PC Gaming Setups - Episode 37

31. okt.. 2020
153 687 Ganger

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Setup Montage is a show just about setups with chill background music, no commentary. So grab your coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy.
►Setup Montage Playlist: noworld.info/fun/PLTW2MN17j-L3WLtH8LCogFSs6iPXRjdHe.html
►JAM's Setup
Desk: custom made from Ikea. Drawer - ikea (alex drawer.
Monitor: Acer ED322QRP 31.5inch Curved 144Hz
Keyboard: Coolermaster RGB mechanical.
Mouse: Logitech MX master 2S
Mic: Stadium USBMIC1
Speakers: KRK Rokit5
headphones: beats
Plants: Bamboo and fake ikea plants.
Avengers Popheads: Zing
►Kevins Setup
Desk: Origami Desk
Monitor: LG 34GK950-F
Keyboard: Ducky One 2 TKL: Cherry MX Nature White
Mouse: Razer Mamba Wireless
Mousepad: Razer Invicta Gaming Mousepad
Headphones: Bose QC 35 II
Controller: X Box One
Speakers: Bose Companion 2 Series III
Footrest: MerLerner Foot Rest Under Desk
Chair: DXRacer Formula Series FH11 Newedge Edition
►Khazen's Setup
Desk: Ikea Linnmon/ Alex
Moniters: 2 Benq VZ2350, 2 ASUS VG278QE
KeyBoard: Ducku One 2 Mini
Mouse: Glorious Model O
Speakers: Razer Leviathan
Moniter Stand: Newstar 3 moniter stand
Headset: Steel Series Arctis 7
Mousepad: Steel Series QcK Prism
►Kyle's Setup
Desk: Custom built
Monitor: #1 (MSI optix mag241cr 144hz), #2 (LG 22MC57HQ-P), #3 (LG 22MP48)
Keyboard: Genius Scorpion K10 Gaming Keyboard
Mouse: Rapoo V280 VPRO Gaming mouse
Speakers: Logitech Z150 2.0 Channel
Moniter Mounts: Custom made bracket for desk
Headphones: Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma
Microphone: Blue Yeti
Mousepad: Razer Goliathus Speed Terra Edition Soft Extended
Chair: Basic office chair
Extras: Custom made shelf where I keep my comics, supplements and boxes of PC components
►Kyle's #2 Setup
Setup Items:
Desk- IKEA Brown Desk (Old Unknown Model)
Left Monitor- Lenevo LT2252p Wide 60hz 1060p
Middle/Main Monitor- LG 24GL600F 144hz 1080p
Right Monitor- DELL SE2416H 60hz 1080p
Keyboard- Corsair K95 rgb Platinum
Mouse- Logitech G903 Lightspeed
Mousepad- Corsair MM300
Headset- Logitech G332 SE
Speakers-ASI Audio SP.10600.019
Pencil Sharpener- Bostitch EPS4
Google Home Mini
Phone Stand- Lamicoll S1
Headset Stand- New Bee Headset Stand
Chair- Aereon Chair by Herman Miller
Backpack- Under Armour Storm

  • 4:18 didnt know that pencil sharpener had a built in speaker

    Gian-Paolo VizcarraGian-Paolo VizcarraMåned siden
    • omg haha same

      Its siddharthaIts siddharthaMåned siden
    • you have to constantly sharpen pencils for it to work

      colgateman1000colgateman1000Måned siden
    • Lmfao

      waleedald0waleedald0Måned siden
    • Lmao why did it say audio its clearly a pencil sharpener

      natenateMåned siden
  • Khazen is the best by far

    Mason WayneMason Wayne14 timer siden
  • Hey tech source is urcdkeys.com a safe website to buy windows 10 pro?

    NemoNemo10 dager siden
  • can you please speak in your videos while reacting to the setups?

    ElBasodaElBasoda20 dager siden
  • Whats the first song?

