Ollie Ball & Jacob Talk Getting Famous, Crazy School Stories & What's Next? - FULL PODCAST EP. 23

6. april. 2021
1 497 384 Ganger

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  • 9:45 i can do that

    QleanFNBRQleanFNBR3 timer siden
  • tetley sales after this dropped>>>>>>>>>>

    Rohan MisirRohan Misir8 timer siden

    Tech TimeTech Time14 timer siden
  • Evian? Nice.

    Bob JonesBob Jones15 timer siden
  • It's ollieball here

    Soumil BaldotaSoumil Baldota16 timer siden
  • How salty is Cal after he gets rinsed with that lasagne joke. He is so emotional lol.

    Lucif3riorLucif3rior18 timer siden
  • £2.40 for the main i swear at my school it's £1.50

    5PID55PID5Dag siden
  • 12:01

    Kacper ZakKacper ZakDag siden
  • Best of luck to these two! Funny, charismatic and smart. Hope they go a long way

    N AN ADag siden
  • Felt like I was watching Ollie Ball & Jacob being interviewed by Ollie ball & Jacob.....Anyone else see the resemblance?

    charlie gcharlie gDag siden
  • 2012

    Cormac FlynnCormac FlynnDag siden
  • Peter Kay x ant and deck ^^^^

    Josh W - NJosh W - NDag siden
  • There school sounds so fun

    BCFC TacticsBCFC TacticsDag siden
  • Don’t usually watch podcasts but had to watch this one

    Dwight DinorahDwight DinorahDag siden
  • cal ruined this lmao

    Lynsey GroganLynsey GroganDag siden
  • I remember playing fortnite and going downstairs for tea 2 hours after my mum shouted me for tea

    Craftty_ mcCraftty_ mc2 dager siden
  • Where’s Ollie’s story about lasagna and the magician I can’t find it 😩😂

    SCF HazmozSCF Hazmoz2 dager siden
  • 30:27 same tbh

    S4M CommentaryS4M Commentary2 dager siden
  • I have a Santandar with £170 and I’m 13

    Dr. BlueDr. Blue2 dager siden
  • Have they got a spotify playlist

    Tyler BarnesTyler Barnes2 dager siden
  • the thai sweet chilli mccoys are sky blue

    George ScottGeorge Scott2 dager siden
  • ollie looks like a small cal and jacob looks like a yung chip

    FurilMCFurilMC2 dager siden
  • The fellas podcast is a fucking shambles

    jack twohigjack twohig2 dager siden
  • Ladies and gentlemen the new ant and dec

    DJ Jay CarpenterDJ Jay Carpenter3 dager siden
  • When you know Oli ball 😃😃

    FligHt _gHostFligHt _gHost3 dager siden
  • I didn’t see cal complaining about the sidemen videos being long when he had the $20000 holiday

    Tommie JuniorTommie Junior3 dager siden
  • next sidemen tinder get these legends on it

    josh smithjosh smith3 dager siden
  • Jacob is the most mature person out of the 4 of them

    Lachie BurtLachie Burt3 dager siden
  • How do you microwave an oven, there is no polar bonds such as water to vibrate to create molecular friction as heat.

    MatthewMatthew3 dager siden
  • they need a yt channel asap

    Athena GoreAthena Gore3 dager siden
  • its ollie ball here

  • Ollie balls new goal keeping move is the pie puller outer

    Alfie BrowningAlfie Browning4 dager siden
  • They should make a yt channel together that would be golden

    Finley DalmeijerFinley Dalmeijer4 dager siden
  • 23:50

    GameGuy9100GameGuy91004 dager siden
  • Proper ding dang doo😂😂

    Sports King htSports King ht4 dager siden
  • school dinners are never right

    O J DruryO J Drury4 dager siden
  • Can someone timestamp when they talk about MSN?

    Hannan KhanHannan Khan4 dager siden
  • The cool thing is, he goes to the school I go to.

    W&VESW&VES4 dager siden
  • “U got to watch the sunrise on the m4”😭😭😭😭

    Ls mmoLs mmo4 dager siden
  • 324 people who misclicked dislike

    Arjun TanwarArjun Tanwar4 dager siden
  • Greggs disrespect will not be taken lightly

    FinlayFinlay5 dager siden
  • Jacob looks like a young Thomas Shelby

    trevnItrevnI5 dager siden
  • I have miss finch

    tommygore_tommygore_5 dager siden
  • 35:30 u can’t brag about a £15 quid t shirt am sorry like but 😂

    UFC 3 KOUFC 3 KO5 dager siden
  • I went to primary with Jacob

    Xytv24Xytv245 dager siden
  • Should get jukeyz on a pod lads

    eZ BrabzeZ Brabz5 dager siden

    Isobel LyallIsobel Lyall5 dager siden
  • My cousin goes to ollie balls school

    LW clxpzLW clxpz5 dager siden

    RobloxGamerBtwwRobloxGamerBtww5 dager siden
  • That bastard magician joke done me 🤣🤣

    Haidan EmeryHaidan Emery5 dager siden
  • “Sidemen Sunday’s are too long, it’s like an hour” Podcast: hour and a half.

