Pianist & Freestyle Rapper BLOW MINDS on Omegle ft. Marcus Veltri

16. april. 2021
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Ok people... it's time. You've heard the rumors. And now... without further ado, I proudly present:
It's been reported that Omegle stock shot to the moon on the day of this legendary recording session (note: this is not official investing advice). Seriously though- what an honor to team up with such an incredibly talented pianist and a true Omegle GOD 🙏🏻
Make sure you head over to @Marcus Veltri 's channel for a whole 'nother video full of EPIC performances and reactions from our collab!
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  • It was an absolute pleasure working with you Harry!! Your freestyling is on another level 🔥

    Marcus VeltriMarcus VeltriMåned siden
    • Damn the two of you alone will cure this pandemic... kill the Virus with your FIREEEE.

      brytsyd11brytsyd1148 minutter siden
    • You guys are amazing 🤜🏽🤛🏽❤

      KEZAKEZA10 timer siden
    • Best entertainer marcusssss keys 😮😮😮

      daniel donnelldaniel donnellDag siden
    • You compliment each other i love the colab both personalities together are subsonic

      George PorrittGeorge Porritt2 dager siden
    • Facts. So is your playing

      daniel jodreydaniel jodrey2 dager siden
  • This freestyle guy....i have no words...he all used it....

    Patrik StarPatrik Star5 minutter siden
  • You should use/record that music and lyrics u made for the two ny girls

    ExalorExalorTime siden
  • Omg the best freestyle I have ever heard

    sugarsugar2 timer siden
  • the interstellar rap was fucking a platinum single.

    James CombsJames Combs2 timer siden
  • bro this was fucking insane

    James CombsJames Combs2 timer siden
  • Love it

    Natsu DragneelNatsu Dragneel2 timer siden
  • ✌🏻for part 2

    DK PhysiqueDK Physique3 timer siden
  • Best collab 2021

    DK PhysiqueDK Physique3 timer siden
  • 0:23 - 0:38 epic moments

    sherif shalabysherif shalaby4 timer siden
  • Dude...the first one HAS TO BE ON SPOTIFY!!!!!!

    DawnoftheDead1DawnoftheDead14 timer siden
  • I love you rap man.... How you do it so smooth man.... Respect from malaysia🇲🇾🇲🇾😁😁😁

    CRU OPSCRU OPS4 timer siden

    Reymar CenonReymar Cenon4 timer siden
  • Liked and subscribed with the bell. Keep going man.

    · Zekrosai ·· Zekrosai ·5 timer siden
  • oh man thats out of the world

    JonussJonuss9 timer siden
  • Best collab of all time. Prove me wrong.

    Callum PatmoreCallum Patmore10 timer siden
  • 1000th 🌟 ⭐ 🌠 💫 🥰

    GAME FelexGAME Felex10 timer siden
  • damn can anyone please tell me he dropped a music with this pianist

    Christian CuananChristian Cuanan10 timer siden
  • Wuuuuu that 🔥🔥.... Can u guys do one thing? Like a flow in comment section!? Fans will show up back 🔥

    N.G.H.A SOSN.G.H.A SOS13 timer siden
  • loving this harry got that amhad back in the day sound

    AsylumGaming603AsylumGaming60313 timer siden
  • Who else been with Harry before 10K

    JakeJake15 timer siden
  • Ohhh shitt.. Merinding gua bangsat...

    Dede BungasDede Bungas15 timer siden
  • Perfect combination!!!!

    Jimmy TJimmy T17 timer siden
  • 9:39 that ThAnk you *eye roll* was the most perfect teenager moment lol

    Go BloopyourselfGo Bloopyourself17 timer siden

    Calebe SHERIFFCalebe SHERIFF17 timer siden
  • Two of the best!!

    Jimmy TJimmy T17 timer siden
  • Wow the first girls got a good one!

    Jimmy TJimmy T17 timer siden
  • I didn’t know you were together oh shit!!!