    Ron JoshuaRon Joshua21 dag siden
  • 4 monitors is kinda overkill tbh

    Alex MartinAlex Martin23 dager siden
  • those monitor layouts make me sad

    kyrankyran24 dager siden
  • this is nice tbh wish i had this i like my setup but im renting a pc and have no room on this small desk but hey its still a setup

    shoqrsshoqrs27 dager siden
  • Jam is the nicest, Bc it’s so clean

    Kevin SchwickKevin Schwick28 dager siden
  • Hello guys ✌️✌️❤️

    HOT GIRLS TVHOT GIRLS TV28 dager siden
  • I think the asi audio speaker is a pencil sharpner.

    Davis MengDavis Meng28 dager siden
  • Me: too poor to buy a pc Him: saves up money as a kid by mowing the lawn

    Huj FNHuj FN29 dager siden
  • Kyle was my favorite

    Hala JanabiHala Janabi29 dager siden
  • windows 10 is free if you get any dead laptop with a windows 7 or 8 cd key on it still people!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just upgrade from there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eli PercivalEli Percival29 dager siden
  • I need help. I’ve been wanting to build a pc for a while and I’ve been playing on a ps4 pro for the past 3 years. I’m finally deciding I want to build a starter pc and setup. I don’t have very much knowledge of the parts, only basic things. My friend helped me out a bit with a guideline on what parts to put in, but I modified mine just a little putting in more money in places like the power supply, ram, and hard drive. This Is what I have so far, but I don’t know if it’s good or not. I want to keep the whole setup under $1600. My goal is 1440p gaming on at least 120 fps but Ideally 144 on games most because I want a 144hz monitor. This is what Im thinking for the setup but I have a feeling I'm doing something completely wrong. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Motherboard: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK Memory: OLOy WarHawk 16GB Storage: Western Digital Blue 1TB 2.5" Graphics Card: MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT Case: Corsair 275R Airflow ATX Mid Tower (this comes with fans so I diddn't get extra fans) Power Supply: Corsair TXM 650 W Monitor: Acer Nitro VG270U Pbmiipx 27" QHD 2560 x 1440 144Hz 1ms Keyboard: SteelSeries Apex 3 Mouse: Logitech G502 HERO Suggestions? I have a couple of other accessories like cable extenders and together it adds up to 1600.

    Luca SpencerLuca SpencerMåned siden
  • is the 16$ windows legit

    Elijah SuarezElijah SuarezMåned siden
  • hello ed uhm im a Filipino and i already watch your videos, i just wanna ask when will you gonna do the (THE SETUP MAKEOVER AGAIN) cause if you will gonna continue it i will do my best to be chosen ed cause my pc like a cheap one i buy it in a price of: 16,500 php ( in USD it only cost 330 USD here is the specs of my pc: Ryzen 3 3600 gigabyte A320M-H Elite ddr4 8gb 266 (1 STICK ONLY) adata SU650 120 gb ssd no gpu no video card POWER SUPPLY UNIT ATX 700w not modular, not true rated( DOESN'T HAVE A SWITCH JUST PLUG THE CABLE STRAIGHT TO GENERATOR) CASE: CVS ACRYLIC WITH RGB LED STRIP(GENERIC ONLY NOT A HIGH END CHASIS CASE) keyboard and mouse bundle:(i dont know the name the name is written by chinese) and its not a mechanical keyboard and the space bar keep stucking when i click it also its rgb but cant chase the color cause its fake. monitor: nvision 18.5 inches if you want proof here is the link( noworld.info/video/video/0Xq2gcCwtdy-ysk.html ) also i am a vlogger and i vlog my unboxing of my pc and i want to stream too but my pc is a low specs and cannot support streaming and high end games AND THATS ALL, thats why i want to join in the setup make over and this pc is like 2 or 3 months old thats all ed please choose me if you want a picture just say it i will picture it anytime you want im not joking or anything i just what to have like close to my dream pc build

    Rheljayy The utuvirRheljayy The utuvirMåned siden
  • There was some footage jumps in the video

    Abo RMAAbo RMAMåned siden
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  • Please stop featuring kids below 18 years old who 100% did not pay for/ earn their setups like other amazing ones I have seen!

    hazzafxhazzafxMåned siden
  • Ooo new vid

    Kilin ZeusKilin ZeusMåned siden
  • Thanks for the discount on the windows 10 key. Just built my first computer and this key code helping me stay under my budget

    Michael JimenezMichael JimenezMåned siden
    • theres a lot of people on reddit and different forums that say their key didn't work. was your experience nice?

