry McKeeLarry McKee6 dager siden
  • Drone footage was awesome

    Tim BlaTim Bla6 dager siden
  • FYI: “AB Curves” work better than “Adaptive Curves”. Also, I try to drive the same direction in curvy headlands rather than coming back the other direction. I know that’s not always possible, but I do it that way any time possible. That being said, I’m not one to pass judgment on guys that run markers, if we had them I would certainly use them. I’ve just never had them to use, so these are the things I’ve learned over several years using gps only.

    Derek SchmuckerDerek Schmucker6 dager siden
  • Watching the drone footage ...nice..

    Clive HaleClive Hale6 dager siden
  • it was sunny down here in madison minnesota all weekend

    Colton ClaytonColton Clayton6 dager siden
  • Chet, what cameras are you folks using? Looking at GoPro Hero 9 Max’s?

    Jason RugglesJason Ruggles6 dager siden
  • Superbe vidéo avec de très belles vues aériennes et depuis le semoir👍👌

    Jean Louis BinchetJean Louis Binchet6 dager siden
  • Little LetterKenny reference 👍🏼

    John HeltonJohn Helton6 dager siden
  • What drone do you use?

    Dave GrzybekDave Grzybek6 dager siden
    • Dji Zoom

      Larson FarmsLarson Farms6 dager siden
  • Awesome drone footage

    Ohio Farm LifeOhio Farm Life6 dager siden
  • Another awesome video!!! All you guys are great! Chet awesome job with the drone and awesome job to you Nikki for another great edit job.

    Jason SeemanJason Seeman6 dager siden
  • How long before the Corn Pops to the surface ?

    45searay45searay6 dager siden
  • A clear indicator of a good YT channel is the number of views-to-total subscribers ratio. All your videos always get a high number of views from your loyal subscriber base. A lot of that boils down to the main characters of Chet, Dougo, and big Swede, but an equally important component is Nikki’s excellent editing. It’s top notch. 👍🏼

    Happy CanayjianHappy Canayjian6 dager siden
  • Dougo...I feel the flags you have on the tractor are fantastic...way to go!!

    Dar PaquinDar Paquin6 dager siden
  • Drone footage was great.

    Hillbilly Horticulture Selkirk OntHillbilly Horticulture Selkirk Ont6 dager siden
  • Amazing you have come so far Larson farms praying for you little Nikki

    Charles ShawCharles Shaw6 dager siden
  • guys, you're worth more than you work for. It's time to finish the sowing

    Игорь КИгорь К6 dager siden
  • Good to know that I'm not the only one who calls the scammers back ! LOL. Get emm Dougo!

    Kevin MeyerKevin Meyer6 dager siden
  • Gotta make sure all your measurements for your planter are spot on to get it to steer right around the headlands But you need an rtk globe on the planter abd a steerable hitch to get it spot on for what you guys prob want We do fine with an 80ft air seeder but a 1ft gap or 1ft over lap isn't a big issue to us

    fowletm1992fowletm19926 dager siden
  • I put globe on planter with sf3 and was told it would do curves. Same problem as you I still use markers on curves. I’m like Dougo and can steer fairly close

    roger frankroger frank6 dager siden
  • unfortunately the numbers are usually spoofed numbers tho lol

    candianwelderfarmercandianwelderfarmer6 dager siden
  • Are both white tanks on back of corn planter for clean water?

    roger frankroger frank6 dager siden
  • Think Nikki and Chet are paying it forward by donating to people in need now that commodity prices are way up? I don’t think that well to do families that ask for money think like that.

    Nick JonesNick Jones6 dager siden
  • Drone shots were awesome!

    Nick JewartNick Jewart6 dager siden
  • i watch a lot of other farm video and there is a system out there that would work for you but as a non farmer i can't say with certainty it is available to you

    Ron LowensteinRon Lowenstein6 dager siden
  • Chet sounds like an equipment encyclopedia

    jl Highfieldjl Highfield6 dager siden
    • Oh btw, the 1st moon shot probably had less electronics than you'll deal with

      jl Highfieldjl Highfield6 dager siden
  • 🗽👍🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    Irish KristoffIrish Kristoff6 dager siden
  • That area code is here in northern Colorado

    Leonard YoungerLeonard Younger6 dager siden
  • Lovin the drone footage!

    Josh LawsonJosh Lawson6 dager siden
  • Hoping nikki returns soon.getter done boys.

    Exotic TonesExotic Tones6 dager siden
  • Great music selection for the drone. Not sure who edits, but they know their stuff. Keep em coming.

    Dan InkrotDan Inkrot6 dager siden
  • 125mph, can’t have been a dodge

    Robert JDRobert JD6 dager siden
  • Those who do a thumbs down, need to visit a doctor

    Robert JDRobert JD6 dager siden
  • Fantastic video.

