PC Gaming Setups - Episode 38

7. nov.. 2020
155 745 Ganger

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Setup Montage is a show just about setups with chill background music, no commentary. So grab your coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy.
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  • I always pray, I hope sometime I will have a computer 🤲

    Agung WaliyansyahAgung Waliyansyah17 dager siden
  • Leo

    mynameisnotimportantmynameisnotimportant18 dager siden
  • Hey, I'd like to do you German subtitles. I am from Germany and I will do them for free. If you are interested, my Discord tag is Candesartan#4295, and of anyone else is interested, I will also do it for them Finn :)

    48ToffifeesIn 60Sekunden48ToffifeesIn 60Sekunden19 dager siden
  • I’m Numpy, remember that name for the next Setup Wars video

    NumpyNumpy21 dag siden
  • Hey Ik u won’t see this but just in case u do , do u reckon u could come to England and make me a gaming setup 🥺

    X2 AirX2 Air21 dag siden
  • how the hell do 14 year olds have insanely good setups

    GeodimGeodim21 dag siden
  • LIAM of course

    HOW TOHOW TO22 dager siden
  • How do you enter btw guys can anyone help

    BoocatBoocat22 dager siden
  • i really enjoy your videos i would like to be in one of them with my ultra budget setup

    Vaultz_Vaultz_22 dager siden
  • Kevin

    x Delixx Delix22 dager siden
  • Where the hell is the voice over

    Joaquin LazatinJoaquin Lazatin22 dager siden
  • is it just me do a lot of pple have like 3 monitors rly nice rgb a fire setup and then like a gtx 980 or 1660 or some shit like that

    cultrdd on twitchcultrdd on twitch22 dager siden

    mr cheesemr cheese22 dager siden
  • I don't get people with 500-800$ PC and 100-200$ in PC case, and another 200$ in keyboard/mouse/mousepad. They have messed up priorities. Also why is everyone using those uncomfortable bad bucket seats? Are they aware that those seats are known to be very uncomfortable and are used in racing cars only for fixing the position of a driver? So weird.

    NiohNioh22 dager siden
  • new intro

    TaiquuTaiquu23 dager siden
  • isnt it setup montage, instead of pc gaming setups?

    abrahyisabrahyis23 dager siden
  • Mending rakit PC:)

    Muhammad ZulfikarMuhammad Zulfikar23 dager siden
  • Im here with a potato laptop Waiting to buy a new setup with a good pc

    YO1TZYO1TZ23 dager siden
  • This makes me feel poor

    Moe RadwanMoe Radwan23 dager siden
  • cool

    lightlight23 dager siden
  • Damn its crazy to see what these guys have and I always say ill never be able to have any of that😐

    RS GamingRS Gaming23 dager siden
  • how do i submit my setup?

    Will haywood mtbWill haywood mtb24 dager siden
  • I fell like Liam has the best setup

    REVERTREVERT24 dager siden
  • can anyone else hear a distinct crackling noise ? its very distracting

    Thisura ThiranagamaThisura Thiranagama24 dager siden
  • I only watch this to make my self feel bad.

    Who askedWho asked24 dager siden
  • can anyone can say what is the name of the pc wallpaper which was gave in the thumbnail pc

    6A 34 Rayeed Hasin6A 34 Rayeed Hasin24 dager siden
  • How can I put my setup on setub wars

    Philip MalanPhilip Malan24 dager siden
    • Desc

      Logan AllenLogan Allen23 dager siden
  • leos was the nicest imo and kevins was also super clean

    kyrankyran24 dager siden
  • I know nothing about PC's and looking at the prices it's a bit overwhelming but the set-ups are incredible!

    KevinKevin24 dager siden
  • Leo

    Debbie DebDebbie Deb24 dager siden
  • it scares me the fact that most of these expensive setups have at least only 75hz monitors ._.