      Sebastian WærnesSebastian WærnesMåned siden
  • This music reminds me of a wii lobby

    SourSnailSourSnailMåned siden
  • make a video when you take the cleanest setups in setup wars

    Ture KarlgrenTure KarlgrenMåned siden
  • Ed i was wondering if you had any budget pc suggestions

  • my setup is aweful 😢

    NotDELUXE_NotDELUXE_Måned siden
  • Khazen is clean and beautiful

    Its Gelo2xIts Gelo2xMåned siden
  • Can you make a video on how to clean your pc, because my pc has a lot of dust. I try to clean it with a paper towel, doesn't work that well. So, can you please make a video on how to clean a gaming pc

    Aa_th_eesAa_th_eesMåned siden
  • Can you do Christmas tech

    Mayo and AceMayo and AceMåned siden
  • Hey tech source I'm new to the pc world lol n I want build a pc that can hand 180 to 280 fps with rbg lighting but idk where to start

    Jdjdb JdndbrJdjdb JdndbrMåned siden
  • Hey man if your seeing this this would be super helpful., I am planning on building or getting a pc but probably building one and I come across this one issue...., where can I get a 2070 super at, they are sold out everywhere...

    sammy_stiegzsammy_stiegzMåned siden
  • 2:35 OMG THAT HURT MY FEELINGS WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON HE HAS THE KEYCAPS THAT COME WITH ANNE PRO 2 like for anne pro 2 . reply for ducky one 2 mini

    HenryTFMHenryTFMMåned siden
  • 1

    Siddharth BhardwajSiddharth BhardwajMåned siden
  • I have a samsung curved monitor vn panel but i want to get a second ips for gaming like tomb raider etc.. maybe i should also change the samsung to a tn or any 1ms panel i guess so the setup would be good for both competitive and every day gaming. what 1ms cheap would you recommend? and is it good with an rx 570 4gb? :D

    Madward YTMadward YTMåned siden
  • Are you still doing a setup makeover

    EPIc GAMErEPIc GAMErMåned siden
  • can i have one of your old pc plsss ill do anything for it

    Rinify IQRinify IQMåned siden
  • Why does the BOSTITCH ASI audio speaker look like a pencil sharpener?

  • I have $1,400 and I'm gonna build my first PC, do you have any recommendations for parts?

    Juzzou SuzuyaJuzzou SuzuyaMåned siden
  • Love your videos @techsource!

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  • all I want is an alexs drawer unit but they are sold out everywhere

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  • this was clearly not one of ur best videos, I don’t know what happened today but keep trying

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    • Oh wait Nevermind this is supposed to be no commentary

      Daniel ThomasDaniel ThomasMåned siden
  • So imma be building a high end pc and I’m wondering if I should get the RyZen 9 3950x or the intel 10900k? Pc will be for anything you can think of, streaming gaming and productivity

    Dylan FlanaganDylan FlanaganMåned siden
  • How do I submit for worst set up?

    - NjjX- NjjXMåned siden
  • i personally don't like these kinds of vids where ed doesn't talk

    R EESER EESEMåned siden
  • I don’t like how he doesn’t commentate on these anymore

  • Im thinking of buying a prebuilt one and I'm wondering if you guys can tell me if its good and whats the general price range for it.... 512 SSD RTX 2070 Ryzen 5 16 GB RAM 700W Power Supply And dont say just build your own. I dont have the time for it lmao

    Caffatigued OwlCaffatigued OwlMåned siden
  • when u can’t afford a pc so u can’t be in this stuff or play valorant when it looks so fun

    _V3nzy __V3nzy _Måned siden
  • music too good can't concentarte ears have been blessed

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    • Do you know the title?

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  • 4:21 does he realize that speaker can actually sharpen pencils...

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  • Ed should I get a 1tb hard drive with 120gb ssd or a 500gb hdd and a 240gb ssd?

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  • Kyle

    Jimin ヤギツJimin ヤギツMåned siden
  • You should do a console setup these are how many people want it -->

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  • When is the minecraft setup wars ?