    Mark AumickMark Aumick6 dager siden
  • Wow great video very enjoyable. Every minute was great. Praying day and night for Nicole to have a full recovery. Thanks for sharing.

    Chris GossmanChris Gossman6 dager siden
  • Y’all are still in our prayers hang in there kids 👍😃

    Joseph E. FuytinckJoseph E. Fuytinck6 dager siden
  • Settings > auto track settings > curve settings turn it up to about 145. I have everything up around the 130/135. Mark. Even steering response.

    Farmer fullerFarmer fuller6 dager siden
  • I totally sympathize with u on having rootworms. I had a bunch of that too. They traced it to the cheap food I was eating at Taco Bell.

    Alex DrakeAlex Drake6 dager siden
  • Hi . How many acres do you farm.?

    John DarinJohn Darin6 dager siden
  • What kind of Drone you have Chet?????

    Keith ErwinKeith Erwin6 dager siden
  • When those people call tell them that you’ve got a 2020 Lamborghini they hang up the phone right away and don’t call back

    BigBob AlsfasserBigBob Alsfasser6 dager siden
  • Chets been watching Letterkenny. “Pitter Patter”. LOL

    Matt BlackMatt Black6 dager siden
  • Lot of times those spam calls are from spoofed (fake) numbers, so calling back doesn't help.

    agentcrmagentcrm6 dager siden
  • Enjoyed it

    James NewtonJames Newton6 dager siden
  • Wikid awesome drone footage and background music, great work Niki...

    Tom NellisTom Nellis6 dager siden
  • Ahh yes, tecterm corn is nice, got in at $3.00 per futures contract. Love me some corn money!

    Aero GamerAero Gamer6 dager siden
  • Awesome footage, great content, flawless editing . . . sweet.

    M PhasizeM Phasize6 dager siden
  • This was a very kuul video 📹 production. Not bad at all guys n gal's. 10/4. ✈ ♕

    Mike CrakeMike Crake6 dager siden
  • The drone is awesome

    Cowboy DaveCowboy Dave6 dager siden
  • more drone!!

    TericNoahTericNoah6 dager siden
  • My boss let me plant and that was a big mistake cuz when he came back to run the tractor he said to keep going cuz he couldn't plant that straight compared to his planting. And after that the next year I planted the whole works as a hire man ! We were behind in cultivating and our neighbors that planted and cultivated before it snowed,as this was in June and it snowed 3-5 inches and the corn that got cultivated before the snow started turning brown and we cultivated after the snow and our corn looked great, best yields we ever had in corn and beans.

    Robert HakemanRobert Hakeman6 dager siden
  • We have a mounted planted and it works with adaptive curve amazingly but I can see how it wouldn’t work that great with a drawn planter

    Cornelius FarmsCornelius Farms6 dager siden
  • We have an EZ-Steer on are 5288 international and it works just fine. But yeah we still like to plant manually. No nothing just you and steering wheel

    CJ OlsonCJ Olson6 dager siden
  • What job does the round yellow warning light on top of the Rx 420 have? I saw it flashing/rotating in the drone footage for just a little bit at 21:29, then it was off the rest of the footage. (Assumed it was just for transport) Just curious. Love, love watching ya'lls videos. Nikki prayers are still coming your way.

    Glenn GoreGlenn Gore6 dager siden
  • This is the best video you have edited EVER! Great job Nicole!

    Blackhawk ReviewtvBlackhawk Reviewtv6 dager siden
  • Fine machines you have there gentlemen!

    mgmchicagomgmchicago6 dager siden
  • Hire yourself an IT expert to setup your system and then give you Tutelage on how to do it. It will be money well spent.

    CWWCWW6 dager siden
  • Hey Chet. Wondering what your grandfather thinks of todays technology and tractors? I assume he also farmed.

    John SimonekJohn Simonek6 dager siden
  • Thanks for the drone footage that’s awesome Chet. Still praying for your wife

    David LucasDavid Lucas6 dager siden
  • I use markers on the end rows too. I can drive way better than the tractor going around curves.

    Casey MacCasey Mac6 dager siden
  • Have you done side by sides running at slower speeds vs high speed?

    Andreas ScheurerAndreas Scheurer6 dager siden
  • Dougo is right about prices going up everyday.

    Mark KingMark King6 dager siden
  • Loved the drone footage

    CamBreBet3 vCamBreBet3 v6 dager siden
  • All them hours building AB lines with John Deere towers prolly won’t like it when I say they don’t have their RTK towers opis filed In so if that tower ever falls down or they replace a globe on it all your lines will shift and be garbage so might be something to check into this summer opis filing all your lines so you don’t have to rebuild them!

    Jared ClarkJared Clark6 dager siden