    Jimmy TJimmy T17 timer siden
  • Yoow

    Diky DarmawanDiky Darmawan17 timer siden
  • Sou do Brasil

    Fabio CostaFabio Costa17 timer siden
  • Muacus killed it with the classy keyboard tunes, that was uplifting to watch guys

    Dani HabbalDani Habbal18 timer siden
  • What is the tune name from The 2nd one (the chicken goujan, vodka, lipstick) that was fire

    Ricardo CruizRicardo Cruiz19 timer siden
  • Водка кто поймёт тот поймёт 🤣👌

    ПрОСтОй ПаРенЁкПрОСтОй ПаРенЁк22 timer siden
  • Basi pazzesche

    TRLNTRLN22 timer siden
  • The rapper is fucking incredible holy fucking shit.

    Audio NatureAudio Nature23 timer siden
  • that s fucking good

  • That was sick!!!!!! Absolutely amazing guys👍👍👍👍👍

    John McKinneyJohn McKinneyDag siden
  • Harry Mack needs to go on a talent show and just rap about what the judges are wearing 😂

    RankUpTubeRankUpTubeDag siden
  • Every time Harry starts rapping my smile progressively gets bigger and bigger and my head nod increases in intensity 😂

    RankUpTubeRankUpTubeDag siden
  • Congrats 1 million subscriber !!

    ducky duckyducky duckyDag siden
  • 😯Damn👍👍👍👍👍

    Renan BondocRenan BondocDag siden
  • HOLY FUCK!!! :D :D

    Jan ButznerJan ButznerDag siden
  • 5 stars free concert

    Muhammad Ilham RosyidMuhammad Ilham RosyidDag siden
  • 10:00 Best one .

    FillaDelphFillaDelphDag siden
  • If it wasnt for the loads of penises on the Omegle, I would go live just in the hope to meet these legends! Ehermm Mack and Marcus is alright tho :P

    Simon MarkSimon MarkDag siden
  • Best rapper everrrrrrrrrrrrr☺️☺️☺️☺️

    daniel donnelldaniel donnellDag siden
  • This was fs one of the dopest collabs I’ve seen in a while

    Jesus MoraJesus MoraDag siden
  • Holy shit, that tune at 6:30 was soooooo frickin good!

    Yifan FeiYifan FeiDag siden
  • Does Marcus make beats ? Because he should !!!

    Randy RossRandy RossDag siden
  • that guys voice is sick....

    Created LuckCreated LuckDag siden
  • I thought the rapper was Drake or something hhahaha sorry about my brain

    シGabsシGabsDag siden
  • I loved that guys, I had to laugh a bit when the first ladies started gushing and yer all, like, blushing :P It was pretty awesome, so nice to see such talent getting out into the Earth-i-Verse :) I am having a total smile time here, thank you so much! Big cheers from PNW Canada, in da trees, by the water!

    OgsonofgrooOgsonofgrooDag siden
  • what's the name of this piece

    Minimal PhotoshopMinimal PhotoshopDag siden
  • Damn.... Sounds like Pharcyde.

    kevkevDag siden
  • Subscribed to Markus after this. . Sick piano beats. . Hope they collab again. .

    shawnclark321shawnclark321Dag siden
  • That girl who wanted cocaine and all that I felt so bad. She's absolutely gorgeous and probably really deals with substance and depression. Poor sweet heart

    Dundie_WinnerDundie_WinnerDag siden
  • Get him to a million guys i cant believe its not reached yet what is wrong with ppl honestly

    George PorrittGeorge Porritt2 dager siden
    • Hes beasting it and now adding Marcus veltri come on guys show the love

      George PorrittGeorge Porritt2 dager siden
  • That's a mind blowing 🔥yaee... you really hit off 👍❤️ I'm here your newly big fans.❤️ New Subscriber

    Hingba FilmoreHingba Filmore2 dager siden
  • Lit

    Manu mManu m2 dager siden
  • I am definitely not going to do some things and download this as an a mp3 to listen to this in my free time :3

    Noodle CashNoodle Cash2 dager siden
  • The intro was just insane fiya

    JahWens SoulutionJahWens Soulution2 dager siden
  • Terbaekkkk pokokna mah mamang ieu

    Rinto HariantoRinto Harianto2 dager siden
  • .