    Vincent CardonaVincent Cardona25 dager siden
  • All I need is cable management for my setup smh

    strivzystrivzy25 dager siden
  • leo

    Jakers501Jakers50125 dager siden
  • i'm getting my pc in a few days can't wait but not sure how to do my setup so watching some videos

    Jimmy JewtronzJimmy Jewtronz25 dager siden
  • Dang Liam’s setup was unique cuz mostly everyone uses IKEA tables but he had something else which was good

    Tirth PatelTirth Patel25 dager siden
  • Leo

    pnutpnut26 dager siden
  • Leo was best imo

    AstroAstro26 dager siden
  • Were my setup its been like 4 months 😒

    Alfa VideoAlfa Video26 dager siden
  • I need a set up cuz i dont want one

    Light VoltLight Volt26 dager siden
    • I mean i do want one

      Light VoltLight Volt26 dager siden
    • I mean i have one

      Light VoltLight Volt26 dager siden
  • Mr. Ed, I really need a setup makeover because I currently have a Q6600 and a GTX 460 in my pc, as I cant play my favorite game, Fortnite, I have to use GeForce Now to play it, which takes forever, and I also want to get into streaming. I live in Virginia though, could you please make a setup makeover for Virginia. Thank You

  • Am watching this video after my pc just stop working😭 F to pay respects

    Kyle CoxKyle Cox26 dager siden
  • I just bought a pc and i need help with my rgb fans i dont know how to place them

    Edmond RotaEdmond Rota26 dager siden
  • Why does the second setup have two mousepads??

    Anthony MontanoAnthony Montano26 dager siden
  • I thought this was a pc gaming setup vid, not a montage!

    Caleb ScheveCaleb Scheve26 dager siden
  • Hello give me the Old GTX1660Super please ☻

    Hicham GouchidaHicham Gouchida26 dager siden
  • 4 first seconds he is speaking chinesse

    Sebastián HuberツSebastián Huberツ26 dager siden
  • i cannot afford a normal computer i am dreaming to get this computers

    DW Ashura GamingDW Ashura Gaming26 dager siden
  • i like the music

    Ognjen MilićOgnjen Milić26 dager siden
  • I mean i dont know man *roblox setup wars* ??

    WastedWasted26 dager siden
  • I just wish if he could Come to my country i would be so happy i have always wanted a gaming setup i would do what it takes just so he can help me build my gaming Setup idk why in so happy writing this but please ser this and help me i know om being annoying but i just want a gaming setup.love from sweden

    ExoticExotic26 dager siden
  • Kevin

    Jimin ヤギツJimin ヤギツ26 dager siden
  • When’s console setups coming

    Duh_itschris ψDuh_itschris ψ26 dager siden
  • For me the wonner is Liam

    Cosimo BuglioniCosimo Buglioni26 dager siden
  • Bruh I got a pc with Cpu RYZEN 7 3700x Ram 16gb 3200 2x8 rgb M.b b550 a pro msi Vga Rtx 2070 super msi Psu 750w Case 4fan rgb control Hdd 1 tb 7200 Ssd 1tb And a ximatech case And a lg 144 hz monitor with free sync A gaming chair A Logitech g516 carbon A razer naga trinity L shaped desk Arctis 5s A ps4 512gb 1080p tv A hp laptop with An i7 Intel intergrated graphics A 1000 watt ups And y’all say ur cable management is trash like dude my setup costs more than ur entire family

    Pain BitePain Bite26 dager siden
    • Ok, but who even asked?

      LukiLuki4 dager siden
  • Can anyone reply to me a link to the discord group cuz i accidentally left it

    BradBrad26 dager siden
  • I know nobody cares or asked but I’m finally going to be getting my first pc! I’ve wanted one for 4 years and I’ll finally be getting a beast

    Retr0Retr026 dager siden
  • 2nd Liam *last one

    GameArtexGameArtex26 dager siden
  • I liked Liam and Leo's the most but if I had to choose it would be Leo

    ArticsArtics26 dager siden
  • hey, build a joker themed pc

    adi sunadi sun26 dager siden
  • Liam is has every spec and same look as the setup I’m gonna build In a month except my set up is gonna have a 2600x and a 1660ti

    Cdues31 _Cdues31 _26 dager siden
  • This makes me feel small... and broke

    ZolotoyZolotoy26 dager siden
  • I just wish i could afford those things

    Bacon BoyBacon Boy26 dager siden
  • BRO can I please have your number I been tryna get all the parts for my pc for 2 years I finnaly was able to get the money I ordered my parts and I was able to build some if it but I’m so confused with the wires

    NLE kyroNLE kyro26 dager siden
  • Liam both

    pawan tanwarpawan tanwar26 dager siden
  • please make a room wars video or something. My room is so bland and I need some suggestions on decor

    c̲͚̲͢c̲͚̲͢26 dager siden
  • Can you please, make a video about using an 8k tv like Samsung 55 Q900 QLED as a monitor as well?