    Im2GoodM8Im2GoodM85 dager siden
  • I think they lost one of there camera men after this 🤣

    Charlie FussellCharlie Fussell5 dager siden
  • thes kids are so cringe

    FRSRFRSR5 dager siden
    • people who use the word cringe are cringe

      Mithul BMithul B4 dager siden
  • Jacob listening to the Ink Spots 😂😂😂 magic

    animulord_48animulord_485 dager siden
  • That beef and cheese lasagna story is jokes 😂😂 heard it on UndrTheCosh Matt Kilgallon podcast

    Jared Snaith minogueJared Snaith minogue5 dager siden
  • i got that tuck shop in scotland

    Zaffy FNZaffy FN5 dager siden
  • Release date: July 15, 2012 for the Gangnam banger

    ChrisChris5 dager siden
  • He looks like Simon from goonzquad

    ????????5 dager siden
  • Such a shit episode as the rest of them.

    Paul PhilipsonPaul Philipson5 dager siden
  • Where do you get your clothes from lads

    Ryan DoverRyan Dover5 dager siden
  • Where is the bit about there favorite Christmas present

    H FreestyleH Freestyle5 dager siden
  • £2.45 for a main meal what that’s class

    lmaolmao5 dager siden
    • I had to pay £3.00 for just a wrap 🤦🏻‍♂️

      lmaolmao5 dager siden
  • The camera man be watching this like 😐😭 . Lol

    Katie GreavesKatie Greaves5 dager siden
  • I feel like people that are a few years older than teenagers act like they’re pure ANCIENT🤣🤣🤣

    LaylahLaylah5 dager siden
  • He reminds me of young Stephen teies

    Jack CrowleyJack Crowley5 dager siden
  • I love this

    Henry LoxtonHenry Loxton5 dager siden
  • 29:05 mebrothasupotsum

    StoxRiseStoxRise5 dager siden
  • is it just me or does jacob seem like he has adhd? not a hate comment just wondering

    josephinajosephina6 dager siden
  • Am I the only one that doesn’t get why people find these two so funny? Is it just that I’m American

    Idk JjIdk Jj6 dager siden
    • yeah it’s english humor really

      connor hynesconnor hynes6 dager siden
  • McCoy’s thia sweet chicken are tastier than yinka olatunjis Bunda

    Alfie 10Alfie 106 dager siden
  • The violation to AJ3

    Leo ArmstrongLeo Armstrong6 dager siden
  • Classic hahaha

    George BryantGeorge Bryant6 dager siden
  • This podcast will go down in history.

    Alfie FryAlfie Fry6 dager siden
  • Can proper tell he just rips off Weller hahahaha

    George BryantGeorge Bryant6 dager siden
    • @Daniel That Ollie Ball -- proper influenced by early Weller. Can tell by his mannerisms

      George BryantGeorge Bryant5 dager siden
    • What u on about

      DanielDaniel6 dager siden
  • Alive?

    George BryantGeorge Bryant6 dager siden
  • mate

    Harrison GaymerHarrison Gaymer6 dager siden
  • AJ3?

    George BryantGeorge Bryant6 dager siden
  • No respect left for these men they don't even like Terry's chocolate orange smh

    Kyle CassidyKyle Cassidy6 dager siden
  • fml

    George BryantGeorge Bryant6 dager siden
  • Calfrozen is a twat. Don't break their flow like that

    George BryantGeorge Bryant6 dager siden
  • They shouldn’t have asked what set they were in

    Greg DiazGreg Diaz6 dager siden
  • Sticks?

    George BryantGeorge Bryant6 dager siden
  • That lasagna joke was beltin

    Jordan HillJordan Hill6 dager siden
  • Jacob is the brains and will probably go far in a comedy career

    Chris KyprianouChris Kyprianou6 dager siden
  • Legends

    Fabian HillFabian Hill6 dager siden
  • 1:03:40 fidget cubes!

    Amy Anthony-harphamAmy Anthony-harpham6 dager siden
  • Funny guys

    Liam DevineLiam Devine6 dager siden
  • Cals hand movement when they were talking about cracking the choc Orange 😰

    Harry ScottHarry Scott6 dager siden
  • Cal and Chip seem like proper old in this interview lol

    Manny IManny I6 dager siden
  • oo they have the x and y band thing too, I bounced between both of them like i was on a trampoline.

    D3xxD3xx6 dager siden
  • I like chip but I really don’t think he’s good at this 😭😂

    malcolm alarcon-ramosmalcolm alarcon-ramos6 dager siden
  • I’m so happy that I can be like Ollie Ball and move my ears

    Endless GamesEndless Games6 dager siden
  • Peter kay junior

    KianKian6 dager siden
  • 0:12

  • Chip can do this yt chanel but not his own

    Shaun BrainShaun Brain6 dager siden
  • We NEED these two on a calfreezy cook off

    Stayniel HerbaynStayniel Herbayn6 dager siden
  • 1.2mil ????

    NarayananNarayanan6 dager siden
  • this is like when the seniors invite the year sevens to sit at their lunch table

    rupert parkinrupert parkin6 dager siden
  • Ollie and Jacob are top lads

    Eternalfury 32Eternalfury 327 dager siden
  • who lets those two kids on the left out the house with haircuts like those lmao

    KerbalSpaceHDKerbalSpaceHD7 dager siden