    Harry TMHarry TM2 dager siden
  • 12:50 Can I please Cashapp you? Lol

    Manuel da CostaManuel da Costa2 dager siden
  • Damn u so good 😍😍😍😍👍🏻👍🏻...

    jonotampan Gembongjonotampan Gembong2 dager siden
  • 16:24 dan tdm is that you?

    RuzzixツRuzzixツRuzzixツRuzzixツ2 dager siden
  • Almost brake my neck

    Raja SinagaRaja Sinaga2 dager siden
  • Nice

    YT Pyscho 1YT Pyscho 12 dager siden
  • 4:23 bro what are they doing😂

    TrymTrym2 dager siden
  • Wow cool hahaha

    it'sJamesgamingit'sJamesgaming2 dager siden
  • I can totally rap better 😏😏😏

    Irtwange IorwaseIrtwange Iorwase2 dager siden
  • This is so Dope 🔥❤️😌

  • You are super talented maaaaan wtf

    Gg BbbGg Bbb2 dager siden
  • Is there anyone that knows the chords for the piano part in the cocaine or the football freestyle? I am trying to learn it for fun, but I am a beginner in piano.

    Jeremy ChhorJeremy Chhor2 dager siden
  • Awesome

    Danyal EidiDanyal Eidi2 dager siden
  • And I just want to thank the NOworld algorithm for not pushing the same 250 videos and allowing me to discover this talented duo.

    Ambrosia314Ambrosia3142 dager siden
  • Favorite part 14:23 to 16:23

    Ali JawadAli Jawad2 dager siden
  • Marry hac is in the.... Room!!

    Mr. PenMr. Pen2 dager siden
  • Can we please have some music?

    Emmanuel OnwuegbulemEmmanuel Onwuegbulem2 dager siden
  • Uh, Omegle, never head of it, kinda cool, won't ever be found on it. Still, super fun to watch on NOworld.

    BiscuitPuncherBiscuitPuncher2 dager siden
  • that first one needs to be a track

    SmartNinjaSmartNinja2 dager siden
  • Would like to see a video featuring Mr. Wobbles

    Jared RothJared Roth2 dager siden
  • The chemistry is crazyyy

    XplicitXplicit2 dager siden
  • The 2 of y’all together are awesome! Props to both of y’all Keep it up

    Jared RothJared Roth2 dager siden
  • I would like to do this freaking ozone thing...

    Arnoldo BejeranoArnoldo Bejerano2 dager siden
  • Maybe Eminem's got some competition now....

    Akshay PaulAkshay Paul2 dager siden
  • Real life eminem

    Mattie 334Mattie 3342 dager siden
  • Such an epic freestyle. Marcus taking it to the next level.

    Sophia BogardSophia Bogard2 dager siden

    Kosta SneiderKosta Sneider2 dager siden
  • Sheeeeshh

    Kingz7Kingz72 dager siden
  • crazyyy

    FranzelFranzel2 dager siden
  • its good

    FranzelFranzel2 dager siden
  • it was honestly amazing lmao

    Carson HulowskiCarson Hulowski2 dager siden
  • yo straight up can be actually songs!

    TMRTMR3 dager siden
  • legend

    bayu saputrabayu saputra3 dager siden
  • Req 24k Goldnn mood

    ErwiN 86ErwiN 863 dager siden
  • 💯💯

    Emanuel EmilioEmanuel Emilio3 dager siden
  • Go to 1M...

    dita qiutdita qiut3 dager siden
  • 8:49 Stranger: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeshhh

    Dragon OfficialDragon Official3 dager siden
  • me want to see a battle with neminem

    Björn ZastrowBjörn Zastrow3 dager siden