    Mahdi GilakMahdi Gilak26 dager siden
  • I cant afford

    Jeo Gabriel LabicaniJeo Gabriel Labicani26 dager siden
  • hey, could you also do commentaries over these? without it, it just makes the video kinda plain...😬

    WakandaWRLDWakandaWRLD26 dager siden
  • I'm just curious, what are the specs for you're PC builds ? (this is for everyone in the comments)

    A Life in AnimationA Life in Animation26 dager siden
  • Bro where do I send u my stuff ???

    RamenTuberRamenTuber26 dager siden
    • Like my pictures of setup and stuff

      RamenTuberRamenTuber26 dager siden
  • boring content again

    joeru roherujoeru roheru26 dager siden
  • The people that submit there stupa net worth: 1 billion The people who watch the videos: I o u

    Tedtech5046Tedtech504626 dager siden
  • My laptop runs goddamn happy wheels at 5fps

    true__ peacocktrue__ peacock26 dager siden
  • Look with setup war's budget edition people choose like a budget of 5k like why the hell that much isnt that waste ur money edition What i was thinking of a normal budget is 1k

    RAMPAG3 S3NNARAMPAG3 S3NNA26 dager siden
    • If ur reading this this was just poop idk just want some likes etc but have a nice day @everyone :)

      RAMPAG3 S3NNARAMPAG3 S3NNA26 dager siden
  • NONE!

    SupremeMr GamingSupremeMr Gaming26 dager siden
  • Hay es?

    SarkisツSarkisツ26 dager siden
  • Hey what’s a good prebuilt pc website

    OG MegaOG Mega26 dager siden
  • I’m kinda getting tired of always seeing that stormtrooper background ngl

    Alex MartinAlex Martin27 dager siden
  • I'm from Brazil and this channel helps me more in idea to make my gamer setup congratulations to the servant of this channel 👏👏

    João lorenzoJoão lorenzo27 dager siden
  • the most high tech thing about my setup is an empty coke can

    myusernamemyusername27 dager siden
  • I just turned 13 November 5 and I didn’t get any presents and One day I would wish to have a setup like this

    Smith FamilySmith Family27 dager siden
  • Feck i hate setup montages, normal setup wars is better becouse In those you talk but In montages i need to read everything myself

    nakki gamingnakki gaming27 dager siden
  • You know, I liked Liam's, but Liam's was probably a tad better for my taste..... then again Liam did probably have more to use than Liam, but I'd still go with Liam's setup =D

    SYNcSYNc27 dager siden
  • whats the music in all the setups plz link ed

    DensercrayonDensercrayon27 dager siden
  • didnt get featrured again

    Soncini ProductionsSoncini Productions27 dager siden
  • Lets go edgar is armenian im to I live in yerevan Բարև👋

    It's GanGIt's GanG27 dager siden
  • how can his red dragon keyboard change colors mine cant 😐

    JaysonGoCrazyJaysonGoCrazy27 dager siden
  • Bruh

    mr infinitemr infinite27 dager siden
  • If you ever feel useless Think about the people that say "first"

    ToFu XDToFu XD27 dager siden
  • My pc is a prebuilt with a metal side panel and I want to put rgb in it with a glass side panel so I can see the lights in all it’s epicness is there some way I can make sure it fits correctly?

    Arya TwoheyArya Twohey27 dager siden
  • guys who ping please

    ChungasChungas27 dager siden
  • plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me pc plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    gnani gamer science and techgnani gamer science and tech27 dager siden
  • I love this :)

    FudgeamellowFudgeamellow27 dager siden
  • Leo

    Neeraj FrancisNeeraj Francis27 dager siden
  • How to join this episode? I want to share my pc setup too 😁

    Achmad Nurkholik Dwi HariadiAchmad Nurkholik Dwi Hariadi27 dager siden
  • Leo❤️❤️❤️

    Agraharapu CharanAgraharapu Charan27 dager siden
  • When you are going to build a bugdet setup. Cant wait to see any setup video on tech source channel

    Jan PetechJan Petech27 dager siden
  • Lol first

    Ifounddaway Itsdaqueen2016Ifounddaway Itsdaqueen201627 dager siden
  • disqualify all the single monitor setups

    LowKey-IlLowKey-Il27 dager siden
    • true

      aaabatteryaaabattery27 dager siden
  • Hey TechSource! I’m a big fan. and I alwaysed wanted a pc.i don’t care how much it would cost for me but I’m also only 12 so I’m struggling on getting atleast $167 dell pc I’m trying but hope u can make my dream come true!!#Techsource

    Twisted RoxyTwisted Roxy27 dager siden