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  • This makes me jealous because I don’t have a good gaming setup and I can’t afford a new one 😔

    alphaaWOLF GamingalphaaWOLF GamingMåned siden
  • Just a question, when is the next setup makeover, because I am in middle school, and my pc has a gtx 460 in it, my dad told me, and I cant run any games on it, so I have to play either on my Nintendo Switch, or GeForce now, which only lets you play for a certain amount of time.

    • And I have to share with my brother too

  • I subscribed bruhh

    Thato KeromaThato KeromaMåned siden
  • Hey I got banned from your discord server because I was 12! But in norway you otta be 12 to use discord! please unban me!

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  • Awesome video ed

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  • To Jam if he could see this comment: sanaol may bebe HAHA

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  • Every one has a budget set rather than costly one

    ayyathurai suthanthirakumarayyathurai suthanthirakumarMåned siden
  • I feel like you should say during each setup why it wasn't in the main setup wars and what the person could do to make it better.

    itsdamiritsdamirMåned siden
  • Could you do a $1000-$2000 AUD PC build please

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  • just go to ebay for the windows keys got mine for less than £2

    ッKxiZeyッKxiZeyMåned siden
  • Can you guys give a solution for pc turning on for 1 sec and dead.. And blink red on pc

    Miracle KingMiracle KingMåned siden
  • what editing software you use?

  • I only watc thid videos because I have s setup and i am allways trying to make it better.

    Xjose_00Xjose_00Måned siden
  • Bitcoin is the future and indeed this is the best time to invest

    Joseph SteveJoseph SteveMåned siden
    • 😂😂 Bitconnect.

      GauravXiiGauravXii16 dager siden
    • Bots

      InsomniacInsomniac18 dager siden
    • @TERPZEE YT epic bro

      IchemicalIchemical27 dager siden
    • So Am I gonna become rich and afford an rtx 3080 and Ryzen 9? Coz my father is like he doesn't use his credit card or debit to buy anything he thinks it will get hacked lol my trash life 🤣 literally I have an Rx 570 lol

      TERPZEE YTTERPZEE YT27 dager siden
    • @wobblewobble frrr

      IchemicalIchemical29 dager siden
  • I love how everybody is copying you. You were the first.

    AxeMastersINCAxeMastersINCMåned siden
  • pC gAmInG sEtUpS . just call it setup montage

    Sour Milk loverSour Milk loverMåned siden
  • 4:43 i just realized there are two kyle😂😂😂

    LixツLixツMåned siden
    • English 💯

      g gg gMåned siden
  • In my opinion, Kyle's Setup had the best desk space, I like his preferable's and PC setup and specs :)

    D4rk M4tterD4rk M4tterMåned siden
  • Khazen's setup was my favorite

    SlexxSlexxMåned siden
  • Gotta go with kyle tbh

    sam 1423sam 1423Måned siden
  • another boring montage content

    joeru roherujoeru roheruMåned siden
  • I bought the first computer and I was facing slow and heavy gaming problems despite the high tire number and the specifications of the i5 9400f asus h310mk power supplay 550w gtx 1660super ram 16 ddr4 2666 ssd and I bought a new, stronger device, but for some strange reason the same problem appeared to me as the first device Heavy and slow in games and the specifications of the device were new i7 9700f rtx 2060super ram 16 ddr4 2666 power supplay 600w m.2 nvme asrock h310cm can you help me where is the problem and is it a problem because of the motherboard or not and if because of it what do you advise me

    FortStar💜FortStar💜Måned siden
  • We want commentations.

    Mahir KhanMahir KhanMåned siden
  • Hello sir I Need I help I watch this tutorial here in NOworld on how to convert your 60 hz monitor to 7th hz I did on what he did he said said that restart your computer then I restarted mine then when I open it my windows display is not full it's just the half I cannot see my apps I cannot see the windows bottom either but I can restart it but when I rest red it it's just the same please help me

    Sean Clyde Gaberiel GarciaSean Clyde Gaberiel GarciaMåned siden
  • The video is a lot more better when Ed talks

  • JAM

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  • 523rd

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  • Day 5 of asking Ed for a windows 10 home product key

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  • Ed can you do setup wars kid edition please I’m not a kid btw I’m 18

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