16. april. 2021
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Pierson and I opened a free pet store!!
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    • I wish i had a friend like you Jeremy

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    • Where'd you put all the cat and dogs can you give me cat or dog For free

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  • When I look I was sad cus I do not seeit

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  • We’re they actually aloud to keep them

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  • Do they actually get a pet or do they put it back at the end of the video

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    • I wondered that too

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  • I wish i had a friend like Jeremy😭😭😭

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  • The Kitty that Dom took looked like the Kitty that Ben took

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  • I love this video so much, this made me really want to buy a puppy. But the bad thing is, I'm allergic to animal fur, I can't adopt puppies :(

    WayneWayneDag siden
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  • Hi my name is Addison I'm on my papa's phone because my phone is dead. I'm 8 years old I'm a HUGE fan. And also one more thing to ask. Can you make a video where you read comments from your fans. And please read this when you make that video.

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    I'm trying thoughI'm trying thoughDag siden
  • I like how in the background I can see the people who own the puppies and kitties at 4:06

    Olivia RobinsonOlivia RobinsonDag siden
  • Everyone thinks pierson is a nice person. Dog:bark bark Jeremy:pierson i dont think they like you pierson:ill make them like me 😂😂

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  • Hey yo you still open? My mom said if it’s free I can get one :)

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